Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Price List for our Websites. Hurry to get your favorite one before someone use this opportunity.

(Lst updated on February 2012. It is outdated. Check latest posts to see the available sites)

In my previous post, I had announced about start doing our SEO service for our customers.

You can use this SEO service if you want to increase Target traffic to your website.

Anyway, it will take significant time to get the expected Traffic. There is an easy way to get the expected traffic immediately. You can buy an already established website.

In this post I am going to give the Price list for our websites. Either you can buy your favorite site by paying the price listed here. Or, you can send your offer price.

Note that we developed these sites after studying the demand. And, we developed them SEO friendly and we had done lot of SEO and Social Media promotion. - Flippa Auction
   Flippa Auction
TheQuotes.Net - Flippa auction
  - Bonus  @  Flippa Auction  - $280 USD - $175 USD -  $299 USD
RtoZ.Info - $299 USD

Contact if you want to buy any of the sites.
Hurry to get your favorite one before someone use this opportunity.
You can find below some of the premium sites also.

QTPBOOK.COM - $3,200 USD Flippa Description -    $850 USD  Flippa Listing Description - $1,600 USD

I will be adding more sites to this list soon... And, note that these prices are valid for next few days only . i-e they are valid till I start listing them for sales at somewhere else.

And, you can send your Offer price to me ( ) if you want to buy any of below sites.

See Details in Flippa.

TwitterTools.Biz - See Description in Flippa - See Description in Flippa

FREEQUOTESWIDGET.COM (with our Quotes Widget script)

AUTORESUMEPOST.COM (with our Automatic Resume posting script)

TheChristmas.Info (PR 3)- Flippa auction 
OnePass.Biz  - Flippa Auction - Flippa Auction -   Read Description in Flippa Auction 
ComputerQuiz.Info  - Flippa Auction
INBOUNDLINKSCHECKER.COM (with our Inbound link Checker Script)

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