Friday, November 29, 2013

Selling Aged Domains/Websites at Low Price

Few years back I had focused on website flipping business. So, I had  developed many websites based on various factors including SEO.

We put lot of efforts to develop and promote many of these websites.  But now I don't have enough Team members to maintain/promote these websites.

So, now I am planning to focus on only very few websites (e.g, TheQuotes.Net,,, and my youtube Channel, and therefore planning to sell below websites/domains.

So, contact me ( to buy these websites.  Specify the name of the website/domain you are willing to buy and  your offer price for that website. I will sell the website to you if your offer price is reasonable.

Most of these sites are around 3 years old. (Admin panel allows adding new topics) 
  (Lot of manually created tutorials)
(Keyword rich domain + few articles)   - PR1
  - PR3 (valuable keyword domain)

(But it Now for Just $30 )
TwitterTools.Biz  - Flippa Auction (twitter app script is outdated. We can do custom changes for hourly charges)
(stock news reader script)
  - just $7 ONLY  (Adsense disabled as it is having the word "Google" Bonus  @ 


All these domains are registered with GoDaddy. So you need to have Godaddy account for moving the domain to your account.

I can accept paypal payment. And, if you are in India you can transfer money to my bank account.

Contact me ( if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to send your offer price even if you feel that your offer is very low. Because if I am not getting any better offer in few days, I may consider your offer, as I want to close this sales soon.

And, I have listed our SEO Scripts here. I can do any custom changes to make it according to your own needs for the affordable hourly billing charges. Read this post if you plan to start online business.

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