Thursday, December 19, 2013

Flying Lion: Buffalo Launches Predator Into The Air

THIS lion was flipped five metres into the air by a buffalo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. The buffalo bull was conducting a daring rescue mission in a bid to save his friend from certain death. Two young lions had been silently stalking the buffalo for about 45 minutes when one finally made its move. But the predator was so focused on bringing down his prey that it left itself open to a surprise attack. The astonishing images were captured by Ian Matheson, 52, during an early morning game drive with his son Oliver, 16, and two of Oliver's friends in the Mjejane Reserve on the border of the Kruger Park. Amazingly all of the animals walked away from the encounter with no major injuries, except perhaps some bruised egos on the lion's part.
[source: Barcroft TV]

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Amazing Robots and Drones....

The below Video shows NASA's 6 foot Super hero Robot which is named as "Valkrie"

A team of engineers at NASA's Johnson Space Center built this robot.It has 44 degrees of freedom. It can be used for Mars Exploration in future.

The robot was developed for the DARPA Robotics Challenge which will start in few days.

Its sensors include sonar and LIDAR, as well as head, arm, abdomen, and leg cameras so operators can see whatever the robot is doing from multiple viewpoints.

3D printing Technology is growing very fast upto the level of printing a building itself. A professor is working on technology named as Contour Crafting which can print an entire 2,500 sqft house in 20 hours.

Using the Contour Crafting (CC) developed by Behrokh Khoshnevis , a single house or a colony of houses, each with possibly a different design, may be automatically constructed in a single run, embedded in each house all the conduits for electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning.

The below video shows amazing Speech and Dance of NAO Humanoid Robot.

The below video shows demo of Amazon's Package delivery Drone Prime Air

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jingle Bells Lyrics and Various Jingble Bells Videos

Millions of people are searching for the famous Christmas Song "Jingle Bells" during the Christmas  Holiday season.

Thousands of Videos are available in YouTube to show Jingle Bells Song and Music in interesting ways.  Hundreds of  videos are available to show the Lyrics of the Jingle Bells Song. But I haven't found any video which provides the combination of Good Jingle Bells Music as well as Jingle Bells Lyrics.

So, we have created this video to allow the users to view the Jingle Bells Song Lyrics while hearing the amazing Jingle Bells music created by Kevin Macleod (

If you are having website/blog, you may embed this video in your site as it will bring good traffic to your website in this Christmas season.

Jingle Bells Song was written by James Lord Pierpont (1822--1893) and published under the title "One Horse Open Sleigh" in the autumn of 1857.

Read below the Lyrics of the famous Jingle Bells Song.

 Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh,
Over the fields we go, laughing all the way.
Bells on bob-tails ring, making spirits bright,
What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

A day or two ago, I thought I'd take a ride
And soon Miss Fanny Bright, was seated by my side;
The horse was lean and lank, misfortune seemed his lot;
He got into a drifted bank and we got upsot

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

A day or two ago, the story I must tell
I went out on the snow, and on my back I fell;
A gent was riding by, in a one-horse open sleigh
He laughed as there I sprawling lie but quickly drove away

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

Now the ground is white, go it while you're young
Take the girls tonight, and sing this sleighing song;
Just get a bob-tailed bay, two-forty as his speed
Hitch him to an open sleigh and crack! you'll take the lead

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

And, you can watch below  some funny versions of the Jingle Bells Song.

Let me know if you come across any other interesting Jingle Bells video so that I can include it into this list.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why some start-ups fail?

I have created this video for promoting our Timesheet. In this video, I am listing some reasons for the failure of many start-ups.

Do you know any other reason? you can share your thoughts thro' the YouTube comment section of the video.

Even though the purpose of this video is to promote our Timesheet script, watching this video will really help the Entrepreneurs to save from facing failures. Because I had done lot of analysis to bring up with this video which lists the common reasons for the start-up failures. They can easily avoid failure by taking care of the discussed things.

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Innovative Christmas Trees

Watch the below video showing various Christmas Trees such as Origami Christmas Tree, Wooden Christmas Tree, Ladder Christmas Tree, Shelf Christmas Tree, Upside Down Christmas Tree, Library Christmas Tree, PAC-Man Christmas Tree, Plywood Eco Christmas Tree, Christmas hearts, Ribbon trees decorated with scallops of golden christmas ornaments, Felt Christmas trees, Christmas tree cupcakes, Book Tree, etc.

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45 Life Lessons - An inspirational Video

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Free printable Motivational Calendar 2014 and Custom eCards for Christmas and New Year 2014

Are you looking for Printable Calendars for the year 2014? You can freely use our Motivational Calendar web application at

You can insert your own company name, website name or your name while creating the motivational Calendar.

You can check these Motivational Calendars  ( For India   For U.S) that are created from this Calendar application.

If you are running a website or blog, it is great opportunity for you to advertise your website. i-e You can create Motivational Calendar by specifying your website name, and you can allow your website visitors to download those motivational calendars. If your visitors are downloading and printing your calendar, your web site name will be spreading easily.

And, you can prepare custom Christmas Greetings Cards and New Year Greetings Cards from our eCards application.

 Contact me ( if you find any difficulty in using these applications.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Highlights of the Motivational Website TheQuotes.Net

We have started our Motivational Quotes Website  two years back. It is growing steadily. Few days back Bing/Yahoo's adNework contacted me for adding their ads to website. Usually they will allow showing their ads only in High quality and High traffic websites. I am happy to know that they are showing interest to show their ads in our website. I accepted their offer as our current adnetwork Google AdSense is paying less irrespective of the fact that most of the visitors to this site are from united states. I agree that Google Adsense is the best adnework. But I thought will be more suitable for So, I started showing ads in addition to the existing AdSense ads. Let me know if you see any irrelevant ads in

I am planning to add more quality content to to make use of this opportunity from Contact me ( if you want to write Guest post for Read the Guest post guidelines here. And, find below the things that are already done for this site. Apart from these things I am having lot of plans which will be implemented step by step in future. So, your Guest post will give good exposure to showcase your writing skills or motivational speech skills.

  • Added custom code to wordpress site to manage add/modify/delete of Authors, topics, Text quotes and Images quotes.
  •  Added around 340 Image quotes in the 2 years time period.
  •  Created Facebook application with lot of features. We have created and added around 550 Facebook Cover images.
  • Right now it is having around 70 users according to this facebook appn. page report. It will start increasing quickly as it is kind of viral approach.
  •  Created "Quote of the Day" daily news letter. It will automatically send the Image quotes daily to the subscribers. Daily 3 or 4 people are subscribing for this one.
  • Created a twitter application which will automatically tweet motivational quotes with link to Just do a search for "" in Twitter to know the impact of this application.
  • Published a Book about and made the kindle version available for free 3 or 4 times to spread the site name.
  • Created Quotes Gallery.
  • Added more than 200 blog posts to the site and submitted them to lot of social media sites. If we search in Google we can see more than 38K results. It indicates our promotion efforts.
  • Created the main part of the site mobile-friendly (still some parts need to be made as mobile-friendly)
  • Created many social media pages for promoting it. Actively getting members for these pages. Find below some of the pages. 
                   (1900+ Fans)
  • Created Facebook application which can automatically post Motivational Quotes images to Facebook Fan pages at preset time interval.
  • Created custom greetings cards sending application.
  • Created an application for generating Motivational Calendar.
  • Created lot of motivational quotes videos and spreading the site name thro' our youtube channel.
  • Created entire site SEO friendly. And, Google Page rank of home page is PR3. And, the home page got more than 5K Facebook "likes"
So,  your time spent for writing Guest post for this site will give good exposure to you.

And, if you are doing any business related to Motivational Quotes (e.g custom t-shirts, Quotes printing, Quotes photo frame, Motivational Speech, Motivational Book etc) you can advertise your business on either thro' Google Adwords or thro'

And, I welcome your suggestions to improve further.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Closing one of our Offices located at Chennai.

Around 5 years back, we have started our company "QualityPoint Technologies" at Chennai, India.
After 1 year from starting our Chennai Office, we have  started our office in another location at Ottapidaram, tuticorin District.

During the past 5 years time period, we had seen lot of growth in terms of getting customers for our web development services, and we had started many successful web portals like TheQuotes.Net and And, we had improved our products (e.g Timesheet, SERP checker) in  various releases. And, we could successfully develop the challenging automatic Resume submission Software which is having huge earning potential. All our Social media profiles are getting good exposure. For example, @MedicalFeed got more than 6K active followers. My linkedin profile got around 4K connections. Our Disscussion Forum and bookmarking applications are also getting good number of active members. Initially we had to depend on few freelance sites for getting work. On those days, we had to do lot of hard work to earn few bucks irrespective of time spent for completing the project.  But, now we have many long time customers who are willing to make good hourly payment. And our Books are becoming best sellers in Amazon. Our YouTube Channel and Feedburner feeds are getting lot of Subscribers.

In summary, we had achieved lot of success in developing our company within this 5 years time period.

But, I find a huge imbalance between the revenue generated from our Chennai Office and  the revenue generated from our Ottapidaram Office. i-e Output from Chennai Office is very low comparing to the output from Ottapidaram Office irrespective of the fact that we had many sincere and harworking employees in our Chennai Office.

 And, I had to spend lot of my time for recruiting employees for our Chennai Office. Because attrition rate is high there. And, most of the selected candidates will not join  as I explained here. Again, I need to spend lot of time for recruitment. But this kind of problem is rare in our Ottapidaram office.  The root cause for this difference is, the mind set or attitude of the people who prefer to join Chennai Office. Many people who are living around Ottapidaram, Tuticorin district also prefer to join Chennai Office. Obviously their attitude is, taking our offer as a way for entering into any corporates which asks some work experience. So, they believe staying in Chennai is important for achieving their Goal. But people who are willing to join our Ottapidaram Office really believe that they can grow with us. It helps them to focus on the work.  And, I can easily train the new recruits in our Ottapidaram Office as I used to stay in Ottapidaram which is my native place.

So I came to the conclusion that  running Chennai Office at this time will not help to reach our vision of becoming Global Technical Leader. And therefore, I have decided to close our Chennai Office.

I believe this decision will help me to save lot of time which can be effectively used  to develop our company further. And, I can run our company more effectively so that customers can get good service at affordable price.

I will continue taking actions that are necessary for achieving our vision while keeping our Values.

For those who are not able to understand the difference between Chennai and Ottapidaram,

Chennai is a city where lot of IT companies are located. i-e  people who stay in Chennai can get lot of opportunity to attend interview in IT companies for getting job with better salary.

Ottapidaram is a village where there is no other IT company available other than ours. Ottapidaram is having its own challenges like power-cut and poor ISP service. (Few days back, BSNL broadband  outage happened for 4 consecutive days. It will never happen in Chennai even for few hours). But comparing to the Employees issue, they are easily manageable. (For example, I can get alternate/backup ISP, use inverter/battery to manage power-cut )

I will be opening our office in Chennai again in 2 or 3 years once after we reach a position which enable us to compete with the corporates to attract/retain good talents with us. I am sure that it will happen soon as per the current growth potential of our company.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Focusing on selling Software Testing eBook again.

Few years back, I had written an eBook "Software Testing and QTP Automation" for sharing my knowledge about Software Testing especially Test Automation using QTP (Quick Test Professional)

 I sold this eBook thro' our website, and it was selling good. So, I had decided to publish it thro Amazon kindle. Few months back I had published the Print edition also.

After start selling this Book thro' Amazon,  I haven't focused much on selling eBook from our website.

Few days back I have noticed the below review comments from the Buyer who bought this Book from Amazon UK site.

The terminology used by the author is very simple and easy to understand. The book contains screen shots of the steps, not many though. Only downside is it took ages to get it delivered but it was worth the wait.

From this review comments, I came to know that Amazon is taking more time to deliver the Book. And, I have noticed that "Used" book price is more than the "New" book price because of increasing demand for this Book.

 So, I have decided to focus more on selling eBook version of this Book. And therefore, I have created a sales page at our for selling the eBook.

You can buy this eBook from here.

I have announced a Offer price for boosting the eBook Sales. This Offer will be available for few days only. I am planning to start running PPC campaigns for promoting this eBook  in few days. I may increase the eBook price to cover the ads charges. So, if you want to utilize this Offer price, buy this eBook today itself.

And, still you can freely read this Book content from

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Earn Money by starting your own Resume Submission Business

I am writing this post to inform about Rare Opportunity for starting your own profitable online Business by doing very little investment.

Recently we have started a Resume Submission Service at You can download the Business Plan here. Actually I have created this Business Plan to get investment from Angel Investors. But I find out an excellent Business Model to earn money from our Resume Submission Software without sharing the profit with Angels.

Let me explain in detail.

Thousands of Job Sites are available now. So, the candidate has to spend lot of time to enter his Resume details in many job sites so that his resume will get maximum visibility from Employers.

We came up with a Software which will automatically do this Job so that the Candidates can save lot of time.
Since this software helps the candidates to save lot of time, they will be happy to pay some money to use this Software.

We are working hard to create this software for more than 4 years. Developing this kind of Software is really challenging task, the competition is very very low. But the Job Market is huge Market. According to Comscore report, more than 60 Million people are actively seeking Job in U.S every Month.

So, I came to the conclusion that selling our Software at lower price will not create any competition to our own resume submission service available at Now, I am trying to be the Resume Submission Software Supplier than spending our time in marketing our services.

Few years back also I had taken initiative of selling our Resume Submission Software to few people (e.g,,, etc. )at lower price by hoping that we can earn money from giving updates and by doing any other custom changes. But no one contacted us. It seems they are not actively using them.

So, this time I came up with detailed plans for making this Business more successful for everyone involved in this Business Model.

i-e I am going to sell our Resume Submission Software (php script/mysql db) with Source Code at very low price again. i-e $400 USD (Rs. 20,000 for the Buyers in India).

As Introductory Offer, I am planning to give it just for $100 USD  $150  for few days. ( I will stop this offer at anytime if I get significant number of sales). I had spent more than $4,000 USD in the past 4 years to create this Software. But you are going to get the same Software with Source Code, just for $150. (But You should NOT resell it. Anyway, you can use it for processing any number of Resumes.)

And, if possible, I will be giving regular updates at reasonable additional price.

Contact me ( if you are interested in using this opportunity.

And, you can see the demo by following below steps.
1. Enter  the Resume details in the demo page.

2. Next you are having two options
  2.1 - If you want to use actual resume and email, you can continue the payment step. (It will cost $6 USD if you use the promocode "AutoResumePost")
  2.2 - If you want to test with dummy email and  sample resume, you need not do the payment step. We will update the status as "paid" manually
4. After completing resume creation/payment, you can login as Admin and see/do the resume submission process.
5. You can login into customer area to see the report and test auto login feature.
6. We will reset the demo admin password in few hours so that someone else can do/see the demo.

Note that this Business involves lot of hard work and dedication. Jobsites will be changing continuously and we need to do some manual steps while running this Software. So, contact me only if you are serious about this Business. If you want any passive income, this business is NOT suitable for you, you may check this one.

If you want, I can give training about how to develop this kind of Software so that you can maintain/update this Software by yourself in future. I will charge only $8 per hour.

And, you will be wondering about why I am giving  this Software this much low price while I had spent lot of Money/Effort for creating it in the past 4 years.

Let me explain my plan in detail. The very first thing is, I can start getting money immediately by selling many copies of this software instead of spending money in PPC campaigns to get individual orders. And, lot of Job boards and Resume Creating Agencies will start using it as the price of this Software is very less and they are already having significant target customers. So, huge number of Resumes will be processed thro'  our software. I can further earn money by getting payment for adding any new job site. And, I will be adding our own job board also in future to get one copy of resume processed by all our Software buyers. So, again I can earn money by allowing Employers to view all the Resumes available in our own Job Site.

Right now I am not seeing any competition for selling Resume Submission Software Because of the complexity, difficulties and challenges involved in this kind of project, I am not expecting any competition in future also. So, my plan will work out surely.

So, there is no hidden cost/agenda in this low price sales. It is just win-win approach. Anyway we have less number of Employees only. So, we can not support large number of software buyers immediately. So, I will be ending this Offer price at any time.

Let me know if you have any other questions. And, if you don't want to buy/maintain the software, but still want to earn money from doing Resume submission using this Software, we have Bulk order Plans for you. Contact me to know more details.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selling our Timesheet Software with Special Discount offer for Entrepreneurs in India.

We had started developing our Timesheet Software around 4 years back. And, we are selling it as product to the people interested in getting their own Timesheet software instead of paying money monthly or yearly to some third-party hosted timesheets.

We had done lot of custom changes to many of our timesheet customers.
And, recently I had decided to sell this timesheet software by running Google AdWords Campaigns.

After starting the Adword campaign, I came to know that the cost for getting customer for Timesheet in India is very less comparing to getting customer from U.S or U.K.

So, I had decided to give special Discount to the India customers. And, India Customers can buy our Timesheet Software by making payment to my bank account in India. It will further save the paypal fees. Therefore I had decided to sell this Timesheet Software for Rs.3,000 to our India customers. Note that this is limited time offer only. I will close this offer at any time.

You can get more details at

Let me know if you need any other details about this offer. Note that you can get this timesheet software with Source code, and it supports managing timesheet for multiple companies. Therefore you can start your own hosted timesheet business just by investing Rs. 3,000 one time.

Remember to Share this message to fellow Entrepreneurs so that they can make use of this rare opportunity.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Google Adwords for Beginners [Infographics]

Few years back I had tried using Google AdWords for promoting our products especially our Timesheet.

But I stopped running AdWords campaigns as the money got from timesheet sales was much more lower that the money spent for running the Adword campaigns.

Recently I am getting very low adsense income from Google. I always try to find the opportunity in any negative situation. Similarly, lower adsense income made me to think about running the adWords campaigns again. i-e I assume that I can get good traffic/conversion by spending less on AdWords. My assumption will be wrong if the reduction in Google AdSense is driven by Google's greediness of taking majore share from Adsense income. I believe that Google won't be greedy, therefore I had decided that it is the right time for running adWords campaigns again.

So, Today I have started running the Google Adwords again. This time, I am planning to run the PPC campaigns by applying the lessons learnt from my previous campaigns.

And, I am trying to study more tips for running Google Adwords effectively. While searching for Adwords tips I got a chance to see this infographics. It seems this infographics is very useful for running adwords. So, I am sharing it with my blog readers also.

28 Tips For AdWords Beginners – An infographic by the team at AdWords Blog

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bounce Rate improvement for TheQuotes.Net

 Our Motivational Quotes site TheQuotes.Net  is getting good response from visitors. The visitors are sharing the motivational articles and pictures with their friends thro' social media, and they have started using the Facebook Covers available in And, home page of this site got more than 3.6K Facebook "Likes" while writing this post.
But this site is still not getting traffic from search engines especially from Google. I had done lot of on-page optimization for this site. But still no improvement.

One reason may the poor Bounce Rate for this site.  Previously it was not optimized for mobile devices. But lot of people were visiting this site from their mobile devices. This may be the reason for the poor Bounce Rate. So, few days ago I had made it mobile friendly. But it didn't help to improve the Bounce Rate much. So, I had taken few more steps for improving the Bounce Rate. I had added "previous" and "next" buttons in articles and facebook cover page by hoping that it will help to improve the bounce rate for this site. Let us see whether it will improve the Bounce Rate.

And, I would like to know whether improving Bounce Rate will really help to get search traffic. I am curious to know how actually search engines find the the Bounce rate of any site. I heard that Google won't use Google analytic data for its search engine as it is not permitted by regularity.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Looking for Freshers to join as "Software Engineer - Trainee" at our Chennai Office

Currently we are looking for hiring Freshers as  "Software Engineer - Trainee" at our Chennai Office.

If you are good at writing articles and interested to become a web developer, this will be the appropriate opportunity for you.

We are searching for Hard working person who can work effectively in a Team and Good in communication.

Job location is Cheanni.

If you are interested, you  need to apply for the job at

Once after filling the form, you will be getting an applicant id.
Call us for scheduling interview for you. And, remember to inform your applicant id while making the call.

Initially, the selected candidates will be trained to work as SEO executive to promote our products and websites in Search Engines and Social Media. If they are having good web development skills they will be given opportunity to work in web development projects (php/mysql)  also.

The candidate should have First class Degree in B.E/MCA/MS(IT)/BSC-computer science.

 It is for the Hard working and Sincere persons, others just ignore this post.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Google Authorship is NOT working for my Google plus profile.

I had activated the Google Authorship System many months back by following the required steps  such as verifying email, adding profile picture to Google plus profile, adding Authroship markup to our sites and allowing Google plus profile to appear in Search Results.

I could successfully see my Google plus profile picture in the Search Results when I tested from Google Web master tools.

But till today, my Google plus profile picture is NOT appearing in  the Search results. i-e Google Authorship is NOT working for me.

I did some Google search about this problem, and many people suggested to change the Google plus profile picture.

So, today I had changed my Google Plus profile picture. Let us wait for few days to see whether this new profile picture fixes  the problem.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cleaned out old unread emails from my Gmail.

Till today afternoon my Gmail Inbox was having thousands of unread emails. I wanted to delete all those unread emails. But I didn't find any option to choose all the unread emails in Gmail. So, I thought of keeping those unread emails. But after doing some Google search I came to know that we can do it easily by following few steps as specified here.

By following those steps, I had deleted all the "unread emails" from Inbox while keeping the "read mails" in archive so that they are available for search.  I believe these few minutes spent for cleaning out the Inbox will help me to save lot of time daily while reading emails.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

TheQuotes.Net is becoming Mobile Friendly site....

 Few months back I had published a post talking about various approaches for making our Motivational Website mobile friendly.

The mobile users percentage for this motivational site reaches 30.  So, I had decided to take immediate steps to make mobile-friendly.

I installed wptouch wordpress plug-in so that mobile users will see the page optimized for the mobile devices, while the desktop users continue to see the current design.

I had faced some issues while making it working for the php-code embedded pages. Initially I thought it is due to the messup between wptouch and php-exec as suggested by many forum posts. Anyway, finally I found the actual problem, and solved it by including custom scripts separately for the wptouch plugin.

 Now, I hope that will load quickly in mobile devices and it will be more convenient to read on mobile displays.

Let me know if you face any difficulty in seeing in your mobile devices.
And, note that only the worpress blog part of the site is made to mobile-friendly. I plan to make the other parts like, quotes gallery, faecebook covers, greetings, quotes of the day, etc mobile friendly in future. Mostly I plan to use Twitter bootstrap responsive design for those modules.

And, I am looking for any website which simulate various mobile devices so that I can test it easily. I evaluated few sites, but they are not much useful. Let me know if you know any useful mobile testing website.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Improvements in our pricing policy

Past few days I had done detailed analysis/study about our web development company "QualityPoint Technologies". I did this study from various perspectives like Employees, projects, technologies, clients, HR, pricing approach, marketing plans, own products,... etc.

First of all, I would like to say my "Thanks" to all our customers. Because of the support from our customers we are able to successfully run QualityPoint Technologies 5th year with lot of progress.

Though we had good progress in terms of gaining customers, developing products, launching our own web portals, I still find lot of opportunity in improving our company further. I feel the progress is very slow though it is growing steadily.

I had come up with two important things that need to be improved lot. One is, significant improvements in Employees hiring/training/firing process. I will write separate detailed blog post about it later once after I start implementing it successfully.

The second important thing is, improvement in pricing policy. I will explain about it in detail in this blog post.

In the past 5 years, we had done more than 180 projects for our customers. Apart from these projects we had done small customization works for many of our Timesheet script buyers and SEO Tools buyers.

I understand that I had to quote very less in the beginning so that we can start getting projects. But now I realize that quoting low price is the major cause for the slow growth rate.

Let me explain about it in detail.

- Low price attracts the people who are not having any proper plans for their projects.
- Because of Low price quoting, I find difficulties in retaining the talented employees.
- Customers are NOT valuing our Team's work/time, as they have to pay only very low price. It ultimately breaks the project success.
- The customers who spend less in project development, are not spending any money for promoting their product. Because of this reason, our hard work and skills are NOT getting enough attention. For example, 5 years back, when I start this company we did a project exactly similar to pinterest. Note that pinterest was NOT there at that time. Cloning pinterest is very simple now. But at that time, we had to do lot of hard work to successfully complete the project. We charged less then hundred dollars  for completing the entire project. But the client didn't take steps for promoting it. Pinterest which came after few years get lot of exposure. So, obviously working with low-budget clients didn't give any benefit for us.

So, I had decided to charge our clients at appropriate price instead of blindly charging low price.

Anyway, I respect the value for the money paid by our customers. So, I am NOT going to price very high. And, I will take all the necessary steps to give most valuable work for the each hour of work.

After doing some market study and evaluating our work, I came up with appropriate price of $8 USD per hour of work. Still this price is very less comparing to the many other companies.

I will be charging $8 USD per hour of work starting from July 1st, 2013. Till end of this month our existing customers and people who have already requested for pricing, can pay the current price.

And, we had taken lot of efforts to improve the development strategy and processes so as to improve the speed and quality of development. And, we had come up with lot of script libraries to improve the development speed further.

Apart from doing web development, we do Software testing , SEO/SEM/Social Media promotion/virtual assistance also. The same price is applicable for them also.

I had informed our existing customers about this price change thro' email.

Please note that $8 per hour is applicable for our Team members only. If you want me to work specifically in any complex testing tasks or for any discussion/analysis, I will charge $15 per hour. And, I can spend only 2 or 3 hours per day. Anyway as usual, I will be spending my time without any charge for guiding our team, review their work, help them to understand requirements properly, help them to communicate better, motivate them to work properly, teach them about data security and privacy, remind them to take data backup regularly, and give any technical assistance.

And, recently we had developed few Twitter/Facebook Apps, and newsletter for our own motivational web site If you want similar scripts, We will be able to develop them with minimum efforts, and therefore minimum cost for you.

Personally, I have around 15 years of experience in IT, and past 5 years I am trying out various aspects of online businesses and gathered valuable knowledge about which will work out and which will not work out. I will not hesitate to share this knowledge with my customers, as I strongly believe that we can achieve success ONLY if our customers get success.

So, I am sure that our customers will be giving their support continuously irrespective of this price change.

Anyway, I prefer to focus more on developing/promoting our own products/websites than working on low-paying customers projects. Actually I have tested it in past few months. It is more profitable than working for low-paying customers. In this case, I welcome the investors for investing in our websites.

If you have any questions contact me at

And, you can read my previous post to know the benefits of our web development.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Facebook Application and Twitter application for getting more Traffic

We have developed a Twitter Application and Facebook Application few months back for our motivational website

These applications are bringing significant number of visitors to our website, and it greatly helps for branding our site. Today one of the users of these applications asked me about how to include his website name in the updates sent from these applications.

So, I thought of selling these applications to the interested people so that they can include their website URL in the updates.

Contact me ( ) if you are interested to buy these applications or want to us to develop any custom applications according to your own requirements.

And, you can read my previous post to know the benefits of our web development.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

FREE Motivational Kindle Book offer for the Father's Day.

Fathers's Day  will be getting celebrated in coming Sunday, 16th June 2013 in most of the Countries.

We can find lot of Discounts and FREE offers for the Father's Day for various products.

We are also providing FREE offer for this year Father's Day.

i-e You can get the kindle version of  our Motivational Book for FREE on Frinday and Saturday. (i-e 14th and 15th June, 2013).

Just visit this Amazon link on these two days (PST timing) to get it freely.

And, you can see huge collection of Father's Day Quotes here, and set your Facebook Timeline Cover by choosing Father's Day related images here.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twitter retires REST API v1. We should use API v1.1 in our Twitter applications.

Twitter had announced that REST API v1 will not be available now. And, Twitter has asked the Developers to migrate to API v1.1.

Read below the blog post from Twitter about the retirement of API v1.

Today, we are retiring API v1 and fully transitioning to API v1.1. Given the array of blackout tests, blog posts, Tweets and other updates, this should (hopefully) not be a surprise. Before I get into the slew of resources available for you, let me first say thank you for your cooperation over the last several months.
Based on the blackout tests and looking at the numbers, we can see that the vast majority of applications have transitioned to API v1.1. If you still have not updated your app and you want people to be able to continue using it, it’s not too late! Documentation is available here.
Additionally, here are other resources that we’ve pulled together to help make this transition more smooth:
We’re excited to bring this process to a close and to continue building a strong platform & ecosystem on API v1.1 and to make it even more valuable for you.

If you  are still using the old API, you will get below error message.

“The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.”

And, if the changes are not done properly, then you will get below error message.

 Bad Authentication data [code] => 215 
If you are using as "statuses/mentions" in old version,  you need to use as "statuses/mentions_timeline".

The major differences between API v1.0 and v1.1:
  1. API v1.1 is SSL only.
  2. JSON is now the only available data format — XML, RSS and ATOM have been retired.
  3. All requests must be authenticated via OAuth.
We had to make significant changes to make it work with the new API. We are having Good experience in Twitter application development. (E.g Auto Quotes Tweets)

So, you can contact me ( if you want our Team to fix your twitter application for a reasonable charge.

We can do any kind of web development(php/myslq/html/jquery/ajax) for affordable price.
Personally, I have around 15 years of experience in IT. And, I am running QualityPoint Technologies for more than 5 years.

So, our Team can do any custom script development effectively in a professional way.

And, If you are interested in our software testing service, refer this post  for more details.

I came to know that lot of people are having some good online business ideas and they have enough resources for marketing also. But they hesitate to start their business as they were thinking that web development cost will be more. But the fact is, we can get lot of free open source scripts available online and they can be made suitable for our needs  by doing some code changes. So our custom web development services will be suitable for
these kind of people who want to start their own online business. You may  refer our script development service to your friends who will be interested to start their own profitable business.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Difficulties in sending message to all the LinkedIn connections

I am running a Motivational Site TheQuotes.Net by providing various Apps and content that are useful for the people to keep their thoughts positive. So, I just wanted to do some analysis about the power of subconscious mind. And therefore, I added a poll to get the details about the people's response for this small riddle which is related to subconscious mind.

After adding this poll, I thought of sending message to all my LinkedIn connections for asking them to read the riddle and give their response.

But Linkedin is limiting the number of recipients to 50. Since I have more than 3.5K connections, I had to send the message in multiple batches. And, I had to choose the connections one bye one. It seems "check all" will work only if the list of connections is within 50.

It is taking more time to send the message by choosing 50 recipients multiple times. Because sometimes, the selected recipients are not getting loaded properly. I had to add those 50 recipients again by clicking 50 check-boxes one by one manually.

I understand that LinkedIn is imposing these limitations to prevent spam messages. But I feel that Linkedin can improve this process further so that genuine messages can be sent to all linkedin connections easily while still preventing spam messages.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Search Motivational Quotes by speaking to TheQuotes.Net

Now, we can search the Motivational Quotes and inspiration articles in TheQuotes.Net just by speaking the search words instead of typing them in the text box.

But right now it will work in Chrome browser ONLY.

Load the Motivational website "TheQuotes.Net"  in Google Chrome Browser. And, then click the Microphone Icon available inside the Search Box which is placed at top right corner of the page.

Now you can speak the search word. For example, if you want to search "abdul kalam quotes", just say "abdul kalam quotes" in your mic. And, then click the search quotes button or hit Enter.

Now you will find the search results for "abdul Kalam quotes".

You can add this voice-recognition feature easily to your website also. You need to add the word "x-webkit-speech" in the input tag of your search box .

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Video for Introducing TheQuotes.Net

Few years back, we have started our Motivational Quotes sites by adding Motivational Quotes Collection. Now, this site has developed in various ways. And, it is becoming popular in Social Media in past few days.  Few motivational Speakers are showing interest to write for this site. But it seems they are not knowing the full potential of this site. So, I came up with this Video explaining various parts of this site.

 And, we are planning to add few more features in coming days.

Read the Guest post guidelines here.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

LinkedIn Ads Vs. Google AdWords

For long time we are selling our Timesheet script for $60 ONLY, though the other similar scripts are selling for multiple times of this price. So, I have decided to increase the price from end of the June month. i-e The $60 Offer price will be available till the end of June only. And, I had decided to advertise this Offer sales to the LinkedIn users using Linked Ads.

I am using LinkedIn Ads first time. I have noticed that the LinkedIn ads are varying from Google AdWords in various ways. It requires an activation fees to activate the LinkedIn ads accounts.
Once after activating the account, we can add the Campaigns and ads variations. LinkedIn allows one picture in the ads. But the size should be 50 x 50  only. But Google adWords allow various sizes.

We can choose the Target people by choosing various things such as countries. Even we can choose specific LinkedIn Groups. And, it has an option to get the contact details of the people who clicked the ad so that we can follow up them. All these things look great. But personally I didn't get any leads. (i-e the Ad viewers didn't opt-in for getting contacted).

In brief I feel Google AdWords looks better than LinkedIn Ads, though it has the great potential to be better than Google Adwords.

I am not sure that why LinkedIn Ads didn't work for me. Have you used LinkedIn Ads previously? Do you prefer to run LinkedIn Ads than Google Adwords? Share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Released "Quote of The Day" feature in our Motivational Website

We are taking lot of steps to improve our Motivational Quotes Website
Recently we had added Facebook Cover application and released a Book "Motivation from"

And, our Team is working on adding lot of new Quotes and attractive Facebook Cover images.

Today, we have released "Quote of The Day" feature.

You can get attractive Motivational Image Quotes Daily in your Inbox by freely subscribe to the "Quote of The Day" Email Motivation.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

"Software Testing and QTP Automation" Book is available Now in CreateSpace and Amazon

Few years back I had published a Kindle Version of the Book "Software Testing and QTP Automation" here.

Amazon Sales Rank for this Kindle Book is improving steadily. So, I had decided to publish paperback version of this Book.

I used Amazon's CreateSpace for publishing the PRINT version of the Book. You can buy this Book from

I have created a Discount Code 8P2X9EWB for giving 50% Discount.

If you specify about this Book/Offer in your blog/site, forum posts, or any other social media posts, let me ( ) know the URL where you have specified about this Book/Offer. I will send you Special Discount Code which will give 75% Discount. i-e You will get this Book for $3 just by specifying about this Book in your blog or in your tweet or in your Facebook Status or in any other social media. Please note that I have planned to give this 75% Discount Code to ONLY 50 People. So act quickly to utilize this opportunity. Anyway, the 50% Discount will be applicable for any number of sales and it will be valid for at least one month time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

This Book covers below topics
* Importance of Software Testing
* Basics of Quality Assurance (QA) in Software Development
* Explains below Terms used in Software Testing.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Functional & Non-functional Testing
  • Testing methods (whitebox, blackbox and Greybox)
  • Testing levels (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System testing, Regression testing, Alpha Testing, Beta testing)
  • esting Artifacts (Test plan, Traceability matrix, Test suite, Test case)
  • Software Test life cycle
  • Bug Tracking
* Writing Good Test Cases and Finding Bugs effectively
* Tips and Tricks for doing AdHoc Testing
* Best practices in Software Testing
* Importance of Software Test Automation using tools such as QTP
* Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
* Software Test Automation tool evaluation
* The need for having development/programming knowledge for Software Testers
* Software Testing Questions and Answers
* Introduction to QTP
* How to Learn QTP?
* Understanding Object Repository
* Different Types of Object Repositories- Local and Shared
* Associating Repositories
* Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration
* Required Steps/Processes in QTP Automation
* Best Practices in QTP Automation
* Scheduling QTP Script Execution
* Basics of vbscript
* Links Useful for learning QTP
* KeyWord Driven Testing and Framework in QTP
* Descriptive Programming in QTP - Advantages and Disadvantages
* Tips for doing effective QTP script Development
* Recording Modes - Normal, Analog and Low level recording
* Run Mode- Update Run and Fast Run
* CheckPoints
* Data Tables - Global and Local Sheets
* QTP Result Window
* Recovery Scenario
* Synchronization Points
* Automation Object Model (AOM)
* Handling Passwords in QTP Scripts
* Managing Object Repositories in QTP
* Object Spy in QTP
* QTP methods and script for reading object properties
* Some Thoughts on QTP Interview
* QTP trial version installation.
* Wish list for the QTP future release
* QTP Questions and Answers

You can buy it from Amazon here.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Discount Code for getting the Motivational Book

Few days back, I had published Kindle version of our Motivational eBook.

Today, I had published the paperback version of this Motivational Book using Amazon's CreateSpace.

I had noticed that CreateSpace is allowing the Authors to create Discount Code for giving Discounts to the friends of the Author.

I had created one Discount Code for giving 40% Discount for this Motivational Book.

You can use this Discount code TZ6Q27KR at to buy the Book at Discounted Rate.

i-e You can buy the Book by paying $3 ONLY. (Yes, just Three Dollars for the Printed Book) (NOTE- You need to pay the shipping charges additionally)

And, feel free to share this Discount code with your friends. I am NOT much familiar with createspace discount codes. So, I am not sure when it will expire. Let me know if you find any difficulty in using this Discount code.

You can start using the below Discount code here.


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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The new amazon Kindle eBook "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net" is available for FREE NOW. (i-e On March 31st and April 1st)

The Amazon Kindle eBook "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net - Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated Positively" is available for FREE Today.

Get your free copy now as Easter Gift, and remember to share your review comments and feedback about this eBook.

Note that this FREE offer will end tomorrow. i-e It will be FREE on March 31st and April 1st ONLY. So, get it quickly and feel free to share about this Free offer to your friends who will be interested in getting Motivational eBook.

You can get this eBook Freely even if you don't have Kindle device. i-e You will be able to read this eBook from the web browser itself.

As specified in my previous post I had listed this eBook as "KDP Select". So, I will NOT be able to give this eBook as FREE on the days other than Free promotions allowed by Amazon. So, get this eBook today itself and remember to add your Ratings and Reviews.

Let me know if you find any difficulty in getting this eBook FREE.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Released a Kindle eBook "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net ". It will be available for FREE on March 31st and April 1st.

I have published a Kindle eBook "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net - Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated Positively ". You can buy it from here.

Many Great people like Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Brain Tracy and Norman Vincent Peale had already explained about the importance of positive thinking, and about the power of subconscious mind.

Most of the people know this fact, but still they find difficulty in staying positive at all times. They are looking for an appropriate way for keeping them positive at all the time. This eBook will be useful for them.

Zig Ziglar Says, “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing ; that's why we recommend it daily

So, it is important to read about motivational things daily to stay positive all the time so as to utilize the power of subconscious mind.

This eBook has huge collection of Famous Motivational Quotes that are collected carefully so as to give positive energy to the Readers.

Apart from Famous Motivational Quotes, it covers below topics also.

- Top 8 secrets for achieving Success
- Business motivational Quotes for Start-ups and aspiring Entrepreneurs.
- 40 Secrets for Happy life.
- Inspiring Bible Quotes
- Inspiring Quotes of Great people such as Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam and Steve Jobs.
- Motivational Quotes of famous people like Kahlil Gibran, Napoleon Hill, Confucius, Aristotle and Maya Angelou.

And, it includes some Pictures Quotes from TheQuotes.Net

I have included this eBook into "KDP Select" which allows me to give this eBook for FREE for any of 5 Days in 90 Days period. I am working on to utilize this option to give this eBook for Free to our subscribers, our Forum members, TheQuotes.Net Facebook Page members, TheQuotes.Net  Google Plus Community members and Twitter Followers.
I will be sending tweet once the Free period is activated. Follow me @rajamanickam_a  to get his update.


I had set the Amazon "KDP Select" free promotions on 31st March and 1st April. It will start at 12 a.m PST. i-e You can get this ebook for free in few hours. Remember to share your review about this ebook in Amazon. Let me know if you face any difficulty in getting it FREE on 31st March and 1st April.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New features of Facebook Cover Application and Auto Tweet App. in TheQuotes.Net

Click here to download Press Release for this update.

Few weeks back I had published a post about our Facebook Cover Application. I had written about our plans of adding new features to the Facebook Cover Application. And, I had collected some feedback from the users.

Now We have implemented many new features to the Facebook Cover application.

  • Now you can set the Cover to the Facebook Fan page / Business Page also, apart from setting it to your Facebook profile page. You need to click "Set to Facebook Fan Page" link under the Facebook cover image. If you own many Facebook Fan pages, you set the cover to the specific set of Fan pages by checking/un-checking the chekboxes.
  • And, you can schedule the Facebook covers for your Fan pages. Visit this page to activate the automatic change of Cover images for selected Facebook pages at the specified time interval. First time you need to allow the Facebook application to access your Facebook Fan pages  for changing the cover. i-e you need to accept few Facebook Dialog screens. This Facebook application will randomly choose one cover from here (except few covers that belong to Seasonal topic), and it will be posted at the specified time interval. You can change the time interval at any time, and if you want you can deactivate this feature for specific Fan pages. This Free feature will be more useful for keeping your Fan pages active so that you can get more "Likes".
  •  Now, You can automatically post Motivational Quotes images to your Facebook Fan pages at preset time interval. It will bring more Followers/Likes to your Facebook Page. Read more details here.
  • You can choose Random cover by clicking this
  • We can search the desired Facebook cover image by navigating Tags. For example, you can get Facebook Cover Images for Holi, and Easter, etc.
  • We can see Top 10 covers, and Recently used covers.
  • We have added a Search box to find the desired Facebook Cover image. Send your suggestions to me for improving the search feature further.
  • You can view this slide show to choose appropriate Facebook cover image. You can filter the images by choosing the Topics shown on left side. You can use "previous" and "next" buttons to navigate thro' various Facebook images. And, you can use the "Random" button to get randomly selected Facebook cover image. And, you can use the "Play" button for viewing all Facebook Cover images one by one till clicking "stop" button.

    Facebook Cover
  • Apart from the above Facebook Cover Application related changes, I have done  few corrections in our Quotes Gallery.
  • Our Auto Tweets  Twitter application is re-activated, and the process is simplified. You can start using it here. And, watch the below video to know about this twitter application. If you are existing user, you should have a received an email from me to get instructions for re-activating this application.

Our Team is working on adding lot of attractive Facebook Cover Images to our Facebook Application and adding lot of inspiring Quotes to TheQuotes.Net.

We are working on adding lot of new features to TheQuotes.Net. Visit this blog again after few days to know about them.

Click here to download Press Release for this update.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Grinding Away at Technological Innovations: It's All About the Money

This Article is a Guest Post.

How far do you think we could have advanced technologically if not for the power of the almighty dollar? Grant it, we have come a long way in the past 200 years. The human species has evolved from horseback transportation and muskets to Jaguar automobiles and laser guided rockets. However, how much further could our technology have carried us if not for the intervention of those driven by greed and power? It happens all the time and so much could have been spawned from ideas driven by those that were stifled in creation.

1. A Better Product - There have always been competition in the world of those who invent an item and those that improve upon it. Instead of seeking a more efficient method than the current item, many are drawn to the instant glitter of the lawsuit. What does this mean to the general populace? Tax payer money is wasted and no new innovations are created. Why not focus on your inferior product to beat out the competition and prove your innovations are superior? Because it is easier to launch a lawsuit. Thomas Edison launched a smear campaign against AC technologies hindering Nikola Tesla's innovative ideas of providing power to the masses instead of developing a better device and/or delivery system. Apple is famous for slanderous comments made about competitors especially when it comes to the cost of an operating system.

2. Reinventing the Wheel - I've heard this comment so often that it makes me sick. It means that why should one design a product that is tailored perfectly for their goals when other products exist on the market? What many of these people don't realize is that this "reinvention" of this so-called "wheel" is what drives a majority of the technological market currently. Can you remember the last time anything was truly invented by a company that didn't include products from other previous inventions? Apple didn't invent touchscreens, cordless phones, GPS, or chat servers that are found in your smartphone. They simply created a more efficient way to utilize these products simultaneously. But, they'll sue anyone trying to make a move in their turf. Isn't that called a monopoly? Even Smart TVs are only an adaptation of technologies already created.

3. Cost of Creation - Everyone wants to make a buck. The only reason why goods cost as much as they do is because everyone involved within its creation wants to make a dollar. Want a tablet with 1TB of storage capacity? Something like that would cost close to $1500 because Kingston wants to sell the memory for more than $1000. It's the same physical dimensions as the others with newer techniques that allow the chip to store more data. They want to maximize their profits. There's nothing wrong with capitalism. But it is responsible for our limited growth as a species. Since everyone needs money in order to survive in today's world, anyone involved in the development of any kind of innovative product requires a paycheck.

A new way of governing patents and lawsuits needs to be developed for today's world. Regulations and laws of the past are becoming obsolete one-by-one. Frivolous arguments are being perpetuated because someone can see the money in the situation. There was a time where inventions were a way to improve the species. Now, they are viewed more as a way to get rich and nothing more.
Author Bio:

Ken Myers is the founder of & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need, instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.

Read more Guest posts  here.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

How to add Facebook application to your Facebook Page Tab?

Today I have noticed that Facebook is NOT providing any option for adding our Facebook Application into Tab of our Facebook Fan page.

I came to know about below work around by doing a Google Search.

We can add Facebook App to our Fan page tab by calling below URL.

i-e I had use below URL for adding our "TheQuotes.Net Motivation" application to our Faceboook Fan Page.

If we have more than one Page, then it will show a drop down for choosing one Fan page from the List.

Let me know if you know any other way to do the same.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

We have launched initial version of Facebook Timeline Cover Application

Facebook had launched new Timeline Design one year back, and this new design is attracting lot of users.

The Timeline Design allows the Facebook users to set a Timeline Cover on their profile page.
If anyone visit a Facebook Profile, the first thing visible to him is "the Cover image". And, Facebook shows the cover image on mouse over of any profile from any place like Search results, friends list and status updates.

So, it is important to keep good images as profile cover. We can find lot of applications and websites for allowing the users to set their facebook profile cover. Each of them is having their own advantages and drawbacks.

I thought of coming up with a Facebook cover application which will provide advantages of all existing applications while removing drawbacks of them.  As Our previous Twitter application "Great Quotes Auto Tweets" is welcomed by many active social media users, I believe that our facebook application will also get good response.

So, we have taken an initiative to provide the Facebook Cover application at

Note that it is just an initial version. We will be updating it with new features soon.

You can choose your favorite cover, and you can easily add them to to your Facebook profile. First time you need to allow our App. in Facebook book permission Dialog which will appear once after choosing the cover.

We are planning to add huge number of attractive Facebook cover images on daily basis. And, planned to lot of new features (e.g Search, Tags, cover for Facebook pages, scheduling cover change for Facebook pages, etc.) soon after getting initial feedback from the users.

You can join this launching Event to share your thoughts and suggestion about this application. 

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