Monday, September 7, 2015

Updates about our Quotes auto-tweet Application

 Many years ago we had released a Twitter application named "Great Quotes Auto Tweet" for enabling any twitter user to automatically send random motivational Quotes tweet at preset time interval.

This twitter application got good response from the users, many people started using this app. But initially this twitter application had many other features also. For example, it allowed the users to have their own set of tweets. These features encouraged many spam users to (mis)use our application, and therefore our app. got blocked by twitter few times. So,we haven't promoted our app. Sometimes back, we removed those features, and keeping the "Great Quotes" feature alone. Now our Twitter app. is  mostly used by genuine users only.  Today I had noticed that still few spam users are using our app. I removed those users from our database to keep it clean.

And, I have noticed that lot of people are now using this application. You too can check it by doing search  for "" in twitter. You can see lot of tweets, right?
 Let me ( know  if you find any spam users using this.  Since our Twitter App, is stabilized now, I am planning to improve it further by adding lot of new quotes to the DB, and then planning to promote it  to the  many potential users. Since it is becoming a successful model now (after many years of setbacks, issues and struggles), I am planning to replicate this for other activities, like allowing users to automatically tweets latest tech news. I will update about it later. 

Right now you can start using our "Quotes Auto Tweet" from

Share your comments/feedback to me by sending mail to And let me know if you find any difficulty in using our Twitter application.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Exploring ways to improve our YouTube Channel further.

Our YouTube Channel ( ) got more than 6M views and 5K subscribers. Thanks to our channel Viewers and Subscribers.

Since Subscriber count for our channel is getting increased steadily, I would like to explore more ways for adding more useful videos.

For example, I am planning to host various discussions and interview of experts in Science & Technology and Motivation related topics. And, planning to add more how-to/tutorial videos. If you want to showcase your talent/skills/creativity/expertise through our channel, you can contact me (

For example, if you are good in software development and looking for freelance work, you can make use of our channel effectively by showcasing your software development knowledge through tutorials and best practice tips. Particularly Book authors can use our channel effectively for promoting their books while sharing some of their knowledge with our viewers.

Note that most of views for our channel are coming from English-speaking countries. So the video should be in English only.

As explained in my previous post I am focusing more on our YouTube channel than any other projects. So, I believe our channel will be improved steadily in coming days. You can also share your suggestions to improve and promote our channel.

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