Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walk-in Interview for Freshers (SEO Trainees) on March 1st in Chennai

We are looking for Freshers to join as SEO Trainees for promoting our products and our websites using white hat approaches of Search engine optimization.



   *Having Good Technical Knowledge and willing to work hard for learning
new technologies.
   *Team work.
   *First class Degree in B.E/MCA/MS(IT)/BSC-computer science/Diploma(CS/IT)
   *Good communication and documentation skills.
   *Willing to work in any Technology.
   *Experience 0-1 year

Job location :Chennai

Initial Salary/Stipend will be Rs. 3,000 per month.

And, preference will be given to the candidates with Software Testing knowledge or Web development knowledge. We prefer to recruit people who are staying in and around our office area (Guindy)

If you are interested you can attend Walk-in Interview on 1st March.
(Time 11a.m to 2 p.m)


QualityPoint Technologies,

#10, New street,

Mosque colony,

Maduvankarai, Guindy,

Chennai-600 032, TamilNadu,

Contact number:044-22552294

Send your resume to qualitypointmail@gmail.com with Subject "March 1st Walk-in Interview" before coming for the interview.

And, the selected candidates needs to join on the same day. Bring below  things while coming for the interview.

- Hard copy of Your Resume
- Your Photo
- Xerox copy of marksheets
- Xerox copy of ID card
- Xerox copy of any document carrying your address.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Code for getting Wordpress logged user from external php file

We used a Session variable for getting the Wordpress logged in user id from an external php file.
But it didn't work once after upgrading the wordpress. Obviously the session variable setting page was overwritten by new wordpress update.

So, I have decided to use the wordpress object to get the userid instead of session variable so that any future wordpress update won't affect our code.

I used below piece of code in the external php file, and it was working fine.

global $current_user;

$userid= $current_user->ID;

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Pinterest - An emerging Social Media..

 I had written many posts explaining the fast growth of Social Media and the need for the Business to use the Social Media to promote the products and services.

In this post I am going to write about an emerging Social Media "Pinterest".

Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website. Pinterest allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections(i-e as Boards and Pins). The site's mission statement is to "connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting."  Pinterest is managed by Cold Brew Labs, a team based in Palo Alto, California.

 Pinterest.com  is popular among women. Time magazine listed Pinterest in its "50 Best Websites of 2011" column.

In January 2012, comScore reported that the Pinterest.com had 11.7 million unique users, making it the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark

New users have to either get invitations from their friends or they have to request invitation from Pinterest itself for creating account in pinterest. And, the users have to connect their Twitter or Facebook account with Pinterest.

Many people are accusing pinterest for allowing the users to share the copyrighted images without the permission of the Copyright owner. For handling this issue, Pinterest has released a new html meta tag "nopin" to allow websites to opt out of their images being pinned

Few days back I requested pinterest for sending invitation. Once after making the request I got an email saying that my request is in "waiting list".

And, I got the invitation from pinterest next day.  I created the Pinterest account rajamanickam. I connected my Facebook account with my Pinterest account.

I have created one board motivational quotes and added few pins from our Motivational Quotes website TheQuotes.Net using the Pinterest Bookmarklet "PinMarklet". One Pin of my Board got 6 repins within few days.
You can share your pinterest experience thro' the comments.

And, you can see below an interesting Infographics about Pinterest.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

SEO Rank Checker Scripts updates

Today I had done  small changes in our Rank Checker Scripts (Both Keyword position SERP Rank Checker and Google Page Rank Checker).

Most of the changes are related to the latest changes in Google search results. I updated our scripts to make them work according to the new changes in Google results.

And, added restrictions to our Keyword position Checker as Google is blocking our server IP due to heavy usage. So, now I restricted our Demo for only 2 keywords and maximum 20 positions.
Initially I tried to use proxy, but it didn't help as most of the proxies were not working properly, and I think they were not stable.

If you want to use the SERP checker for more than 2 keywords or want to check the rank beyond 20 positions, you can buy the script from this sales page.

Similarly, I restricted over-use of our Google Page Rank Sorter Script  by adding Captcha field.

And, added below description to convey the importance of this script.

The Script will list the webpages in any website based on Google Page Rank so that you can find the valuable pages in any website. It will be useful when you are going to buy a website or adspace in any website.
And, updated the script to fix an error which occurred for some specific urls.

Right now I set the  price of these Scripts low, and planning to increase them soon. If you are interested to use this Offer you can buy them from below links.


And, I am working on developing a New website for putting all our SEO scripts.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Planning to start selling our Traffic Generating Twitter Scripts

 Social Media can be used effectively to get website traffic freely. Especially the micro-blogging service Twitter helps to get good number of visitors to our websites.

Past few years I am trying various approaches to get traffic to our websites from Twitter. We developed various scripts to make use of Twitter, and experimenting them internally. Some of them were NOT helpful and some of them helped to get significant traffic. For example, our HotTrends tweets didn't help as the twitter negatively affect the usage of hottrends. But our Auto Tweets and Quotes Tweets are helpful. Especially our Motivational Quotes Site http://TheQuotes.net/ uses our twitter application to grow fast within few months.

Apart from our internal use, I thought of selling the script (source code) to the people who want to buy it so that they can enhance it according to their own needs. So, started this sales page long back.
But I haven't promoted it. Now I have decided to start the sales immediately.
So, I have decided to give 50% Discount for first  few sales. I set the Normal price as $130 USD.

 The first two buyers can get it just for $65 USD.

You can get the details about the scripts at http://qualitypointtech.net/products/twitter/index.php 

 I already posted a message about this Offer in Digital point Forum. So, you need to buy it soon if you want to use this Offer.

These Twitter Tools scripts help to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily to bring targeted Traffic to any website.
Switching between multiple accounts is very easy, and even you need NOT switch between accounts for sending same tweet to multiple accounts using "MultiPost".
It is having most of the features (timeline, @mention, retweet, Quoted retweet, DM) of Twitter in addition to providing AutoTweet and Multipost features.
And, bulk loading options are available to load lot of tweets and many Twitter accounts easily from csv files.

And, importantly these Scripts will help you send your Tweets with your own Source. For example, In this tweet you can see "TheQuotes" as Source. On clicking TheQuotes our site TheQuotes.Net will open. Similarly the buyer of the script can have his own source.

And, we can do any custom changes at affordable price.Contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) if you are interested in utilizing this Offer.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Dead CMOS battery cause BIOS setup Failure?

Today, One of our Systems  failed to Boot. And, it showed below message on the Screen.

Realtek rtl8139(x) / 8130 /810x boot agent
press Shift - F10 to configure

I tried to press Shift -F10. But nothing changed.

I searched for this Error message in Google. Most of the discussions about this error were saying that Boot Order in  BIOS setup might have changed. i-e LAN will be given priority than Hard Disk. They suggested to reset the CMOS settings either by removing the CMOS battery or shoring the pins of CLR_CMOS.

I reset the CMOS settings by removing the CMOS battery for more than 5 minutes.

After resetting the CMOS settings, the above message gone, and it showed "Press F1 to continue, and press DEL to enter setup".

I thought everything is fine, I just need to press DEL to enter BIOS setup  so that I can change Boot order to set high priority for the Hard Disk.

But it didn't happen. On pressing "DEL" button, nothing happened. "F1" also didn't work.
Again, I did Google Search for this issue. Many people suggested to check with different keyboards. So, I tried that option by connecting some other Keyboard. But nothing changed.

In one of the blog posts, one person written about similar issue. He had mentioned that changing CMOS battery solved the issue.

This solution looked strange. Because, it is unbelievable that Dead CMOS battery will affect the BIOS setup. I had booted some other system, even after removing the CMOS battery. I was thinking that the purpose of CMOS battery is just to store the custom changes done in the BIOS setup.

Even if this solution looked strange, I decided to try this option as I have no other option other than replacing the Mother Board itself..
And, therefore I replaced the CMOS battery. Surprisingly the system booted normally.

I am NOT sure whether replacing CMOS battery actually solved the problem, or the problem occurs randomly. i-e I would like to know whether the problem will occur again.

Anyone faced similar issue? You can share your experience thro' the comments.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Corrected small issues in our SERP keyword Rank Checker Script.

Recently I came to know that there were small issues in our Keyword Position Finding Script.

It showed error message when pressing Enter key instead of clicking the submit button after specifying keywords and URL .

This error occurred as  the Form is having more than one submit button (one more uploading csv file, one for submitting the keyword details).
I solved the issue by disabling the pressing of Enter key by adding below piece of code.

function checkEnter(e){
 e = e || event;
 return (e.keyCode || event.which || event.charCode || 0) !== 13;
I called this function as "onkeypress="return checkEnter(event)"" from onkeypress event of the Input text box which is used to get URL.

And, I had to add curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER,array ("Accept: text/plain")); in the cURL function for emulating the Javascript disabling activity.

Right now, our Keyword Rank checking Tool is added with many features. But still I am keeping the same price. If you are interested, you can buy this script from here.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Do you think that Gen. VK Singh should have updated his DOB in Army Records?

Today everyone is talking about DOB (Date of Birth) issue of India's Chief Army Officer Gen. VK Singh. Many people are saying that VK Singh should have taken steps to correct his DOB in Army Records.  Even I am seeing some tweets asking how come VK Singh can be the Army Chief while he is NOT able to correct his DOB in Army Records.

But they are NOT knowing the sad truth "In India it is very Difficult to update any data".

I would like to share my bad experience with Indian Passport Office for updating my house new door number while renewing my passport.

Few months back my Passport validity got expired. So, I decided to renew the passport. And, Our House Door number got changed few years back. (i-e I am living in same House, but new number is provided for the same house).

 So, I thought of updating the new Door Number while renewing my passport.

 I am  living in Ottapidaram, Tuticorin District. So, I approached the Tirunelveli Passport Seva Kendra  (PSK) for renewing(i-e re-issuing) my passport. My file number is MD2071333275811

I approached a passport Agent, to fill the online form for fixing appointment. While filling the Form the Passport Agent suggested me keep the old door number so that passport will be renewed immediately without requiring any documents. But I wanted to update with New Door Number. And, I thought updating new Door number won't be a difficult task, as I am having a Ration Card which is carrying both the Old Door Number and New Door Number with clear labels (i-e Old Door Number, New Door Number).
So, anyone seeing the Ration Card can easily understand that it is just Door Number change NOT a Address change.

But I faced horrible experience in Tirunelveli PSK.

They asked me to give one year bank statement, and I got the one year statement from ICICI bank and submitted to them. But,  again they asked me to get a "letter" carrying my address from the Bank. (Note that the Bank statement itself is carrying my address)  I requested the bank to give such letter and they given the a letter. When I approached the PSK with this letter, they didn't accept it by stating that it should have the date when I changed my address. (Note: They haven't included this letter in file/scan.) So, again I requested the Bank to issue such letter. But they informed me it is NOT possible to give such letter. I checked both Tuticorin branch and Tirunelveli branch of the ICICI bank. I conveyed this message to the PSK.  But they are saying that I should come with that letter. So, my passport renewal process is in "Deadlock".  And, I faced lot of horrible experiences to approach PSK again. They are NOT listening me. I really couldn't understand why they behave like this. I understand the need for strict checking for issuing passport to prevent fake passports. But I don't believe these kind of arrogant and irresponsible behavior help in any way. If they really suspect that I might have changed by address within 1 year time, they should have listened me telling about physical bank statement that was sent a year back .  And, they simply said "if you want, you complain to RPO". So, I decided to approach "RPO". And, I sent a detailed email (with scanned copy of the written letter) to rpo.madurai@mea.gov.in few months back. But till today I didn't get any reply or even any acknowledgement for the email.

And,  I created a help desk ticket (Ref. No 1110019564 ) at passportindia.gov.in  few months back.

The status is still showing as "Pending" even if the due date is showing as 13/12/2011.

I sent these details to grv.jscpv@mea.gov.in few days back and still waiting for their reply.  And, I don't know how to proceed further for renewing my passport.

I had to spent lot of time/energy/effort/ for renewing my passport. But till now I didn't get it done. All these things are happening just because I wanted to update the New Door Number (Not New Address). If I decided to keep the Old Door number, I should have renewed my passport immediately. Note that Door number is NOT a big deal for getting posts and couriers, as my place is a village.

Now, tell me,

Do you think that VK Singh should have updated his DOB in Army Records?

Update: Finally I got the passport.

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Why you should use web Analytic Tools For Your Online Business

This Article is a Guest Post.

Can you the name the biggest jungle on Earth? The answer is easy, Web Jungle. As World Wide Web has become a basic need for millions across our planet, the data that individuals, groups, and companies generate is exponentially increasing day by day, but the amazing thing is that most of this data is completely useless. This article will provide you with a walk-through to easily manoeuvre within the dense web of dead ends and to make sense of your own position in this complex environment.

New to Business or New to Web?

Whether you are a veteran businessman, or simply an arts major trying to make it big in the world of Online Business, you have come to the right place for getting introduced to Analytical process. This process is not a new thing; companies have been employing analysts to make sense of the data they accumulate by conducting researches and surveys since the dawn of Industrial Development.

According to Six Sigma DMAIC method, a process is defined as a cycle of following technical events:
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control
If you look carefully, Analysis is placed in the centre of this process cycle. And is the main focus of our attention right now.

Web Analysis: understanding the reality

When the web was still a developing idea, and had not yet attained the maturity that it has acquired now, Analytical Tools were present in the form mathematical models, and algorithms, which only experts could use. Only Big businesses could hire them, and kept their hegemony over small competition by making good use of the expert analysis. But thanks to the Web Giants like Google, Yahoo and Alexa, they created such software that could analyse and put the data into perspective about Offline as well as Online Businesses.

Following is a list of few online Analytical Tools that any one can use to help their business grow efficiently.

  • Google Analytics
  • Wasp.com
  • Yahoo Analytics
  • Woopra.com
  • Alexa

The Problems and their Solutions:

If we talk strictly about the Online Businesses, then the biggest problem that such organizations face is lack of perspective. Sometimes Online businesses just fade away, even though their product, advertisement and customer service is excellent, but they fail to target right people by not analysing the feedback, responses, or queries generated about their websites or products.
For example, if an online business sells electronic gadgets, they may do it well. But by using web Analytical Tools, one can know exactly what kind of people come to the online store, and after making a purchase, where do they go next. A simple analytical tool can tell that often buyers leave the online shop's page to go to other online retailers for buying batteries or maybe to some insurance website, for insuring their newly bought products, this simple information can be helpful if the owner wants to expand their business.

In a Nutshell:

There are many other problems that businesses face, but by having the right Analytic Tools, it becomes easier to identify the exact problem with the method that is not working. To put it plainly, these analytical tools help businesses, as psychiatrists help people going through Identity Crisis.

Author Bio: - I am Susan Hannan from Examsking. Looking for Examsking.de exam assistance? Let’s take benefit of Exams King self-paced Cisco Certification training material and clear your IT certification on first try.

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Facebook’s IPO: What Does It Mean?

This Article is a Guest Post.

When a company like Facebook wants to be traded publicly on the stock market they apply for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for a certain amount of money. Facebook announced last week that they were applying for an IPO for $5 billion, and based on the shares this amount will buy, the valuation of the company is upwards of $75+ billion. The media frenzy that ensued did everything they could to dissect the possible effects the move will have on all factors involved.

Several people including myself are worried that Facebook is outdated and their attempts to redesign the template and features offered to its users are feeble in the grand scheme, long-term scope of the business. Obviously Facebook isn’t hurting for business with 845 millionusers, so the IPO isn’t to keep things afloat, but rather to get some quick, liquid cash for possible acquisitions.

Most people have a curious attitude when it comes to the IPO, there is little evidence to suggest people will be fighting over shares; however, everyone does seem to be tuning in just to see what is going to happen next. Especially where the early Facebook employees are concerned, a lot of people who started out with the company took stock options instead of money. Their shares are going to be worth little fortunes now that the valuation deems them so. The big question will be whether or not they stay at Facebook, take the money to play or to start their own companies. Investors are far more interested in getting in on the ground floor of a former Facebook employee who goes off on their own to do something new with the knowledge they’ve garnered and skills they’re honed over the last several years than they are in investing in Facebook itself.

The questions of privacy rage on, and going public only raises those concerns to a near shout in the media. The day to day is unlikely to be changed in any way for quite some time. I certainly won’t be rushing out to buy shares, but my curiosity has been piqued and I will be keeping tabs on the progress.

About the author: Melissa writes about technology and social media,and HP coupon codes and their role in savings.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Remove Blogger Threaded Commenting - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

Blogger threaded commenting allows readers to reply to two types of comments; original comments and their replies. This means more discussions on a single topic and multiple people having back and forth discussions. This is indeed a marvelous feature of blogging but sometimes it can be a menace for the blogger.

The old style is better

There are many who still advocate the old style, and find it simpler and more convenient. They do so for the following reasons:
·        All readers can be answered with a single reply which helps keep things simple
·        Distinguishing between the comments of the author and the visitor can be done very easily
·        Since there are no additional scripts, this saves a lot of time
·        As a result of the simplicity and ease of understanding, the page reviews increase.

The blogger threaded comments face a couple of problems. For example when users click on the blog post link or heading, the control direct them to the blog post’s top instead of the commenting section i.e. the user is taken to the bottom of the page which is the comment box, as a result of this, ad sense revenue and page views are lost. So this problem needs to be addressed. Also it so happens that the user ends up giving reply to the same comments or repeated questions. This poses a lot of problem for the readers as they have to search the admin comments and are unable to find the answers already posted. So in order to resolve this problem, following is a means to remove blogger threaded commenting.
Means to reduce blogger threaded commenting
A simple method to reduce blogger threaded comments is to first
·        Go to blogger , then ‘design’ and after that ‘edit HTML’
·        Back up your template
·        Check the option that says Expand the Widget Templates
·        Then look for the setup code.
·        This problem can easily be then solved by changing that setup code and replacing it with another coded script. Remember that since the former code will be given two times in the blog so they both need to be replaced with the appropriate code.

·        Next step is to save the template and this process is done, furthermore the commenting area needs to be checked, it should appear in a commenting format that is normal.
 The simple solution to curb the problem of blogger threaded comments can be to keep visiting your blogs to check if things are back to normal or not. If the above procedure to curb blogger threaded comments is working properly then the page will not jump to comment box and posts will load in a normal fashion. Ad sense page impressions and page views will increase.
Another problem with blogger threaded comments
It so happens that when the blogger threaded comment feature has been enabled the user can view it in Internet Explorer 9 but not in the previous versions, this problem is being checked by the blogger engineers and soon they will be able to curb it.
I am Nadine Myrick from Passcertification Looking for Passcertificaion  exam assistance? Let’s take benefit of Passcertification self-paced Oracle Certification training material and clear your IT certification on first try.

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AdSense URL Channels are getting affected by country-specific Blogger Redirect

Recently Blogger has started redirecting the Blogger blogs (i-e .blogspot.com sits) to country-specific ccTLD according to the location of the user.

i-e You will be seeing this Blogger blog "qualitypoint.blogspot.com" as qualitypoint.blogspot.in if you visit this blog from India. Similarly, an Australian visitor will see this as qualitypoint.blogspot.au

This change affects the Blogger users in various ways. Alexa ranks started appearing separately for each country specific domains. So, it is difficult to show the Alexa rank as proof of Good Traffic for getting Direct advertisements.

Today, I came to know about another impact of this Blogger Change.

I have noticed that URL Channel in Google AdSense Report is showing the pageviews only for the .com  (e.g qualitypoint.blogspot.com) version of Blogger Blog. They are NOT including the adSense pageviews for the other ccTLDs.

Anyway, "Sites" section of the AdSense report is showing the pageview details for the ccTLDs also.

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[Resolved] Showing specific Link to only Wordpress Admin User

 Recently I updated our Motivational Quotes Site "TheQuotes.Net" to the latest version of  Wordpress software.

After updating the Wordpress, the Admin user didn't see the links for managing the Quotes. We used below piece of code for showing those links only to the Admin.

 if($_COOKIE['wordp_username'] == 'admin')

Show admin specific link


By analyzing the  Cookies stored in the FireFox browser, I came to know that the latest version of the Wordpress is not using the cookie "wordp_username".

So, I decided to use the wordpress function "is_admin()". But his function didn't work for me.

After doing some Google search, I came to know about below piece of code.

if ( current_user_can('manage_options')  )

Show admin specific links

Now the links are appearing for the Admins while hiding those links to other users.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decentralized Computing: The Cloud and Virtual Servers - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

In the current day of always connected devices, ubiquitous Internet access, and collaboration and sharing becoming the norm, traditional senses of computing and networking are being challenged. While powerful desktop and laptop machines certainly do exist and still have their merits, the incredible increase in tablets, netbooks, and lower power laptops are certainly insinuating a change. Gone are the days when pure processing power is needed to create and share documents. With the invention and development of cloud computing, and on the production side, virtual servers, end users can use smaller, more efficient machines to take advantage of these new technologies.

Cloud computing is largely used from a client, end-user perspective. Especially useful for keeping documents synchronized and aiding in collaboration, cloud computing takes the burden of document storage, and often times processing, off of the user's computer. Because of cloud computing's decentralized nature, all changes and documents can be instantly mirrored and viewed anywhere else in the world.

More and more individuals and companies are examining cloud computing and trying to see what all they can do with it. Some individuals have come up with ways to run their entire desktop on a decentralized server, allowing their full computing experience to be available to them wherever they may have an Internet connection. One common example of this is many systems utilized by schools and universities. Often times the individual computers are "dummy terminals" capable of running a web browser and not much else. However, due to cloud computing and, in some cases, cloud processing as well, each individual student can have full access to their files, programs, and computing power.

Virtual Servers provide an excellent way to quickly manage multiple websites, processing applications, or simply as a redundancy aid. With a virtual server, additional "servers" can be created on one physical box, giving the administrator many additional capabilities. Often times these are used to test out new programs or networking infrastructures on a smaller scale before introducing them to the rest of a company or the general public. It can also spread out different computational tasks to different virtual servers, keeping data and processing separate until they need to be joined later.

With any modern website hosting, virtual servers are being used on almost every one of their websites. Because most websites do not merit enough traffic to have a dedicated server, keeping multiple websites or programs on separate virtual servers allows for a lower cost to all involved. This is an excellent example of how virtualizing standard server operations can streamline the process and keep things running smoothly for all involved. Whether individual or corporate, for in-house or public use, virtual servers can give leverage and streamline the cost and time associated with maintaining multiple physical servers.

As computers and technology continue to progress further, both cloud computing and virtual servers will continue to rise in popularity and use. While most consumers are most familiar with cloud computing through marketing efforts from such names as Apple and Microsoft, virtualization of servers is becoming increasingly useful on the enterprise and hobbyist levels.

Read more Guest posts  here.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

QTPbook.com is growing...

Recently I had done some analysis about the demand for our websites and our products.
Based on my analysis, I came to know that the demand for Software Testing especially QTP Tool related sites is very high. And, interestingly the competition for these kind of websites are very low. CPC for Software Testing related keywords is Good.

Considering all these factors (i-e High Demand, Low competition, Good CPC), I decided to focus more on developing and promoting our QTPBook.com website.

Recently I did below changes.

- Modified the Wordpress Theme to increase the width of the content Area. It helps to optimize the AdSense ads placement as per the suggestions given by the Google AdSense Team.
- Set redirection for redirecting the visitors from our QTP knol to the QTPBook.com Site.
- Replaced the Wordpress Search bar with Google Custom search to enhance the Search Experience.

And, planning to add more Software Testing related content  and Tutorial videos. We will be setting up a software Testing related job board in this site. And, I welcome any of your suggestions and Guest Posts for enhancing this site further.

If you are interested in showing your advertisements in this highly targeted QTP website, you can read my previous post.

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