Monday, August 27, 2012

Prayers mark Mother Teresa's 102nd Birth Anniversary.

Special prayers were held at the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity at Kolkata (Calcutta) (West Bengal, India) on the occasion of the 102nd birth anniversary of Mother Teresa.

"On the 102nd birth anniversary of Mother Teresa, I respectfully bow my head to pay my love and gratitude to the great soul. She lived a life of dedication, devotion and loving care to serve the poor and terminally ill who have no support to look for. They have nothing to offer, but Mother showed the world that those helpless and distressed are creatures of God and they can return love and affection to all. Let us strive to put smiles on the faces of the poor and needy people of the country. That will be the most befitting tribute to Mother Teresa," West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee said.

Superior General of Missionaries of Charity, Sister Prema, said that we should follow the teachings of Mother and spread the message of love and compassion.

About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, (Albania/Republic of Macedonia). But Mother Teresa considered 27 August, the day she was baptized, to be her "true birthday".

Agnes left home at age 18 to join the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland, as a missionary. There she received the name Sister Mary Teresa. She never again saw her mother or sister.

Mother Teresa arrived in India in 1929, and started working as Loreto convent School Teacher in Calcutta. Teresa served there for almost twenty years.

Although Teresa enjoyed teaching at the school, she was increasingly disturbed by the poverty surrounding her in Calcutta

She began her missionary work with the poor in 1948, replacing her traditional Loreto habit with a simple white cotton sari decorated with a blue border.

Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation in 1950 as small order with 13 members. Now it is having over 4,500 sisters and is active in 133 countries. Members of the order must adhere to the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, and the fourth vow, to give "Wholehearted and Free service to the poorest of the poor". The Missionaries of Charity at the time of her death had 610 missions in 123 countries including hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis, soup kitchens, children's and family counselling programmes, orphanages and schools.

Mother Teresa Said, "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus." [Source - Vatican News]

In late 2003, Mother Teresa was beatified to give her the title "Blessed Teresa of Calcutta". It is the third step toward possible sainthood.

Mother Teresa was very fluent in speaking Bengali, the local language of the people of Calcutta (Kolkata).

Mother Teresa was the recipient of numerous honours including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. She received India's highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in both 1972 and 1980.

Mother Teresa stated that earthly rewards were important only if they helped her help the world's needy. When Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize, she was asked, "What can we do to promote world peace?" She answered "Go home and love your family." In her Nobel Lecture, she said: "Around the world, not only in the poor countries, but I found the poverty of the West so much more difficult to remove. When I pick up a person from the street, hungry, I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread, I have satisfied. I have removed that hunger. But a person that is shut out, that feels unwanted, unloved, terrified, the person that has been thrown out from society—that poverty is so hurtable and so much, and I find that very difficult." She also singled out abortion as 'the greatest destroyer of peace in the world'.

We can read more Quotes of Mothere Teresa here.

Her official biography was authored by the former Indian chief election commissioner, Navin Chawla, and published in 1992.

Mother Teresa kept the inspiring poem "Do it Anyway" at walls of the children Home.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

How Twitter is deciding a Page as Spammy?

Today I have noticed below message when trying a tweet one of my previous blog post about vWorker Review.

Oops! A URL in your tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.

I couldn't understand why Twitter is saying the page as spammy or unsafe after allowing more than 2.6K tweets of this page.

I am not sure whether Twitter will be having any algorithm for detecting the spammy content. If it is having such algorithm, it should have blocked the URL before allowing 2.6K tweets of the URL.

So, I have to assume that someone should have done something for forcing the Twitter to mark this as Spammy.

I am curious to know how they were able to do this. I am wondering whether someone can block any tweets by saying it as spammy.

You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Suggestions from LinkedIn Users for promoting our Motivational Quotes Website "TheQuotes.Net"

We are working on to make our Motivational Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net" as most viewed Motivational Quotes website within this year end.

I am looking for various options to achieve it. As part of this plan, I had asked suggestions from LinkedIn users for promoting our Motivational Quotes Website "TheQuotes.Net".

Around one year back I have started a Motivational Quotes Website. And, now I am planning to make it my primary source of income as I have decided to hold my other initiatives (e.g script development for clients), because of difficulties in retaining experienced employees.

So, right now I am very much focused on getting lot of traffic to my Motivational Quotes Website.
As of now, I am doing below things to promote this site.

- Done lot of on-page optimization for making it SEO friendly.
- Created Facebook page for promoting our Quotes website.
- Uploading lot of motivational Quotes videos in YouTube for promoting this website.
- Created SMS channel for promoting the site by sending free SMS Quotes.
- Created Twitter application for sending Quotes automatically as Tweets.
- Our Team is submitting the Quotes pages in many social bookmarking sites.

I would like to know any other suggestions for getting good Traffic for our Quotes Site within appropriate time period.

I had received many useful answers from the LinkedIn users. I am listing below some of the suggestions. I will look into these suggestions and will work on implement them if they are suitable for our site. And, if you have any other suggestions, you can share them thro' the comment section of this blog post.

Sounds like you're doing a lot of great things to promote your page. On the social media front, you might consider adding Pinterest to your outreach efforts. I've noticed a lot of quote images getting passed around there.

Another (related) idea would be to "package" the quotes in a consumable way, providing value beyond simply reading and reflecting the words. Computer/mobile wallpapers, email signatures, e-cards, Facebook cover images (for those with Timeline enabled) are some initial ideas that come to mind. These are graphical items that people might like to create after reading your quote, but don't have the time and/or skills to do so. Providing a simple way to incorporate the quote into their lives adds extra value beyond yet another wall of text online.

On a different angle, when I search for quotes online I often wish I had more context for the quote. Some websites only list the author with no documentation whatsoever, some provide at least the source material but no further information. A way to add more content to your site (and thus more changes for SEO landing pages) would be to create pages related to the source of this quote: who the author was, when that person wrote/said it, how did it form, what was the initial impact, other usages (ie in film, speeches, etc.)

One thing that comes to mind is to include a link to your website in your E-mail signature, with a sample quote, which you change daily or weekly. (You can follow that quote with "For more quotes from xxx, click here.")

One thing to look out for with the recent google updates is over optimization of on page seo...

Backlinks are still gold as is video.

You may take a topic that you have some not so well know authors with pithy advice and create a "did you know" kind of mini series...

You should create a youtube channel add the videos to the channel and to a play list titled "the searched keyword of the subject" but follow the below tips

get some views to the videos, some backlinks to them, some book marks to them.
1) make sure the file name you save the video as has the keywords you are targeting before you upload
2) make sure the title of the video has proper keywords for searched topic
3) make sure the description section has url to your site, youtube embed code and keyword you have targeted.
4) make sure the tags are properly added too.

How about creating a mobile optimized website in addition to your other website? I think a lot of people would go onto a site for motivational quotes on thier smartphones. This is make users exprience a lot better, boost SEO

Make it into a game people can play.

Pinterest! Have a designer create graphics for the quotes and start pinning them. Be sure to include your logo and/or web address on the graphic.

If you are already getting some significant traffic, you need to look at your web analytic, if you are using GA -look at "Traffic sources" "Top 10 search terms" , focus more on those areas. If you getting traffic from mobile devices it's worth considering mobile friendly website conversion ( or even an app ).

Game is also a brilliant idea. ( Wallace is right )
Buy adwords if you have some budget.
Add more topics/categories ( other than Motivation )
Do a competitive analysis ( learn from your competitors, beat them too )

Make your website nteractive, let your visitors do something. Guess the author game, vote up button, add pictures to author/quote
Create loyal visitors & fans, give them some virtual currency, ask their feedback, give them more, rate them, rank them. Let them buy some merchandise, a quote calendar, a poster, T-shirt etc.

Convince a talk show host to mention your website.

One other think you could do is create a widget to randomly display motivational quotes on websites of others, with a "More Quotes" link at the bottom.

Another idea would be to create a "Print Your Quote" functionality that would allow a user to choose a quote and then format it (font, size, etc.) to a pdf.

There are so many sources of quotes on the web that one really needs to think outside the box to overcome the competition. It is probably a good idea to consider what a quote seeker really wants to gain from using a quote. Most use them to gain LIKES and retweets on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

Perhaps, a quote dashboard would be a good tool to have. It might keep track of the quotes selected and recommend other quotes with similar themes. It might also track the quotes and determine which ones seem to have the most traction with your audience and other's audience's too. Programming the quotes - Hootsuite-style - might be an additional novelty. Adding photos of the quoted person to your posts and tweets might only be an additional click away. If there can be found a way to have quotes sponsored, it might be a great way to monetize this activity.

Games, background information and contests are also great ideas. I am not sure if anyone has built a substantial application for quotes that does more than offer them for use.

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Testing Significance of Page Loading Speed for improving SEO Rank

Everyone is telling about the importance of keeping good Page loading performance for getting good position in Search Engine results pages. But it is NOT clear about up to what level the light weight pages help to get Good SEO rank.

So, I decided to find answer by creating a light weight page "Famous Quotes", and monitoring the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position of this page for the related keywords such as "Famous Quotes" and "Famous Motivational Quotes" in various search engines including Google and Bing.

Normally I use Google Webmaster Tools for seeing the change of keyword position for any of our web page. Today I started using Bing webmaster Tool also for doing this test.

I have created this "Famous Quotes" Page without much javascript codes or images so that it can load very quickly. I haven't added adSense ads. According to the pingdom tool, this page takes less than 250 milli seconds only for loading completely. And, the Pingdom report says that this webpage is faster than 99% of all tested websites.

So, I can consider this page as fast loading page, and if the SERP position for this page is improving very quickly comparing to our other pages, I can say that page loading speed plays important role in deciding the Search position.

Let us see the outcome of this test in few months. If this test proves the importance of fast loading pages, I am planning to create more light weight pages.

Have you done any similar test? Can you share your findings thro' the comments.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Optimized AdSense Placement and replaced TweetMeMe Button.

Few days back I had received an email from Google AdSense Team for giving suggestions to earn more from this blog.

They had given all the statistics for proving the fact that the earnings from "Below The fold" (BTF) Ads is very low comparing to the earnings from "Above the Fold" (ATF) ads.

And, they suggested me to move BTF ads to ATF area while keeping genuine ratio of content to ad.

I too analyzed the AdSense Reports to make sure that moving the Ads will help to increase the earnings without affecting the readability of the blog.

And, then I moved one ad unit from BTF area to the ATF area, and moved another ad unit slightly to top position. And, I surprised to see good increase in total RPM on first day itself after the change.

And, I have replaced the TweetMeMe retweet button with Twitter's Tweet button. Because the TweetMeMe button was not working properly once after Blogger implemented the country specific redirects for this blog.

Let me know if you are facing any problem in using this blog because of these new changes. And, feel free to give any suggestion to improve our blog further.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Quiz Questions and Answers.

Find below some MCQ Quiz Questions and Answers for  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It will be useful for testing your Knowledge in SEO, and it can help to improve your SEO knowledge.

And, you can attend online Quiz to test your knowledge in various subjects.

1) There is no apparent search engine rankings benefit to having a keyword matched domain name (eg www.TheQuotes.Net for keyword "The Quotes").
a) True
b) False
Show Answer

2) What does the term “Sandbox” mean in SEO?

a) The box with paid ads that appear when you perform a search.
b) This is where sites are kept till they get mature enough to be included in the top rankings for a particular keyword
c) A special category of sites that are listed in kid-safe searches
d) The first 10 search results for a particular keyword.
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3) High quality links to a site's homepage will help to increase the ranking ability of deeper pages on the same domain
a) True
b) False
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4) Which of the following sources is considered to be the best for acquiring competitive link data?
a) Yahoo!
b) Google
c) MSN/Bing
d) Alexa
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5) Which of the following search engines patented the concept of "TrustRank" as a methodology for ranking web sites & pages?
a) Yahoo!
b) Google
c) MSN/Bing
d) Teoma (prior to Acquisition by Ask)
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6) If you were a SEO for a technology site, what would you not to do build a back links for it?

a) Post in technology blogs.
b) Submit articles to technology ezines.
c) Buy 10,000 links on a link exchange site.
d) Exchange links with other reputable technology sites.
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7) When creating a "flat architecture" for a site, you attempt to minimize what?
a) The number of links a search engine must follow to reach content pages
b) The KB size of search-targeted pages
c) The number of tabs/windows that open during normal navigation
d) The amount of vertical scrolling necessary for navigation
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8) What aspects of a hyperlink are not important for SEO?
a) The visibility of the link text.
b) The anchor text, especially the keywords in it.
c) The place from which the link originates.
d) The place to which the link leads.
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9) How can you avoid the duplicate content problems that often accompany temporal pagination issues (where content moves down a page and from page to page, as is often seen in lists of articles, multi-page articles and blogs)?
a) Add a meta robots tag with "noindex, follow" to the paginated pages
b) Link to paginated pages with rel="nofollow" in the link tag
c) There are no duplicate content problems associated with pagination
d) Display each page in a new tab/window
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10) Which of these is least likely to have difficulty ranking for its targeted terms/phrases in Google?
a) A brand new domain that quickly buys a large number of links from a link broker
b) An established domain moving to a newly registered domain
c) An old domain transferred to a new registrant and repurposed
d) A new domain that has received significant buzz and attention in the online and offline media, along with tens of thousands of natural links
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11) Which of the following is NOT a "best practice" for creating high quality title tags?
a) Make sure the title is unique for every page
b) Include an exhaustive list of keywords
c) Limit the tag to 65 characters, including spaces
d) Write compelling copy that encourages users to "click" your listing
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12) Danny Sullivan is best known (in the field of web search) as:
a) A journalist and pundit who covers the field of web search
b) Google's internal search marketing evangelist
c) The founder of Twitter
d) The founder of the upstart search engine, Mahalo
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13) A page on your site that serves as a "sitemap," linking to other pages on your domain in an organized, list format, is important because...
a) It reduces the crawl rate of spiders to your pages
b) It is the preferred navigational method of most web users outside the US
c) It may helps search engine crawlers to easily access many pages on your site
d) Its required for submission to many important search engines
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14) What is the advantage of putting all of your important keywords in the Meta Keywords tag?
a) There is no specific advantage for search engines
b) It increases relevance to Yahoo! and MSN/Live, although Google & Ask ignore it
c) They will be bolded in searches for that term
d) You have to have a term in Meta Keywords in order to bid for AdWords to that page
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15) Which HTTP server response code indicates a page that has been temporarily relocated and links to the old location will not pass influence to the new location?
a) 301
b) 302
c) 304
d) 311
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16) Which HTTP server response code indicates a file that no longer exists? (File Not Found)
a) 401
b) 301
c) 500
d) 404
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17) If you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which one of the following are not recommendable to do in order to rank well in country specific search results? Check all that apply.
a) Use the appropriate language attribute in the HTML code of the page.
b) The site should be hosted in the same country, so that its IP falls in the range of IPs that are specific for this country.
c) Have the site written in the language of the country.
d) Use Geotargeting.
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18) If you update your sites URL structure to create new versions of your pages, what should you do with the old URLs?
a) 301 redirect them to the new URLs
b) Move them to a subdomain
c) Nothing, keep them active so the links to them aren't lost.
d) Shut them down and request removal via Webmaster Central in Google and Site Explorer in Yahoo!
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19) Which one of the following practice is ethical ?
a) Buying links from link farms
b) Having the same page twice - once in html, once in pdf.
c) Using hidden text that users dont see but spiders can read
d) Stuffing the metatags with keywords
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20) Which HTTP server response code indicates a page that has been permanently relocated and all links to the old page will pass their influence to the new page location
a) 301
b) 302
c) 311
d) 500
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21) Is the following metatag appropriate for a site that sells ebooks?

a) Yes, the following metatag contains all the keywords I need.
b) No, it is rather short, I have more keywords to optimize for
c) Why bother with metatags at all?
d) Yes, this metatag is OK even though it could have had more keywords.
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22) What is Page Rank?
a) The Alexa technology for ranking pages.
b) The way Yahoo! measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.
c) The search relevancy of a page compared to the other pages in the search engine
d) The way Google measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.
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23) When linking to external websites, a good strategy to move up in the rankings is to use the keywords you're attempting to rank for on that page as the anchor text of the external-pointing links. For example, if you were attempting to rank a page for the phrase "hulk smash" you would want to use that phrase, "hulk smash" as the anchor text of a link pointing to a web page on another domain
a) True
b) False
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24) The de-facto version of a page located on the primary URL you want associated with the content is known as:
a) Home Page
b) Canonical Version
c) Heretical Version
d) Empirical Version
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25) A link from a PageRank "3" page (according to the Google toolbar) hosted on a very strong, trusted domain can be more valuable than a link from a PageRank "4" page hosted on a weaker domain.
a) True
b) False
Show Answer

26) Is it generally considered acceptable to have the same content resolve on both www and non-www URLs of a website?
a) No, this may cause negative indexing/ranking issues
b) Yes, the search engines recognize they're the same thing
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27) When you have multiple-pages targeting the same keywords on a domain, which of the following is the best way to avoid keyword cannibalization?
a) Remove the duplicate keywords from the Meta Keywords tag on the less important pages
b) Restrict search engine from crawling/indexing any of the less important pages
c) Increase the keyword density on the most important page to be greater than that of the other pages
d) Place links on all the secondary pages back to the page you most want ranking for the term/phrase using the primary keywords as the anchor text of those links
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28) Which of these is NOT generally considered to be a highly important factor for ranking for a particular search term?
a) Quality and quantity of external links to the page
b) Keyword usage in the title tag of the page
c) HTML Validation (according to W3C standards) of a page
d) Link popularity of a page within the domain (internal link popularity)
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29) What is the generally accepted difference between SEO and SEM?
a) SEO focuses on organic/natural search rankings, SEM encompasses all aspects of search marketing
b) No difference, theyre synonymous
c) SEO refers to organic/natural listings while SEM covers PPC, or paid search
d) SEO tends to be a West coast term, SEM is more East coast.
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30) Which of the following is the best way to maximize the frequency with which your site/page is crawled by the search engines?
a) Add a short "crawl delay" parameter to your robots.txt file
b) Frequently add new content
c) Search for your website more frequently in the major engines
d) Submit your site through the search engines submission forms
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31) Which of the following is a legitimate technique to improve rankings & traffic from search engines?
a) Submitting your domain to the top 2000 search engines on the web
b) Hosting your site on a "search engine optimized" web hosting platform
c) Re-writing title tags on your pages to reflect high search volume, relevant keywords
d) Adding keyword-dense meta tags to each of your site's pages
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32) Which of the following factors is considered when search engines assign value to links?
a) The use of a proper link title in the HTML tag of the link, matching the anchor text of the link
b) The visual appearance of the link using external CSS files
c) The date/time the link was created and the temporal relationship between that link's appearance and other time-sensitive criteria
d) A footnote at the bottom of the page referencing the link and indicating whether it is an editorial endorsement
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33) Which of the following content types is most easily crawled by the major web search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Live &
b) Windows Media Player Files
c) Java Applets
d) Flash Plugin Files
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34) Which of these factors is LEAST likely to decrease the value of a link?
a) The linked to domain has a link somewhere that points at the linking domain (each domain link to pages on the others site)
b) The link exists on a page that is not indexed
c) The linked to and linking sites are both hosted on the same IP address
d) • The linked to and linking sites are both registered to the same company/individual
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35) The practice of showing one version of content on a URL to search engines, and another, different version to human visitors of the same URL is known as?
a) Phasing
b) Cloaking
c) Phishing
d) Trapping
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36) Which of the following is the WORST criterion for estimating the value of a link to your page/site?
a) The ranking of the linking page for its targeted keywords
b) The inclusion of the page in the indices of the major search engines
c) The number and quality of other external links on the page
d) The popularity of the domain on which the page is hosted according to Alexa
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37) Which of these keywords will you optimize a pets site for? The site provides information about different breeds and also fundamental facts about breeding pets at home. It does neither sell pets, nor is interested in wild animals. The main audience are adults. The words in the different options (a., b., c., etc.) are arranged in order of importance.

a) pet, pet at home, pet animal, pet breed.
b) pets, kids, puppy, kitten.
c) pets, breeds, dogs, cats.
d) pets, cats, dogs, animals.
Show Answer

38) How can Meta Description tags help with the practice of search engine optimization?
a) Trick question - meta description are NOT important
b) They help to tell the engines which keywords are most important on your page
c) They serve as the copy that will entice searchers to click on your listing
d) Theyre an important ranking factor in the search algorithms
Show Answer

39) Which of the following is the least important area in which to include your keyword(s)?
a) Meta Keywords
b) Meta Description
c) Title
d) Body Text
Show Answer

40) Which of the following site architecture issues MOST impedes the ability of search engine spiders to crawl a site?
a) Dynamic pages with 2 or more variables in the URL string
b) Pages that require form submission to reach database content
c) Missing robots.txt file
d) Web pages that employ iFrames
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41) Page Rank is so named because it was created by Larry Page, not because it ranks pages
a) True
b) False
Show Answer

42) Whats the largest page size that Googles spider will crawl?
a) No set limit exists - Google may crawl very large pages if it believes them to be worthwhile
b) 1000KB
c) 2GB
d) 100KB
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43) Which of the following link building tactics do search engines tacitly endorse?
a) Reciprocal link exchange programs
b) Renting pages from trustworthy domains and placing links on them
c) Viral content creation & promotion
d) Buying links from link brokers & networks
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44) You have a book selling site. If you have a keyword density of 7% for the keyword “book”, 6% for “reading” and 3% for “bestseller”, how does the following metatag relate to your keyword density:
a) The metatag is completely useless.
b) The metatag might mislead the search engines that we offer mainly American literature.
c) This metatag helps to point out that some of our bestsellers are the novels of Grisham and other American authors.
d) It might help to get some additional traffic without having to optimize the site for additional keywords like “Grisham” and the different genres.
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45) If you want a page to pass value through its links, but stay out of the search engines' indices, which of the following tags should you place in the header?
a) Use meta robots="noindex, nofollow"
b) Use meta robots="index, nofollow"
c) Use meta robots="noindex, follow"
d) Use meta robots="autobot, decepticon"
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46) Which domain extensions are more often associated with greater trust and authority in the search engines?
a) .mobi , .info and .net
b) .edu, .mil and .gov
c) .com and .net
d) .gov, .edu, and .org
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47) Which of the following character limits is the best choice to use when limiting the length of title tags (assuming you want those tags to fully display in the search results at the major engines)?
a) 110
b) 65
c) 80
d) 40
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48) Why are absolute ( better than relative ("/my-category") URLs for on-page internal linking?
a) You get keyword weight out of the domain name in the URL
b) Search engines cant spider relative URLs
c) When scraped and copied on other domains, they provide a link back to the website
d) They provide more keyword context for search engines judging internal links
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49) Spammy sites or blogs begin linking to your site. What effect is this likely to have on your search engine rankings?
a) It may negatively affect your rankings as search engines associate your site with bad neighborhoods on the web
b) It will boost your rankings at Live/MSN, keep them the same at Yahoo! and lower them in Google as the three engines treat spammy links in different ways
c) A very slight positive effect is most likely, as search engines are not perfectly able to discount the link value of all spammy sites
d) No effect - the search engines discount all spammy sites from passing link value, but do not penalize sites for receiving these links
Show Answer

50) Which of the following would be the best choice of URL structure (for both search engines and humans)?
Show Answer

51) When do you apply for Re inclusion in a search engine's index?

a) When you have made changes to your site.
b) When you have changed your hosting provider and the IP address of your site.
c) After you have been banned from the search engine for black hat practices and you have corrected your wrongdoings.
d) When you are not happy with your current ratings.
Show Answer


(1) b  (2) b  (3) a  (4) a  (5) a  (6) c  (7) a  (8) a  (9) a  (10) d 
(11) c  (12) a  (13) c  (14) a  (15) b  (16) d  (17) d  (18) a  (19) a  (20) a 
(21) d  (22) d  (23) b  (24) b  (25) a  (26) a  (27) d  (28) c  (29) a  (30) b 
(31) c  (32) c  (33) a  (34) a  (35) b  (36) d  (37) c  (38) c  (39) a  (40) b 
(41) a  (42) a  (43) c  (44) d  (45) c  (46) b  (47) b  (48) c  (49) c  (50) a 
(51) c 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day to all fellow Indians.

Today (August 15 th, 2012) we are celebrating 66th Independence Day of India.

The Search Engine Google is showing a Doodle in India ( to celebrate the Independence Day India.

Independence Day India

Watch the below video showing the Independence Day message from Former Indian president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Kalam asks every Indian to think about the question "What can I give to Nation?" And, he wanted to review on next year Independence Day to see the progress made in the 1 year time. And, Dr. Kalam asked people to plant trees.

Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, addressed the Nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day.

Manmohan Singh says,

"I believe that no power in the world can stop our country from achieving new heights of progress and development. What is needed is that we work together as one people for the success of our country. Let us once more resolve that we will continue to work for a progressive, modern and prosperous India."

And, Dr. Singh had said that we would achieve independence in the true sense only when we are able to banish poverty, illiteracy, hunger and backwardness from our country. For making this happen we should learn from our failures and build on our successes.

We can read his complete speech here. or read below.

“My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters and dear children,

I greet you all on this anniversary of our Independence.

“The leaders of our freedom movement, under the stewardship of Mahatma Gandhi, had dreamt of an independent and prosperous India. On this day in 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took the first step towards the realization of that dream by hoisting the Tricolour at the Red Fort. The journey we began on 15 August, 1947 is now 65 years old. We have achieved much in these 65 years.

Today is certainly a day to celebrate the success of our democracy. However, on this occasion we should also introspect about what remains to be done. We would achieve independence in the true sense only when we are able to banish poverty, illiteracy, hunger and backwardness from our country. This would be possible only when we learn from our failures and build on our successes.

You are aware that these days the global economy is passing through a difficult phase. The pace of economic growth has come down in all countries of the world. Seen together, the European countries are estimated to grow at 0 percent this year. Our country has also been affected by these adverse external conditions. Also, there have been domestic developments which are hindering our economic growth. Last year our GDP grew by 6.5 percent. This year we hope to do a little better.

We cannot do much about the conditions that prevail outside our country. But we must make every effort to resolve the problems inside our country so that our economic growth and the creation of employment opportunities in the country are again speeded up.

While doing this, we must also control inflation. This would pose some difficulty because of a bad monsoon this year. However, we have taken many measures to deal with the situation. In districts where there has been a deficit of 50 percent or more in the rainfall, diesel subsidy is being provided to farmers by the Government. Seed subsidy has been enhanced. Funds available under the Central scheme for fodder have been increased. Our effort is to ensure that people do not face difficulty due to shortage of seeds, fodder or water in any part of the country. It is good that we have a big stock of foodgrains because of the hard work of our farmer brothers and sisters, and availability of foodgrains is not a problem for us.

As far as creating an environment within the country for rapid economic growth is concerned, I believe that we are not being able to achieve this because of a lack of political consensus on many issues. Time has now come to view the issues which affect our development processes as matters of national security.

If we do not increase the pace of the country’s economic growth, take steps to encourage new investment in the economy, improve the management of Government finances and work for the livelihood security of the common man and energy security of the country, then it most certainly affects our national security.

I promise to you today that our Government will work hard for India’s rapid economic growth and for shielding the country from the effects of the global economic slowdown. I promise that we will work hard for creation of new employment opportunities for our young men and women living in villages and cities. We will make every possible effort to secure the livelihood of our poor brothers and sister, our workers and our farmers. We will leave no stone unturned to encourage investment in our country so that our entrepreneurs can make a substantial contribution to our economy.

I believe that this period of difficulties will not last long. Even as we face these problems, we should be encouraged by the fact that we have achieved extraordinary successes in many areas in the last 8 years. We now need to replicate these successes in newer areas.

It has been our endeavour in the last 8 years to empower our citizens socially and economically so that they can contribute to the sacred task of nation building. Today, one out of every 5 households in the country has become eligible to benefit from the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Act through a job card. In only the last one year we have provided employment to more than 8 crore people under this scheme.

When the UPA Government came to power in 2004, we had promised that we would provide electricity to all villages. To fulfill this promise, we launched the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Scheme. More than 1 lakh new villages have been provided with electricity connections under this scheme and now almost all the villages in the country have been electrified. Our next target is to provide electricity to each and every household in our country in the next 5 years and to also improve the supply of electricity.

No praise is high enough for our hard working farmers. They have produced a record output of crops successively in the last 2 years. Because of our Government`s efforts for development of agriculture and for protecting the interests of farmers, agriculture has grown at an average rate of 3.3 per cent in the 11th Plan which is substantially higher than the 2.4 per cent we achieved in the 10th Plan. In the last 8 years, we have doubled the support prices of crops. We are providing loans at low interest rates to lakhs of farmers.

Our children are the biggest strength of our country. If our children are provided with good education and are healthy, then our future would be bright.

This is the reason why we have paid special attention to the needs of children in our policies and programmes. The education of children has been made mandatory by law. In the year 2006-07, only 93 per cent of children in the age group 6-14 years were getting admission in schools. Today almost all children in this age group are being admitted to schools. More than 51,000 new schools have been opened in the country and about 7 lakh teachers appointed in them in just the last 2 years. Now we will focus on improving the quality of education. In the next few months we will put in place a system of continuous assessment of the benefit our children are getting from teaching. Participation of the community and parents would be ensured so that they can be satisfied with the quality of teaching.

The Mid-day-meal Scheme provides nutritious meals in schools for about 12 crore children everyday. This is the biggest scheme of its kind in the world.

In the last one and half years no new case of polio has come to light and now India does not figure in the list of countries affected by this disease.

Malnutrition in children is a big challenge for us. We have taken steps in many dimensions to deal with this problem. In the last 8 years, the number of mothers and children benefitting from the ICDS has doubled. The process of making the ICDS more effective is in its last stages and will be completed in the next 1 or 2 months.

We had launched the National Rural Health Mission in 2005 so that health services can be extended to each village in the country. Today this Mission is being implemented with the help of 10 lakh health personnel including 8.5 lakh Asha workers. After the success of the National Rural health Mission, we now want to expand the scope of health services in our towns also. The National Rural Health Mission will be converted into a National Health Mission which would cover all villages and towns in the country. We are also formulating a scheme for distribution of free medicines through Government hospitals and health centres.

We want to create many new job opportunities for our youth in the coming years. To achieve this it is necessary that we train them in skills which our economy needs. It is our endeavour to put in place a system in which training facilities are available in many new skills. We also wish to provide short duration training courses of 6 weeks to 6 months for our young brothers and sisters. The National Skill Development Council has formulated a major scheme for skill development in which 8 crore people will be trained in the next 5 years. This is an ambitious scheme which can be implemented only through a specialized agency of the Central Government. Therefore, we are considering the establishment of a National Skill Development Authority so that skill development programmes all over the country can be implemented in a coordinated manner. We would also need contribution from the private sector and non-Governmental organizations in this work.

Creation of new employment opportunities is possible only when we encourage industry and trade. For this we need to speedily improve our infrastructure. Recently we have taken new measures to accelerate infrastructure development. Ambitious targets have been fixed in roads, airports, railways, electricity generation and coal production. The Government will take steps to increase investment for infrastructure development with the help of the private sector. To attract foreign capital, we will have to create confidence at the international level that there are no barriers to investment in India.

Just 10 years back only 3 out of every 10 households in our villages were benefitting from banking services. Today more than half of the rural households get the benefit of bank accounts. It will be our endeavour to ensure that all households benefit from bank accounts in the next 2 years.

We want to create a system in which money from Government schemes - pension for old people, scholarship for students and wages for labourers - can be credited directly into people’s bank accounts. This would reduce inconvenience to the beneficiaries, make it easy for them to receive payment and increase transparency. For this work, we will take help from the Aadhar scheme under which about 20 crore people have been registered so far.

To provide housing for our poor brothers and sisters residing in urban areas of our country we will soon launch the Rajiv Housing Loan Scheme. Under this scheme, people belonging to the economically weaker sections would be given relief on interest for housing loans of less than Rs. 5 lakh.

This year we will present the Twelfth Five Year Plan for consideration of the National Development Council. The Plan would determine the future course of action on all important matters relating to the country`s development. It would lay down measures for increasing our present rate of economic growth from 6.5 to 9 per cent in the last year of the Plan. The Plan would focus special attention on areas important from the point of view of reaching the fruits of development to each citizen of our country and specially to the weaker sections of our society. I have full confidence that the Centre and the States will act together to implement the Twelfth Plan in an effective manner.

The incidents of violence which occurred in Assam recently are very unfortunate. I know that these incidents have resulted in the disruption of the lives of a large number of people. We fully sympathize with those families which have been affected by the violence. We are doing everything possible to provide relief to them. I also promise to you that our Government will make every effort to understand the reasons behind the violence and work hard with the State Governments to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in any part of the country.

We have achieved success in many areas of internal security. In Jammu and Kashmir, people participated in large numbers in the Panchayat elections. There has been a reduction in violence in the North Eastern States and we are engaged in dialogue with many groups there so that they can join the mainstream of development. We have initiated new schemes of development in areas affected by naxal violence to ensure that the grievances of the people residing there, especially our brothers and sisters belonging to Scheduled Tribes, can be removed and their lot can be improved. However, we need to be constantly vigilant as far as internal security is concerned. Communal harmony has to be maintained at all costs. Naxalism is still a serious problem. The incidents which occurred in Pune in the beginning of this month point to the need for much more work to be done in the area of national security. We will continue to do this work with sincerity in the future also.

I would like to congratulate our scientists and technologists who have enhanced our prestige by successfully testing the Agni V Missile and launching the RISAT- I Satellite in space this year. Recently the Cabinet has approved the Mars Orbiter Mission. Under this Mission, our spaceship will go near Mars and collect important scientific information. This spaceship to Mars will be a huge step for us in the area of science and technology.

We have seen a lot of discussion in the recent months about the role of our armed forces and their preparedness. I would like to emphasise here that our armed forces and paramilitary forces have defended the security of our country both during war and peace with valour and honour. Our soldiers have made the biggest of sacrifices, whenever needed. Today I would like to reassure our countrymen that our armed forces and paramilitary forces are prepared to face any challenge. The Government will continue to work for modernizing these forces and providing them with the necessary technology and equipment. Today, I would like to thank our security forces, who are guarding our frontiers bravely, from the bottom of my heart. We will continue to make efforts for their welfare.

Our Government has set up a committee to examine issues relating to pay and pension of armed forces personnel. This committee will also look into matters concerning pension of retired men and officers and family pension being paid to their families. We will take prompt action on the recommendations of the committee, once they are received.

Our Government has paid special attention to the welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, minorities, women and other weaker sections. The special needs of our tribal and backward districts are being met through programmes such as the Integrated Action Plan, Backward Regions Grant Fund and Tribal Sub Plan. Through the Forest Rights Act, we have given proprietary rights to lakhs of our brothers and sisters belonging to Scheduled Tribes on land on which they have been living for generations. We are formulating a scheme to ensure that people belonging to Scheduled Tribes can get fair and remunerative prices for the forest produce they collect. The Government wants to speedily convert the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill into a legislation. Through this law we want to provide funds for the benefit of our tribal brothers and sisters in the mining areas.

We will make the 15 points programme for minorities more effective. The Multi-Sectoral Development Programme being implemented in districts with large minority populations will be expanded.

We have enhanced the amount of post-matric scholarship available to children belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and minorities. Our efforts to make these scholarship schemes more effective will continue.We are considering a new and effective law to put an end to the repulsive practice of manual scavenging and to provide opportunities to those engaged in this practice to begin their lives afresh.

Our commitment to make the work of the Government and administration transparent and accountable stands. On the last Independence Day, I promised you that we would take many steps for this purpose. I am happy to state that during the last 1 year we have achieved good progress in this area. The Lok Sabha has cleared the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill. We hope that all political parties will help us in passing this Bill in the Rajya Sabha. A number of other Bills have also been presented before the Parliament. The Cabinet has cleared a Public Procurement Bill. We will continue our efforts to bring more transparency and accountability in the work of public servants and to reduce corruption. But we will also take care that these measures do not result in a situation in which the morale of public functionaries taking decisions in public interest gets affected because of baseless allegations and unnecessary litigation.

In my first message to the country after assuming the office of Prime Minister I had appealed to you to contribute to the sacred work of nation building. I am very happy that today more of our citizens than ever before, and specially the youth, are taking interest in issues related to the progress of our society and country. Our Government believes that the difficult problems which India faces can be resolved only with the cooperation of the common man. It will be our endeavour that in the coming time, still more people help us in tasks like removal of poverty, illiteracy and inequality.

I believe that no power in the world can stop our country from achieving new heights of progress and development. What is needed is that we work together as one people for the success of our country. Let us once more resolve that we will continue to work for a progressive, modern and prosperous India.”

Dear children join me in saying

Jai Hind,
Jai Hind,
Jai Hind.”

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Google has Changed its FavIcon. The New FavIcon appears in Blue Color.

The Search Engine Google has changed its FavIcon.

The New FavIcon of the Google is appearing in Blue background color.

Do you like this New FavIcon of Google? Share your thoughts thro' the Comments.

Find below the previous Favicons of Google.

FavIcon (Favorite Icon) is a small 16x16 image which is shown in the address bar of a browser when loading a webpage.

It will be helpful to give identity for the website. The visitor will easily recognize the website by seeing the favIcon.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

We can still Play the Playable Google Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe, Soccer/Football ) shown for London 2012 Olympics

Google showed various Doodles for featuring various Games in "London 2012 Olympics.

We can refer the Complete list of London 2012 Google Doodles here.

Few of the Google Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe and Soccer/Football ) are created with interactive animation. i-e We can play with them as Games.

Google used to show the Doodle on Google home page for 24 hours only. But it is still keeping those Doodles in web pages of Google Doodles site.

I have embedded the web pages of the playable Doodles in this post so that everyone can easily bookmark this post, and they can come here at anytime to play those interesting Games.

These interactive Doodles/Games are created using HTML5. So, they will work on HTML5 supported browsers only. i-e These Doodles won't play on IE (Internet Explorer). So, if it not working for you, try with HTML5 supported browsers such as Google Chrome and latest versions of Mozilla Firefox.

Now let us start playing the Games.

London 2012 Hurdles

Hurdles Doodle allows the users to get scores by making the player in the Doodle to run/jump the Hurdles race using space bar and Left/Right Arrows keys.

London 2012 Basketball

BaseketBall Doodle is also an interesting Game.

London 2012 Slalom Canoe

The users can play the "London 2012 Slalom Canoe" Doodle using Left and Right Arrows keys or by clicking Left Mouse button on Left and Right sides of the Boat.

London 2012 Football / Soccer

The users can play "London 2012 Football" Doodle using Left/Right arrow keys and Space Bar.

Enjoy playing these Free Games provided by Google. And, mentioned your best score thro' comments.

Even you can try to play more than one Game at a time as shown in this Video.

And, if you want to play memory Game, you can visit our PlayMemoryGame.Com Site.

Remember to bookmark this page to play again these Doodle Games.

And, Share this page to your Social Media friends on Facebook and Twitter so that they can also enjoy playing these interesting Games provided by Google.

You may come to this page using short url also.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Play Football (Soccer) on Google Doodle Featuring "London 2012 Football"

Google is daily changing its Home page logo "Doodle" for featuring various Games of London 2012 Olympics.

You can refer the list of London 2012 Olympics Doodles.

Recently Google is showing interactive animated Doodles so that users can play Game on those Doodles. Till now Google allowed the users to play Hurdles, Basketball and Slalom Canoe.

The Latest Google Doodle "London 2012 Football" allows the users to play Football-like Game on Google Home Page.

This Game looks very interesting. If this Game is not yet visible in your country, you can play it below.

Click the play button to start the game.
For movement use Left/Right arrow keys
For jumping use space bar.

The aim of this Game is, we should block all the balls using Left/Right arrow keys and Space Bar.

If we miss to block 3 balls, then the Game will be end.

London 2012 football

We can use Mouse also for moving the player in the Doodle. Clicking "Left" mouse button will make him to jump.

Visit this page to play all playable Google Doodles shown for London 2012 Olympics.

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How to play with today's interactive Google Doodle featuring "London 2012 Slalom Canoe"

Google is showing interactive Doodle today (August 9th, 2012) also. This playable Doodle will appear only on HTML5 supported browsers. The other browsers will show static image only.

Today's playable Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Slalom Canoe".

Actually this Doodle is the 14th Doodle from Google for the series of London 2012 Olympics Doodle. And, it is the third playable Doodle. The first two playable Doodles "Hurdles" and "Basketball" had attracted many people to spend their time playing with them. I believe this new Doodle is also going to get the attraction.

The users can play the "London 2012 Slalom Canoe" Doodle using Left and Right Arrows keys or by clicking Left Mouse button on Left and Right sides of the Boat.

And, the users can use Up and Down arrow keys also. The Up arrow key will function similar to Left arrow key, and the Down arrow key will function similar to Right arrow key.

i-e The UP and Left Keys will action the Left paddle of Canoe, and Down and Right keys will action the Right paddle of the Canoe.

And therefore, pressing UP/LEFT key will move the Canoe left side and pressing DOWM/RIGHT Key will move the Canoe Right side. And, key pressing both Left and Right arrow keys will move the Canoe fast in straight path.

The river will have around 10 Gates. The speed of the Canoe will be increased if we paddle it thro' these Gates.

The purpose of this game is, to finish the end quickly in less time period .

And, If the Canoe hits the banks,animals or rock the speed will be reduced, and the Canoe will be damaged too.

This "Slalom Canoe" Doodle is bit complex from Google's other playable Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball). Because the objects and their position are getting changed dynamically every time we restart the Game. So, we can not expect the same game again while replaying it.

I got the score of 19.5 with 2 stars. i-e I took 19.5 seconds to reach the end. And, I recorded this play using CamStudio.

Have you played this Game? What is your best score? Do you have any tips to get good scores? You can share them thro' the comments.

And, if this Game is not available in your country now, you can play here.

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