Sunday, February 10, 2019

Relaunching RtoZ.Org as Emerging Technology News Website.

Around 8 years back, I have started a website RtoZ.Org to publish Social Media News.

And then I realized that there were a lot of Social Media News sites available and they were supported with huge funding and a lot of resources. It made me think that competing with them won't be a good idea. So, I switched my focus to develop my YouTube Channel which was growing very fast.

But a few months back, ads were disabled on my YouTube Channel. When I was looking for alternative earning ways, I have decided to make use of the domain name RtoZ.Org which is easy to remember and type.

While running my YouTube Channel, I have noticed that there is a huge demand for publishing news about Emerging Technologies nanotechnology, 3D printing, Robots, AI and CRISPR Gene Editing. Because these things are growing very fast and they are going to entirely change our Life in the coming years. But comparatively, there were only a few websites available to report news about them. i-e It is having huge demand and low competition. Apart from that, it is having huge earning potential.

And therefore, I made the decision of using RtoZ.Org as a News Website giving news about Emerging Technologies.

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