Thursday, November 22, 2018

Outsourcing SEO Strategies for Your Digital Marketing Needs

This Article is a Guest Post.

The world we are living in currently is fast-paced and trendy. For companies just starting with a new campaign for a product, a small-scale business venture or an established consumer goods producer, digital marketing is the way to go. The internet is the highway connecting millions of lives to a particular brand or product campaign. Internet users are in truth glued to the World Wide Web for all the 24 hours a day courtesy of high-speed broadband connections and hand-held devices. The advertisement companies have slowly but surely warmed up to the idea of how essential SEO of a website landing page can be for the success of the venture.

As the demand for SEO services continues to raise many firms, organizations and freelancing professionals have cropped up to fill the gap that exists between the demand and the supply of such a technical service. If you are a campaign owner, you now have the option of outsourcing your SEO requirements through various White Label SEO firms. These SEO reseller organizations are the way to go if you want to invest in private label SEO strategizing for your specific requirements.

Things to note

However, as the campaign owner, there is something you must keep in mind. SEO strategies are incredibly tricky to get it just right. SEO isn't all about driving the audience numbers for your product. It also deals with digital content marketing and the ease of access of the landing page and the quality content itself. There the basic demand for communication through which the SEO firm or professional gets instruction about the future steps and the direction of the venture as to the target audience. Invisible websites are akin to junk and viewers will never reach your landing page if the conventional search engines like Google do not link your site at a higher rank while browsing for services. SEO strategizing is indeed for professionals and specialist help is required to increase the rating of the page. 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Timesheet Management System Project in PHP & MySQL

Almost all the Companies or Businesses are using Timesheet for various reasons and in different formats. Some of them are using papers and Pens as their timesheet, some of them will be using spreadsheets, and some of them are using timesheet Software.

Among all types of Timesheets, implementation of the timesheet in the form of Software is the most useful one. Initially using timesheet as a software may be looking like a bit difficult task comparing to the other methods. But in the long run, it will become very easy and it provides a lot of advantages over other approaches. Especially, we can view the historic Timesheet Reports in the desired manner to study Employee performance as well as Project Performance.

Timesheet Software is available in various formats. People can use some kinds of Timesheet software by installing them in their computers as a Desktop application. But they can not access the desktop timesheet Software from some other locations. Web based Timesheet Software addresses this issue by allowing users to access their timesheet from anywhere in the World.

If you are not familiar with Timesheet application, you have to watch this video.

In this post, I will tell about creating Timesheet Management System in PHP and MySQL.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Looking for people who are interested to sell our Timesheet script on Commission Basis.

As specified in my Previous post, we had updated our Timesheet script to make it work with latest PHP version and started promoting it.

I have created a page to show the Screenshots of the script and created a video to tell about our Timesheet script, and updated our Timesheet Demo also.

And, I had spend significant amount time and effort to run Google Ads Campaign. But getting positive ROI from Google Ads campaign may be difficult as I set very low price for our Timesheet script. Instead of increasing the price, I am planning to explore various options to sell the script. As part of this plan, I would like to find people who are interested to sell our Timesheet script on
Commission Basis.

So, I posted a question about it in Reddit. And, a Reddit user made below reply.

Typed in timesheet script and codecanyon came up. Why not start there.
I replied him with below message.

I explored about codecanyon. But I don't want to list it there as I want to have control over the sales of the script. Actually my primary aim of selling the timesheet it not just to earn from the sales, but I am planning to use it as a way for finding customers for my software development company.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

How To Install Windows On Google’s Chrome OS Notebook - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

There are a whole lot of killer cheap Chromebooks available out there that strip out all the bloat of Windows and provide a smoother, faster overall experience.

Sometimes you may find yourself missing certain Windows programs however, and that’s led more than a few users to wonder if they can put a full version of Windows 10 on their Chromebook.

In most cases, the process is frankly more trouble than it’s worth. Getting Windows up and running on a Chromebook typically involves both hardware and software changes which will absolutely void your warranty, so proceed with caution!

We know there will be some techies who are up to the challenge however. So for all of you power users who need to tweak devices in non-standard ways, we can walk you throw installing Windows on a Chromebook.

Try Alternatives First

Before installing Windows over the Chrome OS, keep in mind there are some much easier alternatives that may solve your problem.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Updated our Timesheet script as version 4.0 to make it work with latest PHP 7

For many years, we are selling our Timesheet Script which is developed using PHP and MySQL Database.

A lot of our Customers are using this Timesheet script, and we have done various kinds of custom changes for them ranging from simple Date Format change to complete workflow change.

But past few months I was not actively promoting this timesheet as it was using MySQL connection instead of MySQLi.  The latest PHP is not supporting the MySQL connection. So, I wanted to start selling our timesheet script again only after replacing MySQL with MySQLi to avoid any potential issues that can arise when our Script buyers upgrade their PHP version.

Past few days I was spending a significant amount of time and effort to update our script to make it work with the latest PHP.  And, I released this updated script as version 4.0. I tested it with PHP 7.2 and it is working fine, and it is ready for sales.  So, now I am planning to start selling it again.

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