Saturday, January 30, 2010

Twitter allows large-sized images in the profile?

Normally if we click on the profile image of Twitter profile, the profile image/picture will be opened with almost same size (i-e small size)

But, I have noticed that some profile images are getting displayed in very large size when clicking on them.

You can see this large image in profile of ericschmidt (Google CEO) and ipl

If anybody knows how to bring this large profile picture/image, you can explain it thro' comments.

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Is it possible to create second cPanel Account?

cPanel is the widely used web hosting control panel. It provides Graphical Interface for simplifying web hosting process.

Based on my current understanding, there will be only one cPanel login account for each domain.

We can create multiple databases and multiple database users from cPanel.

We need to login with this cPanel account for accessing phpMyAdmin which will be used for managing MySql databases. i-e We can not use phpMyAdmin without having cPanel account.

It is bit conflicting. Because even when the cPanel allows association of different database user account for each database, cPanel account should be required for accessing any database. It makes the multiple database users concept completely meaningless.

So, my question is as below,

Is it possible to create another cpanel login account other than the default one?

Or, is it possible to access phpymyadmin without having cpanel access?

(Either one of these two option will be helpful to allow the developers to use the phpmyadmin without having full access to cPanel.)

If anybodys know answer for these questions you can share it here thro' comments.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will Apple iPad kill Amazon Kindle?

Apple has launched iPad, a new touchscreen device similar to the iPod Touch. It will include an e-book reader, with content from publishers including the New York Times and Penguin Books.

According to Apple,
->iPad price starts at $499.
->Wi-Fi Models shipping in late March.
->3G Models shipping in April.

Find below the Key features of iPad.

->It is just 0.5 inches thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds— thinner and lighter than any laptop or netbook.
->The screen is 9.7-inches and has an LED-backlit display.
->It will use special adaptive charging technology to deliver up to 1,000 charge cycles without a significant decrease in battery capacity over a typical five year lifespan.

->Multi-touch Screen that works in any orientation. It will provide Simple and easy navigation of browser(Safari) in any orientation (portrait and landscape).
->Email provides some improved features such as split-screen view showing both an opened email and list of messages in the inbox in landscape mode. It works for most of email providers including MobileMe, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL.

Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

->It can be used as digital photoframe while it’s is docked or charging.

->The large, high-resolution screen makes iPad perfect for watching any kind of video: from HD movies and TV shows to podcasts and music videos. Switch between widescreen and full screen with a double-tap
->The YouTube app organizes videos so they’re easy to see and navigate.
->Map enables to see more of the world with high-resolution satellite and street view images.

->iPad shows multiple calendars at once, so you can manage work and family schedules at the same time.
->The Contacts app on iPad makes finding names, numbers, and other important information quicker and easier.
->iPad runs almost 140,000 apps from the App Store. And new apps (12 new innovative apps) designed specially for iPad are highlighted
->With its expansive display and large, onscreen keyboard, iPad makes jotting down notes easy.

->Spotlight Search allows you to search across iPad and all of its built-in apps, including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iPod, and Notes.

->The iBooks app is a great new way to read and buy books.(iBooks available in the U.S. only.)

A new Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPad will be available so developers, including marketers, can create “amazing new apps” designed to take advantage of iPad’s capabilities.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executve, says: iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price

It seems News paper and magazine publishers are happy with this iPad.
HuffingtonPost calls this as "Apple's next Chapter".
HerandSun says Steve Jobs and Apple's iPad tablet computer will almost certainly be a success

Among all of these features, lot of discussions are going on about e-reader feature of the iPad. Some people are saying that it will killAmazon Kindle as this iPad is useful for multiple purposes apart from reading books. But, some people are refusing it as the cost of ipad usage will be more due to separate data connection whereas Amazon wireless data transfer won't require any continues data connection.

Steve Jobs credited Amazon with pioneering the category with the Kindle, but said "we are going to stand on their shoulders and go a little bit farther."

Mashable lists some points for both sides of arguments.

Yahoo Finance article says iPad won't kill the Kindle

Generally, most of the people are saying that iPad won't kill Kindle for next one year, and it may kill Kindle after one year. You can share your comments about this discussion.

What do you think? Whether iPad will kill the Kindle or not? (Anyway, I am not sure whether we can compare iPad and Kindle even before seeing the iPad, the actual performance of iPad may be different from Demo)

It may be very difficult to judge what will happen in future.
So, my next question is very easy one. What is your wish? Whether you want to support Kindle or iPad or both. You can take the below poll.

This iPad is no where related to Google Nexus One which will be in direct competition with iPhone. Google Nexus users are expecting something similar to iPad from Google.
3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors for Apple iPad
I too believe Google will release an ebook-reader which will dominate both iPad and Kindle. Because Google is already having significant success with Google Books project. And, it is experimenting Knol, a publishing platform. It entered into mobile world by selling Nexus One. So, we can expect a superior ebook-reader from Google which will have advantages of both iPad and Kindle in addition to its own search power.

iPad is NOT having flash support and it won't support multi-tasking (have to close one app/program to open another). And there is no built-in camera and much more shortcomings.

If you are very much interested in buying this iPad, you can register your email here for getting notified once the ipad becomes available.

Find below YouTube video showing Demo from Steve Jobs.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

IPL News

IPL News

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If you are in India, you can subscribe ipl_news for getting free SMS updates about IPL News, latest score and reviews in your mobile phone. This service is provided freely by Google SMS Channel.

Follow @SportsGamesNews to get tweets about sports updates.

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Sports News

IPL News

Sports News

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Follow @SportsGamesNews

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Read more ... for including images easily in blog is providing easy way to include attractive images in our blog easily.

We can add images just by including image embed code in our blog.

It supports various blogs including wodpress.

And, you can freely use all the images from this site without thinking about license issues.
It will a SEO booster as all PicApp images include the right meta-data to assist search engines index the images and the posts better.

Google has integrated picApp API in knol.

Find below the image which was embedded from this site. By seeing the src of the img tag we can understand that this site uses cdn which will improve the image delivery speed.

The Mattaponi River

You can follow @picApp to get updates from picApp Team.

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Handling Date format in MySQL

In the previous post, I have explained about Handling Date and Time in PHP/MySQL

Recently, I came to know about a website which will be useful for understanding and using a MySQL function DATE_FORMAT().
DATE_FORMAT()function is used to display date/time data in different formats.
It takes two arguments, date and format.

For example, if you want to display the current date/time in a specific format (e.g Jan 23 2010 10:35 PM we need to use this function as DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),'%b %d %Y %h:%i %p')

This website will be useful for preparing this format argument (e.g '%b %d %Y %h:%i %p').

i-e We can specify the required format in a user-friendly User Interface, and this site will automatically create the corresponding format specifier.

Anyway, I haven't used this site much. So, let me know if you find any issue or difficulty in using this website.

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Twitter is testing Location-based Trending Topics

Twitter has started doing Testing of Local Trends (i-e Location-based Trending Topics) with some limited number (1 percent) of Twitter Accounts.

Twitter allows us to change the location also. It will be useful if we are in Travel.

Anyway, I couldn't understand how the Twitter will classify the Tweets based on location.

For example, I am in India. Suppose, if I tweet about any US city, whether it will be considered as India tweet or US tweet. And, if the same tweet is re-tweeted by 10 Africans, how it will be treated?

Google Hot Trend is currently showing Hot Trends only for US. Anyway, it is showing location based Hot Searches for specific countries (e.g India). Let us see whether Google is also bringing any Location based Hot Trends.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Five French Journalists are going to test Quality of Twitter and FaceBook

Five French journalists have planned to lock themselves in a farmhouse in France for five days (from 1 to February 5, 2010), where they’ll write news based only on what they read on Twitter and Facebook.

They will be isolated from sources of information other than Twitter and Facebook.

They will be given cellphones that cannot connect to the internet.

They’ll have to analyze others’ tweets and Facebook updates to weigh in on what’s true and what’s false.

The journalists in the experiment will have to establish new standards for what can be trusted. For example they can trust the tweets that are re-tweeted by many people, or the tweets from verified accounts.

We can follow them at HuisClosNet.

Their tweets will be in French. You can use Google translate to see it in English.

Social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook are performing Well when considering Speed of new delivery. But the reliabiligy/quality of the News is in question.

This experiment will be used for measuring quality/reliability Social networking sites Twitter and FaceBook.

What do you think? Whether the journalists will be able to post correct/reliable News just by reading Facebook and Twitter?

First of all, is this experiment feasible?

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Difference between session_register and $_SESSION[] in php

We can use either session_register or $_SESSION for registering session variable in php.

Find below the difference between both of them.

session_register() is a function and $_SESSION is a superglobal array.

session_register() is used to register a session variable and it works only when register_globals is turned on. (Turning ON register_globals will create mesh-ups, but some applications (e.g OScommerce) requires turning ON of register_globals)
But $_SESSION works even when register_globals is turned off.

If session_start() was not called before session_register() is called, an implicit call to session_start() with no parameters will be made. But $_SESSION requires session_start() before use.

session_register function returns boolean value and $_SESSION returns string value

session_register() function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0 and REMOVED as of PHP 6.0.0.

If you are not familiar with session, you can read my previous post.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kindle Edition of our eBooks are available now

We have released Kindle Edition of our eBooks about Software Testing and QTP.

You need to pay for getting this Kindle version.

And, you need to have Kindle for using this Kindle edition.

If you are not having Kindle you can buy it from below link.

Anyway, normal eBook version can be downloaded freely from here.

Amazon Kindles (Wireless reading device) are becoming more popular.

According to Citi analyst, Amazon has sold 500,000 Kindles in 2008.

Kindle Sales could approach $4 Billion By 2012.

It seems Amazon Kindle is the most gifted item during the holiday/Christmas season.

And, Amazon is taking steps to change the Kindle from ebook reader into smartphone.

Amazon has planned to invite software developers to build and upload programs that would be sold in the Kindle store later in the year. To aid in that process, Amazon plans to offer programmers access to technology and tools to help them build active content.

i-e Amazon is getting prepared to compete with Apple iPhone.

Click here to buy an eBook for learning Software Testing and QTP Automation
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Entire world can watch IPL on YouTube

YouTube has signed a deal with the IPL (Indian Premier League) to broadcast all Twenty20 cricket matches around the world for free.

As per the agreement, Google will have exclusive online rights for IPL content for two years and both Google and IPL will jointly share revenues from sponsorships and advertising

Viewers will be able to watch all 60 matches live from anywhere in the world. (except US?) And, they will also be able to change camera positions, freeze and fast forward the slow bits.

Special content, including match highlights, player interviews, wickets of the match, top sixes of the match, award ceremony, pitch reports would also be available.

This is the first time that Google will be streaming a major global sporting tournament live. I has raised questions about TV broadcast rights in UK.

This will allow IPL fans anywhere in the world to view the action on-demand as per their convenience, thus making the new dedicated IPL channel on YouTube the biggest virtual stadium in the world.

Google has done its first YouTube live streaming on November 22nd, 2008.

If you want to know what is Streaming and how it differs from usual download, you can read this articles.

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Drastic Twitter Follower Count increase for Bill Gates

Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder has started Twitter Account @billgates.

Within 18 hours from his first tweet, he got more than 182K followers and listed in 5K lists.

Twitter was down for few minutes today. This mass following of Bill Gates may be reason for this downtime.

His account was verified by twitter to make sure it is from real Bill Gates.

His first tweet was "Hello World." Hard at work on my foundation letter - publishing on 1/25"

My first tweet for him is "Why you are here (twitter) instead of using/developing any Microsoft product for doing microblogging?"

I wanted to ask this question because during his previous Interview he mentioned that he never used iPhone.

It seems the background of his twitter profile resembles MAC design. You can share your comments about the background design.

It seems his Twitter follower count is growing very rapidly comparing to the Google CEO ericschmidt

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MySQL Quiz Questions and Answers

Find below MCQ (Multiple Choice) questions and Answers useful for learning MySQL.

We are working on to publish more questions in many topics (e.g CSS,QTP,aptidude...). We have already published questions and answers for learning software testing, javascript, HTML and php.

So, you can bookmark this blog for further reading, or you can subscribe to our blog feed.

If you find any issue in any question you can mention thro' comment section or send mail to

You can put the below HTML code in your blog or website for linking into this page.

1) MySQL runs on which operating systems?
a) Linux and Mac OS-X only
b) Any operating system at all
c) Unix, Linux, Windows and others
d) Unix and Linux only
Show Answer

2) To remove duplicate rows from the result set of a SELECT use the following keyword:
d) None of the above
Show Answer

3) Which of the following can add a row to a table?
a) Add
b) Insert
c) Update
d) Alter
Show Answer

4) To use MySQL on your computer, you'll need?
a) FTP and Telnet
b) Some sort of client program to access the databases
c) A Browser
d) Perl, PHP or Java
Show Answer

5) Which SQL statement is used to insert a new data in a database?
c) ADD
Show Answer

6) In a LIKE clause, you can could ask for any value ending in "qpt" by writing
a) LIKE %qpt
b) LIKE *ton
c) LIKE ton$
d) LIKE ^.*ton$
Show Answer

7) A NULL value is treated as a blank or 0.
a) True
b) Fasle
c) None of the above
Show Answer

8) MySQL is
a) A Programming language
b) A Programming language
c) A technique for writing reliable programs
d) A Relational Database Management System
Show Answer

9) In a LIKE clause, you can ask for any 6 letter value by writing?
a) LIKE ??????
b) LIKE .{6} Answer 5: LIKE ^.{6}$
c) LIKE ...... (that's six dots)
d) LIKE ______ (that's six underscore characters)
Show Answer

10) The result of a SELECT statement can contain duplicate rows.
a) False
b) True
c) None of the above
Show Answer

11) Which function used to get the current time in mysql?
a) getTime()
b) Time()
c) NOW()
Show Answer

12) A table may be joined to itself.
a) True
b) false
c) None of the above
Show Answer

13) Which of the following is not a valid aggregate function?
b) MIN
c) MAX
Show Answer

14) mysql_pconnect()
is used to make a persistent connection to the database which means a SQL link that do not close when the execution of your script ends.
a) True
b) False
Show Answer

15) What SQL clause is used to restrict the rows returned by a query?
a) AND
Show Answer

16) Which of the following is used to delete an entire MYSQL database?
a) mysql_drop_database
b) mysql_drop_entiredb
c) mysql_drop_db
d) mysql_drop_dbase
Show Answer

17) MySQL supports the complete SQL99 standard
a) false
b) true
Show Answer

18) Primary Key does allow the Null Values. where as in
Unique key doesn't accept the Null values.
True or False ?
a) False
b) True
Show Answer

19)How much character are allowed to create database name?
a) 55
b) 72
c) 64
d) 40
Show Answer

20) Which of the following commands should be used to create a database named “student”?
a) CREATE ?I student
c) DATABASE /student
d) DATABSE student
Show Answer

21) Which one will delete the table data as well as table structure?
Show Answer

22) The USE command?
a) Is used to load code from another file
b) Has been deprecated and should be avoided for security reasons
c) Is a pseudonym for the SELECT command
d) Should be used to choose the database you want to use once you've connected to MySQL
Show Answer

23) Given an employees table as follows:
emp_id emp_name
1 Brush
2 Jerrin
what value will be return by below query ?
Select count(*) from employees
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) none of the above
Show Answer

24) The main MySQL program that does all the data handling is called?
a) mysql.exe
b) mysql
c) mysqld
d) httpd
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25) A SELECT command without a WHERE clause returns?
a) All the records from a table that match the previous WHERE clause
b) All the records from a table, or information about all the records
c) SELECT is invalid without a WHERE clause
d) Nothing
Show Answer

26) MySQL Access security is controlled through?
a) The ID that the user logged into the server through, and priveliges set up for that account.
b) MySQL login accounts, and priveliges set for each account
c) The normal login security is sufficient for MySQL, and it does not have any extra controls of its own.
d) A table of valid IP addresses, and priveliges set up for each IP address
Show Answer

27) In a SELECT with a GROUP BY clause, a WHERE clause, and a HAVING clause, the WHERE conditions are applied before the HAVING conditions.
a) True
b) Fasle
c) Either True or False
d) None of the above
Show Answer


(1) c (2) c (3) b (4) b (5) a (6) a (7) b (8) d (9) d (10) b
(11) c (12) a (13) d (14) a (15) b (16) c (17) a (18) a (19) c (20) b
(21) b (22) d (23) b (24) c (25) b (26) b (27) a

SQL for Beginners. Learn basics of SQL in 1 Hour
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Job Openings for Web Development(PHP/MySQL)

Currently we are looking for Software Engineers to work in our Web Development Projects.

Desired Candidate profile:
  • Having Good Technical Knowledge and willing to work hard for learning new technologies.
  • Team work.
  • Sincere
  • First class Degree in B.E/MCA/MS(IT)
  • Good communication and documentation skills.
  • Experience in PHP/mySql/HTML/CSS/javascript/Ajax
  • Should be familiar with customization/integration of Forums(e.g phpBB)/CMS(e.g Joomla/Drupal/wordpress)/Gallery/OScommerce
  • Should have used/learned Object Oriented programming in php.
  • Having knowledge in Flash/Photoshop is an added advantage
  • Willing to work in any Technology.
  • Experience 1-2 years
  • Job location :Chennai/Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District)
If you are really interested please send your updated resume to or Please specify Reference as "Blog" in the subject of your mail. And, specify your location preference (Chennai/Ottapidaram) also. And, specify your current salary and Expected Salary also. Visit to know about us. Freshers with Strong knowledge in PHP and MySQL can also apply.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

HTML Quiz Questions and Answers

Find below MCQ (Multiple Choice) questions and Answers useful for learning HTML.

You can attend our Quiz here.

We are working on to publish more questions in many topics (e.g QTP,mysql,aptidude...). We have already published questions and answers for learning software testing, javascript, and php.

So, you can bookmark this blog for further reading, or you can subscribe to our blog feed.

If you find any issue in any question you can mention thro' comment section or send mail to

You can put the below HTML code in your blog or website for linking into this page.

1) Is it possible to set up a browser so it refuse pages that does not have a content rating meta tag?
a) Yes - many companies and parents actually do
b) No
c) Only with a cybersitter add on
Show Answer

2) When images are used as links they get a blue border.
a) Always
b) Never
c) Unless border is set to zero
Show Answer

3) A 6 digit Hex color (#FF9966) defines values of Red, Blue and Green in which order ?
Show Answer

4) When you count to 15 using hexadecimal numbers, the highest number is what ?
a) F
b) B
c) 15
Show Answer

5) The <small> and <big> tags are special in what way ?
a) They can be repeated
b) They work on anything
c) They are for images only
Show Answer

6) What does vlink mean ?
a) visited link
b) very good link
c) active link
Show Answer

7) Banners, buttons, dividers, clipart and other simple images usually work best as ?
a) fonts
b) gif
c) jpg
Show Answer

8) Which format usually works best for photos ?
a) JPG
c) GIF
Show Answer

9) <a> and </a> are the tags used for ?
a) Audio-voiced text
b) Adding links to your page
c) Aligning text
Show Answer

10) What does the GENERATOR meta tag tell ?
a) What type of server your page is on
b) Which program was used to produce the page
c) Who designed the page
Show Answer

11) What tag is used to add columns to tables ?
a) <colspan>
b) <td>
Show Answer

12) Use<td> and </td>to add what to your tables?
a) columns
b) rows
c) steps
Show Answer

13) What is the REFRESH meta tag used for ?
a) Refresh your keywords
b) Allow search engines to relist your page
c) Redirect to a new domain
Show Answer

14) Screen colors are defined by which colors ?
a) Green, Blue, and Yellow
b) Crayola Colors
c) Red, Green and Blue
Show Answer

15) What tag can prevent sites with adult content from being seen on MSIEbrowsers ?
a) <meta refresh> tag
b)<meta keywords> tag
c) registered <meta http-equiv="pics-label">
Show Answer

16) To specify a font for your whole page add which tag ?
a) <targetfont>
b) <defaultfont>
Show Answer

17) Increasing the cellpadding value will what ?
a) Increase the distance between cell and content
b) Increase the space between cells
c) Increase the softness of your site
Show Answer

18) Which of the following is NOT true of metatags use ?
a) put Mata Tags within Head tag ?
b) Do not include words that are not present on your pages
c) Use as many keywords as you can
Show Answer

19) To change the size of an image in HTML use what ?
a) pliers
b) height and width
c) bigger and smaller
Show Answer

20) Hex-colors are the only way to define colors on the web?
a) True for Internet Explorer, False for Netscape browsers
b) False, colors can also be specified with names and CSS
c) True, computer screens only understands hexadecimal values.
Show Answer

21) Is it a common myth that meta tags seriously improve search engine rankings ?
a) no
b) only in Nepal
c) yes
Show Answer

22) Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text italic
a) <italic>
b) <i>
Show Answer

23) Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text bold
a) <bold>
b) <b>
Show Answer

24) If the background image is smaller than the screen, what will happen ?
a) It will be stretched
b) It will leave a blank space at the bottom of your page
c) It will be repeated
Show Answer

25) HTML defines colors using hexidecimal values, while graphics programs most often use what ?
a) Names
b) Normal numbers
c) RGB Code
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26) The <title> tag belongs where in your HTML ?
a) Head
b) Arm
c) Body
Show Answer

27) If you don’t want the frame windows to be resizeable, simply add what to the <frame> lines ?
a) save
b) dontresize
c) noresize
Show Answer

28)How can you make a list that lists the items with numbers?
a) <dl>
b) <ol>
Show Answer

29) Most search engines give serious importance to meta tags when ranking websites in their listings ?
a) True
b) It depends on the keywords
c) False
Show Answer

30) Which colors consist of equal amounts of all basic colors ?
a) purple, green, and red
b) black, blue, and gray
c) white, black and gray
Show Answer

31) Which has higher priority, cell settings or table settings ?
a) Neither
b) Cell settings
c) Table settings
Show Answer

32)What does HTML stand for?
a) Hyper Text Markup Language
b) Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
c) Home Tool Markup Language
Show Answer

33) What is the correct HTML for adding a background color?
a) <body background="yellow">
c) <body style="background-color:white">
Show Answer

34) To make the appearance of the colors more powerful on your site do which of the following ?
a) Do not use colors
b) Limit their use
c) Splash them all over
Show Answer

35) When is the content of a table shown ?
a) In pieces as it loads
b) Before the border loads
c) After the table is loaded
Show Answer

36) To add rows to your tables use which tags?
a) <td> and </td>
b)<cr> and </cr>
c) <tr> and </tr>
Show Answer

37) Gif and jpg are the two main types of what ?
a) animated effects
b) outlines
c) images
Show Answer

38) WYSIWYG stands for ?
a) What You See Is What You Get
b) When You Start Is When You Go
c) What You See Is What You Gain
Show Answer

39) Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading
a) <heading>
c) <head>
d) <h1>
Show Answer

40) Choose the correct HTML to left-align the content inside a tablecell
a) <td valign="left">
b) <tdleft>
c) <td align="left">
d)<td leftalign>
Show Answer

41) To create a bulleted list use ?
a) <il>
b) <ul>
c) <ol>
Show Answer

42) Besides<B>, another way to make text bold is what ?
a) <strong>
b) <dark>
c) <fat>
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43) Hexadecimal numbers are numbers based on the value of what ?
a) 10
b) 8
c) 16
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44) Which is NOT a predefined target for links ?
a) _son
b) _parent
c) _blank
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45) If you do not include a DESCRIPTION meta tag, most search engine will simply list what ?
a) Nothing
b) All text above the fold of your page
c) The first few words on the page
Show Answer

46) How many characters can be written with 1 Kilobyte ?
a) 1024
b) 1
c) Depends on the font used
Show Answer

47)To start a list at the count of 3, use which ?
a) <ol start="3">
b) <ol begin="3">
c)<ol list="5">
Show Answer

48) Who is making the Web standards?
a) The World Wide Web Consortium
b) Mozilla
c) Microsoft
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49) Which tag can set the background color for your page?
a) <body>
Show Answer

50) What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?
a) <lb />
b) <br />
c)<break />
Show Answer

51) The attribute used to choose the type of font in HTML is ?
a) Character
b) Face
c) Text-type
Show Answer

52) colspan=n can be added to only what tag?
Show Answer

53) Rather than using Hspace and Vspace you can use which of the following to add spacing to your image ?
a) height and width
b) 1x1 pixel transparent image
c) align=+2
Show Answer

54) What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?
a)<a name="">Qualitypoint Technologies</a>
b) <a href="">Qualitypoint Technologies</a>
c) <a></a>
d) <a url="">Qualitypoint Technologies</a>
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55) In the code <frameset cols="120,*"> the following would be true.
a) Top frame would be 120 pixels high
b) Left frame would be 120 inches wide
c) Left frame would be 120 pixels wide
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56) Which program do you need to write HTML?
a) Any text editor
b) HTML-development suite 4
c) A graphics program
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57) When making bulleted lists you have what options ?
a) disc, circle, square
b) triangle, square, circle
c) square, disc, polygon
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58) A file that specifies how the screen is divided into frames is called a __________
a) frameset
b) frametable
c) tablelink
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59) Which of these is not valid HTML?
a) <font face="verdana,arial">
c) <font face="verdana">
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60) Which of these tags are all <table>tags?
a) <thead><body><tr>
b) <table><tr><td>
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61) The <br>tag adds what to your webpage ?
a) Line break
b) Little bubbles
c) Long breaks
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62) What tag tells where a link starts ?
a) <l>
b) <start>
c) <a>
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63) Settings for columns(<td> tag) have higher priority than settings for rows(<tr> tag)
a) Sometimes true, sometimes not
b) True
c) False
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64) Colors in plain HTML can be specified using ?
a) Meta tags
b) Images
c) Hexadecimal Colors
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65) Relative path make your hypertext links______.
a) Portable
b) Discrete
c) Uniform
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66) <ol> tags will create what kind of list ?
a) Numbered List
b) Bulleted List
c) Grocery List
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67) Is it possible to link within the current page ?
a) No
b) Only in framesets
c) Yes
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68) Tags and text that do not show directly on the page are placed where ?
a) Body
b) Tables
c) Head
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69) To create a list using lowercase letters use ?
a)<ol "a">
b) <ol letter="a">
c)<ol type="a">
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70) To seperate single list items use ?
a)<li> and </li>
b)<ol> and </ol>
c) <ul> and </ul>
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71) Which section is used for text and tags that are shown directly on your web page ?
a) Body
b) Metatags
c) Head
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72) To set the font for a single link, where do you add the <font></font> tags ?
a)Outside the <a> and </a>
b) In the <body> tag
c) Inside the <a> and </a> tags
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73) Why should you add alternative text to your images ?
a) In case the user wishes to load a different picture
b) So the user can save the image using the text as a name
c) So the users can get an idea of what the image is before it loads
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74) What is used to store information usually relevant to browsers and searchengines?
a) Tabs
b) Cookies
c) Metatags
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75) What tag tells the browser where the page starts and stops ?
a) <head>
b) <body>
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76) Why should you specify a background color if you are using an image for the actual background of your page ?
a) The background color will be shown until the image loads
b) In case the image doesnt fit right
c) So the text shows up better
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77) The background image will scroll when the user scrolls down the page, unless you add which property to the <body> tag?
a) bgproperties="holdstill"
b) bgproperties="fixed"
c) bgproperties="stationary"
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78) Imagelinks can show a text label if you add which property?
a) alternative
b) str
c) alt
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79) Adding a border to your image helps the visitor to recognize it as what ?
a) A really great picture
b) A frame
c) A Link
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80) Which of the following is NOT a valid pair for browser safe colors ?
a) AA
b) CC
c) 00
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81)To start a numbered list with regular numerals use ?
a) <ol type="a">
b) <ol type="1">
c) <ol type="I">
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82) Defining clickable sub-areas on an image is called?
a) imagelinking
b) imagemapping
c) multiple linking
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83) How can you open a link in a new browser window?
a) <a href="url" new>
b) <a href="url" target="_blank">
c) <a href="url" target="new
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84) What tag adds a paragraph break after the text ?
b) <P>
c) <BR>
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85) Which property will open a page in a new window?
a) target="_self"
b) target="_blank"
c) target="_top"
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86) The <i> tag makes text... ?
a) Bold
b) Inline
c) Italic
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87) Which two meta tags have special relevance for search engines ?
a) Description and Keywords
b) Description and Name
c) Cookies and Keywords
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88) To start a list using circles use which of these tags ?
a) <ul type="circle">
b)<ul "circle">
c) <ul type="round">
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89) All normal webpages consist of what two parts ?
a) Head and body
b) Top and bottom
c) Body and frameset
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90) Use what to prevent confusion on numbers higher than 9 with hexadecimal colors ?
a) #
b) !
c) %
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91) Why do designers often use slight variations of black and white as background colors ?
a) Personal choice
b) Black and white are ugly colors
c) To make the page more readable
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92) Which will let text wrap down the side of the image?
a) <img src="myImage.gif" align="wrap">
b)<img src="myImage.gif" align="right">
c) <img src="myImage.gif" wrap="on">
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93) There are how many "browser safe colors" ?
a) 16 Million
b) 216
c) 256
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94) How do you add a link which will allow the visitor to send an email from your page ?
a) Add an image of an envelope
b)Add <a href="sendmailtoyouraddress">
c) Add <a href="mailto:youraddress">
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95) Which tag is used to insert images into your web page ?
a) pic
b) scr
c) img
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96) One should never combine the "start" and "type" option ?
a) True
b) Sometimes True, sometimes False
c) False
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97) What is the most important tool for adding colors to certain areas of the page rather than the entire background ?
a) Fonts
b) Tables
c) Images
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98) All HTML tags are enclosed in what ?
a) <>
b) ? and !
c) # and #
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99) Which of the following will NOT be found in the <head> section ?
a) Metatags
b) Title
c) Table
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100) Which property tells how many rows a cell should span ?
a) colspan=n
b) Both rowspan=n and colspan=n
c) rowspan=n
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101) You can add names to each frame window using which setting ?
a) name
b) src
c) ur
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102) Using Hspace will add what to your image ?
a) Space to the left and right
b) Space to the top and bottom
c) Height to all sides
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(1) a(2) c (3) c (4) a (5) a (6) a (7) b (8) a(9) b (10) b
(11) b (12) a (13) c (14) c (15) c(16) c (17) a (18) c (19) b (20) b
(21) c (22) b (23) b (24) c(25) c (26) a (27) c (28) b (29) c (30) c
(31) b (32) a (33) c(34) b (35) c (36) c (37) c (38) a (39) d (40) c
(41) b (42) a(43) c (44) a (45) c (46) a (47) a (48) a (49) a(50) b
(51) b(52) b (53) b (54) b (55) c (56) a (57) a (58) a(59) b (60) b
(61) a (62) c (63) b (64) c (65) a(66) a (67) c(68) c (69) c (70) a
(71) a (72) c (73) c (74) c(75) c (76) a (77) b (78) c (79) c (80) a
(81) b (82) b (83) b(84) b (85) b (86) c (87) a (88) a (89) a (90) a
(91) c (92) b(93) c (94) c (95) c (96) c (97) b (98) a (99) c(100) c
(101) a(102) a

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