Monday, July 30, 2012

India's first medal in 2012 London Olympics: Gagan Narang wins Bronze in the 10m air rifle

Indian Shooter Gagan Narang won bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics in the 10 metre air rifle event with an over all score of 701.1

Romania's Alin George Moldoveanu wins gold with 702.1 points while Italy's Niccolo Campriani takes Silver with 701.5

Share your wishes to the 2012 Olympics First Indian medal winner Gagan Narang here.

Beijing Olympics gold medalist Abhinav Bindra is sent out of the London Games by failing to qualify for men's 10-metre air rifle final while Gagan Narang made it with an overall score of 598.Narang was one of the top eight shooters who qualified for the medal round.

Gagan Narang's family hails from Panipat in Haryana, India. Later on his family shifted to Hyderabad. Gagan Narang added 4 gold medals to the Indian tally at the recently concluded 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. In the Men's 10 m air rifle singles event, he shot a perfect 600 which was a new record. Gagan also clinched a silver medal in his pet event at the Asian Games 2010. He also combined with Abhinav Bindra and Sanjeev Rajput to provide the country with another silver, in the team event behind champions China. Both of his silvers were won on the opening day of Asian Games.

Gagan Narang got both Padma Shri and Arjuna Awards.

Gagan Narang is currently supported by Olympic Gold Quest.

Find below the Bio-Data of Gagan Narang as specified in Olympic Gold Quest Profile page.

Date of Birth : 6th May 1983
Place of Birth : Chennai
Current City of Residence : Hyderabad
Height : 5"11 inches
Weight : 97 kgs
Event : 10 metre Air Rifle and 50 metre 3 position
Weapon used : Walther LG 300
Role Model : Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali
Employed with : Air India as a Assistant manager, Commercial
Favourite Movie : In Pursuit of Happiness
Favourite Movie star : Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz
Favourite Song : White Flag by Dido
Favourite sportsperson : Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher
Favourite Sports to Watch : Cricket and Tennis
Favourite Holiday destination : Langkawi, Malaysia
Best sporting moment : Shooting the World Record in the 10m Air Rifle, a perfect 600/600 at Bangkok during the World Cup Finals in Nov 2008. In the process, he became the only person to shoot a World Record in the World Cup Event
Favourite Cuisine : Chinese
Favourite Restaurant : Mainland China

And, Olympic Gold Quest Website has mentioned below things as Gagan Narang's Major Achievements.

  • Gold Medalist (Team), 50m Rifle 3 Positions, Asian championships, Kuwait, 2012
  • Bronze Medalist, 50m Rifle 3 Positions, Asian championships, Kuwait, 2012
  • Silver Medalist (Team), 10m Air Rifle, Asian championships, Kuwait, 2012
  • 2 Silver Medals, 10m Air Rifle (Individual and Pairs), Asian Games, Guangzhou, 2010
  • 4 Gold Medals, Commonwealth Games Delhi, 2010
  • Bronze Medalist, 10m Air Rifle, ISSF World Cup Beijing, 2010
  • 4 Golds and 2 silvers in the Rifle Events at VIII Commonwealth Shooting Championships, New Delhi, 2010
  • Gold Medalist, 50m Rifle 3 Positions, ISSF World Cup Changwon, 2009
  • Bronze Medalist, 10m Air Rifle, ISSF World Cup Changwon, 2009
  • Gold Medalist, 10m Air Rifle, ISSF World Cup Final Bangkok, 2008
  • Bronze Medalist, 10m Air Rifle, ISSF World Cup Beijing, 2008
  • Silver Medalist, 50m Rifle Prone, Asian Championships Kuwait City, 2007
  • Gold Medalist, 10m Air Rifle, ISSF World Cup Guangzhou, 2006
  • Bronze Medalist, 50m Rifle 3 Positions, Asian Games Doha, 2006
  • Quadruple Gold Medalist, Commonwealth Games Melbourne, 2006
  • Gold Medalist, 10m Air Rifle, Asian Championships Bangkok, 2005

Updates: India's Second medal is the Silver medal won by Vijay Kumar.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Google Doodles for the London 2012 Olympics

Google is showing one new Doodle everyday for the London 2012 Olympics. It seems Google will continue showing the Doodles till the end of London Olympics Games.

Click here to play the Playable Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe, Soccer)

London 2012 Doodles

July 27th 2012- The First Doodle is for representing the Opening Ceremony.

July 28th 2012- Second Doodle is dedicated for "Archery"

July 29th 2012 -Third Doodle is featuring "Diving"

July 30th 2012 -Fourth Day Doodle is featuring "Fencing"

July 31st 2012 -Fifth Day Doodle is featuring "Artistics Gymnastics Men's Rings"

August 1st 2012 -Sixth Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Hockey".

August 2nd 2012 - Seventh Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Table Tennis"

August 3rd, 2012 - Eighth Day Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 Shot Put"

August 4th, 2012 - Ninth Day Doodle for "London 2012 Pole vault"

August 5th, 2012- Tenth Day Doodle is featuring "Synchronized Swimming".

August 6th, 2012 - Eleventh Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Javelin".

August 7th, 2012 -Twelfth  Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Hurdles" (This is first animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

August 8th, 2012 Day 13 Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Basketball" (This is second animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

August 9th, 2012 Day 14 Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 slalom canoe"(This is third animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

August 10th, 2012 Day 15 Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 Football" (This is fourth animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

August 11th, 2012 Day 16 Doodle is Featuring London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics

August 12th, 2012 Day 17 Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 Closing Ceremony".

Click here to play the Playable Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe, Soccer)

If you haven't viewed the awesome Opening Ceremony you can watch London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Videos now.

And, watch below the Videos of Google Doodles shown for the 2012 London Olympics:, Or you can refer this playlist showing all Doodles.

The below video shows the Google doodle Shown for the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Olympics.

The Second Day Google Doodle is for "Archery"

And, the Third Doodle is for "Diving"

Fourth Day Doodle is Featuring "Fencing".

Fifth Day Doodle is featuring "Artistics Gymnastics Men's Rings"

Sixth Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Hockey".

Seventh Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Table Tennis"

Eighth Day Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 Shot Put"

Ninth Day Doodle for "London 2012 Pole vault" 

Tenth Day Doodle is featuring "Synchronized Swimming".

Eleventh Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Javelin".

Twelfth  Day Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Hurdles" (This is first animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics".

Day 13 Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Basketball" (This is second animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

Day 14 Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 slalom canoe"(This is third animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

Day 15 Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 Football" (This is fourth animated Doodle for the "London 2012 Olympics").

Day 16 Doodle is Featuring London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics

Day 17 Doodle is Featuring "London 2012 Closing Ceremony".

Click here to play the Playable Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe, Soccer)

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Highlights Videos

Watch below the videos showing High Lights of London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony held on July 27th, 2012 in London.

And, get Inspiration and Motivational Quotes from this Facebook Page.

NOTE: It seems IOC is blocking the display of the Olympics Videos in Websites, so you need to click the YouTube link to see these Videos in YouTube itself. And, you can watch the last video in this blog itself.

i-e These videos will show below message after clicking Play button.

This video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it from display on this website.

I couldn't understand why IOC should provide Embed code in YouTube if they are not allowing embedding videos in other websites.

And, I just prepared a few minutes highlights by recording only very few shots in these videos, as I thought taking few screens from the IOC videos won't violate their copyrights. But I got below message from youtube immediately after uploading the video.

Your video may have content that is owned or licensed by International Olympic Committee. As a result, the video has been blocked on YouTube. This claim is penalizing your account status.

So, I immediately deleted the video. I couldn't understand how people can see the fast track highlights of the opening ceremony if they don't have enough time to go thro' all the videos uploaded by IOC.

Do you think that this behaviour of IOC is appropriate? Or, Am I not understanding the copyrights properly? You can Share your thoughts thro' the comments.

David Beckham and Sir Steve Redgrave bring the Olympic Torch to the Stadium.

Olympic Cauldron is lit at the Olympic Stadium for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Queen Elizabeth II opens the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium, London on 27 th July 2012.

The Olympic Oath is made from the Olympic Stadium at the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Google Doodle for the 2012 London Olympics:

The below video shows the Google doodle Shown for the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Olympics.

The Second Day Google Doodle is for "Archery"

And, the Third Doodle is for "Diving"

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Google's Panda and Penguin Updates discourages Black-Hat SEOs

The Search Engine Google is continuously updating their search algorithms so that users can see high quality and relevant search results at top positions in the Search Results page(SERP). Google strongly believes that giving high quality results is the only way for leading the Search Industry.

But many Black-Hat SEO people were following black-hat tactics for bringing their low quality webpages at top positions of Google Search Result page.

Recent Google updates were found success in forcing these kind of Black Hat SEO people to stop their Black-hat SEO tactics.

The recent algorithm changes named as Panda update and Penguin update are playing significant role in suppressing Black Hat SEO.

Google Penguin update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using black-hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, participating in link schemes, deliberate creation of duplicate content, and others.

Google Panda update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.

Panda is a site wide penalty. i-e If few pages of your site were flagged for having thin content, your entire site could be penalized.

So, Panda and Penguin updates force the webmasters to create websites with high quality content for the users and force them to follow Webmaster's guidelines given by Google.

Now, let us see how to improve Search position while we know that getting backlinks forcefully will bring the risk of Penguin update.

I have heard that the search engines started giving importance for Social Media Sharing. i-e Similar to number of Back links, Google is giving importance to Facebook Shares, Facebook likes, reddit upvotes, Diggs, number of retweets, etc.

So, it is better to improve the Social Media presence of webpages instead of spending more time on traditional SEO steps.

Let me discuss more about effectively utilizing Social Media in coming blog posts.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Updates: Watch the Highlights [Videos] of London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics will be held at 9 pm BST on 27 July 2012 and will be called "The Isles of Wonder". Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle is the artistic director who is co-ordinating and designing the opening ceremony.

The games will be officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

London is going to host Olympics Game third time. It has already hosted the Olympic Games two occasions, in 1908 and 1948.

The Opening Ceremony is a celebration showcasing the best of the Host Nation. It also features a parade of all competing nations and the highly anticipated entrance of the Olympic Flame, which ignites the Cauldron and signals the start of the Games.

Greece will lead the parade, followed by other competing countries in alphabetical order and finally the host nation Great Britain.

The Ceremony will kick off with the sound of the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe, produced by the Whitechapel Foundry, and the Stadium will be transformed into the British countryside for opening scene ‘Green and Pleasant’, which includes real farmyard animals.

Danny Boyle, Artistic Director of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, said: ‘Our Isles of Wonder salutes and celebrates the exuberant creativity of the British genius in an Opening Ceremony that we hope will be as unpredictable and inventive as the British people.’

Once the Games have been declared open, the Olympic Flag is then carried into the Stadium and hoisted into the air as the respective Anthem is played. The Olympic Charter states that each flag must fly for the entire duration of the Games – placed in a prominent position in the main Stadium.

A total cast of 15,000 will take part in the London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which will be watched by an estimated audience of four billion.

Indian musician A. R. Rahman said that he had composed a Punjabi song for the opening ceremony. It will be a part of a medley which will showcase Indian influence in the UK. Another Indian musician, Ilaiyaraja's song from Tamil-language film Ram Lakshman (1981), has also been chosen as part of the medley.

Today (July 27, 2012, Friday) Google is showing below Doodle for marking the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

This Doodle is NOT an interactive or animated doodle, just a static image.

The Five athletes in the Doodle may be representing the five continents: Europe, Asia, North-America, South-America and Africa. Based on previous history, Google will be showing new doodle for each day till the end of Olympics Games.

We can see the live updates about the London Olympics Opening Ceremony from this USAToday webpage or you can watch the live streaming from this page.

On July 28th, 2012 Saturday, Google showed below Doodle for representing "London 2012 Archery".

Updates: Watch the Highlights [Videos] of London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pranab Mukherjee is India's new president

India's former Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee was sworn in as the country's new president on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012.
Mukherjee succeeded Pratibha Patil to become the country's 13th president. Pranab Mukherjee had earlier held key portfolios like the foreign and defense ministers in his political career.

The 77-year-old veteran politician was administered the oath of office by the Chief Justice of India at the parliament. Pranab Mukherjee was from the eastern state of West Bengal.

Pranab Mukherjee won the president election with the support of the the ruling Congress party-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Pranab Mukherjee holds two masters degrees as well as a law degree from Calcutta University.

Pranab Mukherjee had Published below books.

1. Midterm Poll –1969
2. Beyond Survival: Emerging Dimensions of Indian Economy – 1984
3. Off the Track –1987
4. Saga of Struggle and Sacrifice –1992
5. Challenges Before the Nation (on Indian National Congress)- 1992.

Read inspiring Quotes of Pranab Mkherjee.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A glance at Glancee exposes innovation in mobile monitoring - Guest Post

 This Article is a Guest Post.

How exciting it would be to meet people of similar interests, living nearby or around you. Glancee is the answer to such an inquisition, which allows people to meet and share their interests. This application is expected to be the next big thing in the world of social networking. Its popularity has mounted since Facebook’s acquisition of the application.

Facebook acquires Glancee and Instagram
Glancee has proved to be an invaluable addition to its mobile apps. With the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, combined with Glancee, Facebook has a huge success on the mobile platform already. TechCrunch has reported that Facebook has hired Glancee’s three founders and has also purchased its technology.
The current mobile app of Facebook allows the user to “check-in” to various places. But with the addition of Glancee - an app for iPhone and Android, Facebook would be able to advance its mobile platform further, similar to that of its digital platform. The implication nthen is that it is acting similar to cell phone monitoring software, that is it can help track and monitor activities of the user.

The flipside to Glancee
There are always two sides to the story. In this situation, Glancee could face an issue as it relies on real-time data – in practice of communicating with cell phone towers, which uses too much battery.
Another major issue is the privacy concerns, which ties in to almost every app available in the market. The upside of Glancee is that it blends the tastes of different people, searches for people with similar tastes, likes and dislikes. It is evident that this app is going to be one of the users’ personal favorites. However, a word of caution for the users who are very particular about their privacy – they shouldn’t use Glancee, as the app makes personal details accessible to other users in the first place.

Don’t be shy anymore!
Glancee provides an opportunity to shy and reclusive people to talk to or bond with people they like. The app connects people by suggesting and sharing information about people who share similar tastes and allows them to initiate a conversation and get familiar with each other. People who are not comfortable having face to face conversations with others find Glancee particularly useful in connecting with like minded people.

Cell phone monitoring: Its getting Old
Cell phone monitoring has been going on for a long time, but it is necessary that are aware of this activity being carried out by application developers, who try to obtain user information to improve their own applications. They want to understand the user, their demands and expectations from the apps and the money they would be willing to spend on an app. Keeping this in view, Glancee does not seem to be a ground breaking application. Nevertheless, what is undoubted is that Glancee is all set to redefine phone monitoring as we know it in the social networking world.

Justin Kane writes about cell phone monitoring software for Mobistealth. He loves to write about computers and cell phones security. Kane can be reached at


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Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Social Media Bio Tips - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

Social media is the all-encompassing world of anything fast, communicative and current. With so many social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest it’s hard to know what is to ‘like’ and what earns you an ‘unfollow’. To keep your social media buzzing, have a bio that speaks for you when you can’t and that gets your message out there. Here are some tips to keep your social media bio interesting and doing it’s job, bringing you more friends and views:

1.      Skip the nOt So Gr8t StUfF: You are not a teenage girl who collects Justin Beiber posters or your exes overly kindergarten teacher-y new girlfriend. Whatever you do, do not write in a strange font or mess with the caps lock button. A huge turn off. Leave your numbers out of your words and spell them correctly with the appropriate vowels and consonants.
2.      Unique: Be different and mix it up! Stand out from the other billion users online. Have a weird hobby? Like a strange quote from a strange celebrity? A weird nick name? Anything, something, just be unique in your bio. Make it interesting.
3.      Short and simple: No one cares about your life story in your bio. They want to know who, what, where, when, how and why. Keep it short and simple. You are lucky that Twitter only gives you a certain amount of characters but as for the other social media platforms you have free range, type wisely.
4.       Actions speak louder than words: If your profile bio states that you are a lover of all things potatoes and cute kittens. You better believe you better have some sort of post of cute kittens and potatoes. Your bio tells your viewers what you are all about; it’s the first impression and introduction. With that said if your bio states you like to go skydiving, we know you won’t be able to do that daily, so keep in mind you need to live up to your bio.
5.      Too many links: People find it their time to post every link possible in their bio. Huge turn off to viewers. Too many links in your bio can make you look like a spammer or someone who will just later send me junk email. Keep it clean and stick to one link if possible.
Your bio is your first word to your viewer, how and what you say can gain you a follower or lose a fan. So choose your words wisely but have fun with it! 

Author Byline:
Kelsey is the editor in chief for findananny. She loves to write article and ideas that parents & nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through nanny needed. She is a professional writer & loves writing on anything.

Read more Guest posts  here.

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Reviewing Our Plans .... and, changing the priorities... Going to make TheQuotes.Net as Most viewed Motivational Quotes Site.

In January 2011, I had listed below things as To Do List.

As of now, I am thinking about doing below tasks. I have listed them without any specific order. It may change based on further analysis.

- Releasing an eBook about Web development.

- Including hot trends in QualityPoint Twitter application.

- Enhancing QualityPoint SEO Tools. Especially improve performance of keyword position finder and release a new feature frequently in domain analysis Tool which will be released in few days.

- Developing Smart Search Engines for specific categories (e.g live music events)

- Improving internal email marketing Tool and releasing it for public also.

- Adding New topics in Software Testing eBook.

- Running contests for promoting Time sheet sales while creating awareness about Time Management.

- Releasing our internal Affiliate marketing software to public also .

- Improving the integration between QualityPoint Forum and other QualityPoint Applications.

- Releasing internally using scripts such as "failed email collector" and any other cURL based scripts.

- Developing Job search engines with own crawling and indexing of data.

- Adding new modules (e.g Leave module, project and employee hierarchy) and per hour rate enhancement

- Enhancing product sales pages.

- Converting existing scripts into wordpress plug-in.

- Adding more products in our products page, and releasing them in the form of wordpress plug-ins also.

- Creating apps. for smart phones. (Atleast convert few of our existing products to fit with smart phones)

- Introduce Mobile friendly version of our websites.

- Doing more analysis about effectively using Google AdWords.

- Developing Social media marketing Tool. Initially we will include the social media sites which attracts more traffic and provide APIs. Later we will include more social sites step by step.

- Adding more topics and content in our Quiz and Easy learning.

- Tuning "Most viewed" feature of our social bookmarking site.

- Tuning the NewsBot content of our Social bookmarking site.

- Enhancing AutoTweet feature of our Twitter application with more functionality.

- Creating Video Demo for all our products to explain them to the users easily.

- Integrating Inventory module with our Time Sheet script.

- Taking steps to increase stability of our free onlline time sheet application. (Currently lot of users started using it)

- Taking steps to prevent spam posts in our Forum automatically. (currently it needs some manual work to prevent Spam in our Forum)

- Creating facebook applications to promote our easy learning game and Quiz.

- Taking steps to hire skilled engineers who are interested in joining with us to develop products that can dominate the world IT market in coming decade.

- Improving look & feel and navigation in our all our sites and blogs.

- Including our Social bookmarking feature in all link sharing services such as AddThis, AddToAny, etc.

- Either selling or Promoting ArtsPoint.Net

- Releasing many new Twitter based apps. apart from our already released applications.

- Automate the Press release process.

- Managing QualityPoint Group in LinkeIn effectively so as to attract more members.

- Enhancing our Affiliate management software.

- Developing Tools useful for freelance workers. Mostly it will help the freelancers to get projects without depending on the freelance sites which waste their time in poor arbitration process. (This task will be almost similar to development of our smart search engine)

- Effectively using cURL for doing data extraction and auto posting to enhance and promote our products.

- Systematically avoiding time wasting clients so that we will have enough time to spend for our genuine clients and for developing our own products. As part of this effort I am going to increase the upfront payment percentage so that only the people having clear requirement details will approach us.

- Develop our smart News reader script further by adding more finance news sources apart from yahoo news.

- Introducing Language changing option to few of our products. Currently plan to use Google translate to create the language specific files. In future we may tune them manually also.

- Effectively using great experience and knowledge gathered by our Team while developing a web application for automatically posting resume to more than 70 US job sites for our client. We will use this experience to develop similar tool for Indian market or UK market. Or, we will be developing a Tool for allowing the users to automatically post their links to lot of directories and search engines.

- Finding ways to use our expertise in Reverse Auction script development. (as of now, least priority)

We have done few things in this List, and few of them are in Pending state. And, most of the items in this list are not yet started.

And, I am planning to postpone the pending Tasks in this list for few more months or years. Because, most of the items in the list require skilled and experienced employees, and many tasks will take many months or years. But, we face high employees attrition rate. As a Start-up, retaining skilled employees for long time is difficult. In fact, I don't want to retain them forcefully(e.g Bonds). Because many corporates offer good salary which is much more higher than ours. So, I believe allowing our skilled employees to leave our company to join corporates will be the appropriate action I can do by considering welfare of them. And, it will help us to get new employees as they beleive joining our company will surely help them to reach corporate companies with good salaries in few months.

But it heavily affect our company from many perspectives. We used to spend lot of time and energy in training our new employees for many months so that they can start doing web development (php/mysql/wordpress/jquery) projects that are listed in my list. And, I had seen that most of the employees started searching other jobs immediately after getting trained. The new employees will again take significant time to learn the things, and they will also leave after few months. So, I found difficulty in completing my plans.

Since, the employees are leaving for higher salary, I had decided to hold these plans till the time where we too can offer the higher salary competitively.

So, I had tried various other models. e.g developing small websites and selling them thro' Flippa, and doing SEO, publishing News, Resume submission service, etc.

Among these different models, I found "Doing SEO" is most suitable for our company.

Because the new employees can learn SEO quickly and they can start their work in few days. And, even if the trained employee is leaving the company, it won't do any harm as the knowledge transfer process for SEO task is simple comparing to the web development.

Ultimately I found that high employee attrition rate won't affect us if we choose to do SEO instead of taking development works.

So, I have decided to focus more on SEO. Anyway I will be continuing few web development activities for our own needs and for our long term customers.

And, note that this is just an intermediate plan till we reach the time when we will be able to offer good salary to our employees so that they will be happy to work long term in our company.

Now, let me explain my plans about doing SEO.

I have many websites and blogs. First I want to focus on TheQuotes.Net

Let me explain the reason why I chose "TheQuotes.Net". I believe the domain name TheQuotes.Net is valuable, SEO friendly and easy to remember. And, lot of people like to read motivational Quotes irrespective of their country or age. We can understand it by seeing the search volume for Quotes related keywords in the Keyword analysis tools. And, we need not add the content frequently, and the content added today will be useful after many years also.

I have already done some initial on-page optimization for this motivational Quotes website. And, our Team has started promoting this website thro' social media also. We have created Facebook Fan page for this website.

And, I am putting lot of efforts to make sure that our Motivational Quotes site contains only the inspiring Quotes.

We are working on to create lot of Motivational Quotes Videos for promoting TheQuotes.Net thro' YouTube also.

And, I have taken initiate to send Free SMS Quotes for promoting TheQuotes.Net.

As page loading speed is more important for getting Good position in Search Engines, I have started taking steps for improving the page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net

Our AutoTweet feature is attracting many users so that TheQuoes.Net will go viral. Already more than 700 people are using this feature.

And, we are going to do lot of things to get quality backlinks. We are already doing Link Exchange. If you are interested we can add your link in this Quotes Sites.

I understand the tough competition for motivational Quotes related keywords and the Low CPC for the Quotes related keywords. But I am still seeing the opportunity as the Search Volume is very high. You can come to know about this fact if you do little research on for the Quotes related sites.

So, I am holding most of our development works for few months till we promote our Quotes website site to reach top position in Search Engines for many motivational Quotes related keywords.

I will update the progress in few weeks. I would like to make our TheQuotes.Net as Most viewed Motivational Quotes Site in few months. I believe win-win approach is the only way to achieve it quickly. So, I welcome any suggestions/plans from anyone to promote TheQuotes.Net as Win-Win approach.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivational Quotes Videos for TheQuotes.Net Facebook Page Fans

I have added "Videos" Tab to the Facebook Fan page of our Motivational Quotes Website TheQuotes.Net

And, I had added lot of Motivational Quotes videos to this Videos page. And, I made it available only to the Fans of the Facebook page.

i-e The Motivational Quotes videos will appear only after the user likes the Facebook page.

I believe this new feature will be giving the unique advantage of being the Fan of our Quotes WebSite Facebook Page.

As of now this Video page has many Motivational Quotes Videos, and I am planning to add more inspiring videos to this page.

I welcome any suggestions to improve our Motivational Quotes Website Site further. We are continuously working on making our Quotes website TheQuotes.Net more SEO friendly and Social media friendly so that we can make TheQuotes.Net as World's Most Popular Motivational Quotes Website. And, therefore we are working on improving the Quality of the website and planning to add more inspiring Content. Let me know if you find any issue in loading/navigating our Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net".

And, if you are a motivational Speaker I welcome your content if it meets our Guest Post Guidelines.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

India successfully test fires nuclear capable Agni-I ballistic missile

India successfully test-fired its indigenously developed nuclear capable Agni-I ballistic missile, with a strike range of 700 km, as part of the Army's user trial from a test range at Wheeler Island off Odisha coast.

The surface-to-surface, single-stage missile, powered by solid propellants, was test-fired from a mobile launcher from launch pad-4 of the Integrated Test Range at Wheeler Island.

Agni-I missile has a specialized navigation system which ensures it reaches the target with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

The trajectory of the missile, which has an operational strike range of 700 km, was tracked by sophisticated radars and electro-optic telemetry stations located along the sea coast and ships positioned near the impact point in the downrange area.

Weighing 12 tonnes, the 15-metre-long Agni-I, which can carry payloads up to 1000 kg, has already been inducted into the Indian Army.

Since the missile has already been inducted into the armed forces, it is important to conduct user trials for training of defense personnel and improvement of their skills.

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Removing feedjit javascript code solved session problem in Chrome. Very strange. Anyone else noticed this kind of behaviour?

Today I came across very strange bahaviour of Chrome browser. We had developed a Quiz program in php and mysql few years back. It uses php session variables to pass the values of selected Topic and Level across pages. This Quiz program was working fine in FireFox. But it started giving errors in Chrome browser few days back. After doing some analysis I came to know that Session Variables are NOT working properly in Chrome. I was surprised to know this. Because I was thinking that browsers are not doing much to deal with session variables which will be handled by Server. This Session problem was solved by removing a piece of javascript code used for for showing the real-time traffic using feedjit.

I couldn't understand the relation between the javascript code and session problem in Chrome.

Can anyone explain it? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Enhancement of our Recruitment process to close our urgent "SEO Trainee" Job opening soon.

Few weeks back I had published a blog post about "SEO Trainees" Job opening for the Fresh Engineering Graduates.

I had asked the qualified candidates to send their resume to our email id.

We had received hundreds of Resumes from the candidates, even though I had clearly mentioned about the initial salary/stipend as Rs. 3,000 per month.

We had spent lot of time in shortlisting the candidates and arranging interview for them. And, Finally I selected the desired candidates. But none of them joined on the date on which they committed to join.

I was surprised to see this. So, I thought of arranging walk-in interview which was very successful previously. But I hesitate to arrange walk-in interview, because huge number of candidates will appear for the walk-in interview while we have only few openings. If I announce walk-in interview, lot of job boards and blogs will publish about the walk-in interview even if we are not informing about our walk-in interview to them.

So, I thought of finding another good way to eliminate non-serious candidates without giving much burden to the serious candidates. I came up with below three things as the reasons for the candidate not picking up the opportunity.

1. Non-serious candidates are also applying for the job even if they are not interested in the job opening. Because just sending email won't require any effort from their side.
2. Most of the candidates are NOT knowing about the nature of the SEO job.
3. The candidates are not knowing about our company and projects.

Because of these three reasons, the selected candidates are NOT joining the offered job.

So, I came up with a plan to address all these 3 things. We have launched a candidate registration form where they need to give details about our company and their knowledge about SEO. (Note that the candidate need not be an expert in SEO, as we will train them in SEO. But they should know the nature of SEO job)

Once after submitting this Form, the candidate will be given a reference number and an email id to which they send their resume along with the given reference number.

I will be considering only the resumes that are submitted with the reference id.

I believe this new process will help to avoid the non-serious candidates without giving much burden to the serious candidates.

If you know anyone who is interested in our current job opening, you can ask them to apply at immediately as we have urgent job opening now.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Documentary showing Horrible Indian Caste System [Video]

Today I get a chance to view the below video showing horrible Caste System in India.

Especially this video proves that Dalit Untouchability still continues in India.

This video documentary is created by the Director Stalin K by doing lot of hard work. It seems he spent more than four years traveling the length and breadth of the India to expose the continued oppression of "Dalits". And, it looks the video is created in an un-biased way. And, it covers Dalit oppression in all religions including Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikhism and in communists too.

This video shows appropriate sub-title in English as this video covers people talking various Indian languages such as Tamil and Hindi.

You will be shocked to see the Dalits being forced to dismount from their cycles and remove their shoes when in the upper caste part of the village.

Note:This video may take few seconds to appear after clicking the play button.

Previously I had written many articles about the fast growth of Social media. But
after watching this video I started thinking that whether Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) is representing the common people, especially in India. Because previously I never come across any Facebook updates or tweets telling about this horrible fact of untouchability still continuing in India. Instead, I used to get Facebook status messages criticizing reservation policies. The worst part is, even the persons who benefited from reservation used to share/like those messages. So, I think Social Media is useless till most of the people including poor and oppressed people start using it in India.

And, I would like to know whether social media represents the entire community in other countries. You can share your thoughts thro' the comments and remember to mention your Country name.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Indian Passport - Useful information for applying Passport and for Passport Renewal

Initially I had started writing this post for explaining my experience about the difficulties of my Passport renewal process. But, many people are visiting this page by searching for the information about Passport application, Passport Status checking and other Indian Passport related info. So, I am updating this post with the Indian Passport related information. Anyway, if you want to read my original post, you can find it at the end of this post.

NOTE:I am NOT affiliated with Indian Passport Office. I am just giving the details based on my understanding from the data available in Internet, and I may not going to update it frequently. So, Check with Passport office to get the correct and latest information. You may get the latest updates from the MEA Facebook page.

There are two approaches for getting fresh passport or renewing the expired passport.

Either you can manually apply for the passport at Regional Passport Offices or you can apply online for fixing appointment to visit your nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra)

The below Video explains about Passport Seva project.

You can apply online either by uploading e-form or by filling the details online.

And, you can calculate the Fee using this link.

You can find your nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) from this page.

And, you can track your passport application status from this page by entering File number and your Date of Birth.

The normal time taken for issuance of a passport is five to six weeks. However in case of an emergency you can apply for a fresh or duplicate passport under the 'Tatkaal' scheme. [Source- ]

You may contact @ASCPV thro' Twitter if you face any difficulty in getting passport.

You can read below my original post explaining my experience about my passport renewal process.

Inefficient Indian Passport System

In February month, I had published a post about my horrible experience with PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) for renewing my passport.

And, in April month I had explained my attempts for escalating it to the passport officers thro' Social media.

Apart from using social media, I had spent lot of time and energy for contacting below email ids.,,,

But I haven't got any proper response from these people other than Anyway, is not dealing with passports. So, ultimately there is no use in contacting these email ids. Note that more than 7 months passed since I applied for the passport renewal in November 2011.

Instead of taking steps to solve their problem of renewing passport, they had started harassing me   

Recently, they updated the status  as below. (previously it was "under review". It seems Status is going backward)

Passport application has been forwarded to Regional Passport Office (RPO) for further action. Please visit RPO in person along with original documents.

It is completely meaningless as I already submitted the originals of bank statement and Marriage affidavit to the PSK and they are keeping the file with them.  And, if only RPO can renew the passport, why the people should waste their time with PSK?

Asking originals from me while keeping it with PSK, is kind of harassment. It seems I am facing harassment as I am pointing out the inefficiency of passport Dept.

And,  My service request (Ref. No 1110019564 ) at  is also updated with below meaning less update.

"It is kindly advised to you to submit one address proof mentioning your current address. Since you are working, at your native place, in a company based at Chennai so you are advised to submit a letter from your company mentionig your current working place as your native place."

I couldn't understand what they mean by saying "your company" as I haven't mentioned any company name in application or any document. If they mean my start-up initiative Qualitypoint technologies, then their words "in a company based at Chennai" are invalid. Because it is based in ottapidaram as I am staying at ottapidaram since 2009. And, I am staying full time at ottapidaram.(except just 1 day travel to chennai once in 1 or 2 months)

So, it is NOT  possible to give the requested letter.

But I couldn't convey this message as the service request screen is NOT having option to update from my side.
So, it is clear that passport Dept. people have started harassing me, instead of correcting their problems.

I am reading many news items saying that Indian Government is spending lot of money for establishing PSKs along with a Private company TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). But I don't know why the passport renewal is taking this much time.

And, interestingly I am NOT the only person facing this problem. I am seeing lot of people complaining about PSKs.  It seems some people are waiting from 2008 for their passport. The worst part is, some people are tweeting that they have to make Rs. 15000 to get the passport. I am NOT sure whether it is true or not. But I can say that if the passport Department performance is going in this manner, it will  become true for everyone.

As my passport renewal was pending for more than 7 months, I had done lot of analysis about this problem  involving both the Indian passport officers and the corporate TCS.  And,  I came to know about two types of arguments. Some people are saying that the inefficiency is introduced by the corporate TCS, while others are saying that the problem is artificially being created by the passport officers so that they can remove the TCS from the system by blaming TCS for this inefficiency, because passport officers are seeing TCS  as obstacle for continuing their usual way of work.  I couldn't understand which one is correct. (Anyway, personally I face difficulties from both TCS employees and Passport officers)  Do you have any additional details to decide the wrong party? And, how to prevent this kind of in-efficiency?  You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

Updates on July 06th 2012
Today I got reply from for my email. These people had just sent the status mentioned in Interestingly I already mentioned about this status in my email itself. So, it seems these people are just sending standard reply even without reading the email message.

Updates on July 09th 2012
Status is updated as "Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office"

Updates on July 11th 2012
Today Police Verification is done.

Updates on July 13th 2012
Status is updated with below details.

Passport application has been granted to applicant on 13/07/2012. Your application is under processing. You would receive an email/sms once the passport is dispatched.

Updates on July 17th 2012

Today I received my Passport. Thanks for the people who helped me to get the passport.
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