Saturday, August 31, 2013

Closing one of our Offices located at Chennai.

Around 5 years back, we have started our company "QualityPoint Technologies" at Chennai, India.
After 1 year from starting our Chennai Office, we have  started our office in another location at Ottapidaram, tuticorin District.

During the past 5 years time period, we had seen lot of growth in terms of getting customers for our web development services, and we had started many successful web portals like TheQuotes.Net and And, we had improved our products (e.g Timesheet, SERP checker) in  various releases. And, we could successfully develop the challenging automatic Resume submission Software which is having huge earning potential. All our Social media profiles are getting good exposure. For example, @MedicalFeed got more than 6K active followers. My linkedin profile got around 4K connections. Our Disscussion Forum and bookmarking applications are also getting good number of active members. Initially we had to depend on few freelance sites for getting work. On those days, we had to do lot of hard work to earn few bucks irrespective of time spent for completing the project.  But, now we have many long time customers who are willing to make good hourly payment. And our Books are becoming best sellers in Amazon. Our YouTube Channel and Feedburner feeds are getting lot of Subscribers.

In summary, we had achieved lot of success in developing our company within this 5 years time period.

But, I find a huge imbalance between the revenue generated from our Chennai Office and  the revenue generated from our Ottapidaram Office. i-e Output from Chennai Office is very low comparing to the output from Ottapidaram Office irrespective of the fact that we had many sincere and harworking employees in our Chennai Office.

 And, I had to spend lot of my time for recruiting employees for our Chennai Office. Because attrition rate is high there. And, most of the selected candidates will not join  as I explained here. Again, I need to spend lot of time for recruitment. But this kind of problem is rare in our Ottapidaram office.  The root cause for this difference is, the mind set or attitude of the people who prefer to join Chennai Office. Many people who are living around Ottapidaram, Tuticorin district also prefer to join Chennai Office. Obviously their attitude is, taking our offer as a way for entering into any corporates which asks some work experience. So, they believe staying in Chennai is important for achieving their Goal. But people who are willing to join our Ottapidaram Office really believe that they can grow with us. It helps them to focus on the work.  And, I can easily train the new recruits in our Ottapidaram Office as I used to stay in Ottapidaram which is my native place.

So I came to the conclusion that  running Chennai Office at this time will not help to reach our vision of becoming Global Technical Leader. And therefore, I have decided to close our Chennai Office.

I believe this decision will help me to save lot of time which can be effectively used  to develop our company further. And, I can run our company more effectively so that customers can get good service at affordable price.

I will continue taking actions that are necessary for achieving our vision while keeping our Values.

For those who are not able to understand the difference between Chennai and Ottapidaram,

Chennai is a city where lot of IT companies are located. i-e  people who stay in Chennai can get lot of opportunity to attend interview in IT companies for getting job with better salary.

Ottapidaram is a village where there is no other IT company available other than ours. Ottapidaram is having its own challenges like power-cut and poor ISP service. (Few days back, BSNL broadband  outage happened for 4 consecutive days. It will never happen in Chennai even for few hours). But comparing to the Employees issue, they are easily manageable. (For example, I can get alternate/backup ISP, use inverter/battery to manage power-cut )

I will be opening our office in Chennai again in 2 or 3 years once after we reach a position which enable us to compete with the corporates to attract/retain good talents with us. I am sure that it will happen soon as per the current growth potential of our company.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Focusing on selling Software Testing eBook again.

Few years back, I had written an eBook "Software Testing and QTP Automation" for sharing my knowledge about Software Testing especially Test Automation using QTP (Quick Test Professional)

 I sold this eBook thro' our website, and it was selling good. So, I had decided to publish it thro Amazon kindle. Few months back I had published the Print edition also.

After start selling this Book thro' Amazon,  I haven't focused much on selling eBook from our website.

Few days back I have noticed the below review comments from the Buyer who bought this Book from Amazon UK site.

The terminology used by the author is very simple and easy to understand. The book contains screen shots of the steps, not many though. Only downside is it took ages to get it delivered but it was worth the wait.

From this review comments, I came to know that Amazon is taking more time to deliver the Book. And, I have noticed that "Used" book price is more than the "New" book price because of increasing demand for this Book.

 So, I have decided to focus more on selling eBook version of this Book. And therefore, I have created a sales page at our for selling the eBook.

You can buy this eBook from here.

I have announced a Offer price for boosting the eBook Sales. This Offer will be available for few days only. I am planning to start running PPC campaigns for promoting this eBook  in few days. I may increase the eBook price to cover the ads charges. So, if you want to utilize this Offer price, buy this eBook today itself.

And, still you can freely read this Book content from

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Earn Money by starting your own Resume Submission Business

I am writing this post to inform about Rare Opportunity for starting your own profitable online Business by doing very little investment.

Recently we have started a Resume Submission Service at You can download the Business Plan here. Actually I have created this Business Plan to get investment from Angel Investors. But I find out an excellent Business Model to earn money from our Resume Submission Software without sharing the profit with Angels.

Let me explain in detail.

Thousands of Job Sites are available now. So, the candidate has to spend lot of time to enter his Resume details in many job sites so that his resume will get maximum visibility from Employers.

We came up with a Software which will automatically do this Job so that the Candidates can save lot of time.
Since this software helps the candidates to save lot of time, they will be happy to pay some money to use this Software.

We are working hard to create this software for more than 4 years. Developing this kind of Software is really challenging task, the competition is very very low. But the Job Market is huge Market. According to Comscore report, more than 60 Million people are actively seeking Job in U.S every Month.

So, I came to the conclusion that selling our Software at lower price will not create any competition to our own resume submission service available at Now, I am trying to be the Resume Submission Software Supplier than spending our time in marketing our services.

Few years back also I had taken initiative of selling our Resume Submission Software to few people (e.g,,, etc. )at lower price by hoping that we can earn money from giving updates and by doing any other custom changes. But no one contacted us. It seems they are not actively using them.

So, this time I came up with detailed plans for making this Business more successful for everyone involved in this Business Model.

i-e I am going to sell our Resume Submission Software (php script/mysql db) with Source Code at very low price again. i-e $400 USD (Rs. 20,000 for the Buyers in India).

As Introductory Offer, I am planning to give it just for $100 USD  $150  for few days. ( I will stop this offer at anytime if I get significant number of sales). I had spent more than $4,000 USD in the past 4 years to create this Software. But you are going to get the same Software with Source Code, just for $150. (But You should NOT resell it. Anyway, you can use it for processing any number of Resumes.)

And, if possible, I will be giving regular updates at reasonable additional price.

Contact me ( if you are interested in using this opportunity.

And, you can see the demo by following below steps.
1. Enter  the Resume details in the demo page.

2. Next you are having two options
  2.1 - If you want to use actual resume and email, you can continue the payment step. (It will cost $6 USD if you use the promocode "AutoResumePost")
  2.2 - If you want to test with dummy email and  sample resume, you need not do the payment step. We will update the status as "paid" manually
4. After completing resume creation/payment, you can login as Admin and see/do the resume submission process.
5. You can login into customer area to see the report and test auto login feature.
6. We will reset the demo admin password in few hours so that someone else can do/see the demo.

Note that this Business involves lot of hard work and dedication. Jobsites will be changing continuously and we need to do some manual steps while running this Software. So, contact me only if you are serious about this Business. If you want any passive income, this business is NOT suitable for you, you may check this one.

If you want, I can give training about how to develop this kind of Software so that you can maintain/update this Software by yourself in future. I will charge only $8 per hour.

And, you will be wondering about why I am giving  this Software this much low price while I had spent lot of Money/Effort for creating it in the past 4 years.

Let me explain my plan in detail. The very first thing is, I can start getting money immediately by selling many copies of this software instead of spending money in PPC campaigns to get individual orders. And, lot of Job boards and Resume Creating Agencies will start using it as the price of this Software is very less and they are already having significant target customers. So, huge number of Resumes will be processed thro'  our software. I can further earn money by getting payment for adding any new job site. And, I will be adding our own job board also in future to get one copy of resume processed by all our Software buyers. So, again I can earn money by allowing Employers to view all the Resumes available in our own Job Site.

Right now I am not seeing any competition for selling Resume Submission Software Because of the complexity, difficulties and challenges involved in this kind of project, I am not expecting any competition in future also. So, my plan will work out surely.

So, there is no hidden cost/agenda in this low price sales. It is just win-win approach. Anyway we have less number of Employees only. So, we can not support large number of software buyers immediately. So, I will be ending this Offer price at any time.

Let me know if you have any other questions. And, if you don't want to buy/maintain the software, but still want to earn money from doing Resume submission using this Software, we have Bulk order Plans for you. Contact me to know more details.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selling our Timesheet Software with Special Discount offer for Entrepreneurs in India.

We had started developing our Timesheet Software around 4 years back. And, we are selling it as product to the people interested in getting their own Timesheet software instead of paying money monthly or yearly to some third-party hosted timesheets.

We had done lot of custom changes to many of our timesheet customers.
And, recently I had decided to sell this timesheet software by running Google AdWords Campaigns.

After starting the Adword campaign, I came to know that the cost for getting customer for Timesheet in India is very less comparing to getting customer from U.S or U.K.

So, I had decided to give special Discount to the India customers. And, India Customers can buy our Timesheet Software by making payment to my bank account in India. It will further save the paypal fees. Therefore I had decided to sell this Timesheet Software for Rs.3,000 to our India customers. Note that this is limited time offer only. I will close this offer at any time.

You can get more details at

Let me know if you need any other details about this offer. Note that you can get this timesheet software with Source code, and it supports managing timesheet for multiple companies. Therefore you can start your own hosted timesheet business just by investing Rs. 3,000 one time.

Remember to Share this message to fellow Entrepreneurs so that they can make use of this rare opportunity.

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