Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch: A Simple and Effective Guide for Finding Happiness and Success in Your Life - Rajamanickam Antonimuthu

Dare to dream big, for it is the seed from which greatness blooms. Let not the size of your dreams deter you from taking action, for every journey begins with a single step. Embrace the power of persistence, and move forward, inch by inch, towards the realization of your aspirations.

This is Rajamanickam, Founder of QualityPoint Technologies (QPT). I have written and published the ebook "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch: A Simple and Effective Guide for Finding Happiness and Success in Your Life" based on my observation of Life.  I hope it will be useful for everyone in some way to lead a happy, peaceful, and successful life. You can buy the paperback version of this ebook from Amazon for giving as a gift, especially Birthday Gift to your friends and family to help them lead a Good Life. You can buy the eBook using the PayPal button available on this page.

Chapters of this ebook:

  • Introduction
  • Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch
  • Why Dreaming Big Fuels Incremental Progress
  • Top 10 Benefits of Dreaming Big
  • Vaccine, treatment, and cure for any problem
  • The Happiness Balancing Act
  • Goal or No Goal: A Dance Between the Defined and the Open
  • Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to a More Peaceful and Present Life
  • Hand Mudras: A Simple Way to Improve Your Health and Well-Being
  • Experience Mihaly Csikszentmihaly’s “Flow” to be Happy
  • Simple Activities to Boost Your Mental Health
  • Don’t Die Before Your Death
  • The Power of Gratitude: How Being Thankful Can Make You Happier
  • Nurturing Relationships: The Key to a Happy and Healthy Life
  • A Good Plan Today is Better Than a Perfect Plan Next Week
  • Life Lessons from Prof. Richard Feynman
  • Embracing Entrepreneurship: Insights from Great Minds
  • The Timeless Wisdom of Thirukural: Inspiring Virtue for a Better World
  • Unlocking Your Full Potential: Embrace the Power Within You
  • Truth Alone Triumphs
  • 20 Tips for Living a Happy and Healthy Life as an Older Adult
  • Famous Motivational Quotes
  • Top 8 secrets for achieving Success
  • Business motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs.
  • Inspiring people
  • 40 Secrets for Happy life.
  • Inspiring Bible Quotes
  • Do these simple things to have a Happy and Peaceful Life
  • Get a Good Sleep to have a Good Life
  • Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Evolving Technology Landscape
  • Easy-to-Understand Moral Stories (Parables) Told by Jesus in the Bible
  • The 12 Laws of Karma
  • Mel Robbins' 5-Second Rule: A Simple Strategy for Overcoming Fear and Taking Action
  • The Importance of Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Celebrating Success and Learning from Mistakes
  • Top 10 Benefits of Moving Forward Inch by Inch
  • Embracing Courage on the Path to Your Dreams
  • Finding Your Own Spark in the Stories of Others
  • Recognizing the Wisdom of Letting Go
  • The Enduring Legacy of Big Dreams
  • Conclusion

Number of pages= 145

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I agree that just reading this kind of positive content is not going to do any kind of magic to improve you overnight. But I believe if we continue reading it, surely it will help in some way as it brings the wisdom from various great people of various periods. Let me explain my personal experience.  Whenever I tend to blame someone for my failures, the quote "The moment you blame others, you fail" comes into my mind, and I will stop blaming others and will take responsibility for my failures. This simple act helped me a lot, and I found that this quote is actually very true. When I am not blaming others, I still have the opportunity to continue my efforts to convert the failure into success, otherwise, the failure is final. I don't remember where I studied this Quote and who told it, but it is helping me. That's how our subconscious mind works. Let us train and use the power of the subconscious mind effectively by reading good content, and thereby enjoy our Life irrespective of the circumstances and events that happen to us.

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