Saturday, August 28, 2021

Some random thoughts about Emerging Technologies

As explained in my previous posts, I am spending more time for running my YouTube channel than my other business initiatives, e.g Software Development.

For running my YouTube Channel, in the past few years, I had spent significant time for going through various articles about latest science and technologies. I am writing this blog post to share my thoughts about emerging technologies, based on my experience of running my Technology News YouTube Channel.

As I explained in this video, it is important to know about emerging technologies to start a business or even for retaining the current job.

Though researches are happening on various emerging technologies, there is no guarantee for bringing them all into our everyday life in the near future. Some can be successful, some researches may take more time, and some may never enter into our life.

Moreover, successful research of any single technology is not enough to be seen in our everyday life. It depends on the success of any depending technologies also. For example, many Artificial Intelligence(AI) algorithms were successfully created many years back itself. But they were not useful at that time. Because we haven't had the required computing power to run those algorithms. We started seeing the use of AI algorithms in various fields after the growth of computing power. Now we can see a lot of AI applications, e.g, discovering Drug, counting elephants, generating 3D holograms in real-time, detecting powdery mildew easily, analyzing satellite images,  thought-to-speech system, improving the prediction of stroke recovery,  fighting disinformation, teaching robots to make appropriate reactive human facial expressions, Diagnose Skin Conditions,  Driverless Ride-Hailing Services,  pinpoint Local Pollution Hotspots, explore the biomolecular world, Telehealth, speed up drug development,  improving vaccine delivery, and many other things. You can check them here

Though we already started getting the benefits of AI, still various AI related researches are going on. For example, researchers are trying hard to develop Generic AI which can be used in any field.

Personally I witnessed the power of AI while running my YouTube channel. Previously I used to spend a lot of time and effort for creating subtitles/captions for my videos. Now, it can be done very easily without spending any time or effort. It is possible because of the AI which is improved a lot to understand anyone's voice and transcribe it automatically. 

People are afraiding that AI will grab the job opportunities of the people. Though it may not happen overnight, surely AI will affect the job market heavily in the long run. That's why Governments are working on Universal Basic Income schemes.

The wonder material Graphene is having a lot of potential to change our life entirely in the near future as it is having many unbelievable properties. Graphene is much harder than either steel or diamond of the same dimensions. It is the thinnest material possible as well as being transparent. It is completely impermeable. Even helium atoms can’t pass through it.

Though we are seeing many kinds of applications (e.g protection of artworks, Bacteria-killing Shirts, Ultra-high-density hard drivescarbon capture , reducing paper industry energy costs, Graphene Microchip, heat pipes, memory resistors, anti-bacterial graphene face masks, smart textiles, light sail, Paint , Sieve turning Seawater into Drinking water, Thinnest Light Bulb ) using Graphene, it is not yet commercialized in large scale. That's why people used to say that "Graphene can do anything except leave the Lab"

Though we can simply create Graphene from Graphite found in the pencils, by simply using sticking tape in the Lab in small amount, it is still a challenge to produce pure graphene at large scale. Researchers are working on to produce graphene from plastics and tires. Some companies have started commercializing the Graphene applications like Fire pit and concrete slab.

Apart from large scale production challenge, widespread Graphene usage is facing another issue also. People are afraiding that Graphene will affect our health. For example, a few months back Canada banned Graphene Face Masks by citing Health risks as reason.

Note that I am writing this post based on my random thoughts, but if you want to know the systematic study about Emerging Technologies of 2021, you can refer the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2021, which includes Nonfungible tokens (NFTs), digital humans and physics-informed AI.

Because of the huge developments happening with Artificial Intelligence and Material Science fields, many new inventions related to Robots and Drones are achieved. See them here. Mostly researchers are working on developing soft robots based on the inspirations from insects and animals, even they work on creating Living Robots.

I am noticing that the scientists are trying to blur the difference between humans and robots by giving the Humans the power of robots and by giving Human features to the Robots. Scientists built a Bionic Eye with better vision than humans. And, they are creating bionic “heart”, bionic skin, Ocumetics Bionic Lens, Prosthetic Foot, and Inflatable robotic hand.

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) are further helping to reduce the gap between Human and Robots. BCI allows Fast, Accurate Typing by people with Paralysis, and it enables paralyzed man to walk. It could control a Wheelchair, Vehicle or Computer.

3D printing and Bioprinting technologies are making heavy impact on various fields including construction and medical. Researchers are working on to 3D print Concrete Houses, Human Corneas, Food, Stethoscope, Bricks, Ears, heart valve models, Glass, Hair, concrete bridge, Blood vessels, Smart Gel, and mini-liver. Researchers are working on 4D printing also.

Scientists are working on creating materials for neuromorphic computers which can operate similar to Brains. And, they work on various things (e.g Silq, simulator, thermometer, ML Algorithm)  for the Quantum Computers.

Gene-Editing Tools like CRISPR are playing important role in medical field. They could alleviate Depression, reverse retinitis pigmentosa, cure Cancer, create Low-Fat Pigs, lower Cholesterol, and enhance brain.

The combined power of AI, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computers, 3D printing, blockchain and Gene-editing can help us to improve our life in the coming days. 

But we need to note that we are facing many threats like climate change in the coming days. World's lakes losing oxygen rapidly as planet warms. The Sahara Desert is Expanding.

So, researches for fighting climate change may get more importance in the coming days. Carbon capture related researches already started.

Though the Scientific world is progressing at high speed, I feel that the Business world is not ready to use them. So, I am planning to develop a platform for connecting the Scientists and Entrepreneurs so that people can get the benefits of emerging technologies earlier. Check the Community Tab of my Channel to get the updates/progress of my plan.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Download Free eBook useful for earning money online

A few months back I was thinking about writing my online earning experiences as a Book to sell it on sites like Amazon. 

I spent some time to write the Book, but I haven't had enough time to take the required steps to sell/promote it. 

So, I set this eBook as a perk for the members of my YouTube Channel. As I didn't get much members for my channel through the JOIN button, I disabled the JOIN button in a few months.

Now I decided to make the eBook available for free. You can download it from here

In this eBook I shared my experiences of earning money online by doing freelance projects and by running YouTube Channel.

At this moment, I may not be considered as successful in doing business. But I believe that reading my experiences can help someone in someways for earning from online.

Click here to download the eBook (pdf file)

Please share your comments and feedback about this eBook. Feel free to share this eBook with your friends and social media. Please don't change any content when sharing the ebook with others.

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