Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Media is getting important role in Business. Twitter shows 2,000,000% growth in Job Market

Social Media has started taking important Role in Business. Previously Social media was mostly used by non-business users just for connecting with friends and for making new friends.

But now Business  people are also started using Social Media especially Twitter and Facebook for doing marketing, market research and for supporting customers.

Lot of Social Media related websites are available. Each of them are having their own advantages and their own rules.

We can find below the Graph showing the rapid growth for the job demand in "Social Media" . The growth rate is more than 1,750%. The reason for this much growth is very simple, all the businesses including corporates need people having development knowledge with Social Media API, especially knowledge in creating Twitter Tools and Facebook applications. I am planning to write more articles about Social Media development. If you are interested to learn them you can subscribe to our blog.

The above graph is for the word "Social Media". Twitter is showing 2,000,000% growth and Facebook is showing 700,0000% growth.

We can find below the graph showing the growth rate of Twitter in Job Market.

Three Social Media related words (Twitter, Facebook and Social Media) are listed within the Top 10 Job Trends of

Since the demand for Social Media for the business use is growing in very fast manner, I have taken initiative to use this opportunity.

So, we had created ArtsPoint.Net, a  Social networking Site for Music Industry. And, we have listed in Flippa for Sales. If you want to use this opportunity you can bid on this listing now.

And, we can get lot of Social Media Tools or Applications for doing marketing using Twitter or any other Social Media.

And, most of of the Social Media sites are providing API to create our own applications for accessing their data in our convenient ways.

Since Twitter is showing  2,000,000% growth, we have created many Twitter Applications useful for doing marketing.

As the demand for innovative Twitter marketing Tools is very high, we are planning to release more Twitter Tools.

Since the demand for Twitter Tools is very high, I am not sure whether we will be able to support large number of retails sales of our Twitter Tools. So, I have planned to sell few copies of our scripts with resales rights also. If you want to use this opportunity, you can refer this page  about our Twitter Applications

Facebook is also entering in Business circle. For example, few lines of  FBML for creating "Offer for Fans" will bring significant sales.

Apart from Marketing area, Socail Media is dominating the hiring process also.  A recent Survey shows 83 percent of employers are likely to use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for hiring in the next year

And, let me know if you have any questions.

Note that even if the Social Media is growing in business, it is not comparable with SEO. Because traffic from SEO is Targetted Traffic, but Social media provided generic traffic. If you want to know more about SEO you can follow @seoToolsStore  And, we will be releasing a new website in few days. You can read our blog in 2 or 3 days to know more about this new website.

And, We are in the process of exploring the opportunities in "HTML5" which is in the first place of Top 10 Job trends.

If you are not familiar with Twitter you can read my previous post about Twitter which was written one and half years back.
And, you may check my previous post about using Twitter as marketing Tool.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

KeyWord Driven Testing and Framework in QTP

Keyword-driven testing is a Software testing technique that separates much of the programming work from the actual test steps so that the test steps can be developed earlier and can often be maintained with only minor updates, even when the application or testing needs change significantly.

In case of keyword driven testing, we need to do proper planning and initial huge effort. Anyway it will give benefit of easy maintenance and easily adding more test cases/scenarios.

As we see the keyword view in QTP IDE, the keyword driven testing involves specifying the test steps in below format

Object  Action  parameter

Browser("FireFox").Page("QualityPointHome").webEdit("username").Set "QualityPoint"


->Browser("FireFox").Page("QualityPointHome").webEdit("username") is the Object.
->"Set" is the Action.
->"QualityPoint" is the parameter.

Here we can change any of the three things to create test steps.

The Keyword Driven framework consists of the basic components given below

1. Control File
2. Test Case File
3. Startup Script
4. Driver Script
5. Utility Script

1. Control File

a) Consists details of all the Test scenarios to be automated.
b) User will be able to select a specific scenario to execute based on
turning on or off a flag in the Control File.
c) Control File is in the form of an excel worksheet and contains columns
for Scenario ID, Execute (Y/N), Object Repository Path, Test Case File

2. Test Case File
a) Contains the detailed steps to be carried out for the execution of a test
b) It is also in the form of an excel sheet and contains columns for
Keyword, Object Name, Parameter

3. Startup Script
a) The Startup script is utilised for the initialization and reads the control files.
b) It then calls the driver script to execute all the scenarios marked for execution in the control file.

4. Driver Script

a) It Reads the Test Case files. Checks the keywords and calls the appropriate utility script functions based on specific keyword
b) Error Handling is taken care of in the driver script.

5. Utility Scripts

a) Perform generic tasks that can be used across applications.

Advantage of keyword Driven Framework.

• The main advantage of this framework is the low cost for maintenance. If there is change to any test case then only the Test Case File needs to be updated and the Driver Script and Startup script will remain the same.
• No need to update the scripts in case of changes to the application.

The framework design will  be purely based on your requirements and your way of thinking. There is no Solid rule to follow.

Personally, I would like to have my own framework (hybrid framework) designed according to my own requirements.

Anyway, the best practice is, we should create below sub folders in your root folder.

ObjectRepository-> To keep your shared object repositories.
Datatables->To keep QTP data tables and external Excel sheets.
Config-> To keep environment variable xml file
RecoveryScenario ->To keep your recovery scenario files.
Tests-> You can keep your QTP Tests here. You may include Test containing Reusable Actions here. And a Test which is getting used as driver script can also be stored here.
library->you can keep your vbs file which contains vbscript functions.
Results-> You can store Result files (Either QTP result file or customized result file) here.
Actually there won't be any solid rules/approach for creating QTP framework.

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Automation Object Model of QTP

Just as we use QTP to automate testing of our application, we can use Automation Object Model (AOM) of QTP to automate QTP operations.

Using the objects, methods, and properties exposed by the QuickTest automation object model, we can write programs that configure QuickTest options and run tests or components instead of performing these operations manually using the QuickTest interface.

We can see Generate Script button in the Properties tab of the Test Settings dialog box, the General tab of the Options dialog box, and the Object Identification dialog box. Clicking this button generates an automation script file (.vbs) containing the current settings from the corresponding dialog box.
The generated script will follow the Automation Object Model and it will be useful for transfering setting in one instance of QTP into other instances.

For example, assume that you are working in your local computer , and you made some changes in the QTP interface.  Once you complete your development in your local machine I will move the scripts to your customer machine. The script may NOT work in your customer machine.

In this case we need to use this generated script to keep same settings in your customer machine also.

AOM scripts are useful for scheduling QTP script executions.

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Synchronization in QTP

It is required to match execution speed of QTP with the loading/responding speed of application. Otherwise the test execution may fail at unexpected ways.

If you do not want QuickTest to execute  a step or checkpoint until particular object in your application appears, you should insert a synchronization point to instruct QuickTest to pause the test until the object appears (or until a specified timeout is exceeded).

You can add synchronization point from menu (Insert > Synchronization Point) after start recording the test.

And,  we can use Exist or Waitproperty statement for providing synchronization.

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Recovery Scenario in QTP

QTP is having a special feature called as “Recovery Scenario” for handling unexpected behaviors (e.g appearance of pop-up windows) of the application during the test execution.

We need to do two steps for using recovery Scenario. One is creating recovery Scenario file (.qrs file) and another step is associating the recovery scenario to the Tests.

We can use recovery scenario manager/wizard for creating recovery scenario file.

The Recovery Scenario Wizard allows you to create recovery scenario file by step-by-step process.

The Recovery Scenario Wizard contains five main steps

  • Defining the trigger event (Pop-up window, Object state, Test run error, Application crash) that interrupts the run session
  • Specifying the recovery operation(s) required to continue. We must define at least one recovery operation. And, we can add more than one recovery operations also.
  • Choosing a post-recovery test run operation from the list of various options such as Repeat current step and continue, Proceed to next step, Proceed to next action or component iteration, Proceed to next test iteration, Restart current test run, Stop the test run
  • Specifying a name and description for the recovery scenario.
  • specifying whether to associate the recovery scenario to the current test and/or to all new tests

You open the Recovery Scenario Wizard by clicking the New Scenario button in the Recovery Scenario Manager Dialog box (Resources > Recovery Scenario Manager).

And, we can associate one or more scenarios with a test in order to instruct QTP to execute the recovery scenario(s) during the run session if a trigger event occurs.

We can add/Enable the required recovery scenario from the Recovery Tab of “Test Settings” window.

Any one of below options can be selected for activating the Recovery Scenario.
  • On every step—The recovery mechanism is activated after every step.
  • On error—The recovery mechanism is activated only after steps that return an error return value.
  • Never

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QTP Result Window

Once after completing the script execution, QTP will generate the results in a hierarchy of tree structure. It will show the Checkpoint Results. And it will show the results from custom statements such as Reporter.ReportEvent also.

Normally, it will be in xml format. We can save results as HTML file also.

The result viewer is having option to filter the required results based on many criteria such as pass, fail and warning.

And, if we enable storing screenshots, the result window will show the difference between the Actual results and the Expected results in visual manner also. It will be easy to recognize any error in result screen.

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Data Tables in QTP

QTP is having integrated Spread sheet (Excel).  It is called as Data Tables. They are used for doing Data driven testing.

Data driven Testing is the process of  Testing the same task with multiple sets of test data.

For example, we can test a login form by giving various usernames and passwords.

Two types of sheets in Data Tables.
There are two types of Data Sheets available within the QTP IDE.

1. Global Sheet - There will be one Global Sheet for the entire Test.  i-e It will be used for all Actions in the test.  Each row data will be taken based on the Test Iteration.

2. Action Sheets/Local Sheets- It will be applicable for the specific action only.  Each row data will be taken based on the corresponding Action iteration.

Data can be imported to the Data Tables from external files (Flat files, excel sheets, etc) and Data bases (MS access, Sql Server, oracle, etc.)

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CheckPoints in QTP

A checkpoint is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property with the expected value for that property .

We can view the results of the checkpoint in the Test Results window.

Types of CheckPoints

            We can add various types of checkpoints

  • Standard check point
  • Text check point
  • Text area check point
  • Bit map check point
  • Data base check point
  • Accessibility check point
  • XML Check point (from Application)
  • XML Check point (from Resource)
  • Page check point
  • Image checkpoint
  • Table checkpoint
Standard Checkpoint checks the property value of an object in your application or Web page.
 The standard checkpoint checks a variety of objects such as buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, and so forth.
For example, you can check that a radio button is activated after it is selected or you can check the value of an edit box.
Image Checkpoint checks the value of an image in your application or Web page.
 For example, you can check that a selected image's source file is correct.

Bitmap Checkpoint checks an area of your Web page or application as a bitmap
Useful for testing zoom of map and for testing logo.

Table Checkpoint checks information within a table.
Text Checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed in the appropriate place on a Web page or application
Accessibility Checkpoint identifies areas of your Web site that may not conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines  (e.g Alt for Img tag)
Page Checkpoint checks the characteristics of a Web page.  (e.g web page loading time, checking broken links)
Database Checkpoint checks the contents of a database accessed by your application.
XML Checkpoint checks the data content of XML documents in XML files or XML documents in Web pages and frames
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Different Recording Modes and Run Modes available in QTP

Recording Modes

Quick Test supports three different types of recording modes such as Normal mode, Analog mode and Low Level Recording mode.

Normal- QuickTest's normal recording mode records the objects in your application and the operations performed on them. This mode is the default and takes full advantage of QuickTest's test object model, recognizing the objects in your application regardless of their location on the screen.

In this normal mode the application/page will be recorded using relevant add-ins. For example, if you are recording a .net application, the objects will be recorded as Test objects specified in .net add-in. i-e the window will be recorded as swfWindow.

Analog – This mode records and tracks every movement of the mouse
This mode is useful for recording operations that cannot be recorded at the level of an object, for example, recording a signature produced by dragging the mouse.

We can record in Analog Recording mode relative to the screen or relative to a specific window.

The steps recorded using Analog Recording are saved in a separate data file.

Low level -records at the object level and records all run-time objects as Window or WinObject test objects.
Low Level Recording supports the following methods for each test object.
    • WinObject test object—Click, DblClick, Drag, Drop, Type
    • Window test object—Click, DblClick, Drag, Drop, Type, Activate, Minimize, Restore, Maximize

Run Modes

Normal -displays execution marker for showing the current execution step. It will be useful for debugging the script execution.

Fast- won’t show the execution marker, so the execution will be faster than the normal run mode.

Update Run– QTP is having Update Run mode for updating test object descriptions, the expected checkpoint values, and/or the Active Screen images and values.

Choose Automation >Update Run Mode for running the scripts in update mode.

When QuickTest updates a test, it does not update parameterized values, such as Data Table data and environment variables.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

PayPal again adds many restrictions on Indian Users.

Today PayPal had sent below email to all its Indian Users.

As part of our commitment to provide a high level of customer service, we would like to give you a 30-day advance notice on changes to our user agreement for India.

With effect from 1 March 2011, you are required to comply with the requirements set out in the notification of the Reserve Bank of India governing the processing and settlement of export-related receipts facilitated by online payment gateways ("RBI Guidelines").

In order to comply with the RBI Guidelines, our user agreement in India will be amended for the following services as follows:

1. Any balance in and all future payments into your PayPal account may not be used to buy goods or services and must be transferred to your bank account in India within 7 days from the receipt of confirmation from the buyer in respect of the goods or services; and

2. Export-related payments for goods and services into your PayPal account may not exceed US$500 per transaction.

We seek your understanding as we continue to employ our best efforts to comply with the RBI Guidelines in a timely manner.

We regret any inconvenience caused to you and hope the advance notice will enable you to plan your future use of our services accordingly. For further information, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact PayPal customer support by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page. We sincerely thank you for your patience and continued support.

The PayPal Team

In summary, starting from March 1st Indian PayPal users can not use paypal for making payment for Goods or service. And, the paypal payment should be transferred to Indian bank account within 7 days.

And, transaction amount should not exceed $500 USD.

And, paypal official blog is having below FAQ.

Q: Why will PayPal not allow me to receive more than US$500?
Starting 1 March, 2011, PayPal customers in India will not be allowed to receive payments for any export-related goods or services for an amount exceeding US$500 per transaction. This change is to ensure that we continue to comply with the RBI Guidelines.
Q: Why will PayPal not allow me to keep money in my PayPal balance?
Starting 1 March, 2011, PayPal customers in India will not be able to keep money in their PayPal account balance. Instead, all money received into a PayPal account must be transferred to a customer's India bank account within 7 days from the receipt of confirmation from the buyer in respect of the good or services. This change is to ensure that we continue to comply with the RBI Guidelines.
Q: Will my customers be able to complete their checkout with their PayPal account balance?
We're glad that you offer PayPal to your customers. Unfortunately, we will not allow customers in India to send money from their PayPal account balance starting 1 March, 2011. This means that your customers will need to link a credit card to their account in before sending you money with PayPal. This change is to ensure that we continue to comply with the RBI Guidelines.
Q: The customers on my website are not able to complete purchase or pay via PayPal. Why?
Starting 1 March, 2011, PayPal customers in India will not be allowed to receive payments for any export-related goods or services for an amount exceeding US$500 per transaction. If you are listing products greater than US$500 per transaction then you may need to seek alternative methods of payment. This change is to ensure that we continue to comply with the RBI Guidelines.
Q: What is meant by receipt of confirmation from the buyer in respect of goods and services?
As an exporter of products or services abroad, you need to ensure that your buyer has received the product or services as per specifications set out on your website. As an exporter of goods, you may withdraw the balance to your bank account in India upon reasonable consideration of shipping time and other clearances such as excise and customs for the destination country. As an exporter of services, you may withdraw the balance to your bank account in India upon receipt of payment from your buyer into your PayPal account.

Indian paypal users are frustrated with this announcement and we can read the discussion about this issue here.

So, Indian users should link Credit Card with Paypal to continue their business normally.

While this announcement gives trouble for Indian user, users from other countries such as United States welcome this announcement. They are telling that these new rules will reduce payment frauds, because credit card should be linked to the paypal account.

What do you think about these new rules? Share your comments. Remember to specify your country name.

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Lost Data Can be recovered Easily

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It is a fact that most of the times people loss their important data stored in their electronic devices like computers, laptops etc. The reason behind the data loss covers many facts and events. These facts include human errors, device malfunction and virus attacks. These facts or events are actually the most common issues find in different electronic devices. Human errors are referred to mistakes made by you or any other device user. You can understand human errors by considering the following example.

If you are using an electronic device like computer or Mac system and during the usage you accidentally delete the files form the hard drive. This accidentally mistake is actually made by you and thus referred to as human errors. This type of mistake is not only made by you. It can be happened by any one at any time. During the usage of electronic device like Mac system you sometimes are not attentive to your usage. This carelessness leads to the data lost issue. Remember that you should not become careless when you are using your Mac device or any other electronic device. People related to business usually save their files in their computers and Mac systems. If they do such type of mistake then their can be a great loss for these businessmen. To avoid such losses attentiveness and care is necessary but there are certain ways to recover the data as well. Yes, you can still recover your data in a convenient and reliable way. To know how to recover deleted files follow the key steps mentioned below.

First of all you should make sure that you do not install any further third party utility in your Mac device. This is because once you lost your data the data is still in the form of physical data which can be recovered. But if you install third party utilities after losing data then the already physical data will be overwritten with the new added files. This is the point where data becomes unrecoverable. The lost data can be recovered if you are sure that you have not installed any third party utility. Recovery is possible with the help of a useful tool called recovery software. Many people think of how to recover deleted files with the help of a software program? If you observe the detail of this software program then you would come to know that it is specially designed to recover the deleted files. The software is known as lost data recovery software.

There is a large number of data recovery software available in the market. All these software programs are different in terms of their features and characteristics. This is because there is a huge quantity of electronic devices present in the market. All these electronic devices contain a mega collection of various models and designs. So it is not possible to recover your lost files from only one recovery software. You should know which recovery software is designed for the model of your electronic device. For example if you are using Mac system then you should choose recovery software which match the model number.

There are many other facts and events which cause data loss. Actually your saved data is stored inside the hard drive of your electronic device. This hard drive is prone to different types of damages. Device malfunction is another big reason and a common one which cause data loss. It can occur due to high temperature of the hard drive and power failure. You should not get worried under such circumstances because there are a large number of recovery software programs which can solve these problems. One of the best considered recovery software program consist of many valuable features. These features are capable of recovering data from your system’s hard drive very easily.

There is another common issue which is seen mostly in hard drive failures. It is the virus attack or malware which makes you unable to access your important data. This problem arises when the device is subject to third party utilities installation and un-installation. When you uninstall or install any utility from a third party source then you actually give way for the virus to attack on your hard drive of system.

This article is written by Ella Green, who also writes for, a site featuring various tutorials and lessons on how to recover deleted files mac.

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How Google is leading Search industry?

 I was surprised to notice excellent performance of Google as Search Engine. I will explain in detail below.

Few months back, I had published my reviews/comments and my experience with vWorker.

Now, my Analytic reports are showing that lot of people are visiting this blog post by searching more than 150 words related to  "vWorker". For example, I can see below words in the Analytic report.

vworker , vworker scam,,vworker reviews,vworker api,vworker forum, review, close account vworker, how to start a business using vworker, vworker arbitration, vworker escrow , vworker paypal,anyone use vworker?, anyone used vworker for internet marketing?, can employer take money back on vworker, or vworker,how to bid on, how to earn money through, is vworker any good,is vworker genuine,vworker affiliate program, vworker arbitrations
 I was surprised to see this result. Because this blog post is relatively new. And, currently it is NOT having Google Page Rank. And, I am having very few posts only about vWorker in this blog. But still it brings lot of traffic from Google.

The traffic driven by "vWorker" from Google alone is  almost equal  Traffic driven by the QTP related keywords from other Search engines all together. But I am having large number of QTP related posts in this blog. And, most of them are having Google Page Rank. And, I don't think "vWorker" search volume will be much larger than QTP related words Search volume.

Google's this behaviour raises lot of questions about the SEO being discussed in various SEO related Forums and Sites.

i-e Google's this bevaiour can not be explained by standard SEO terms.

So, Google should be internally using some unique factors which can not be controlled by SEO experts.

We should note that Google is the only search engine which drives traffic to my vWorker review blog post. I haven't noticed any traffic related to "vWorker" from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

It clearly indicates  the power of Google as Search Engine, and we can understand how Google helps its users.

For example, take the keyword "can employer take money back on vworker".

Bing is showing my blog post in second page only, and Yahoo shows at bottom of the first Page.  Mostly people will not get a chance to read my blog post if they use Yahoo or Bing.

Google is showing my blog post at middle of the first page. So, mostly my blog post will be read by the people searching "can employer take money back on vworker" on Google.

If they read my blog post, they will get the correct answer, otherwise they will not have any option other than just blindly believing the words of official site of vWorker. So, ultimately they will waste their time and energy in using vWorker if they are not using Google as their primary search engine.

After seeing Google's this behaviour, I understand the reason why Google is leading Search industry. But I got some other question "Why still some people are using some Yahoo or Bing?" If you still use yahoo or bing, you can answer for this question.

Ok. Let us continue our discussion about SEO. So, it is obvious that Google is using some  factors other than known things. If you know more details you can share it thro' the comments.

 As mentioned in my previous blog post , still we need to get some good search engines which save our time by avoiding intermediaries such as Freelance sites.

For example, if you want to buy "Time Sheet" by paying low price, the search engine should show our Time Sheet or any other low price time sheet suitable for you.

But, currently the Search engines including Google are not capable of doing this. That's why many people are listing as project for creating Time Sheet in freelance sites which will ultimately waste their time, money and energy.

So, I am dreaming about creating smart search engines. Since we are good in using "php curl" for extracting contents from various sites, I believe we can start doing it soon. Mostly I will start with very small niche first. I may start with creating Job search engine useful for searching QTP Jobs or Software Testing related jobs from one place. And, we will extend it further step by step. For example we will implement Live Music Event search feature in our ArtsPoint.Net.  I will explain more details about our smart search engines later in separate blog post.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Make Best Out of Cell Phone Shop Coupons?

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How to Make Best Out of Cell Phone Shop Coupons?

Cell Phone Shop is an online mobile phone accessories store with an exclusive collection of accessories for the latest and most popular cell phone models. One can visit the store to find memory cards, Bluetooth headsets, data cables, travel chargers, phone skins and various such accessories. The store deals in accessories for mobile phone models manufactured by leading companies like Nokia, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Motorola, Apple and Sony Ericsson.  

A useful way to save money on the purchase of these accessories is to use a Cell Phone Shop coupon. You can learn how to make best use of such coupons from the following sections.

Organize the Coupons

You can find more than one Cell Phone Shop coupon on different coupon websites. Each coupon will have an expiration date after which it will turn invalid. In order to make good use of these coupons, you must organize them in your list. For example, you can note down the expiration date of each of these coupons in a personal diary to use them before they turn expiry.

Share and Exchange

You may come across a Cell Phone Shop coupon for a Bluetooth headset, but you might not require it. A good idea is to share the information about the same with friends in your social circle. This will encourage your friends to inform you about coupons that are not useful to them in the future. By sharing and exchanging the coupon information, you can make best out of each and every offer published by the store.

Assess Your Profit

Before you use the Cell Phone Shop coupon, it is a good idea to assess the profit that it promises. It might be the case that you find two different coupons for the same cell phone accessory but with different profit values. It is obvious that you will like to choose the coupon which gives you more profit.

Read Terms and Conditions

You must refer to the terms and conditions of using each and every Cell Phone Shop coupon to learn whether you are eligible for using it or not. If there are some queries, you must not hesitate to get them cleared by calling the customer support of the store. Another useful tip is to keep an eye on the coupons that can be combined to have more decent discounts while shopping at the store.

By following these points, you can make best use of each coupon of the store that comes your way. It will ultimately lead to a big saving on buying the cell phone accessories you need the most.

Author Bio

Nancy Wilson is one of the finest writers we have in the Cell Phone Shop Coupon industry her work has always been appreciated by readers across the world.

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Why Advanced Registry Optimizer is Good for Your PC?

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The market is flooded with registry cleaners and optimizers. However, it is important to equip yourself with necessary knowledge before buying one.
You need to understand that a mere registry cleaner could miss out on some key features that your computer needs to give you the best service. You need an advanced registry optimizer.

First of all, an advanced registry optimizer not only fixes any errors in your registry, it will greatly improve the performance of your machine. It should be able to remove junk files and uninstall unwanted programs.

Further to that, the advanced registry optimizer will create your registry back up to enhance the safety of your data. It will optimize your PC performance by defragmenting the registry.

To ensure that you are not inconvenienced, the advanced registry optimizer has a scheduling function. Using this function, you can schedule your scan to be done when you are not actively using the computer.
A reliable advanced registry optimizer should offer free trial download and test scan. This is to prove that the software has the ability to detect problems in your machine. The chances are that if it can detect errors, then it can fix them. Some advanced registry optimizers allow fixing basic errors during the free trial stage. You only pay when you are sure it will work.

Having an easy and friendly user interface is very important. Good software that is difficult to use is of no use. Check out the software usability. The installing and using instructions should be clear and easy to use. Complicated jargon will add no value to good software.

Finally your advanced registry optimizer should have reliable and available customer support. It should also have free and regular updates. This will cater for the ever changing trends in the cyber world.
There is no doubt that your computer needs a good advanced registry optimizer in order to give you the best service.

This article is written by Ella Green, who also writes for, a site featuring top 5 various reviews and tests advanced system optimizer, registry optimizer, and perfect optimizer.

You can click on bleow Facebook "Like" button if you like this Article. The winning article will be judged based on number of Facebook "Likes".

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Released new version (v2.0) of our Email Marketing Manager

 We have released new version v2.0  of our Email Marketing Manager.  You can see more details about this script here.

And, you can see the Demo.

The new features in this new version are developed based on our own needs.

We are using this Tool for managing our own eMail marketing campaigns. We used to tweak this script frequently based on our needs.

Today we are releasing it into our products list so that anyone can buy and use it to increase their sales.. You can buy this script from our sales page.

Our Forum member count is getting increased daily and our hosting enforces "per hour" restriction/limitation of sending bulk emails. So, we were not able to use the News letter/Bulk email  option buiilt-in with the phpbb Forum.

So, we started developing this Email marketing manager Tool which will send the emails at specific time intervals to avoid "per hour" restriction of the hosting.

Now this Tools is added with lot of new features. Find below some of them.

  • It is providing two user types "Admin" and "User". Multiple Users can be created so that each users' performance can be measured in a Team of people working together to manage email marketing. The Admin will be having rights to send the email messages and scheduling the automatic email sending options.
  • We can bulk upload Email addresses as well as entering the emails from screen also.
  • We can have multiple Lists and mulitple message.
  • And, the desired list can be easily associated with any of the desired Message. For example, I am having various lists such as Linked Connections, eBook buyers, eBook reference emails, Time Sheet users, Affiliates, Forum members, etc. Similarly I used to create various messages eg. Our products Offer, Announcement about our QTP Training, etc. I can easily associate the "eBook buyers" list with the "Announcement about our QTP Training" if  I want to send message about our QTP training to all the people in the "eBook Buyers" list. And, if I want to send the same message to the " eBook reference emails", I can do that using this Tool.
  • "Cron Job set up" is having various options to manage your campaign effectively. You can add any number of "list-message" combination. And, you can disable any unwanted combination.
  •  Apart from sending the mails using cron job scheduling, you can send the emails from screen also by selecting desired email addresses or entire list and the desired message.
  • You can virtually mark any email as "sent" without actually sending the message. It will be useful to avoid sending  any message unnessarily.
  • You can delete any email from any list. Bulk option is also available for deleting many emails ids. Note that this "Delete" option won't permanently delete the email. Instead, it will just mark as "deleted" . It will help you to prevent adding the deleted email again. This Delete option  is  useful for fulfilling unsubscribe request from your readers.
  •  List Reset option will be useful for sending the messages next time once after sending emails successfully.
  • Search option is available for doing any activity on particular email address.
 We are still keeping the same price $15 even after adding these new features. You can buy now to use this opportunity.

Apart from this email marketing manager, we are internally using lot of small scripts (e.g failed email collector, importing emails from Forum and TimeSheet, keyword based email collection manager) for improving our email marketing results. We can develop similar custom scripts for enhancing your email marketing efforts. And, we can develop any opt-in forms such as footer-slider. You can contact me if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Software Testing Resources (WebSites,Blogs,and Forums)

Find below the list of Websites/Blogs/Forums which are useful for learning Software Testing, and for improving the software development approaches to enhance the quality of the products.

  1. SQA Forums - This is the very useful Forum for learning Software Testing and for learning Software Testing Tools especially QTP (Quick Test Professional). Mostly, you will get appropriate solution/answer for your problem/questions within few days if you post your questions in this Forum. Personally, I had used this Forum effectively to learn QTP many years back. I think this Forum is available for more than a decade. Previously it was known as
  2. JAMES BACH'S BLOG This blog is having lot of interesting software testing related posts starting from year 2003. James Bach is one of the Authors of the book titled "Lessons Learned in Software Testing"
  3. LinkedIn Discussions - LinkedIn is having lot of Software Testing Related Groups. We can join the desired Groups and we can participate in the Software Testing related Discussions and we can start our own discussion also. Apart from these Groups, LinkedIn is having Answers section which will allow us to ask our questions.
  4. Google Testing Blog - This Google blog explains the Testing processes followed within Google.
  5. QualityPoint Blog - This blog is written by myself. I had written an eBook about Software Testing and QTP automation. Mostly my articles will be telling more about practical approaches of Software Testing. Because, I work as Developer also apart from being a Tester. And, I am doing Business also now. So, my main focus will be doing Software Testing in a way to help Developers and Business (Obviously it should help the End Users)
  6. Agile Testing - Thoughts on testing and systems infrastructure with an agile, mostly Pythonic, twist
  7. Martinfowler This blogs speaks more about effective Software Developments and Agile methods to improve productivity.
  8. Cem Kaner's Blog - He is one of the authors of the book titled "Lessons Learned in Software Testing"
  9. Misko Hevery - He writes about writing Testable Code
  10. Develop Sense - Michael Bolton writes about how to do excellent software testing in a way that is very fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable.
  11. Sara Ford's Weblog - Former Microsoft employee writes about combining agile methodologies with community management to provide the best user experience possible for websites
  12. Association for Software Testing - AST is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to context-driven principles.
  13. IT Knowledge Exchange
  15. Thinking Tester- This blog provides information about software testing.
  16. Chris McMahon'sblog
  17. JW on Test
  18. Software Testing Help
  19. Corey Goldberg
  20. Testertested
  21. Steve Rowe's Blog
  22. Exploration Through Example
  23. Test this Blog
  24. Expected Results
  25. QA Intelligence- This is a Testing & QA Management blog.
  26. Adam Goucher
  28. QA Hates You
  29. Curioustester
  30. Stefan Thelenius about Software Testing
  33. I.M.TESTY
  34. Automated Chaos
  35. Software Testing Hotlist
  36. Practical QA
  37. ABAKAS
  38. Tooth of the Weasel
  39. Test Obsessed
  40. Quality Frog
  41. Testing Hotlist Update
  42. Collaborative Software Testing
  43. Eric Jarvi
  44. Test Guide
  45. Testy Redhead
  46. Software testing zone
  47. Marlena’s Blog
  48. Software Testing and more
  50. Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  51. Testing Testing 1,2,3
  52. Mike Kelly's blog
  53. Enjoy testing
  54. Evil Tester
  55. Charlie Audritsh's blog
  56. Maverick Tester
  57. Paul Gerrard's blog
  59. Cartoon Tester
  60. cLabs Blogki
  61. Jeff Fry on Testing
  62. Venkat's Blog
  63. Agile Testing and Process Thoughts
  64. Software Testing Stuff
  66. Software Sleuthing
  67. The Software Quality Blog
  68. One of the wolves
  69. Musing about Software Testing
  70. Jon Bach's blog- Jon Bach's blog, highlighting the humanity in software testing
  71. Quardev
  72. Software Testing Club Blog
  73. TestToTester
  74. Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
  75. Confessions of a Passionate Tester
  76. I am filled with solutions
  77. Software Testing
  78. Rosie Land
  79. Still Life- This blog is about testing, work, random thoughts, automation and scripting.
  80. Brian Osman
  81. Dhanasekar S’s Blog
  82. The Social Tester
  83. QA Insight
  84. The Testing Blog
  85. Testingminded
  86. Swgetesting
  87. Jeroen's world of Software Testing
  88. TestingPerspective
  89. Adam White
  90. Purple Box Testing-It gives some brief information to Testing terms like Bugs,Test Cases,Manual Testing,Automation,Tools and Test management.
  91. Lessons Learned by a Software Tester
  92. Pliant Alliance
  93. Testjutsu
  94. Illiteration
  95. Tester Testifies
  96. Santhosh Tuppad's Blog
  97. Teknologika
  98. Creative Tester
  99. Tester Troubles
  100. Thoughts on QA and Engineering-This blog contains information of about Software Quality,Testing,Quality Assurance and Engineering in general.
  101. Quick Testing Tips
  102. Cruisin QA
  103. Tester Lost Focus
  104. James McCaffrey's blog-This  blog explains the Software Research, Development, and Testing.James McCaffrey is an author of .NET Test Automation Recipes and Software Testing.

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