Monday, July 22, 2013

Web Sites For Sales

 Past few years we had spent significant Time and Effort for developing many websites  SEO friendly and we had done some social media promotion also.

But now we couldn't focus on all those sites. Because we are planning to focus more on our Motivational Quotes Website TheQuotes.Net, QTP Tutorial site and our Automatic Resume posting site AutoResumePost.Com. (Download our Business plan for Resume posting here. Let me know if you are interested in this Plan)

So, I had decided to sell few of our other websites. Usually I use Flippa Auction for selling our Websites. Before listing in Flippa I would like to know whether any of our blog readers are interested in buying the  below sites. It will help to save Flippa Fees.

Find below the sites which are available for Sales now. (PR 2 with lot of manually added news articles) (PR 3 with manually added articles)
TwitterTools.Biz (twitter app script is outdated) (automated news + few manual articles)
YouCanStart.INFO (AdSense disabled) (bonus @GoogleOnePass Twitter account)
LearnWebDevelopment.Info (Lot of manually created tutorials) (It may get more search volume if RIL BP deal comes into effect) (no content)

Let me ( know your offer price if you are really interested in  getting any of these sites.

If you plan to start earning from adsense by creating your own website, these aged sites will be more useful for getting traffic than starting a fresh site.

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