Sunday, April 4, 2021

Watch Latest Science and Technology News on my YouTube Channel

I am writing this post after many months. Currently I am using Community Tab to share my thoughts.

As specified in my previous post, I am switching my focus from software development to my YouTube channel.

If you are not familiar with my YouTube channel, watch the below video to know about it. In this video, I explained the importance of knowing about Emerging Technologies.

I am putting a lot of efforts to share the emerging technologies news almost daily on my channel. If you are interested to watch them, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and refer my channel to your friends who may be interested to watch it.

Let me know if you have created any blog post by embedding my videos. I will share your post link on my social media.

Find below some sample posts.

Scientists create 'reverse solar panel' that can generate electricity from SHADOWS

This Reusable Smart Sponge Can Clean up Oil Spills

15 Latest inventions in solar energy technology

Latest 20 battery inventions that can change the future

New Solar Cell Uses Both Light And Shade To Generate Power

Regrowth of Teeth: Researchers Find New Effective Treatment

How are Sensors used to Reduce Food Waste?

The role of artificial intelligence in vaccine distribution. 

Scientists Are Developing Glowing OLED Smart Tattoos

High-speed microscopy captures brain neuroactivities  

Top 10 Amazing Social Robots That Really Exist

10 New inventions in the field of Bionic Technology

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Please share your feedback and suggestions to improve my YouTube Channel further.

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