Monday, December 11, 2023

Affordable Customizations: Get the Perfect Timesheet for Your Needs

After a significant break, I've decided to refocus my efforts on web development. As part of this plan, I've also started selling our timesheet scripts. This means that anyone who purchases a script can now request custom modifications for affordable hourly rates.

Due to the suspension of my AdSense account, I've scaled back my time on AdSense-dependent activities like running a YouTube channel and websites. This frees up more time for me to focus on timesheet script sales and support.

I plan to use this time to develop a new version of our timesheet software. I've already explored various possibilities and will delve further into them before sharing updates on the new version's development. If you're a current user of our timesheet script, I encourage you to contact me with your suggestions.

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Started showing our own Ads using javascript on many of our websites

A few days ago, my Google Adsense account was disabled. I spent a significant amount of time exploring various alternative ad networks, but some didn't accept me, and the ad quality on those that did wasn't good enough. I didn't want to show my website viewers low-quality, potentially harmful ads. So, I decided to take control and show my own banner ads.

Initially, I looked for WordPress plugins to manage this, but couldn't find one that fit my needs. So, I rolled up my sleeves and wrote my own code to show the ads. This way, I can update ad images and links in one central location, and all my websites will automatically reflect the changes. It makes adding and removing ads a breeze!

Actually, I implemented a similar thing many years back when I was actively developing and promoting our products. That time it took a few hours to write that code. But this time I used ChatGPT and Bard to create the code within a minute. So, I need to test it properly.

I would like to know whether it is working properly on all browsers and devices. Let me know if you notice any issues with the ads which are being shown on this blog, and my other sites, TheQuotes.Net and Jone.Live

I'll keep exploring this approach and update you on how it goes. If it runs smoothly, I may not need any other ad networks, or I might keep both if they don't interfere with each other. But my long-term goal is to display banners from other businesses, once I've taken steps to boost traffic to my websites. Since I spent all my time and effort running my YouTube channel over the past many years, traffic to my websites has reduced. Now I am planning to focus on my website rather than my YouTube channel. After my AdSense account issue, I have various other options for my websites. But in the case of the YouTube channel, I don't have any other easy alternative. It made me decide that I need to give more priority to my own blog and website than my YouTube channel.

For my YouTube channel, I am planning to accept sponsored ads as I explained here.

If anyone wants me to do any kind of custom web development work, you can hire me based on affordable hourly charges.

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Announcing Special Discount offers for our India customers paying through Gpay/UPI

I have decided to offer special discounts on our products for the People in India who buy them using Gpay/UPI.

Find below the price in Rupees for our digital products.

Timesheet Software - $40 - Rs 800

Calendar Generator Script -$15 - Rs 300

Emerging tech ebook - $5 - Rs 50

Dream big  ebook - $3  - Rs 30

Usually, I sell our products through PayPal. However, my PayPal account is not supported in India. In the case of PayPal, our digital products will be delivered automatically. But in the case of Gpay, I need to do it manually. So, I hesitated to sell through Gpay. But now I have decided to spend significant time selling/delivering our products. Anyway, I will stop this offer if I find it very difficult to manage these manual sales. Make use of this offer before it ends and inform your friends also.

You can check our other products and services here.

I welcome your feedback about our products. I'd also like to explain another reason I hesitated to start this discount sale. Typically, low prices are associated with low quality. So, I was initially hesitant to offer this discount, even though it wouldn't affect me financially as these products are digital. Regardless, I've decided to go ahead with it because I believe it will benefit everyone, including myself, by helping us reach more people and build the QPT brand.

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Monday, November 27, 2023

Empower Your Business with Customizable Calendars: A Lucrative Opportunity for Website Owners

In my previous post, I mentioned our free custom calendar-creating web application. This post is to tell about the opportunity for buying this software/script so that you can also provide the calendar creation feature from your own website which can be effectively used for your business promotion.

In today's digital age, a strong online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. Website owners are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their target audience, enhance user experience, and drive traffic. One such opportunity lies in offering customizable calendars that allow visitors to create their own personalized schedules.

Unlocking the Power of Customized Calendars

Customized calendars offer a unique blend of functionality and personalization, making them a valuable addition to any website. Here's why businesses should consider incorporating customizable calendars into their online strategies:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Customizable calendars provide visitors with a convenient tool to organize their schedules, manage appointments, and track important dates. This enhanced user experience can lead to increased user engagement, longer browsing sessions, and a stronger positive brand perception.

  2. Brand Promotion and Marketing: Businesses can leverage customizable calendars as a powerful branding tool. By allowing visitors to personalize their calendars, businesses can increase brand visibility and awareness.

  3. Traffic Generation and Lead Capture: Customized calendars can serve as a valuable source of traffic and lead generation. By embedding shareable calendar links on social media platforms and websites, businesses can attract new visitors.

Seize the Opportunity: Software/Script for Sale

Recognizing the potential of customizable calendars, we are offering our robust software/script for sale at an affordable price. This comprehensive solution empowers website owners to integrate customizable calendars into their websites, unlocking a range of benefits.

It is developed using PHP and MySQL.

Embark on a Lucrative Venture

By investing in our software/script, website owners can not only enhance their online presence and user experience but also embark on a lucrative venture. By offering customizable calendars, businesses can attract new visitors, generate leads, promote their brand, and potentially generate additional revenue streams.

Join the Digital Revolution

The demand for personalized and engaging online experiences is on the rise. By incorporating customizable calendars into their websites, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, capture the attention of their target audience, and achieve their digital marketing goals. Buy this script software/script using the below Paypal button.

I am planning to sell it for $30 USD. But, right now you can buy it for just $15 USD as an introductory offer. In India, you can buy it for Rs. 300 through Gpay. Contact to get the Gpay details. But I will change this price at any time soon if I find it difficult to manage many sales.

Please note these things before buying this script.

- Refund is NOT applicable as we sell it with source code.

- As of now, this is a simple script, the admin section has only the image-uploading and thumbnail-generation features. If you want to do any other thing you need to do them through the backend only.

- The price is only for purchasing the script, not for support. Check my hourly charges here for doing any custom changes or for any kind of support. Anyway, I will send a clarification reply to any questions through email.

- It is not tested in various browsers. Anyway, I will be delivering the same script that is used on our website So, check it properly before buying the script.

$15 Only (Limited-time Introductory offer)

In India, you can buy it for Rs. 300 through Gpay. Contact to get the Gpay details.

After completing the PayPal payment, the script download link will appear, On that page you can find the steps that need to be followed for setting up the script. If you have any questions, you can ask me by sending an email to

If you like this, refer it to your friends also.

If you are in India, you can not use this PayPal button. In this case, contact me to pay Rs. 300 through Gpay to get this script. Though the script price is comparatively low if you pay through gpay, my hourly charge is the same irrespective of payment method.

Check out our other products and services here

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Create Your Own Customized Motivational Calendar 2024: A Free and Easy Tool for Branding and Promotion

In today's fast-paced world, staying organized is essential for success. Whether you're a busy professional, a student juggling multiple assignments, or a stay-at-home parent managing a household, having a clear overview of your schedule is crucial. That's why we're excited to introduce our free and easy-to-use web application that allows anyone to create their own personalized calendar. Though we released this Calendar Generating web application many years back, recently I updated it to include some new features based on the feedback from previous versions. And, I updated the application to include the Holidays list for U.S. and India for the year 2024. The key change in this new version is, that now we can manually choose the desired images using checkboxes. If you find any error or difficulty in using this app, let me know by sending an email to

Customize Your Calendar with Your Own Events and choice of Images

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to create a calendar that reflects your unique needs and preferences. Start by selecting 13 images from our extensive collection of motivational quotes images, or refresh the options if you're not satisfied with the initial choices. Then, add your own custom events, such as family birthdays, business meetings, or upcoming holidays. For added convenience, we've included pre-built holiday lists for both the U.S. and India.

Share and Print Your Calendar for Branding and Promotion

Once your calendar is complete, you can easily share it with others or print it for physical reference. Sharing your calendar is a great way to promote your business or organization, as it can serve as a valuable resource for your clients or customers. Additionally, printing your calendar allows you to keep your schedule close at hand, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go.

Free and Easy to Use – No Registration Required

Our web application is completely free to use and does not require any registration or login. This means you can start creating your customized calendar right away, without any hassle or commitment. We believe that everyone should have access to tools that can help them stay organized and achieve their goals.

Affordable Software/Script for Your Website

If you're interested in integrating our calendar functionality into your own website, we offer affordable software/script packages that allow you to do just that. This is a great opportunity to enhance your website's value and attract new visitors who are looking for a convenient and customizable calendar solution. For more details to buy the script/software, check this blog post.

Take Control of Your Schedule and Promote Your Business

With our easy-to-use web application, you can create a personalized calendar that helps you stay organized and on top of your schedule. Share your calendar with others, print it for physical reference, and use it as a tool to brand and promote your business. Get started today and experience the convenience of having your own customized calendar at your fingertips.

Apart from using it for personal and brand promotion, we can use it for general things too. For example, you can check this calendar created for listing world days for health awareness.

Apart from creating upcoming events, you can use this app to showcase your activities and achievements for completed days. For example, I created this calendar to show the activities of QPT in 2023.

If you face any difficulty in using this web app, let me know by sending an email to

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Released an eBook with title "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch"

 I have released an ebook titled "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch: A Simple and Effective Guide for Finding Happiness and Success in Your Life" 

It has 138 pages filled with positive thoughts and tips for leading a peaceful life. Right now I am selling it for just $3 from here.

Embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and empowerment with this ebook, "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch." This comprehensive guide is designed to be your companion on the path to happiness and success, offering a collection of insightful chapters that cover various aspects of life.

Starting with an invigorating Introduction, the book encourages you to dream big while emphasizing the importance of taking small, consistent steps towards your goals. Each chapter unfolds a unique facet of personal development, from the practical application of mindfulness and the healing power of hand mudras to experiencing the "Flow" for genuine happiness.

Navigate through the wisdom of influential figures like Prof. Richard Feynman and glean insights from successful entrepreneurs. Discover the transformative power of gratitude and the key role nurturing relationships play in a fulfilling life. Uncover the timeless wisdom of Thirukural and learn the art of embracing your full potential.

The ebook provides practical tips for both mental and physical well-being, from simple activities to boost mental health to the significance of a good night's sleep. It delves into motivational quotes, success secrets, and inspiring stories to keep you motivated on your journey.

Whether you seek inspiration, guidance on personal development, or strategies for overcoming challenges, "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch" is your go-to resource. It's a holistic guide that not only celebrates success but also embraces the valuable lessons that come with mistakes.

Concluding with a thoughtful reflection on achieving a happy and peaceful life, this ebook is more than just words on pages — it's a roadmap to unlocking your full potential and living your best life. Start your transformative journey today and discover the simplicity and effectiveness of finding happiness and success in your life.

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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Attention Businesses and Advertisers: Promote Your Products and Services on QPT for Just $5 per Video!

I'm excited to announce a special offer for businesses and advertisers looking to reach a highly engaged audience of science and technology news enthusiasts. For a limited time, you can sponsor a video on my YouTube channel, QPT, for just $5!

Why this low price?

Unfortunately, Google recently disabled my AdSense account, making it difficult for me to monetize my channel and continue producing high-quality content. However, I'm determined to keep bringing you the latest and greatest science and technology news, and I believe that sponsored ads are a great way to do that.

By offering sponsored ads at a low price, I hope to make it accessible for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audience. With over 68,600 subscribers and growing, QPT is the perfect platform to showcase your products and services to a passionate and engaged audience.

What do you get for your $5?

  • A  10 to 20-second sponsored ad placed at the beginning of a QPT video
  • Your ad will be linked to your website or social media pages by placing a link in the description of the video.
  • Your ad containing video will be promoted on QPT's social media channels

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to reach a targeted audience and promote your business!

To take advantage of this offer, simply email me at with the following information:

  • Your business name
  • A brief description of your product or service
  • A link to your website or social media pages

I will then contact you to discuss your ad in more detail, and if you want I can give access to view my channel analytics.

Thank you for your support!

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Added Hundreds of new Motivational Quotes to

I have updated our Motivational Quotes website with more quotes. You can check them at TheQuotes.Net

And, I removed many unused/low-traffic sections that are difficult to manage/maintain. 

Now this site is hosted at a different webhosting server. Because of these changes, you may face issues/errors when going through this site. Let me know if you find any errors.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

How to use domain name effectively? ChatGPT Vs Bard

I asked the question "What kind of business I can do using the domain name" to both ChatGPT and Bard. Find below their reply. Which one is most relevant?

ChatGPT's answer:

Certainly, the domain name "" suggests a focus on timesheet-related products or services. Here are a few business ideas you could consider:

Online Timesheet Software Store: You can offer a variety of timesheet software solutions for businesses, freelancers, and individuals. This could include both downloadable software and subscription-based cloud solutions. You could sell popular timesheet management software or even develop your own if you have the technical expertise.

Time Management Consultancy: Offer consulting services to businesses looking to improve their time management and productivity. This could involve analyzing their current processes, recommending improvements, and providing training on effective timesheet usage.

Time Tracking Device Shop: Sell physical devices that assist in time tracking, such as biometric attendance systems, smartwatches, or specialized time clock machines. You could offer a range of options to cater to different needs and budgets.

Educational Platform for Time Management: Create an online platform that offers courses, webinars, and resources on time management and efficient use of timesheets. This could target both individuals and businesses looking to enhance their time management skills.

Freelancer Management Platform: Build a platform that connects freelancers with clients while providing integrated timesheet and project management features. This can help freelancers showcase their work and manage their time effectively.

Time Tracking Accessories and Merchandise: Design and sell merchandise related to time tracking, such as planners, notebooks, stationery, and other accessories. This could cater to individuals who prefer analog methods of tracking time.

Customized Timesheet Solutions: Offer customization services for timesheet software, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific needs. This could include adding features, integrating with other systems, or modifying the user interface.

Employee Productivity Tools: Develop or curate a range of tools and resources that help employees become more productive. This could include apps, templates, and guides designed to improve time management skills.

Time-Related Gadgets and Wearables: Create an e-commerce shop that sells innovative gadgets or wearables related to time management. This could include smart timers, productivity-focused smart devices, and wearable tech designed to improve time tracking.

Time Management Apps and Plugins: Develop or sell apps and plugins that integrate with popular productivity tools like calendars, task management apps, or project management platforms to enhance time tracking capabilities.

Remember that whichever business idea you choose, it's important to thoroughly research your target audience, understand their needs, and offer a unique value proposition. Building a strong online presence through a well-designed website, effective marketing, and exceptional customer support will be crucial to the success of your business.

Bard's answer:

There are many different types of businesses you can do using the domain name

Here are a few ideas:

Time tracking app or software. This is the most obvious business to start with this domain name. You could create an app or software that allows users to track their time spent on tasks, projects, or clients. You could then charge a monthly or annual subscription fee for your app or software. 

Timesheet templates or printables. If you're not interested in developing your own time tracking app or software, you could sell timesheet templates or printables. There is a demand for these products, as many people find it helpful to have a pre-made template to use when tracking their time. You could sell your templates or printables on your own website or through a marketplace like Etsy.

Time management consulting. If you're an expert in time management, you could start a consulting business to help businesses and individuals improve their time management skills. You could offer one-on-one coaching, group workshops, or online courses.

Time tracking services. You could also start a business that provides time-tracking services to businesses. This could include setting up and maintaining time-tracking systems, collecting and analyzing time-tracking data, and generating reports.

Time tracking software reseller. If you don't want to create your own time-tracking software, you could become a reseller of existing software. This would involve finding a time-tracking software that you believe in and then reselling it to businesses and individuals.

Ultimately, the best type of business to start with the domain name will depend on your skills, interests, and resources. However, all of the businesses listed above have the potential to be successful.

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right business to start with the domain name

Consider your skills and interests. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Choosing a business that you're interested in and that you're good at will make it more likely that you'll be successful.

Do your research. Before you start any business, it's important to do your research and make sure there is a demand for your product or service. You should also research your competition and make sure you can offer something that they don't.

Create a business plan. A business plan will help you map out your goals and strategies for your business. It will also help you identify the resources you need to get started.

Get funding. If you need funding to start your business, there are a number of options available to you. You could get a loan from a bank, get investors, or crowdfund your business.

Network. Networking is essential for any business owner. Get out there and meet people who can help you grow your business. Attend industry events, join relevant associations, and connect with people on social media. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success in starting a business with the domain name 

If you are interested in buying this domain name contact me at or

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Beware of COPYTRACK Scam

Recently I received an email from a company named COPYTRACK GmbH claiming that I need to pay them for the unauthorized use of their client's image on my website TheQuotes.Net

Initially, I thought it is completely a scam email. After doing some analysis, it looked like an actual company. So, I sent them an email asking the below 8 questions.

1. when this image was taken, who took this image, etc.

2. whether your client made this image royalty-free at any point of time

3. whether your client is claiming a royalty-free image as his own.

4. Why you are sending this email for the image uploaded many years ago.

5. how did you calculate the Compensation costs  350.00 € while the total income from the site for many years is less than this amount.  It clearly indicates your intention of extortion.

6. What is the process you are following to make sure that your client is the ower of the image

7. are you sending this email after verifying the ownership of your client, or just like that sending this email

8. In case of sending this email without verifying the ownership of your client, are you aware that you shouldn't send unsolicited mail?

Instead of sending answers to my questions, they just replied that they will request the evidence and documents from their customer and will come back. By sending this reply, they agreed that they had sent me the extortion email without actually verifying the ownership of the image.

It made me realize that they are not a genuine company. So, I did a more deep analysis by going through various articles about COPYTRACK.

The result of my analysis was really shocking. They are very cunning at scamming people by pretending to be genuine. Let me explain in detail in the later part of this post. Previously, I had a good opinion about Germany.  Now, I need to rethink it as Germany is allowing to operate this scamming company these many years. It is really shocking.  Another thing is, it seems most of the affected people are in the U.S. I don't know why the U.S. couldn't take any steps to close/shut down this seemingly fraud company. It made me think that Germany is systematically grabbing money from countries like the U.S., by using COPYTRACK. It is unbelievable that the U.S. is not able to stop this. 

It seems already one person tried to report this scam company to German authorities. He explained it in detail here. So, it seems German authorities are allowing to run this company even after they know about their scam. And, even COPYTRACK threatened WhiteHouse official photographer for using his own images (Obama's photos) which are actually made public. 

From this, we could understand that they are making money by selling Public domain images including white house official photographs. I don't know why American officials are still allowing the operation of this scam company. By going through this article, the officials accepted COPYTRACK's narration of doing it by error story. Are they not taking any efforts to differentiate criminal activity and doing it by error?

We can read interesting details about yet another scam attempt of COPYTRACK here.

By going through this TrustPilot review comments, we could understand many things about COPYTRACK. First of all, we can understand their attempt to include fake comments there. While the negative comments are made with a lot of information, the positive comments are just stereotype content simply praising COPYTRACK without any specific information. But the negative comments are giving a lot of information about COPYTRACK. They explain how COPYTRACK is threatening them even for their own photos, for the photos for which they are having licenses, and for the photos that they never used (but are available on the server).

Another key piece of information is, the clients they mention seem to be mostly similar (e.g WENN Rights International).  By doing a detailed analysis of COPYTRACK, I could imagine/assume/understand their mode of operation. Let me explain my understanding. COPYTRACK is encouraging people to use their service to protect their images without giving any details about their operation, and they use their own set of companies acting as their customers to work according to their commands. And, then they are just scanning random servers, and comparing the images from that server, irrespective of whether they are used in their websites. Once they find any match, immediately they send threatening emails claiming some random compensation amount without verifying the actual ownership/license status, and without actually measuring the damage. This approach is a very dangerous thing affecting all parties. They are not answering any questions. 

So, it is very important to shut down this scamming company. 

We could see some legal support companies like this one which is claiming that they could reduce the compensation amount claimed by COPYTRACK. This thing further increases the possibility of considering COPYTRACK as a fraud company. 

If COPYTRACK is having the ability to scan servers, why not immediately send email for taking down any images violating copyright, why they are sending it after decades, that too with some random huge amount of compensation. All these things prove that COPYTRACK is scamming people, it should be banned immediately. So, I am going to report COPYTRACK to German authorities.  I am not sure whether Germany will act on it. Because I came to know that many people already tried it.  If Germany is not taking any necessary action immediately, I will be escalating it to other countries which are heavily affected by this German company.

I just tried to inform this scam to some concerned people  But as of now, there is no action. I understand that it is a tough task to stop this scam because some officials might be involved with this scam. Anyway, I will do my best to help the people to save them from this scam.

If you are affected by COPYTRACK scam, share your experience through the comment section of this post.

Find below some screenshots taken from TrustPilot 

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Follow a simple step to get a Huge Discount for our Timesheet Software

We are selling timesheet software with the source for many years. Our timesheet software is developed using PHP and MySQL so that customers can use the script without spending additional money for the software as PHP and MySQL are free. And, almost all the hosting companies are providing hosting with support for PHP and MySQL. As we provide the script with source code, customers can make any kind of changes to make it suitable for their own needs. And, I am doing custom changes and adding new features for affordable hourly charges. So, this timesheet will be really useful for entrepreneurs, especially the new entrepreneurs running their startups with less budget. Because they need not spend money every month for each employee. Though this software is providing a lot of benefits to buyers, this timesheet is currently not selling well. So, I decided to do paid promotions. But it will make me increase the price to handle the promotion expenses.  I don't want to do that. After doing a lot of analysis, I decided to give a Huge discount to the person who retweet this tweet about the timesheet. I will believe it will help to increase the Timesheet Sales while doing promotion without spending money. But this approach may decrease my profit. I believe it can be managed from the opportunity it creates for doing custom changes.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Developer Guide for our Timesheet Software

We are selling our timesheet script for more than 12 years. We are already providing demo video, live demo, and screenshots for helping potential buyers understand our timesheet software. Even created a video for explaining about developing a timesheet software using PHP and MySQL.

I disabled the buy button on the sales page a few months back, as I thought this timesheet may not be much useful now as it was developed 12 years back.  But many people contacted me to buy the timesheet even after disabling the buy button. It made me enable the buy button again. And, I updated the script to make it work with the latest PHP version (PHP 8). 

After doing various analyses, I came to know that our timesheet script is much useful for many kinds of companies even though it was developed long back, and it is very inexpensive. Moreover, it comes with source code so that customers can do any kind of custom changes.

Some people asked me about Developer Guide for this timesheet software. Initially, internally we maintained Developer Guide for our timesheet software. But we found it difficult to update it continuously according to new changes made with the timesheet software.  I thought not having Developer Guide is better than having an Outdated guide which can create confusion.  

Anyway, as people are asking about Developer Guide, I have decided to keep Developer Guide content in this blog post. I am planning to keep only key information so that it can be updated easily.

Developer Guide for QulityPoint Timesheet Software

(updated on 17th May 2023)

It is a web-based application. We can access it from any web browser.  Before installing this software, we need to make sure that the server is set up with Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

The install script is available at /install/install.php

The purpose of this install.php file is to get details (e.g MySql Db details, Siteadmin details) from users while installing the software and for creating database tables and creating config.php file with database connection details.

Apart from db connection details, we can change the Browser title text and siteadmin email id in the config.php file. And, the functions.php is included in this config file.

The config.php needs to be included in all other files. 

Apart from the install folder, this script comes with the below folders.

csv -> This folder is for keeping .csv files that are created when using "Download CSV" feature from the report page. We need to make sure that this folder is having write permission to store the files. And, you can delete the old files from here.

fpdf -> Library for creating PDF report files. There won't be any need to make any changes here. If you want to use the latest version of fpdf library, you can update this folder. But you need to make sure that the latest version is not requiring any changes in the usage files.

css -> For storing stylesheet files. There will be a separate .css file for the install script.

siteadmin -> All the php files used in siteadmin login are stored in this folder.

img -> This folder is stored for keeping the logo and icon images.

jquery-autocomplete -> It is a script library for providing auto-complete feature in the drop-down/select list.

The functions.php file stores all the reused custom functions. So, need to be very careful in making any changes here. Because changing the function for one page may affect the other pages which use the same function. Though the functions are created to get inputs through function parameters/arguments, some of them are using some global variables also. So, we need to be careful in renaming any variables in other files.

header.php and footer.php are included in all the other files. 

header.php is for showing key information at the top apart from showing the Menu dynamically based on usertype. selected_currpage() is used for highlighting the current page in the Menu. If you are planning to add a new entry in the menu, you have to update the selected_currpage() in the functions.php to include a new entry for the $active array, and this new  $active array index for new menu entry in the header.php

check-login.php is used for checking the username and password. If the details are valid, session variables usertype and userid will be assigned with values. These session variables are used for providing different functionality for different types of users. These session variables are used in almost all files.  

create_newuser.php is used for creating new admins without login, as well as for creating employees from admin login.  So, this page coding is provided with many conditions. It is better to check both scenarios when making changes for one scenario to make sure it is working correctly in both situations as expected.

download_pdf.php is using fpdf.php library to create pdf report. It is linked from report.php which passes query-string parameters, like employee id, project id, start Date and end Date. Each cell attributes like width, needs to be set manually. So, it is a bit tedious and time-consuming work to make any changes here. And as explained in my previous post we need some complex logic to handle the first page with some additional information when we need to create pdf file with multiple pages.

weekly_status_entry.php is a bit complex script. So, we need to do proper testing whenever we make any changes here. CSS class names are used for doing calculations and in other functionalities. So, do any changes in class names and tables only if you are ready to make relevant changes in the javascript coding also. This page handles a lot of things, like showing the week selection feature, displaying hours data if the data is already there, handing comments, doing recalculation row-wise and column-wise whenever there is any data change in any cell, enabling/disabling submit/save/clear buttons dynamically, all showing multiple projects and non-projects. So, make any changes here only if it is really necessary.

Coding on other pages is mostly self-explanatory. Anyway, I will be updating more details here if it is needed.

For doing any page redirection, use the redirect($targetPage) function available in the functions.php. It handles redirection effectively by using both PHP-based redirection (server side) and javascript-based redirection (client side) based on whether headers are already sent or not.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Hire me for affordable hourly charges to do Web development (PHP, MySQL), Software Testing and to coach or do online business

This is Rajamanikam Antonimuthu from QualityPoint Technologies (QPT).  Welcome to my blog. 

As explained in my ebook , I have around 24 years of experience in various things like web development, software testing, running a small IT company, writing/publishing/selling ebooks, flipping websites, doing digital marketing,  and running blogs and YouTube channels.   I can do any kind of PHP/MySQL/Javascript development effectively with high Quality. And, I understand the importance of the need for proper communication. I will do my best to understand the requirements properly, get clarifications, update the progress continuously, and deliver on time. 

Contact me ( to hire me to develop PHP/MySQL scripts, set up WordPress with all the required things, do proper testing to keep it secure and with good performance, and do SEO, and promotions. 

Apart from that  I can guide you to publish/promote your ebooks and guide you to run your YouTube channel effectively. And, I can suggest the best business suitable for you based on your skill set and competition. 

Currently, I am charging only $8 USD per hour.  If you are in India and able to pay me directly to Gpay or my  Bank account, I will charge only Rs. 500 per hour as it will help me to save PayPal charges.

Though I prefer to work directly without using a freelance site, you can hire me through this Fiverr gig or through upwork too. 

I have noticed that a lot of people have their own unique skills.  But they don't know how to monetize their skills or they don't have enough skills needed to do the monetization.

Similarly many people think about different business ideas, but they find it difficult to make them a reality.

I used to go through various social media discussions related to people sharing their experiences of starting businesses and failing to succeed.  By reading their stories, I could understand that many people are not getting enough guidance from experienced people.  Actually, I too faced this difficulty and failed in my software development business. I might have avoided the failure (or at least some money loss) if I knew some simple things that I realized now.

So, I thought of sharing my experiences and suggestion through Live sessions (e.g Digital marketing, earning from YouTube, developing timesheet) on my YouTube channel. But unfortunately, my Live sessions are not attracting viewers.

Therefore, recently I decided to do paid one-on-one meetings to help people convert their ideas into online businesses. 

I have been doing freelance work for many years previously. But I stopped doing them in the past few years, as I decided to put maximum effort into my YouTube channel. Now I realize that doing freelance work for a few hours daily during my free time will not affect my YouTube channel growth.

Find below my general suggestions for people interested in starting online businesses.

- Make sure that your Product/service actually helps to solve people's problems. It should be either entertaining or educational.

- Don't spend much in the initial stage. Do the scaling only after testing the market with a simple version of your product.

- Don't try to copy successful businesses.  Instead, build your business based on your own skills, and market situations at the time of starting your business.  Starting a business related to emerging technologies will be easy and the success rate will be high.

- Don't be greedy. If you are greedy, mostly you will be cheated by scammers.

- You need to understand the fact that succeeding in online business is not easy. You need to put in a lot of effort and withstand a lot of failures. 

- You should understand that starting an online business is very easy.  For example, a complete e-commerce site can be set up in a few hours without spending much.  But things like doing proper testing,  promotion/marketing, customer support, and maintenance of the site require a lot of effort and spending.

- Give more importance to hiring a great Team. If you can't find great Team members, it is better not to hire anyone instead of hiring some average or low-performing candidate.

If you are interested in hiring me,  contact me by sending an email to 

Let me share some details about how to start an online business. I am writing it in a very general way. Doing actual business will vary based on various factors, like your skill set, competition, resources, regulations, compliances, etc.

Once you decide to start an online business, you need to decide your product or service.  Select your product/service based on your own interests and skills.  If you are interested in music, you can sell your own albums or just run a YouTube channel from which you can earn money from ads, sponsors, merch, membership, affiliates, etc.

Having your own website will be an advantage for doing online business, though you can do online business through other social media websites or by using free blogging sites. Owning a website won't cost much. You need to register a domain with domain providers like Godaddy and you need to have a hosting to keep files of your website. Generally, Godaddy itself will sell hosting services. But I heard that generally domain providers are not good at hosting. So, it is better to have a hosting service from a company that is good at hosting. I have used HostGator for many years without any issues. We can easily point the domain from the domain provider to our website at the hosting provider by doing a simple DNS entry. 

We need to be very careful in choosing the domain name. It should reflect our brand name, and it should be easy to remember,  it shouldn't create any confusion, and it should not violate anyone's trademark.

Another important thing is the pricing of the domain name. Though the domain names won't cost much, you need to remember that we should renew them every year. Most domain providers provide huge discounts initially, but we need to pay higher prices without discounts when renewing them. So, keep this in mind when deciding to have your own website. If you are on a tight budget, you may simply start using free blogging services.  In this case, you need not pay for domain and hosting, everything will be free. Actually, this blog is hosted with Blogger which is free and allows me to link my own domain.

While choosing a hosting service, they may offer various plans. Choose the plan that is more suitable for your requirements. It is better to start with a low-price plan, then we can move on to higher plans based on the necessity. 

Once after buying a domain name and hosting, you can start developing your website for doing online business.  One important thing is, you need to be very clear about your target audiences. It is very important from various perspectives. Even for choosing a hosting service, your target audience is important. If your target audiences are in the US and you host your website in India, the website will be loading slowly for your US audiences even though it loads quickly in India. In case, you are planning to target a global audience, it is better to use CDN services like Cloudflare which has free options also.  Apart from helping to load your site quickly throughout the world, the CDNs will provide a lot of security features and performance improvement services. 

We need to be very tough in keeping our websites free from hacking attacks and spammers, otherwise, our entire efforts in doing business will be spoiled. 

For developing a website, I would recommend WordPress which is free, open-source, and supported by almost all of the hosting services. It is very very easy to set up a WordPress site. Maintenance and customization are also easy.  We can expand the functionality of the site by adding the required plugins. A lot of free plugins are available. For example, we can set up a complete e-commerce website within a few minutes with a lot of useful features without spending any money. We have to set the plugins for handling cache to reduce the server load and improve page serving speed, set up security-related plugins, set up plugins to add analytics code, etc. But we shouldn't add unnecessary plugins.

Starting a website is easy, but bringing potential customers to the website is the real challenge.  We need to do digital marketing effectively and do lead capture and follow-ups properly.  

And, we need to make sure that our website is loading quickly. It should appear correctly on various devices like Desktop computers, Tablets, Mobile phones, etc. There are various free tools available to check the page loading performance and checking mobile-friendliness. 

Once you are ready with your products and your website developed to sell your products, you can not expect sales immediately even though you bring your potential customers to your sites through campaigns.  Because no one is going to buy from a random person. You need to have social proof or you have to establish your brand name. You can achieve it in various ways. For example, if you are selling your ebook, you first start selling through Amazon. Once after getting significant reviews and ratings you can start selling through your own website.  Similarly, if you are planning to work on freelancing projects, you can first work through freelance websites till establishing a good reputation.  After that, you can sell your freelancing service through your website itself.

One important approach for getting a reputation/branding is writing a lot of good quality and useful articles on your blog. Write articles related to your products and share them through various social media sites consistently, especially writing about your personal experiences related to your products, how you are developing your products, and the story behind choosing those products. Encourage people to subscribe to your free newsletter and send your articles through the newsletter. Once people are familiar with you, you can start telling them about your services or product sales through the newsletter. i-e you need to follow the proper funneling, starting from content marketing. Lead capturing is also important. People who are going through your product details may not buy it immediately. They may take some time to analyze your product and compare the price/quality/shipping/payment methods with your competitor. You have to do the lead-capturing properly to follow up with them later by offering discounts to make the sales.  Lead-capturing can be done by various methods. For example, if you are selling computers, you get the email ID for sending free ebooks about various computers, their maintenance, links to download the best free software for the computers, and best practices of using computers and troubleshooting them.

Once you are ready with your products and website built with key things, like good performance, easy navigation, proper lead-capturing system, and customer support system, you can start promoting through various ways, like, SEO, Social media promotion, PPC campaigns, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, running PPC campaigns, etc.

If you are interested in hiring me to help build and run your business,  contact me by sending an email to  and you can check our products and services here.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation or digital replica of a physical object, system, or process. It uses data from sensors, IoT devices, and other sources to simulate the behavior and performance of the physical object in real-time or over a period.

Digital twins can be used in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and construction, to name a few. They provide a way to monitor and optimize performance, identify issues before they occur, and test potential changes or improvements in a safe and cost-effective way.

In addition, digital twins can be used to create simulations and predictive models to better understand how the physical object or system will behave under different conditions, allowing for better decision-making and more efficient use of resources.

Here are some examples of how digital twins are being used in different industries:

Manufacturing: A digital twin of a factory floor can simulate production processes, optimize efficiency, and identify potential issues before they occur.

Healthcare: A digital twin of a patient's organ can simulate the organ's behavior, monitor its health, and predict how it will respond to treatments.

Construction: A digital twin of a building or infrastructure project can simulate different scenarios, test the effectiveness of materials and designs, and identify potential safety risks.

Transportation: A digital twin of a vehicle or transportation system can monitor its performance, predict maintenance needs, and simulate different driving conditions.

Energy: A digital twin of a power plant or energy grid can monitor energy consumption, optimize efficiency, and identify potential problems before they occur.

There are many companies and organizations that are currently using digital twins successfully. Here are a few examples:

Rolls-Royce: The company uses digital twins to monitor the performance of its airplane engines in real-time, predict maintenance needs, and identify potential issues before they occur.

Siemens: The company uses digital twins to simulate the behavior of its wind turbines, optimize energy production, and predict maintenance needs.

Lufthansa Technik: The company uses digital twins to monitor the performance of its aircraft components, predict maintenance needs, and simulate repair scenarios.

Johnson Controls: The company uses digital twins to optimize building energy consumption, monitor equipment performance, and predict maintenance needs.

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF): The university uses digital twins to create personalized cancer treatment plans based on the patient's genetic makeup and the behavior of their tumors.

Here are a few potential ways to get involved with Digital Twin Technology to earn money from it as an individual:

Data analysis: Digital twins rely on data from sensors and other sources, which need to be analyzed and interpreted to be useful. If you have experience in data analysis or data science, you may be able to find opportunities to work with companies that are using digital twins.

Programming and simulation: Digital twins often involve creating simulations and programming models to simulate the behavior of real-world objects or systems. If you have experience in programming or simulation, you may be able to find opportunities to work with companies that are developing or using digital twins.

Consulting: If you have expertise in a specific industry, such as manufacturing or healthcare, you may be able to provide consulting services to companies that are looking to implement digital twin technology.

Training and education: As digital twin technology becomes more widespread, there may be opportunities to provide training and education services to companies or individuals who want to learn how to use it.

You can buy my ebook about emerging technology from here. For getting the latest news about emerging technologies, join this WhatsApp Group or LinkedIn newsletter.

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