Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google Shows Special Doodle for 176th BirthDay of Mark Twain

Google  shows Doodle in its Home page for celebrating 176th BirthDay of Mark Twain who was an American author and humorist.

Mark Twain is the Pen name. His Actual name is  Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Mark Twain was born  on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Mo.

Mark Twain is most noted for his novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885) which is often called "the Great American Novel.".

The Google Doodle is   showing the classic scene from The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, where Tom gets someone else to paint his Aunt Polly’s white picket fence. You can freely Download the entire book free from Google books.

This Doodle is the widest Google Doodle. 

Twain used different pen names before deciding on Mark Twain. He signed humorous and imaginative sketches Josh until 1863. Additionally, he used the pen name Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass for a series of humorous letters

Mark Twain achieved great success as a writer and public speaker. His wit and satire earned praise from critics and peers, and he was a friend to presidents, artists, industrialists, and European royalty.

Twain was fascinated with science and scientific inquiry. Twain patented three inventions, including an "Improvement in Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments"  and a history trivia game.

Mark Twain's Motivational Quotes are famous. You can get lot of  Mark Twain's Quotes in our Quotes site.

Watch below the video showing Quotes of Mark Twain.

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American Airlines Parent AMR Files for Bankruptcy protection

 AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines  filed for bankruptcy protection in an effort to reduce labor costs and shed a heavy debt burden.

The AMR  and certain of its U.S.-based subsidiaries (including American Airlines and AMR Eagle Holding Corporation), today filed voluntary petitions for Chapter 11 reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

American Airlines  is the third-largest carrier in United States. And, AMR was the last of the major legacy airline companies in the United States to file for Chapter 11.

There will no impact on travelers for now. The airline said in a statement that it would be operating normal flight schedules and honoring tickets, as usual, during the process. It added its frequent flyer program is not affected.

“Our board decided that it was necessary to take this step now to restore the company’s profitability, operating flexibility and financial strength,”  Thomas W. Horton  said in the Statement. Thomas W. Horton will be the new Chairman and Chief Executive of American Airlines, he will be replacing the current CEO Gerald Arpey.

"This was a difficult decision, but it is the necessary and right path for us to take - and take now - to become a more efficient, financially stronger, and competitive airline," Thomas W. Horton said in the statement.

Last month, the airline reported a third-quarter loss of $162 million, or 48 cents a share, due to higher jet fuel prices.

AMR Has $4.1 Billion in Cash to Ensure Uninterrupted Supply of Goods and Services During Proceedings.

One of AMR’s chief goals in bankruptcy will be to lower its labor costs.

More information about American Airlines Chapter 11 filing is available on the Internet at AA.com/restructuring.

American Airlines(AA) was listed at No.120 on the Fortune 500 list of companies in 2010 and is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance.

You can follow @AmericanAir to get the latest updaes about American Airlines.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Deals - 50% Discount if you buy Today (November 28th )

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday.

In 2010, comScore reported that consumers spent $1028M online on Cyber Monday, the highest spending day of 2010.

Lot of  companies are giving Cyber Monday Discounts today.

Online retail giant Amazon.com said Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving, was its peak day last year.

You can check the Cyber Monday Deals at amazon.com/cybermonday

HostGator is giving 50% percent Discount for any Hosting Packages on Cyber Monday.

AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service)
Academy Sports and Outdoors
Ace Hardware - Ace Hardware is offering 10 percent discount off your entire order on Cyber Monday
Babies"'R" Us
Banana Republic
Bass Pro Shops
Half Price Books
NewYork Times Subscription

And, you can refer this list of Cyber Monday Deals prepared by Gizmodo.
You can see more Cyber Monday Deals at CyberMonday.com
Share this page with your friends and social media friends so that they can utilize this opportunity before the Deal ends.
And, if you are online seller, mention your Cyber Monday Deals and Discounts thro' the comments. I will go thro' the comments and update this post with more Cyber Monday Deals.

We are also giving 50% Discount for any of our products if you buy it today (November 28th). Note that we haven't implemented this Discount in the "Buy Now" button. So, if you want to use this 50% Discount "Cyber Monday Deal" you need to contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) thro' email before buying our product.

Note that this Offer is valid for Today only.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Google Kills many products including Google Wave and Knol

Google has announced that it in the process of shutting a number of products including Google Wave and Knol.

Find below the list products/services which are going to be closed by Google.

  • Google Bookmarks Lists
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Google Gears
  • Google Search Timeline
  • Google Wave
  • Knol
  • Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal
Google Bookmarks Lists is the  experimental feature for sharing bookmarks and collaborating with friends. It will be closed on December 19, 2011.

Google Friend Connect (GFC) allows webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a few snippets of code  It will be retired on March 1, 2012. Google recommends to use Google+ badge instead of this retiring service.

Google Gears will be stopped on December 1, 2011. Instead of Google Gear, Google is going to focus on HTML5 for implementing offline browsing capabilities.

Google Wave we will turned off completely on April 3,2012. Wave users can export the individual wave to pdf files.

 Knol will work as usual until April 30, 2012, and the knol authors can download  their knols to a file and/or migrate them to WordPress.com. 

Google recommends the Knol users to use Annotum.org, which is powered by WordPress and was built in collaboration with Solvitor and Crowd Favorite for moving the knol content.

We have lot of knols and Knol Collections including a knol about QTP Automation  which is getting around 2000 page views every week without doing any promotion.

I am analyzing the best way to transfer this traffic to our websites. Google knol has given an option to specify the redirect url for every knol. I am planning to redirect our QTP knol to our QTPbook.com site. 
But I am not sure whether it will transfer the SEO advantage too.  I need to do more analysis about finding the best way to do the redirection.

Anyway, I believe closure of knol will be useful for me. Because I had spent lot of time/effort to create knols and collections. But CTR for the AdSense ads in the knols is very low. Since knol is allowing redirection now, I think we can transfer the traffic to our own sites which will be having good CTR and therefore good revenue.

And, I can help the knol authors to set up their own websites at affordable price. And, they can choose HostGator as   hosting. And they can use my coupon code QUALITYPOINTHG to get $9.94 OFF, or   use QUALITYPOINT25 to get 25% OFF.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Indian Rupee Falls to All-Time Low (52.73) Against U.S. Dollar

Today (Tuesday, 22n November, 2011) the Indian rupee (INR) tumbled to an all-time low of 52.73 against the U.S. dollar (USD).

The rupee has now fallen 14% since the start of 2011. And, The rupee remains the worst performing of Asia's 10 most-traded currencies.

Since most of our customers are from U.S, they can get benefit from this News. Let me explain in detail.

Our Base Currency is Indian Ruppee (INR). Since U.S. Dollar (USD) is growing strong against INR, I will be able to get same amount of Rupees (INR) even if our U.S. Customers pay less than usual rates for our Services and Scripts.

So, I can reduce the Rates for our SEO Service and for our Products if you are going to make the payment in US Dollar (USD).

Contact me (rajamanickam@gmail.com) if you are interested to utilize this opportunity. Even I can sell our websites at reduced price. I think it will be a win-win approach. The buyer can get the scripts/services/sites at low price while I will be paid at normal price.

Note that this Offer will NOT be available once after the Rupee returns to its original value.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Real Time Traffic Data in Google Analytics

 Today I got an email from Google Analytics Team regarding the the new version of Google Analytics.
After receiving this email, I checked my Google Analytics Account and found an option to switch into the New version.

This new version of Google Analytics is having a redesigned interface that makes it even easier to explore the  data.

Apart from the improved Interface, it has some significant new features too. I found the Real-Time reporting very useful and still exploring the benefits of the other new features such as Multi-Channel Funnels, Mobile Reporting  and Flow Visualization.

I believe the Real-Time report feature will be very useful for the webmasters to measure the success of their Social Media promotion efforts and it will help them to make the Social Media promotion effective.

For example, assume that I tweet this post after publishing it. And, I can view the Real-time Traffic from the Google Analytics. From the Real-time reporting, I will be able to know when I need to tweet this post again.

You’ll find Real-Time reports in the ‘Home’ tab.

Note that the Real-time Reporting is still in Beta. When I compared the realtime reports from the feedjit and Google Analytics Real-time reports, I found that Goolge Analytics real-time reports are getting displayed with some delay.  And, I am not sure whether Google is going to provide any option to publicly show the Real-time traffic data. So, I think we need to use the other real-time traffic reports such as feedjit till Google address these things.

Multi-Channel Funnels is a feature that visually displays your TOP CONVERSION PATHS. Google will show you a snapshot of shopping behavior that leads up to a sales. Conversion path data includes interactions with many media channels, including clicks from paid and organic searches, affiliates, social networks, and display ads.

More and more, visitors are using mobile devices to browse the web. Mobile reports in the new version of Google Analytics help you understand how mobile visitors are interacting with your site. You can even see which mobile devices your visitors use and optimize for those devices.

Flow Visualization is a beautifully designed and highly sophisticated tool for graphically showing how visitors navigate through your site.

And, Google also rolled out Google Analytics Premium, the first paid Google Analytics product.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google Doodle for honoring Louis Daguerre who invented the daguerreotype process of photography

By showing Special Doodle in its Home Page, Google is honoring Louis Daguerre who was a French artist and physicist, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He was born on  November 18, 1787 in France. Today is his 224th birthday.

A professional scene painter for the opera with an interest in lighting effects, Daguerre began experimenting with the effects of light upon translucent paintings in the 1820s.

He invented the Daguerreotype along with Nicéphore Niépce. Louis Daguerre introduced the daguerreotype process to the public on August 19, 1839 at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris. 

Before the daguerreotype, photography required hours of exposure and Louis Daguerre's invention reduced it to 20-30 minutes

The daguerreotype  was the first commercially successful photographic process. The daguerreotype is a direct-positive process, creating a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper plated with a thin coat of silver without the use of a negative. The process required great care. Although daguerreotypes are unique images, they could be copied by redaguerreotyping the original. Copies were also produced by lithography or engraving. Portraits based upon daguerreotypes appeared in popular periodicals and in books.

Daguerre’s Boulevard du Temple could be the first photograph to include a human being. The photo was taken by Daguerre in 1838 in Paris, and it captured a man standing alongside the road. Louis Daguerre achieve the Boulevard du Temple after exposing a chemically treated metal plate for ten minutes. Surprisingly, the person standing alongside the road was not the only person around that time. Other “human beings” were walking or riding in carriages down but they’re were moving so they didn’t show up.

The solar eclipse of July 28, 1851 is the first correctly exposed photograph of a solar eclipse, using the daguerreotype process

Watch below the YouTube Video showing many daguerreotypes.

Some Reports gives some clue about the reason behind showing this Doodle Today.

Speaking of cameras, Google is selling a new smartphone today in United Kingdom which features a five-megapixel back camera with zero-shutter lag, the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus which features the newest version of Android’s operating system, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Coincidence? Well, maybe.

What do you think about this Doodle? Just Coincidence or Google's Business Tactics?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Need Fresh Graduates to work as "Software Engineer- Trainee" in Chennai and Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District)

We are looking for Fresh Graduates (BE, MCA, MSc-Computer Science, BSc (Computer Science) with good Marks in 10th, 12th and Degree) to work as "Software Engineer- Trainee" in our Offices located at Chennai and Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District).

You can visit our website to know more about us.

The primary responsibility of this job position is to promote our products, especially our timesheet Script and websites using white hat approaches of Search engine optimization (SEO) and by doing Social media promotion.

i-e The selected candidates need to do SEO work initially. And, we will allocate either Software Testing tasks or web development (php, mysql, ajax, jquery) task based on their skills and performance after few months.

People living in and around Ottapidaram and Toothukudi can directly come for the interview to our Ottapidaram office anytime between 2pm to 5 pm during weekdays.

Others can send their resume to qualitypointmail@gmail.com with below details.

1. Your Expected Salary.
2. Location preference (Ottapidaram or Chennai)
3. Your answers for the Questions asked in the previous post.

Send your Resume only if you are really interested to work in our Team.
And, the shortlisted candidates will be informed about the Interview.

NOTE: We have very few openings only. So, the Job Consultancies need NOT contact us.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Steps for Setting Default User Notify option in phpBB Forum

Few years back, we had set-up a phpBB based Forum for allowing the users to discuss about various things including software testing and web development.

And, our Team is spending time and effort to update knowledge base section of this Forum. We use this Forum as Support Forum for our products.

Large number of users are joining this Forum, as this Forum members can freely access lot of our applications such as Quiz, Twitter Tools, SEO Tools, social bookmarking, etc.

While writing this post, this Forum is having 4,890 Members. Note that almost all these members will be real active users. Because We had taken lot of steps to prevent spam users. And, our own batch script will delete the spammers periodically. Let me know if you still find any spammers in our Forum.

So, the Forum is having lot of benefits and lot of members too. But active discussion in this Forum is low even it is having lot of active members.

After doing some investigation, we were able to find the reason for this low active discussion. The Forum is NOT informing the users about any new reply added to their question. So, the people are NOT willing to use this Forum for asking any further questions without knowing the fact that their questions are getting answered.

This Forum is having "subscribe" option for allowing the users to get notified whenever they get any reply. But it seems most of the people are not knowing this feature. By default it is turned off.

So, I wanted to turn on it by default. I searched the ACP to find any setting for making this change. But I couldn't find any setting for turning it on by default.

After doing some Google search, I did it with below two steps.

1. For setting default "subscribe" option for the New users.

Open \includes\functions_user.php and replace 'user_notify'=> 0, with 'user_notify'=> 1,

2. For setting default "subscribe" option for the Existing users.

Run the following SQL query:

UPDATE phpbb_users
SET user_notify = 1
WHERE user_type <> 2;
Remember to purge the Cache  using ACP if you want to see this change immediately.

I plan to focus more on improving the quality of our Forum further so that the huge user base can utilize our Forum effectively.

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Facebook Hacked?

Anoymous Hackers warned that they were going to destroy Facebook on November 5th.

But nothing happened on November 5th.

It seems they have started spreading their virus now. Lot of Facebook users are reporting suspicious activities in their Facebook account.

Its rumoured Fawkes virus could be responsible for what is happening,

Facebook is taking steps to prevent spreading of such viruses. It started asking mobile phone verification and asking to verify the tags in friends photos.

Same mobile phone number can not be used for verifying more than one Facebook account.

Are you seeing any strange behaviour in your Facebook Account?

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today's Children's Day Google Doodle is Drawn by 7 Year-old Girl "Varsha Gupta" from Greater Noida, India

Today (November 14th) India Celebrates "Childrens Day"

Nov 14th is India's First Prime Minister Pandit Jawarhalal Nehru's birthday.
He is fond of children. His love and affection is always towards children.

Every year, Google is honoring the children's day by putting children's day Doodle on November 14th.

This year it shows below Doodle.

This Doodle was drawn by 7 year-old girl Varsh Gupta, the winner of this year's Doodle4Google competition organized by Google

Varsha Gupta is a 3rd class student from Ryan International School, Greater Noida, India.

Varsha with Jennifer Hom, An illustrator and designer at Google
This year (2011) Google asked the kids to draw the Doodle for the Theme "India's gift to the world"
Her Theme for the Doodle is "Indian Musical Instruments". And, She gives below explanation for her Doodle. You can complete list of shortlisted Doodle here.

India is a land of different cultures. In India Music plays a very importatnt role. India has given many musical instruments to the world. Example:- Tabla, Sarod, Veena, Shehnai etc. Goddess Saraswati plays Veena, God Shiv plays damaru. According to our mythlogical stories musical instruments used to be played on all the occassions. Even during war musical instruments were played. Lord Krishna's flute is known in the whole world for its magical music. In mordern days mr. Zakir Hussain is world famous as Tabla Mastro. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is known as a great Santoor player all over the world.

Read our knol to see the previous years Children's Day Google Doodles.

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Show Direct Advertisements in highly Targeted QA Site

Few months back I had launched QTPBook.com by putting my eBook contents freely.

Within very short period, this site has started getting significant number of visitors. The Important thing is, all these visitors are highly Targeted visitors (i-e People interested in learning Software Testing and QTP Automation). You can see the 1 month Google Analytics report here.

Many people are asking me frequently, "when you will start the next QTP Training program?".
But, right now I am engaged with lot of other tasks. So, it is not possible to start the training immediately.

So, I decided to allow the other Trainers to advertise their services in our Site QTPBook.com at affordable price.

Contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) if you are interested to show your Banner ads in our QTPBook.com site.

If possible, send below details also while contacting me.

1. Your landing page.
2. Sample of your Ads.
3. Your required placement in our site.
4. Price you are willing to offer, and the minimum duration.

Please note that I won't accept any ads which are NOT relevant to our site.

And, it can be used for advertising Software Testing and QTP related Books, eBooks, Seminars, Tools and websites/Blogs.

Even Employers and Consultancies can use these Direct Advertisements to find suitable candidates.

If you are an Expert in Software Testing and related Stuff, you can write Guest Posts for the QTPBook.com. You can add your link at the end of of the article as part of the Bio-line. In this way, you can freely advertise your site while showing your expertise to large number of people.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Space for Improvement in PayPal Dispute System.

Today I have noticed a need for the improvement in the Dispute System of the popular Payment Gateway system "PayPal".

Recently I sold a script to a Buyer and I clearly mentioned below Terms and Conditions in the invoice itself apart from communicating this message to buyer thro' email.

Terms and conditions

- The Discount is applicable only for this un-updated version of the script. i-e you can get this for $150 only if you buy it today (2nd November) before we start updating this script.
- Refund is NOT applicable at any situation, as we will provide the source code.
- Any further corrections and updations are NOT free. We can do any corrections/updations for additional charge based on hourly billing.

But, today I was surprised to see the Buyer was able to remove this $150 from my PayPal account using "PayPal Dispute". I didn't like this paypal's behavour. Why paypal is reducing my balance while I clearly mentioned as "Refund is NOT applicable at any situation" in the Terms and Conditions of the invoice?

I couldn't understand why PayPal is supporting the buyer who is NOT respecting its "Terms and Conditions" feature.

The worst thing is, because of this dispute PayPal had cancelled my last Bank withdrawal. I will be losing significant amount because of the exchange rate difference during this cancellation.

I think PayPal Dispute System can be improved further. For example, apart from providing text area for entering free text for "Terms and Conditions" field, PayPal can provide a checkbox or radio button for specifying whether refund is allowed or not.

And, if the Seller chooses checkbox not to allow refund, the buyer should not be able to start the dispute for asking refund. Since the Buyer will be notified about "No refund" policy, it won't affect the Buyer. This feature will be very useful for the Sellers who sell digital products. I am NOT sure whether any disadvantage is there. You can share your comments about this suggestion.

I have asked PayPal Support to take necessary action against this Buyer who wastes my time without respecting the "Terms and Conditions".

I will update this post later once after I get the response from the PayPal support.

update on November 15
PayPal Support helped me to close the Dispute and I got back the Money.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

HTML5 is replacing Adobe Flash. Earn Money using this opportunity....

Open your Chrome browser or your latest firefox browser.

Load "Google.com".

Search for "do a barrel roll"

What you are seeing?

This is the Power of HTML5.

If you are interested to earn money using this HTML5 Power you can read my previous post about the opportunity for buying the HTML5 Tutorial site.

According to the Indeed Job Trends, "HTML5" is the #1 job trend - the fastest growing term over the last year.

Read below the article about the growth of HTML5. This Article is written by Pradeep who is working in QualityPoint Technologies.

It has been roughly 10 years we have been using the HTML-4 versions. Even though XHTML was released during the last decade by W3C , HTML4 did not see any major ground breaking changes. HTML -5 has been a hot topic now for a while ever since it was first released in 2009 and It seems like everyone is talking about HTML5 now. The HTML5 work stems from the WHATWG .

The useful and at the same time powerful elements added to this latest version of HTML made many web developers to think that “ finally Flash has got a worthy opponent” . Very recently Adobe systems which developed flash player which powers many media playbacks in websites has announced that it will move over to newer HTML5 technology and will halt that the development of its Adobe mobile Flash player . This puts an end to flash Vs HTML debate and it is to be noted that Apple Inc vehemently rejected the flash player stating that it is an inefficient power hog. Many other software and internet giants also have started to turn their attention towards HTML5 which clearly means that the tide is turning towards HTML5!! .

Social networking giant Facebook is also showing a lot of interest in HTML5 its recent acquisition of HTML5 app distribution company strobe is an example .And it has recently launched HTML5 resource center. In the HTML5 resource center you can built, test and deploy your app . They have also created a group called HTML5 that helps in discussing with fellow developers. And as it had ported its platform to the mobile world also , it is pushing hard with HTML5. Google is also focusing hard on HTML5 and investing millions in the development related to HTML5, It recently made changes to its web mail service – Gmail and made it a HTML friendly one and has included more features like resizing to fit the screen and customizing the placement of widgets . Google’s chrome web store gives access to its apps for its users and allows them to use it , Many would have be taken by surprise by its sleek and intuitive design and the web store was primarily built on HTML5. HTML video , offline Gmail are some of the apps in this web store that is sure to bring some smile to the users. Its Recent Halloween doodle was completely designed using HTML5 these are few instances to show that Google doesn’t treat HTML5 lightly.

Adding to the long list of corporate switching over to HTML5, Microsoft might be the latest addition to this , Even before the shock created by Adobe regarding its termination of its development of its mobile flash could settle down there has been reports from Microsoft that it would terminate the development on its Silverlight rich multimedia platform to focus on its own HTML5 efforts.

HTML5 enabled browsers are expected to gain a lion’s share in the next few years. The recent survey taken by ABI research Data nearly 2.1 billion mobile devices all over the world will be powered by HTML5 browsers by 2016. And as HTML5 is an open standard and hence many developers across different platforms are using it and more over it is being backed by Google , Microsoft , Apple , Facebook and Amazon . The list of mobile sites and applications that use HTML5 is growing rapidly . Twitter , Youtube , Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader , Financial Times are making a switch to HTML5. And HTML5's penetration into the internet world is very fast and steady .Undoubtfully HTML5 has every chance to rule the internet and its related applications.

LearnHTML5.Info is For Sale on Flippa!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

OnePass.Biz - Manually Created Directory of Web Sites useful for Business

Few weeks back, I had written about our plans regarding OnePass.Biz, a website for getting the details about important websites useful for business.

Our Team had done lot of hardwork to bring this site with hand-picked list of websites useful for Business, especially for doing Online Business.

Right now, it is having around 60 lists. Note that each and every list is prepared manually.

  • A site which contains collection of business related information as a list
  • All the lists are manually edited and the data has been included after careful analysis from various other standard sites.
  • Overall there are 66 posts that cover a wide business area and on various categories that comprise softwares, web based applications, payment process , cargo carriers , antivirus and lot more.
  • This site ranks 5th in yahoo and 4th Bing for its primary keyword onepass. And, it gets traffic from Search engines for other keywords such as "famous operating systems", and "online shopping sites" also.
  • Lot of SEO promotions has been done on this site for more than 5 months. So, it is having nearly 3K backlinks.
  • This site consists of a page list page that contains all the business related lists in a single page this has a high possibility to go for a viral propagation in social media.
  • This site can be very useful to implement reciprocal links . There are lot of open source php scripts available that can be used to perform mutual link exchanges between this site and the other .   .
  • “Onepass" is having good search volume (Broad- 135,000 , Exact -12,100)
  • According to SEMRush CPC for "onepass" is good.(i-e $1.11)
  • Estibot domain value is $45 USD
  • This site has a page rank  3.
 I am planning to sell this site. So, if you are interested to buy this site you can send your offer price  to me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) .  This site is having huge potential to be developed as a huge Business Directory. 

And, the potential buyer can easily earn by showing advertisements, and by allowing paid lists or paid links.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Google Doodle for 144th Birth anniversary of Marie Curie

Google celebrates the 144th  anniversary of the birth of scientist Marie Curie by showing Special Doodle on the Home page of the Search Engine Google.com.

Curie was born in Warsaw on 7 November 1867, but moved to Paris in 1891 to pursue her studies in mathematics and physics at the Sorbonne. Working alongside her husband Pierre, she is credited with discovering polonium and radium. The couple were awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1903. Curie is the first woman receiving Nobel prize. And, She got Nobel prize of Chemistry also. She is the first person receiving two Nobel prizes.
Her achievements include a theory of radioactivity  techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and the discovery of two elements, polonium and radium. Under her direction, the world's first studies were conducted into the treatment of neoplasms, using radioactive isotopes. She founded the Curie Institutes.

Marie Curie
 During World War I, Curie helped set up mobile field hospitals that featured primitive X-ray equipment to help detect shrapnel in soldiers.

Curie helped forever change not only how science thought about radioactivity, but also how the world perceived women in science.

 Exposed to so many radioactive materials throughout her career, Marie Curie died of aplastic anemia in 1835.

France and Poland declared 2011 to be the Year of Marie Curie to honor this great Scientist.

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Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam expresses satisfaction about the Safety of Koodankulam Nuclear Project

Former Indian President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam had visited Koodankulam Nuclear power plant (KNPP) in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu, India. And, Kalam had expressed satisfaction about the Safety of the Nuclear Plant after having detailed discussion with KNPP officials and inspecting the safety features of the plant.

"I am completely satisfied. I am happy to see such safety measures. I am happy that this reactor will be safe to all the people around the plant," Kalam told reporters after inspecting the plant. "The third generation nuclear reactor is totally safe and is a boon to the people," Kalam added. He said electricity is necessary for India's economic growth.

Asked if he suspected whether 'foreign missionaries' were instigating the locals against the plant, Kalam said, "My great teachers have taught me not to suspect any person."

 Meanwhile, an official of the anti-nuclear movement said they are not willing to have dialogue with Kalam on the issue.

Kudankulam Agitation

Kalam asks below question to the people who oppose this Nuclear plant.
Will we allow an accident in Japan, in a 40-year-old reactor at Fukushima, arising out of extreme natural stresses, to derail our dreams to be an economically developed nation?'
And, Kalam  suggests a 10-point Kudankulam PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) programme.  Four-lane highways, a mega desalination plant, construction of houses, schools, hospitals as well as cold storages are amongst the suggestions to the  Indian government made by Kalam for the development of Kudankulam and surrounding areas.

Abdul Kalam explains the importance/need for Nuclear plants by giving below details.

  • Nuclear Plants use Type-1 fuel, which is hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of times more powerful than the conventional Type-0 fuels, which are basically dead plants and animals existing in the form of coal, petroleum, natural gas and other forms of fossil fuel.  i-e Few Bags of naturally occurring Thorium (Type-1 Fuel) can generate same amount of energy generated by Tonnes of Coal (Type-0 fuel).
  • Energy is the most fundamental requirement of every society or nation as it progresses through the ladder of development. There is a distinct and categorical correlation between the energy consumption and income of a nation — each reinforcing the other. India sees rapid economic growth after liberalization. All this economic growth will need massive energy.
  • Germany's decision about phasing out Nuclear plants should not be compared with India's Nuclear plans. Because, Germany is a power-surplus nation, and they had to import Uranium if they want to continue the Nuclear plants.  India, on the other hand, is the leader of the new resource of nuclear fuel called Thorium, which is considered to be the nuclear fuel of the future.
  • A study indicates that most of the prosperous nations are extracting about 30-40 per cent of power from nuclear power and it constitutes a significant part of their clean energy portfolio, reducing the burden of combating climate change and the health hazards associated with pollution.
  • Solar and wind power, despite all their advantages, are not stable and are dependent excessively on weather and sunshine conditions. Nuclear power, on the other hand, provides a relatively clean, high-density source of reliable energy with an international presence. Today, there are 29 countries operating 441 nuclear power plants, with a total capacity of about 375 GW(e). The industry now has more than 14,000 reactor-years of experience. Sixty more units, with a total target capacity of 58.6 GW, were under construction.
  • We should not compare a nuclear bomb with a nuclear plant. The bomb is designed to deliver a large amount of energy over a very short period of time, leading to explosions, firestorms and massive heat energy generated to obliterate every object in its path. That is what a bomb is supposed to do! Civilian nuclear applications in the form of a power plant, on the other hand, are designed to deliver small amounts of energy in a sustainable manner over a far larger time frame. It is designed with systems to control and cool the nuclear reaction. There are safety procedures and back-ups.
  • At Tsunami-affected Japan's Fukushima-Daiichi plant, there was no direct loss of life due to the accident or during the operation in its aftermath to contain it. But according to WHO,  about 1.3 million people  lose their lives as a result of urban outdoor air pollution  which is a direct consequence of electricity generation requirements.
  •  Comparing to Flight and Ship Accidents, Nuclear plant accidents are rare. Even those rare Nuclear accidents can be avoided in future due to the rapid development of Technologies.
  • Coal mine fires cause huge loss  to Life  and Property.
  •  While radiation due to a nuclear disaster is dangerous, it would amount to wrong propaganda to state that nuclear disasters will affect generations to come.

India's nuclear power plant operator NPCIL is building two 1,000 MW nuclear power reactors with Russian technology and equipment in Kudankulam.

The first unit is expected to go on stream in December. The project is estimated to cost around Rs.13,160 crore (over $2.5 billion). 

But, thousands of protesters and villagers living around the plant, are blocking highways and staging hunger strikes, preventing further construction work, demanding closure of this plant, as they believe that the nuclear plant is unsafe.

The Indian Government has already set up a 15-member expert committee to clear "misconceptions" about the project.

Apart from being a notable scientist and engineer, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007.

He is popularly known as the Missile Man of India for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology. Kalam takes important roles in India’s Pokhran-II nuclear test in 1998

APJ Abdul Kalam is a man of vision, who is always full of ideas aimed at the development of the country. He firmly believes that India needs to play a more assertive role in international relations.

Dr. Kalam had received honorary doctorates from 30 universities and institutions, and he is the recipient of many awards including India’s highest award Bharath Ratna.

People especially Students love and respect Kalam so much. Quotes of Abdul Kalam will be inspiring and Motivational.

Dr. Kalam had received honorary doctorates from 30 universities and institutions, and he is the recipient of many awards including India’s highest award Bharath Ratna.
Kalam has proposed a research program for developing bio-implants and Space solar power.

And, you can join the discussion of Nuclear Energy here.

Find below the various Comments/Reply from various people across the world for the Question "Do you support Nuclear Power Plants?"

Nuclear (fission) power is carbon neutral and if done right (not the way the US does it) has less waste material per unit energy than ANY carbon based fuel. In my opinion the only better alternative is nuclear fusion power which we don't have yet. I am from the USA, and I fully support nuclear power.
Breeder reactors (where you get more fuel than you put in) are even harder to build due to added security concerns that are raised when you produce weapons-grade plutonium, so many politically viable nuclear power plant designs are less efficient and 'dirtier'.
The problem where nuclear waste will last 10,000 years? Why is that stuff so dangerous and for so long? Because it's giving off radiation, aka energy, and here's a lot of it, which is why it's so dangerous and for so long - yet we call it waste and need to hide it away. Breeder reactors + nuclear waste reprocessing = waste that is nowhere near as dirty (it's still not clean by any measure - but it's a damn sight cleaner), but the problem is weaponizable nuclear material exists somewhere in that chain, and the US wants as little of that stuff floating around as possible. Not unreasonable, but 'waste that lasts 10,000 years' isn't an unsolved problem in nuclear physics.
I am also in the US and favor nuclear power.

I am a big proponent for nuclear power plants. The craziest thing about it, in the USA at least, is how they've turned environmentalists against it! You'd think that they'd be amongst the staunchest supporters.

If a 40 year old, mismanaged plant can survive a huge earthquake, subsequent tsunami and still not go critical I wouldn't mind in the slightest if a properly managed, modern plant were built close by. Keep in mind that the only economical alternative in most of the world is still coal power. Mining coal destroys the environment and routinely kills workers. Burning coal releases radiation, soot and all kinds of nasty crap that adds to deaths- however, it's a slow process, not flashy and newsworthy like nuke plant problems

I don't mean to be a pedant, but I must LOL every time I see someone misuse the word "critical". When a reactor is "critical", the number of neutrons created from fission that go on to create another fission on average is equal to 1. In other words, reactor power is constant and self-sustaining. It is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it is quite normal for a reactor to be "critical".

And if you look into wind power, it's no just the inconsistent power output that is an issue. They do in fact put a toll on the environment, though much more subtly. Can anyone honestly say that the relativity short life of a wind farm, coupled with incredibly high cost of production, is worth the end result?
Im not saying they are the devil incarnate, im just trying to point out that they are very cost ineffective compared to other renewable energy sources. Plus I support nuclear power and hate to see efforts in that field get scaled back.

Anytime we climbed a tower in a field of wind turbines there were dead birds every where.

Ideally I want Solar and Wind to replace coal. Unfortunately we can't do that right now for the many reasons, so I support Nuclear, Solar and Wind replacing Coal.

Yes, I'm from the US. Coal kills an estimated 1 million people annually, and natural gas/oil are also way up there. Nuclear is far safer than fossil fuels, but because deaths occur in one massive burst, its dangers are more noticeable. Nobody notices the thousands of people who die from coal-related breathing disorders though, since they die quietly in hospitals. IIRC, it's also safer than hydroelectric if people live below the dam. Obviously sustainable choices (solar, geothermal, wind) are better for human safety, but unfortunately they don't have the capacity to provide for 100% of our energy needs. Nuclear can fill the gap. Fusion would be safer than current technology, and with much less nuclear waste, so I think we should push research on fusion.

More deaths have come from coal than nuclear even including Japan, and coal waste is surprisingly more radioactive (larger amounts)than nuclear.

Yeah, the problem w/ solar and wind right now is storage for times when there isn't wind or sunlight. That's why nuclear is the best option (at the moment) because it can produce a stream of power that doesn't fluctuate (much) and with very little waste with new reactors.

It supports me. Nuclear power is by far the most efficient source of "clean energy." It raw dogs the other alternatives by far. I'd rather have that than coal burnoff but I'm American, if it seems good to go at first glance, "Awesome," sort the details later.
Nuke plants are fine depending on the age/type and maintenance.

 I very much support nuclear energy and therefore power plants, just make sure they aren't built around areas that are prone to earthquakes or tsunamis.

I personally support them, but as an undergraduate process engineer I've been somewhat taught that they are the future. They have several pro's and con's but are probably the most realistic option in what people understand as sustainable. The most important fact to remember is that they are available now as a carbon neutral (in the sense that the general public understands it) source of power, and they can actually provide a realistic amount of the worlds energy requirements. Wind is pretty much useless on a large scale, and the amount of solar panels it would take to power a large city is unrealistic. Uranium comes from mostly from Canada and Russia, making it more reliable than middle eastern based oil sources. (most US oil comes from North and South America, but I'm from the UK).

I have lived in a town with a nuclear power plant my entire life (Ohio, USA) and I can see no downside to it. It helps the economy (helps pay for a multi-million-dollar, public school AND gives countless jobs to the community) and really causes no problems. Sure, there was a scare during 9/11, and that was somewhat terrifying (especially being a youngin'), but other than that I have full confidence in it. My house is maybe a three minute drive from being right in front of the facility's gates (I can run there, and frequently do during workouts, in 10-15 minutes), and honestly seeing it when I come home from college (or anywhere for that matter) reminds me that I'm home. In my mind, I see no problems with them, and the community embraces it as well. But hey, that's just my two cents. I'm open to any questions that people might have about them and will try to answer questions to the best of my ability!

Nuclear Power Plants are better than other power plants - it is that easy of a sweeping generalization. Fact. Building Nuclear Power Plants near sea level, near the coast, with backup generators at ground level was the problem with Fukushima. Nuclear Power was not to blame for what happened. There is so much better Nuclear technology available now than there was when most of our plants were built.

I think nuclear power plants are a great idea. However, I think that the greedy, lying, low-balling, corner-cutting, regulation-setting-and-ignoring corporations that run nuclear power plants are a nearly insurmountable problem.

I do support nuclear power plants. Currently, there isn't a good enough generation source which provides the base line that nuclear does. Yes, you could supplement that loss with extra CCGTs, or coal plants, but then there's the added CO2. And replacing them with renewable sources would take a massive investment, and plus, frequency stabilisation will be much much harder without any big generations on the grid. And with the Japan Tsunami disaster, i havent looked into specifics that much, but wasnt the Fukushima-Daiichi plant built on a fault line? This isnt a good enough reason to just blanket ban nuclear power really.

I fully support nuclear energy. I actually did a paper on this subject. The big thing with solar energy is that it is pretty damn expensive to start up, and it takes up a LOT of room, just like wind energy. And nobody wants all of those solar panels or wind turbines in their backyard. Coal kills people as well, just like nuclear, but whether it is from the mining of it, or just the emissions, it does. The downside to nuclear energy right now is that it is expensive to start up a new plant, so we keep using our old ones, which are built by oceans for the water supply to cool the reactors. Technology has become sufficient enough that we don't need to have the plants near an ocean, nor do I think we even need them near a river. So the threat of a tsunami wipeout can be reduced to nothing if we moved inland with them. Not all places can do this though like Japan. The other issue is the nuclear waste, but that is being worked on. They are finding ways to reduce the amount of waste produced, and I believe that they are working on a way to be able to re-use spent fuel rods. I just researched this a year ago, things may have progressed or changed since then, but I will be for nuclear energy. I am in the United States.  

Of course. It's safe, clean, & efficient, what's not to support?

If every single nuclear reactor in the US blew up and killed as many people a Chernobyl did, there would still be more deaths in a month caused by air pollution from burning fossil fuels.

I am always in favor on Nuclear power, if it is properly maintained and managed it can be a amazing power source.
I support Nucelar Power, and am from the USA. In my particular region, most people oppose it because they don't understand the mechanisms or even statistics. They also oppose hydroelectric dams and wind power because of the damage they do to the environment. They love solar power, but unfortunately, we have rain/overcast for about 9-10 months out of the year.

I would personally sooner live 3 miles from a Nuclear Plant than 3 miles from a Coal Fired Plant, statistically much more dangerous in the latter case.

I fully support them. What is funny is that I have yet to meet someone with a degree in engineering, and more specifically nuclear engineering, that does not. People against the nuclear energy often have not a clue of what they are talking about.

There are risks associated with nuclear power plants, but these risks are overstated. A modern built plant would be significantly safer.

I fully support fission reactors, despite their faults. I don't think the current state of affairs is sustainable forever, and welcome the creation of molten salt reactors if/when they are implemented. I would love to see all of the old plants disabled and torn down in favor of newer, safer models as soon as possible, though.

I work at a plant in the US. I'm comfortable with them.

Nuclear energy is currently the safest method and most environmentally friendly method of producing energy. It has the least amount of dead people per GWh of produced energy factoring in all the accidents and including solar, wind and hydro to the comparison. It is still rather long term sustainable and with thorium the future looks good. Coal power plants for example produce much more radiation than nuclear plants due to radioactive isotopes in the coal.

Yes, because it is much safer than coal (13,000 people every year die from power plants, whereas 4,000 people died from Chernobyl, ignoring cancer deaths). In addition, the recent meltdown was due to an abnormally large earthquake: the plant was designed to handle up to a magnitude 8 earthquake.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Space Solar Power - The Major Future Energy Source?

Usual method of solar power collection  is having some limitations. They can not be used in winter season and there will be downtime (i-e night time) due to earth rotation.. 

Space-based solar power (SBSP) is coming as an appropriate energy source without these limitations. One year back NSS had taken initiate for developing SBSP by launching Kalam-NSS project.  Read below the article written by our Staff  "Pradeep" about the SBSP.

World’s human population has reached 7 billion. And so is the energy consumed by this mammoth population, and this energy consumption is shooting sky high. And all the nations are keeping electricity production as a primary focus as electricity forms the basis of any country’s growth and progress. And every nation is trying every possible option to generate electricity. The natural reserves like Coal and oil are being extracted at a very faster rate that these reserves will hold only for few decades. Hence the only option is renewable resource. A giant leap is required in this regard and this the right time to initiate such kind of projects keeping the future in mind.

One such ambitious project is Space Solar Power. Usually most of us would have heard and read of solar panels being placed in desert and rooftops over the house to generate electricity. But this space solar power technology is quite different where the solar panels are placed in space to generate electricity and thus generated electricity is beamed back to earth. This might look like a sci-fi idea in a Hollywood movie and a question might arise in every one’s mind is this feasible the answer is “YES” and this project has been initiated. Before discussing about the Space Solar Power we should know the benefits of placing the solar panels in space.

· In earth more than half a day is wasted due to dim light and this scenario goes worse in winter and rainy days. Hence if these solar panels are placed in the space we can generate electricity 24*7

· Sun looses most of its intensity on the way to earth in such case around 80% is lost on its way due to the earth atmosphere.

Many companies like Solaren are in the process of implementing this space solar power project. Apart from them nations like USA , Japan , India , China are also showing immense interest in this project . The implementation of this project is as follows giant solar panels are constructed and are lifted to space by means of the Rockets and are stationed in space. These array of solar panels generate electricity from the sun’s rays, and thus produced electricity will be beamed back to earth by converting them to microwaves. These microwaves will be received by the ground receiving station and will once again can be converted to electricity. But problem with this microwaves is they will require a large receiving area in the ground hence lasers can be another ideal option . Fiber optic lasers can be used beam the energy to a very small area.

[Image Source- NSS.ORG]

The benefitswe get out of this project is practically limitless.We can beam the energy that is produced out of this space solar power to any place in the world provided we have a receiving station there. This can be directed to power military camps in remote area and space radars for more detailed surveillance. As the source of electricity is renewable and there is no issue of green house gas emission. Above all it is a reliable source of power .

This project even though might sound extremely beneficial there are few hindrances to this and the prime hindrance is cost Japan has invested a whooping 21$ bn USD on this project and Chinese have planned to execute this within 2050 , And recent pact between India and US has thrown positive signs on a collaborative project , Considering the vast experience both these nations have in the space exploration this is not some thing un reachable . The day is not far away when the power generated by space solar station can power our homes.

You can visit the site http://www.spacesolarpower.info/ to know and read more information about this Space Solar power project. Here are few instances of the content you can find from this site .

· Space solar power is a power generation system where the solar panels are placed in space to generate power from the sun’s rays and thus generated power is beamed back to earth with the help of microwaves or laser see more.

· With the rapid expansion of human population the energy consumption has also increased and depending more on the fossil fuel is not a good option as they will run out very soon. Hence projects like SBSP can power the future world ..


· Practically the benefits we attain from placing these solar panels in space has lot of benefits than we place them in ground . In space sun never sets and hence we can produce power round the clock click this to see more.

· Many nations have realized the importance of this massive

project . In order to cope up with the growing power needs they have to switch over to other source of power like this space solar power . And japan is investing a mammoth amount of $21 billion see more.

· SBSP is for all time and all location .It does not depend on time or location once they are launched to the earth's orbit they continuously generate power 24*7 and no geological factors affect them see more

· One of the major factors concerning today’s world is Green house gas emission and this is a high time to act on it . Space Based Solar Power will be an ideal option to generate more power and at the same time with zero green house gas emission see more

· Our planet’s energy needs are going up every day and we have to find out alternate ways and source to supply this ever growing energy needs. see more

· For many this idea of space Based solar power may look like a sci-fi Hollywood movie .But in every aspect it is possible see more

· Nuclear energy was labeled as a promising source of energy few decades back but Chernobyl disaster and recent fukishuma nuclear crisis has projected this source as a hazardous one and keeping these aspects in mind SBSP will be an ideal option see more

· California based Company Solaren Incorporation has signed a contract with the Gas giant pacific Gas and Electric to provide around 200 megawatts of electricity see more

· Japan a nation known for its innovation and technological advancements shows immense interest in harnessing the sun’s energy through space based solar power see more

· Indian Defense ministry and US energy department have proposed a joint venture for space based solar power project .Thus giving a massive boost for this multi-billion dollar Space Solar power project see more

· Space based solar power is one of the still untapped huge energy source and if this is well harnessed this can power the whole world and prevent the green house gas emission see more.

· Works are underway to enable the Solar powered satellites to power 250k homes all around California by the year 2016. see more..

· During the course of finding more electricity we are depleting the natural resources beyond the condition that it can be repaired . SBSP is a promising one that can maintain a balance between the power production and healthy environement . see more..

· The energy generated in the space station is converted into microwaves and are sent back to earth. .But in order to receive microwaves number of antennas have to be installed over a wide area hence lasers are another option to transmit power from the space see more..

· Even though this project might look like that it consists of limitless advantages it has to overcome lots of barriers to implement them see more.

· Astrium a segment of EADS (European Aerospace group) has been in close collaboration with other leading space agencies to implement the Fiber optic laser to beam power from space station see more. .

· In the year 2008 Pakistan government temporarily suspended the kyber pass the route that is used by the US and UN to transport the essentials to its forces in Afghanistan . The main issue is not ammunition or food these things can be airlifted but the real problem is transporting fuel . Since then US military has thought of an idea to implement Space based solar power see more.

· Space Radars are the radars which are stationed in space in low orbit to track the movement of enemy movement and infiltration this kind of monitoring helps a nation to keep a broad eye on its enemy better than ground based radar see more.

· Space based Solar Power project is a very promising long term technology option to power the world . But an interesting prospectus in this SBSP technology is also be used to enhance and further improve the security of a nation . see more.

· Read about china’s four step execution process of Space Solar power . see more.

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