Friday, May 24, 2019

The Need and Importance of Content Marketing for Your Business

This Article is a Guest Post.

Today it is very important for all the organizations to keep holding their customers and attracts the new one so that they can smoothly run their business and keep progressing day by day. Digital marketing and content are the heart and backbone of the business industry. The brand, product, and services which you are offering in the market to the customers, your competitors are also offering the same kind of products and services. So, to attract and divert them towards your company you should use the strategies of social media marketing and try posting high relevant content so to engage the customers and attract the audiences. The type of content which you will post on your website will connect you and your company with the audiences.

Content marketing is one of the best strategies to set yourself from your competitors. The customers are always looking for something new and stylish. And, so they keep buying the products and services from those business or organizations on which they can rely to get something different.

This is the reason why content marketing important is so vital and why the big, as well as the small business owners, are making use of posting high quality of content and making use of social media marketing to success their business. Thus, to get a better knowledge as to why content has become the king in the business sector and help you to understand about the importance of content marketing, you should look at the points which are mentioned below.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Promoting my Amazon Books again

A few months back I was actively promoting my Amazon Books (Quotes Book and YouTube earning Book) using various ad Campaigns including Amazon's AMS ads, Google Ad Words, Reddit Ads, Facebook Ads, Goodreads Giveaway, LinkedIn Ads and Bookbub ads. But they are not much useful for my Books.  So, I stopped promoting my Books. Among all these Ad platforms, Amazon's AMS was performing better than others. But still, it was not making a profit.

A few days back, I have decided to promote my Book again.  Instead of spending all my time and money in many ad platforms, I have decided to stick with one particular advertising platform still I start making a profit from Book Sales.

As Amazon's AMS was performing better than others, I decided to start with AMS ads. I noticed that Amazon renamed AMS into "Amazon Advertising", and my previous campaigns were there. I just created new campaigns by copying the existing campaigns and started running with a small budget. I am planning to carefully tweak the ads continuously to make them profitable, and once after start earning money from Book Sales, I am planning to increase the Ad budget step by step.

 And, I have noticed that Amazon's new Advertising interface having many new useful features comparing to the previous AMS. Especially I like the option to see the reports for the date range. But still, the ACOS metric is not much useful. Because it is calculated based on sales price instead of the royalty amount.

I am exploring various options to improve Ad performance. If you have tried Amazon Advertising for promoting your Book, share your suggestions based on your experience through the comments.
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