Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enhancements of Twitter Tools for Business

The TwitterTools.Biz site is setup with latest version of of Twitter Tools Script.

You can read the below help files to know the details about enhancements done in the TwitterTools.Biz.

Twitter Application Overview
Twitter Application Great Quotes
Twitter Application -Timeline

In brief, TwitterTools.Biz can be used freely to manage multiple Twitter Accounts easily for getting targeted traffic to your web page.

Switching between multiple accounts can be done easily. And, the Multipost feature helps to send tweets to multiple accounts without requiring any account switching.

You can share your feedback about these enhancements and you can share your suggestions for any further enhancements.


TwitterTools.Biz is available for sales. You can participate in the Flippa Auction if you are interested to own this site.

TwitterTools.Biz is For Sale on Flippa!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mozilla plans to release mobile OS to face Chrome Competition

I had explained about "Browser Wars" in my previous post, and I had mentioned that Google Chrome is going to win the battle in near future.

It seems Mozilla is getting ready to face the tough competition from the Google Chrome.

Mozilla has announced preliminary plans  to take the Gecko engine that drives its Firefox browser and turn it into an open-source operating system that will eventually work on phones and tablets.

This new project of Mozilla will be called as   "Boot to Gecko" (B2G), and it will focus on below things.

* New web APIs: build prototype APIs for exposing device and OS capabilities to content (Telephony, SMS, Camera, USB, Bluetooth, NFC, etc.)
* Privilege model: making sure that these new capabilities are safely exposed to pages and applications
* Booting: prototype a low-level substrate for an Android-compatible device;
* Applications: choose and port or build apps to prove out and prioritize the power of the system.

And, Mozilla has planned to keep the source open. Unlike Google Android, it will release the source in real-time.
We will do this work in the open, we will release the source in real-time, we will take all successful additions to an appropriate standards group, and we will track changes that come out of that process. We aren't trying to have these native-grade apps just run on Firefox, we're trying to have them run on the web.
The mobile phone usage is getting increased globally and the difference between the Browser and OS is becoming narrow. So, the "Browser Wars" is getting diverted into the Mobile OS war. Already Google Android, Apple IOS and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) are in competition. Now, Mozilla "B2G" in will be entering into this Mobile OS War.

Recently Microsoft had announced   that its latest Windows Phone mobile operating system, code-named "Mango," was officially finalized and released for manufacturing.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

OnePass for Business

Few weeks back, I had published a post about bringing our site to the Google first position for the search word "OnePass"

Now, we have partially achieved this goal. i-e The site is getting displayed in first page (5th position) of Google, and we are working on to bring it into the first position.

We had added lot of posts useful for Business people, and working on to improve them further so that the business people especially online business people can refer this single site to access lot of useful websites easily.

So, just bookmark only one site  "OnePass.Biz" to access lot of sites useful for Business.

And, I am still planning about developing flight meta search engine. Because the people who search "OnePass" are frequent flight Travelers. You can share your suggestions/comments about the OnePass.Biz

I am planning to sell this rare website. Contact me ( with your offer price if you are interested to buy this site.

You can participate in the Flippa Auction to buy this Site.

OnePass.Biz is For Sale on Flippa!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Browser Wars - Google Chrome is going to win....

We know that "Browser Wars" started in late 1990s. Initially NetsCape Navigator gained more than 80% market share. But, within short period of time, NetsCape Navigator was completely destroyed by Internet Explorer (IE) as the Microsoft has distributed Internet Explorer with the Windows Operating system itself.

The earlier Internet Users didn't care about the Browsers. They just started using the browser which is available built-in with the Operating System. So, Internet Explorer gained more than 80% market share after destroying the Navigator.

 And, the Internet Explorer started releasing new tags which didn't meet the standard to force the web developers to create non-standard web application to satisfy the Internet explorer which is used by majority of the users.

By doing these tricks, Microsoft  was able to keep huge market share for the Internet Explorer. But this situation didn't continue for long time.  Many people started using the open source Browser "Mozilla FireFox" which came with lot of good features as the result of NetsCape's decision to declare the Navigator code as Open Source once after it was defeated by Internet explorer.

Even though the Internet Explorer continues to be the leader in Browser market till today, the market share of Internet Explorer is getting decreased continuously.

You can refer the below graph which is showing the decreasing market share of the Internet Explorer. And, you can refer this browser stats also. And, you can see the Browsers timeline here.

From the above graph we can see that the Market share of Google Chrome is getting increased very fast.

These stats may not be accurate due to many factors. Mostly they are getting counted/calculated based on User-Agent string being sent with header of  web request. But, this user agent value is NOT reliable. For example, most of the Anti-virus softwares send the request with User-Agent string of a popular web browser. Because some viruses behave differently for the actual browsers and for the virus scan requests. i-e The anti-virus program will pretend as the actual user to find the viruses.

These days, lot of applications are becoming web based applications. i-e We need not install them in our local computer. Instead, we can access them thro' the browsers. The fast development of Cloud technology helps to spread this trend widely.
For example, you can refer the web based Time Sheet application.

Even, Office tools such as Word processor and Spread Sheet are also available as web applications (e.g Google Docs) Already Google Gmail proved that web based application can be equivalent or even more convenient than the desktop email application such as Microsoft Outlook.

The emerging HTML5 helps to extend this trend further.

So, the importance of  web browser is getting increased, and therefore the "Browser War" becomes more intensified.

Google is having plans to focus on the browser based operating system, and it  already got good place in Mobile market by keeping Android as open source.
So, it looks like Google Chrome will dominate the browser market soon. What do you say? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

And, you can take this poll.

Browser usage varies in different geographic locations across the world.

  • IE (Internet Explorer) has around 90% usage share in China and South Korea.
  • FireFox has more than 60% usage share in Germany and Indonesia.
  • Opera in the most popular browser in Belarus and Ukraine.
  • And, Chrome is the most popular browser in Tunisia and Albanis.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Groupon for solar power

We have seen "Groupon" for the things like restaurant deals or haircuts.

Now, a start-up company "One Block Off the Grid" has taken initiative to provide "Groupon" for Solar power also.

The One Block finds various locations where the contractors install Solar power system for home. And, they shortlist the Contractors based on whether they will be giving discounts to the customers if "One Block" is able to bring certain number of Customers.

Once the contractor agrees, the deal is posted on One Block's web site. Potential customers then sign up to have the contractor come over and offer an estimate. The "deal" will take place, if enough people agree to buy the panels. The discount is usually in the range of 15%, plus a $500 rebate.
They are currently running deals in about a third of the 3,000-plus counties in U.S. Note that some counties provide discount for Solar products while some of them are not providing those discounts.

The "One Block" provides an estimator. We can give our address, current electric bill details and some other details (e.g whether the roof has slope or it is steep) to get the detailed report giving details about cost saving done by implementing Solar panels. The report gives information such as "Estimated Cost of Your Solar System", "Estimated Return on Investment", "How your system will help the environment", etc.

If estimation result for your address is not giving enough returns, then this site will suggest you to contact the officials to get discount for Solar power in your area.

What do you think about this "Groupon" for the Solar power?
Will customers sign up online for expensive and sometimes complicated items?

You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Google uses Base64 encoded Image in Home page Doodle

Today, I did some analysis about how Google is showing the animated Doodle for the Mobile Sculpture  of Alexander Calder.

During this analysis, I came to know that source code of the Google Home page is NOT having any image path specified for the Doodle image. Instead, it is having Base64 encoded string of the image.

i-e The  above image is getting displayed using below code.
<img src="" />

I think using Base64 encoded Image will prevent hot linking of images from third party sites so that bandwidth stealing can be avoided.

I would like to know the other advantages of embedding the Base64 encoded image in the html page instead of giving the path to the image.

Will it increase the loading speed, and therefore give SEO advantage? Will it use cache?

If you have more details about Base64 encoded image embedding, you can share the details thro' the comments.

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U.S President Obama's motorcade faces a fine of £120 ($195)

U.S President Obama's motorcade faces a fine of £120 ($195) for failing to pay a £10 ($16) congestion levy on time during his visit to London this year May month.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, wanted Obama's motorcade to pay the congestion levy for traveling through London .

  A "congestion charge" is levied on the central part of London from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm to compact the high traffic.

Mayor Johnson says Obama didn't pay the £10 fee on time, so he now owes the larger amount.

The U. S. Embassy owes more than $8 million in unpaid congestion zone fines. The U. S. Embassy says that the congestion fine is a tax, and that the 1960 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations prohibits imposing taxes on foreign embassies.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google Doodle for Alexander Calder's 113th Birthday

Today Google shows in excellent Doodle for celebrating  113th Birthday of Alexander Calder.

 Alexander Calder  was an American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing the mobile which is a type of kinetic sculpture constructed to take advantage of the principle of equilibrium.

The mobile consists of a number of rods, from which weighted objects or further rods hang. The objects hanging from the rods balance each other, so that the rods remain more or less horizontal. Each rod hangs from only one string, which gives it freedom to rotate about the string.

Alexander "Sandy" Calder was born in Lawnton, Pennsylvania, on July 22, 1898. He was born to a family of artists. While his father and grandfather were both sculptors, his mother was a painter.

 He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey

Calder invented the mobile in 1931.

Calder was also a jewellery designer, an interest that developed when he was fashioning a wedding ring for his marriage with Louisa Cushing James. Besides his sculptures, Calder also illustrated a number of books. Besides mobiles, he also earned a name with stabiles, a type of stationary abstract sculptures.

Today's  mobile Google doodle sways on its own and can also be controlled by mouse gestures. Watch the below Video.

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Wells Fargo paying record fine of $85 million

Wells Fargo agreed to pay a record $85 million fine, as more than 10,000 Wells Fargo borrowers were inappropriately steered into more expensive subprime mortgages according  to the Federal Reserve.

"The $85 million civil money penalty is the largest the Federal Reserve Board has assessed in a consumer-protection enforcement action," the Fed said in a prepared release.

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo didn't admit wrongdoing in its settlement with the Federal Reserve.

"The alleged actions committed by a relatively small group of team members are not what we stand for at Wells Fargo," Wells Fargo Chief Executive Officer John Stumpf said in a prepared release.

The bank promised to work closely with the Fed in the ongoing efforts to remedy the alleged mistreatment of borrowers.

In addition to the monetary components of the settlement, Wells Fargo is required to improve oversight of its anti-fraud and compliance programs and incentive compensation and performance management policies for personnel who sell and underwrite home mortgage loans.

The fraudulent activity took place over four years from early 2004 to the autumn of 2008. According to the Fed, the bank must compensate borrowers for losses, some of whom could receive more than $20,000. At least 3,700 borrowers will be compensated, the Fed estimated. Wells Fargo has to review a subset of borrowers who took out subprime loans to determine whether they were illegally steered into more expensive mortgages.

Wells Fargo is the largest U.S. mortgage lender. It turned a $3.9 billion profit last quarter. It's made $7.7 billion in profit thus far this year.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones in the third quarter (Q3 2011)

Apple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2011 third quarter ended June 25, 2011.

The results are impressive and exceeded all estimations and expectations.

The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $28.57 billion and record quarterly net profit of $7.31 billion, or $7.79 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $15.70 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.25 billion, or $3.51 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter.

Sales numbers for Apple's lineup of products are as follows:
  • 3.95 M Macs (14% year-over-year unit increase)
  • 20.34 M iPhones (142% yoy increase)
  • 7.54 M iPods (20% yoy decrease)
  • 9.25 M iPads (183% yoy increase)
That earnings per share number is really amazing; it's more than double the number from last year.

Since  20.34 M iPhone users are added within single quarter, I can predict the demand for iPhone related stuff. So, I am planning to focus on developing such site. You can download the iphone manual .

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Google shows Doolde for celebrating 189th birthday of Gregor Mendel

Today Google is showing a Doodle for celebrating 189th birthday of Gregor Mendel, a famous Genetics Scientist.

Gregor Johann Mendel was born on July 22, 1822 to peasant parents in a small agrarian town in Czechoslovakia.

Gregor Mendel is known as the "father of modern genetics".

Mendel's Theory of heredity based on his research with pea plants is well known to Biology Students.

Mentel was not only interested in plants, but also in meteorology and theories of evolution. However, it is his work with the pea plant that changed the world of science forever.

His beautifully designed experiments with pea plants were the first to focus on the numerical relationships among traits appearing in the progeny of hybrids.

Creative brilliance of Mendel's work  was virtually ignored for 34 years. Only after the dramatic rediscovery of Mendel’s work in 1900 (16 years after Mendel's death) was he rightfully recognized as the founder of genetics.

The impact of genetic theory is no longer questioned in anyone's mind.

Many diseases are known to be inherited, and pedigrees are typically traced to determine the probability of passing along an hereditary disease.

Plants are now designed in laboratories to exhibit desired characteristics.
The practical result of Mendel's research is that it not only changed the way we perceive the world, but also the way we live in it.

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Power of Search Traffic

Few days back, I had announced huge offer for our scripts in Digital point Forum. But no one used that offer. But the people coming from Search engines are gladly buying the same scripts without any offer price.

i-e We are able to increase the sales and profit, if the traffic is from Search Engine.

As the people coming from search engine are coming to the site after searching the thing what they are in need. So, obviously they are buying it.

It clearly indicates that we need to focus more on bringing search traffic. I am planning to writing more articles about bring search traffic (i-e targeted traffic) in this blog. If you are interested to read them, you can subscribe to our blog feed.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

PR3 Quotes site is available for Sales. (Update- Sales completed)

A Timely Quotes is a great resource. Quotes from Great persons will surely Motivate us,Guide us, Help us to take great decisions,Gives Joy,Happiness,Inspiration and so on.

Great Quotes is a junction for all kind of Quotes. Here you can get the Quotes in Text as well as an Image format. This site's important feature is getting the quotes in image format.A picture can speak a thousand words. From this we can understand the importance of an image/picture.

You can visit the site at
And, I am going to sell this website.
- It is having lot of Great Quotes including around 150 Picture Quotes.

-It is having Google Page Rank 3. And, some inner pages are also having Google page rank. (You may use this tool.)

- We developed this site SEO friendly and Social Media friendly.
- Our Team had done lot of hard work to do SEO promotion. So this site is appearing in 2nd page of Google and first of Yahoo/Bing for the high search volume keyword "great quotes"
- Lot of visitors are coming from Stumpleupon. (Around 10K people per day)

If you are interested, you can check the Flippa listing. (Update- Sales completed) is For Sale on Flippa!

Now we are going to see the Admin side of the Great Quotes.
 Add Author Page:

This page has one text box to enter author name and has two buttons submit (Save) and reset (Clear).
It won't allow empty value
After pressing the save button value will be saved and return to same page and also it will give status message.

Add Category Page:

This page has one text box to enter author name and has two buttons submit (Save) and reset (Clear).
It won't allow empty value After pressing the save button value will be saved and return to same page and also it will give status message.

Insert Quotes Page:

This page has two select box and one text area and has two buttons submit (Save Quotes) and reset (Clear Value).
This page is not having null value checking. So it will allow empty value.
After pressing the save button value will be saved and return to same page and also it will give status message.

Insert Image Quotes Page:

If we click the Add image tab this page will come.Here we can easily add the image.Here first we have to choose the Category of the image i.e motivational ,nature.. etc,after that author of the quotes ,then we have to add the text quotes in the text box.Finally we have to browse the image.After browse the image we have to upload the image.

This page has two select box, image upload option and one text area and has two buttons submit (Save Quotes) and reset (Clear Value).
This page is not having null value checking. So it will allow empty value.
After pressing the save button value will be saved and return to same page and also it will give status message.

View Category :

If we click the the view category tab this page will come.Here we can see what are all the categories are added.This page list out all Category in a table format. If we want to Edit/Delete the particular category we can make it here by clicking the particular one.

View Author:

If we click the the view category tab view author page will come.This page list out all author in a table format.
After click edit option, dynamically open a text and corresponding author value for edit after edit and press update button update the author value and show status message. Update value will show after page reloads only.

View Quotes:

If we click the the view category tab view quotes page will come.Here we can search based on Author ,
Category and particular word.We can change the Status to All or Active.

 Edit Text Quotes:
If we want to Edit the text quotes we have to click the Edit option in the View Quotes Page. (See the Previous image)

 View image:

If we click the View Image Tab we can see the view image page.Here we can search based on Author ,
Category and particular word.We can change the Status to All or Active.

The Result will be displayed in Table format(Author,Category,Quotes,Quotes Path and Delete).
If we want to delete an image we can easily delete it by hitting Delete. is For Sale on Flippa!

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Started Flippa Auction for selling which is about 2018 Winter Olympics Hosting city

Few days back I had published a blog post about pyeongchang which is going to  host 2018 Winter Olympics games.

And, we developed a website  for giving information about the pyeongchang city and about the 2018 Winter Olympics games.

Today, I have decided to sell this website thro' Flippa Auction, and listed it without any Reserve. You can see the Auction here. is For Sale on Flippa!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas Website Sales

Few days back I had written about investing in websites.

 This post is about telling you an opportunity to own a PR3 Christmas Website which is appearing in first page of Yahoo and Bing for the Keyword "Christmas".

In my previous post I had informed that we are developing, and last year I had explained about the Huge earning potential of Christmas websites. Since we created the Christmas site using Google blogger blog, we were NOT able to sell the site. So, this year we created the site

If you are familiar with Google Trends, Google keyword Tool and any keyword rank checker tool, you can easily understand the earning potential of this website.

- is having Google Page Rank 3. And, many inner pages also having page rank.
- It is appearing in First Page of and Bing.Com for the important search word "Christmas"
- This is the right time to buy/sell Christmas websites.
- It is having more than 125 posts/pages.

Contact me if you are interested in buying this website.

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3 explosions at busy locations in India’s financial capital " Mumbai"

There are reports of three explosions in Mumbai- two in South Mumbai at Opera House and in Zaveri Bazar and one at Dadar, in central Mumbai.  [Source: NDTV]

All blasts took place during rush hour and in crowded places.

Mumbai was the city where a 2008 gun raid by Pakistan-based militants killed at least 166 people.

Mumbai Police Control Room phone Numbers: 22621855 22621983, 22625020, 22641449, 22620111 etx 100 . You may refer this blog to know more contact details.

A team from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has rushed to Mumbai from Delhi to investigate and collect forensic evidence.

BBC Says that the blasts coincide with the birthday of Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, the sole surviving gunman from the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

PTI report says that BSF plane leaves for Mumbai with NSG perssonnel and forensic experts.

We can see these tweets to know how people are showing interest to help people in this kind of critical situation.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half Brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai Shot Dead in Kandahar

New York Times has reported that the powerful half brother of the Afghan President Hamid Karzai was shot in his house this morning at close range by a family bodyguard.

NYT report says,

Ahmad Wali Karzai, the provincial council chairman for Kandahar, who was the most powerful person in the province if not in southern Afghanistan, was killed by Sardar Mohammed, a former bodyguard of his older brother Qayyoum The bodyguard was killed almost immediately, according, to people close to Ahmad Wali Karzai .
The death of Ahmed Wali Karzai was confirmed by Zalmai Ayubi, the spokesman for Kandahar province, and Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.

According to AP report, Ahmed Wali Karzai has been the reported target of multiple assassination attempts.

In May 2009, his motorcade was ambushed by insurgents firing rockets and machine guns in eastern Nangarhar province. One of his bodyguards was killed, but he was not harmed.

That attack came less than two months after four Taliban suicide bombers stormed Kandahar's provincial council office, killing 13 people in an assault that Ahmed Wali Karzai said was aimed at him. A Taliban spokesman said the attack targeted the general compound. The president's half brother had left the building a few minutes before that attack.
Wali Karzai has been described in various media reports as a "warlord" in involved in drug smuggling and as a paid asset of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA).

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