Friday, November 25, 2011

Make Your Videos HD (High-Definition) Using Windows Movie Maker

 Few  months back I have released a video about  Father's Day Quotes . This Video was created using Windows Movie Maker. It was NOT showing as HD (High Definition) Video in YouTube.
I think YouTube will be giving high priority for HD videos in Search.

So, I wanted to make our Videos HD. I followed below steps for creating HD video as specified in this Video.

- Go to and click "Download this File" for downloading the Windows movies maker profile plug-in files.

- Place the downloaded files at the /Shared/profile 

- Open the Windows Movie maker .

- Go to Tools->Options and then click "Advanced" Tab.

 - Set Video Format as "NTSC" as video format and 16:9 as Aspect Ratio as shown in the below picture.

-Do the Video creations steps (importing pictures, adding transition and video effects, etc)

-  While saving Movie File (File->Save Movie File ), select the WMV-HD-1280x720 in Movie setting screen as shown in the below picture.

Once after creating the movie file, we can upload them in YouTube to show it as HD Video.

I have created below video as HD video using above steps.

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