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Freely Listen to Audiobook of "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch", written and narrated by Rajamanickam Antonimuthu

I narrated my book  "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch" and uploaded it to my YouTube channel @DreamBigBook 

It will play for more than Four and a Half hours.  Right now you can freely listen to this motivational audiobook. You can read the text on the screen as closed caption (CC) while listening to the audio. This feature will be useful if you need help understanding my accent. You need to turn on CC if the subtitle text is not showing.  If you like this audiobook share it with your friends and social media. 

Use the Hashtag #DreamBigMoveForwardInchByInch when discussing this book on social media. 

Huge discount offer for ebook version: Currently you can buy the 3 useful ebooks for just Rs 99 (India) or $5.99 (International). It is a limited-time offer. 

You can watch the specific chapter by clicking the chapter link below, and you can buy the ebook version from here.

00:00 Introduction 01:22 Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch

00:00 Why Dreaming Big Fuels Incremental Progress 03:04 Top 10 Benefits of Dreaming Big 06:08 Vaccine, treatment, and cure for any problem

00:00 The Happiness Balancing Act 03:48 Goal or No Goal: A Dance Between the Defined and the Open

00:00 Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to a More Peaceful and Present Life 04:19 Hand Mudras: A Simple Way to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

00:00 Experience Mihaly Csikszentmihaly’s “Flow” to be Happy 06:29 Simple Activities to Boost Your Mental Health

00:00 Don’t Die Before Your Death 02:54 The Power of Gratitude: How Being Thankful Can Make You Happier 06:23 Nurturing Relationships: The Key to a Happy and Healthy Life 09:03 A Good Plan Today is Better Than a Perfect Plan Next Week

00:00 Life Lessons from Prof. Richard Feynman 03:33 Embracing Entrepreneurship: Insights from Great Minds 08:50 The Timeless Wisdom of Thirukural: Inspiring Virtue for a Better World

00:00 Unlocking Your Full Potential: Embrace the Power Within You 04:21 Truth Alone Triumphs 06:53 20 Tips for Living a Happy and Healthy Life as an Older Adult

00:00 Famous Motivational Quotes (Part 1)

00:00 Famous Motivational Quotes (Part 2)

00:00 Top 8 secrets for achieving Success 01:47 Business Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

00:00 Inspiring people

00:00 40 Secrets for a Happy Life 02:36 Inspiring Bible Quotes 10:13 Do these simple things to have a Happy and Peaceful Life

00:00 Get a Good Sleep to have a Good Life 01:42 Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Evolving Technology Landscape 03:27 Easy-to-Understand Moral Stories (Parables) Told by Jesus in the Bible 19:31 The 12 Laws of Karma

00:00 Mel Robbins' 5-Second Rule: A Simple Strategy for Overcoming Fear and Taking Action
02:51 The Importance of Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle
06:28 Celebrating Success and Learning from Mistakes
09:57 Top 10 Benefits of Moving Forward Inch by Inch
15:37 Embracing Courage on the Path to Your Dreams
17:20 Finding Your Own Spark in the Stories of Others
19:51 Recognizing the Wisdom of Letting Go
22:28 The Enduring Legacy of Big Dreams
24:54 Conclusion

You can listen to it from my facebook playlist also.

Contact me ( if you face any issues while listening to this audiobook.

You can buy the "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch By Inch" book from the below links.

Currently, you can buy the ebook version along with 2 other useful ebooks for just Rs 99 (India) or $5.99 (International). It is a limited-time offer. 

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