Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Looking for people who are interested to sell our Timesheet script on Commission Basis.

As specified in my Previous post, we had updated our Timesheet script to make it work with latest PHP version and started promoting it.

I have created a page to show the Screenshots of the script and created a video to tell about our Timesheet script, and updated our Timesheet Demo also.

And, I had spend significant amount time and effort to run Google Ads Campaign. But getting positive ROI from Google Ads campaign may be difficult as I set very low price for our Timesheet script. Instead of increasing the price, I am planning to explore various options to sell the script. As part of this plan, I would like to find people who are interested to sell our Timesheet script on
Commission Basis.

So, I posted a question about it in Reddit. And, a Reddit user made below reply.

Typed in timesheet script and codecanyon came up. Why not start there.
I replied him with below message.

I explored about codecanyon. But I don't want to list it there as I want to have control over the sales of the script. Actually my primary aim of selling the timesheet it not just to earn from the sales, but I am planning to use it as a way for finding customers for my software development company.

Let me explain in detail. Around 10 Years back, I started my Software Development Company, hired many Fresh graduates and trained them to code. I got projects by bidding on Freelance websites. Since the Margin is very low, I couldn't afford to give salary equivalent to the Corporates. So, the employees started leaving for high-paying jobs after getting trained from me. I had to spend a lot of time and energy in hiring and training new employees. And, each and every project I receive from freelance websites will be different. That means I have to train the Employees on project domain also apart from train them technically. But all my efforts will be wasted once they leave in short duration without completing the project. The other employees will find difficulty to continue the project as it will be completely different from their current project. Moreover if any project is taking time more than expected time, I couldn't figure out whether the Employee is under-performing or the Project is complex one. In summary, both Employees and Projects are variable. I want to make one thing as fixed so that I can manage the other one easily. I couldn't make the Employees as static, as I couldn't afford to pay high. So, I thought of making the Project part static. i-e Instead of bidding for various projects with different technoloy/domain/client background, I have decided to focus on a product. i-e switch from project based company to product based company.

 In the mean time I was looking for timesheet to manage our Employees and projects. I explored various timesheets including free open source projects. But I couldn't find affordable timesheet suitable for our needs. So, we developed a timesheet for our own need. Since I was looking for a product, I decided to test it with our Timesheet, and few other products. Timesheet started selling well. So, I continued updating it while stop doing the development of other products. And, the customers who bought our timesheet asked us to do custom changes and even they provided new projects also. i-e Everything was going as per my plan or expectation. i-e We need not spend time to study and train the Employees on various domains, and our clients trust us. In case of freelance sites, the customers used to trust the sites than us. So, the new approach gave us a lot of freedom and encouragement.

 Though everything is going smoothly, I couldn't speed up the Employee hiring and training process to match with the need/demand. So, personally I had to spend a lot of time and energy in completing the projects. And, therefore I couldn't spend time for the hiring/training process. In the mean time, I started earning significant money from my blog which I primarily used just for sharing my knowledge/experience software testing and development, and I started getting emails from Google/YouTube for encouraging me to earn from YouTube Channel also. I liked the passive nature of this Google Adsense earnings. And, therefore I stopped the hiring process and stopped the timesheet promotion also. And, asked the remaining Employees to work on promoting blog/channel till they leave. Finally I closed the Office at primary city and I am working from my native place with 1 or 2 Employees only. (Right now only 1 Employee just for promoting my adsense sites and Channel) The passive income gave me a lot of freedom and free time. Everything was going smoothly till 26th September when I received an email saying that I couldn't monetize my Channel by mentioning "Duplicate content" as the reason. I used to upload a lot of Creative Commons Video which are useful for our subscribers. It seems it caused the problem, though I a not having any copyright strike or community strike. And, I was allowed to reapply for monetization and waiting for their review. I don't know when they will complete the review.

These things made me think about alternate earning ways. I explored a lot of things and finally decided to go back with timesheet and plan to continue it as a backup plan even after the youtube monetization is getting enabled. I updated the timesheet to make it work with latest PHP, created a new demo video, updated the Demo environment and started posting about it social media. Even started Google Ads Campaign which didn't work effectively. That's why I am looking for other ways to sell the script. Since I learned a lot of experience about doing Business by making many mistakes, now I am slowly getting ready to put my efforts to re-initiate software development/service activities again step by step. In this situation codecanyon may not be much helpful than selling directly.
Regarding, answer for your other questions, I am slowly reactivating/reengaging with social media presence step by step.
And, I am not planning to sell more number of Scripts, as I don't want to spend all my time supporting or doing custom changes, as I have other activities like running my YouTube channel also. But I plan to do both Team building and product promotion step by step in parallel. Direct selling will help in this manner also.
And, I understand I had to learn a lot of new things with respect to PHP development. It seems a lot of things got changed in the past few years when I was not actively involved in development activities. I need to learn a lot. So, I would like to do every step very slowly.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

How To Install Windows On Google’s Chrome OS Notebook - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

There are a whole lot of killer cheap Chromebooks available out there that strip out all the bloat of Windows and provide a smoother, faster overall experience.

Sometimes you may find yourself missing certain Windows programs however, and that’s led more than a few users to wonder if they can put a full version of Windows 10 on their Chromebook.

In most cases, the process is frankly more trouble than it’s worth. Getting Windows up and running on a Chromebook typically involves both hardware and software changes which will absolutely void your warranty, so proceed with caution!

We know there will be some techies who are up to the challenge however. So for all of you power users who need to tweak devices in non-standard ways, we can walk you throw installing Windows on a Chromebook.

Try Alternatives First

Before installing Windows over the Chrome OS, keep in mind there are some much easier alternatives that may solve your problem.

If you just want to use a specific Windows-based program, many of them are available in online versions or have Android app equivalents. Microsoft Word for instance has a free online version you can easily access from a Chromebook, or Google Docs offers a free alternative that works just as well.

If that won’t cut it or you can’t find a specific app to take a Windows program’s place, Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app lets you access a different Windows desktop from your Chromebook.

You do need to have a secondary computer with Windows 10 installed to utilize Remote Desktop, but this app is otherwise a solid workaround to installing a whole new OS on your Chromebook.

Finally, if you have a Chromebook with an Intel processor, you can also use the beta version of the CrossOver app to get Windows programs running directly in the Chrome OS. This tool is updated frequently, so keep checking back as more programs become supported.

Installing Windows On A Chromebook

 If none of those solutions are going to work for you, then it's time to pull out the big guns and perform a clean install of Windows 10.

The big question here is -- do you have enough storage space to actually install Windows 10? If you have a budget Chromebook model with only 16GB of eMMC storage, you won’t even be able to get Windows up and running.

You need a minimum of 20GB of space just to get the basic Home version of Windows 10 installed.

If you meet the storage requirements, first you’ll need to create a Windows install USB drive using Microsoft’s Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. You will also need a USB keyboard and a USB mouse, as your Chromebook’s keyboard and touchpad won’t work while installing Windows.

With those requirements in mind, here’s how to install Windows on your Chromebook:
  • Turn off your Chromebook
  • Remove the screws on the bottom of your Chromebook and pull off the bottom cover
  • Check to see if your Chromebook has a write protect screw on the motherboard (it will be larger than all the other screws)
  • If the screw is present, remove it so you can access the BIOS
  • Replace the bottom cover and reattach all screws
  • Hold the Escape + Refresh keys while tapping the power button to boot into Chrome’s recovery mode
  • When the “Chrome OS is missing” message displays on the screen, tap the combo CTRL + D and then tap Enter
  • After Chrome reboots, tap the combo CTRL+ALT+T to bring up a terminal tab
  • Type “shell” and tap Enter
  • Type the phrase “sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1” into the shell and tap Enter
  • Next, type the phrase “sudo crossystem dev_boot_legacy=1” and then tap Enter
  • Connect the Windows installation USB drive to your Chromebook
  • Plug an external USB keyboard into your Chromebook
  • Plug an external USB mouse into your Chromebook
  • Tap Ctrl+L to boot the Legacy BIOS
  • Tap Escape, then choose to boot from the USB device
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to go through the standard Windows installation steps

This process will wipe all your data on your Chromebook. If you’ve got a Google account most of your files will be backed up on the cloud, however, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Keep in mind that the Chrome OS has drivers built directly into the operating system, while Windows 10 does not.

That means you are going to need to download and install drivers for every single hardware device on the Chromebook (such as the keyboard) -- and you may not be able to get the touchscreen working at all, depending on your specific model.

Getting The Most Functionality Out Of Your Device

Whether you use the Chrome workaround apps or fully install Windows, you should be able to get a whole lot more functionality from your Chromebook after following these steps.

Of course, you could save yourself a significant amount of time and headaches by just buying a cheap secondary Chromebook or Android tablet -- but where would be the fun in that?

Have you found any other apps or workarounds for using Windows programs in Chrome OS without completely installing a new operating system? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what tools we should be trying out!

Author Bio:
After more than a decade of working the tech industry, from building gaming rigs to tracking the latest software trends, Ty Arthur knows a thing or two about staying afloat in an increasingly complicated world. He'd like to share that knowledge with all of you through his work at PortableMonkey.com, where his writing focuses on finding the perfect solutions for any kind of computer user.

Read more Guest posts  here.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Updated our Timesheet script as version 4.0 to make it work with latest PHP 7

For many years, we are selling our Timesheet Script which is developed using PHP and MySQL Database.

A lot of our Customers are using this Timesheet script, and we have done various kinds of custom changes for them ranging from simple Date Format change to complete workflow change.

But past few months I was not actively promoting this timesheet as it was using MySQL connection instead of MySQLi.  The latest PHP is not supporting the MySQL connection. So, I wanted to start selling our timesheet script again only after replacing MySQL with MySQLi to avoid any potential issues that can arise when our Script buyers upgrade their PHP version.

Past few days I was spending a significant amount of time and effort to update our script to make it work with the latest PHP.  And, I released this updated script as version 4.0. I tested it with PHP 7.2 and it is working fine, and it is ready for sales.  So, now I am planning to start selling it again.

I have created a page to show the Screenshots of the script and created a video to tell about our Timesheet script, and updated our Timesheet Demo also.

I am working on promoting this script through Google Ads and exploring other options also to promote this script. I welcome any suggestions for promoting this script.  Initially, I started selling this script with an Offer price of just $80. I thought of increasing the price after making some sales.  But still keeping the same price. i-e Planning to continue the price of $80. I will be deciding about increasing the price based on doing ROI analysis after running Google Ads Campaigns for a few weeks.

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