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Some really unique benefits that you can get with long tail keywords - Guest Post

 This Article is a Guest Post.

The long tail keywords are not less than a miracle as most of the SEO professionals easily ignore these. Well, if you want to get the best SEO for your website, then there are so many things that you need to get done. You cannot deny the fact that you know how Google works and there might be so many things that you don’t know about it. Many things are there, and you will get easily fed up of learning and reading about it.
Well, to get the best results, you need to do everything that is possible and make your website content flexible for all the rules that are being applied. We all know that the rules of the SEO are changing and it keeps changing over time. So, to get the things are better and perfect scenario, you need to use the long tail keywords, and in this guide, you will get to know about almost everything about it.

How to Find the Best Keyword for your Website?

There are so many things that you can add to your website and get the perfect hold on the perfect keywords, and you need to do a lot of hard work. Anyways, here are some things that can help you with that and get the best keyword for your page, you need to brag these all things and make sure that you use them all as per your need.

1) Use Tools

There are so many tools, and some of them are paid, and there are some of these tools that are not at all paid. You can use them for free and whenever you need to use the things easily with the help of it. If you can pay a little for your website, then you can easily get the plugin for your website that will work out perfectly for the betterment of your website. You can use them as per your need, and it will help you to know about the density of the keyword in your content.

2) Google Suggestions

The Google Suggestions that you are looking out for can work out to be perfect and this is the best and the most convenient way that you can get. You can get things done easily with it, and your Google suggestions can be just perfect for you, and it can be helpful for you all. The Google suggestions can be perfect as the things that can be helpful for you and the Google suggestions are once such thing that can be helpful for you. You can easily search for the keyword that you need to target and these things can help you out perfectly for your work.

3) Think about Searcher

 You need to think about your searcher, and the thing that you need for now is the mind of your customer. You need to think about it, and it can be helpful for you to get things done with it. This is all that you need to know, and the searcher can be helpful when you are out there looking for these things for you. The searcher that is looking for your product or even if he is doing a random search, you need to make sure that your link pops up with it.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

1) Better User Experience

The user experience will enhance, and the thing that you need to be working out with the website will help your user to have a better experience. You can easily brag these things out perfectly when it comes to web development. You can get a hold on some web development company then you need to make sure that these things are perfect. You can get things done at the first pace, and some things will surely help you out for the best. 

2) Google Likes to see targeted sites

If you use the Google targeted keywords, then Google likes it a lot. You will get a hold on some of the targeted things, and it can work out for the best as the long tail keywords can be helpful for you in the long run for sure. These things can work out perfectly for you and with the help of these targeted keywords; you can get past so many things easily.

3) More Visibility

Being unique is more likely to be visible, and this is all that you need to know. There are so many things that can be helpful for you and more uniqueness in your keywords means that you will have a lot of visibility for your work. You can use these things easier for your website, and if you look out in the market, then the long term keywords are more likely to be unique.

4) Achieve Goals Faster

You can get the goals faster and much more than just the way you think about it. You can get the goals faster as you have dreamt of. You can get things done easily and with the help of the goals and these things can be helpful for you to get the goals much faster than you need to think about the keyword that you need to get a better keyword for your goals.

5) Less Competition

There will be less competition for your work and then the things that you are using for your competition. You can get things done easily, and the competition will be less when you are using long tail keywords for your web development company. These are the things that you should be looking out for in the long run.

6) Easily Converted Traffic

The traffic that you will get on your website and then the things that you are looking for will be easily converted. You can use these things easily as per your needs and then the easily converted traffic can be useful for further development of your SEO for your website.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Will Dislikes of YouTube Videos affect the Search Position?

I heard that YouTube algorithms won’t differentiate Likes and Dislikes. They consider both of them as Engagement which is Good for the Video. But, personally I have noticed that my videos which receive many Dislikes are getting affected in terms of both Search Position and Ad Revenue.

Let me tell my understanding about why it is happening like this. Whoever coming to watch the video will stay for more time based on the number of Likes and Dislikes. In case of the video having lots of Likes and very few Dislikes, even if the viewers feel the first few seconds are boring or useless, they will continue watching the video by hoping that the later part will be useful or interesting. It won't happen for the Videos with lots of Dislikes. So, obviously Dislikes hurt the Watch Time which is a critical factor for getting organic traffic from YouTube. In summary, your Dislikes of our YouTube Videos will indirectly influence the search position by affecting the watch time even though YouTube algorithms are not giving importance to Likes or Dislikes.

Moreover if our Video get Likes, then those videos will be automatically included in the favorite playlist of all the people those who liked the videos. It will give more exposure to our Videos, and obviously, the videos will get more Views.

In summary, it is important to get more Likes and avoid Dislikes for our YouTube Videos. And I have realized that we don't have full control over avoiding Dislikes. Our Unique High-Quality Videos will also get Dislikes if the viewers hate the news subject. I already written about it in my previous post about why Facebook is not giving Dislike button.
I had mentioned that below question will rise in minds of Video watchers.

Whether the "Dislike" button in YouTube is available for signalling that the particular video is NOT Good or whether the content of the video is NOT liked by the viewer?

One of my Blog readers made this comment.
The same comment is true of the "Like" button. Maybe you "like" the news in particular or you "like" hearing the news about that person or subject. Or whatever. Your comment has no rational basis.

And, I made below reply.

I agree with your comment. But the core thing is, the reason behind the "Like" is not playing any role. If you are going to watch a video with more number of Likes, you won't care about whether it is because of video quality or because of the news content. I will tend to watch the videos with more Likes irrespective of the reason behind the Likes. But in the case of the "Dislike", the reason plays an important role. I will hesitate to start watching any Videos with more "Dislikes" by assuming that the video content will be poor or fake, but people might have disliked it because of the news itself. I might have watched the video irrespective of the Dislikes if I know this fact (i-e actual reason for the Dislikes)

Share your thoughts and experience through the comments.

I had published  a Book with Title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube" to share my experience about earning Money by running  my YouTube Channel for many Years. If you are interested, you can buy it from Amazon.
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Important Points to Consider while Choosing Apple’s iPhone X Car Chargers - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

Charging has become an important aspect of our everyday living thanks to the overwhelming presence and use of mobile devices. Whether you are going for a long drive or simply going to the office, you simply cannot even imagine stepping out of your home without the car charger. Ever since the launch of the cutting-edge iPhone X, we are well aware of the fact that it is accompanied by innovative and novel charging features including wireless charging and fast charging. If you wish to make the most of the fast charging technology, you must understand ways to choose an Apple car charger for iPhone X. You must necessarily respond to a few questions while choosing a car charger for your iPhone X.

The questions that must crop up in your mind while choosing a car charger are the following:

  • Does it offer fast charging?
  • Are there more than a single socket?
  • Is the car charger of the right size suitable for my unique needs?
  • What is the length of the cable I would require?

Fast-Charging Car Charger for iPhone X

Apple has announced that iPhone X has the capability of achieving about 50 percent power charge in just half an hour by using a USB-C to the lightning cable. In case you want to enjoy this superlative speed, you must consider investing a lot in purchasing a USB-C to the lightning cable. Moreover, you must have a compatible charger with USB-C power delivery. You must visit reliable sites and stores for perfect Apple car charger India and all other perfect Apple solutions.

Some Top-Rated Fast-Charging Car Chargers for Apple’s iPhone X

  • Zendure Car Charger: Zendure is truly compatible and fully complements your iPhone X as it has the cutting-edge Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or QC3.0 for providing you with the fastest ever charge.
  • RAVPower 24 W Car Charger: This is supposed to be a highly reliable and reputed brand for its high-quality products. This is a 24W car charger and is surely one of the best options for your iPhone X. It is known to support Qualcomm’s superior fast-charging standard. Its iSmart 2.0 USB and Type-C USB would be providing a robust combined output of actually 4.8A for simultaneously recharging a couple of devices at incredibly top speed.

Chargers with More than One Single Socket: Several car chargers have been designed with a number of sockets so that you could use it for charging more than a single device simultaneously. These ports would be coming with diverse specifications that could successfully output expedient charging for diverse devices at optimal speeds. Car chargers that boast of multiple ports could actually be shared with friends and family to keep the power off dilemma at bay.

Physical Size: Usually, you would not find much space all around the power port in your car, so it is best to buy a car charger that is small in size.

Cable Length: If you are purchasing a car charger with just one built-in cable meant for the iPhone X, then it is essential to measure its length. Experts would be advising you against buying a car charger that has an integrated cable since it restricts the devices that could be charged and most importantly if the cable is malfunctioning, you would have to replace it at once with a new one.

Some Reliable Products to Choose

Aukey 36W PD Charger: This is a highly affordable and small-sized charger that is just right for charging your iPhone X without any issues whatsoever. It flaunts a couple of ports. One port is meant for the USB-C devices and the other one is meant for the USB-A devices.

Anker 54W PowerDriver+4: This iPhone X car charger has one USB-C port and three USB-A ports that could be perfect for you, your friends, and family. You could easily share your iPhone X charger with the people who matter to you. It is absolutely the right one for fast charging as its charging capacity is 54 W.


Today, the market is flooded with numerous products that have certain similarities and so things could get pretty dicey while choosing the right products. The products discussed here have been hand-picked by experts. You would surely find the best one for your iPhone X.


Trudy is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible towards his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Best Motivational Quotes Book

It is important to read Motivational Quotes daily to keep our mind with positive thoughts. Inspiring Quotes of Great People have the power of changing our Life in the positive direction.

I am running a Motivational Quotes Website www.TheQuotes.Net for many years. I had spent a lot of Time and Energy for adding lots of Quotes and Motivational Articles into our Website. From the Experience of running this Quotes Website, sometime back, I published an Android App for showing the Best Motivational Quotes. Though it is a very simple app with very fewer features, it is getting lots of good Ratings and Review Comments. The Positive Comments made me think about publishing the Motivational Quotes as a Book.

I have published the Motivational Quotes Book with the Title "Best Motivational Quotes: A Huge Collection of Quotes that Can Change Your Life" using Amazon's KDP publishing platform. This Book is available in both Kindle Format and Paperback Format. And, I have enrolled the Kindle Book into the "Kindle Select" program. So, it will be available with "Kindle Unlimited (KU)". That means, if you are a KU Subscriber, You will be able to read this Book for Free on your Kindle Device.

We can read thousands of Quotes on various websites freely. But we will not be having enough time to go through all those Quotes and then choose the best motivational Quotes. So, there is a huge need for the collection of only the best motivational Quotes. This book will be satisfying that need by presenting the huge collection of only the Best Motivational Quotes.

All the Motivational Quotes in this Quotes Book are collected with the intention of stimulating Positive thinking in the minds of the Quotes Readers so that they can achieve Success and Peace in their Life by improving their Confidence, Courage, and Happiness.

In short, this Motivational Quotes Book brings the Wisdom from lots of Great People, Leaders, Authors, Philosophers, and Saints.

Our Sub-Conscious Mind can do many Wonders if we keep our Thinking Positive. Everyone knows the power of positive thinking. But it is very difficult to keep on thinking positively at all the times. Everyday struggles and the negative people around us are forcing us in some ways to reduce our positive thinking, or even they can put negative thoughts in our Sub-Conscious Mind. This Motivational Quotes Book can help to retain our Positive Thinking in all harsh environments.

Apart from seeding Positive Thinking, this Motivational Quotes Book can help us to improve our decision-making process in Daily Life as it could bring the Wisdom of Great people through their Quotes.

Personally, I realized the benefits of reading Motivational Quotes in many different situations. For Example, Whenever I am tending to blame others for my failures, the Quote "The moment you blame others you fail" comes into my mind, and I stop blaming Others. I don't remember when and where I read this Quote or who is the Author of this Quote. But I realize the power of this Quote. If we take responsibility for our failures, actually we are not confirming the
Failure till we give up. We have the option of continuing our efforts to make our Failure into Success. But at the moment we blame others, we lose this option and therefore our Failure will be finalized.

So, I would suggest understanding the deep meaning of any Quotes. Not only the meaning but also the context and the background of the Quotes. For example, I like the below Quotes of Abraham Lincoln very much. It used to encourage me a lot whenever I am facing Failures continuously and lacking the Resources and the Skills required for achieving the Success.
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”

I would say that this Quote can convey a powerful message only if we know the life story of Abraham Lincoln.

I am planning to promote this Book through various campaigns to make it as Best Seller. And, I would like to get Reviews for this Book. If you are a Book Reviewer or Book Blogger or Book affiliate Marketer who is interested in reviewing/promoting this Book, contact me ( to get the FREE Review Copy (PDF file) of this Book. Others can buy it from Amazon.

Updates on October 21st 2018:
Amazon applied "#1 New Release" badge for this Book in the "Quotation Reference" category. It appeared for few hours.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Testing our Websites and Apps

Past few days, I was spending significant time fixing issues of our Websites and Apps. Especially I updated our Motivational Quotes App and Bible Quotes App, to make them work with the latest Android Devices. Once after updating them in Google Play Store, I came to know that some devices are crashing when receiving the message. So, I have updated them again after fixing the issue. The latest Android Devices are provided with Notification Channel feature. So, I needed to change the firebase library version in the code to fix the issue. I hope now everything is working fine. So, updated these two apps in the Amazon App store also, and I have started running Google Ads Campaigns to promote these Apps. Let me know if you find any issue when using these Apps.

And, I have updated this blog to include AdSense Ads. Previously I was NOT monetizing it actively. Recently I have decided to monetize all our websites and Apps fully. Let me tell the reason behind it. A few days back YouTube disabled monetization feature for my YouTube Channel by saying "Duplication" as the reason. I just got an email from YouTube with Title "Your channel is no longer eligible to monetize. Learn how to reapply". It seems I will be able to reapply for the monetization only after 30 days after deleting Duplicate Videos.
Personally, I believe I am not violating anyone's copyright. Actually, I don't know what I need to do before reapplying with YouTube.
So, I contacted YouTube Partner support by sending below message.

Monetization is disabled for my Channel by saying "Duplication" as the reason.
I am running the channel mostly to give Technology News. I use the press release materials provided by the universities and companies to create videos. Since same press release material is used by many people "Duplication" is unavoidable for the news reporting videos. I believe I am not violating anyone's copyright. And, I don't have any copyright strike or community strike.

So, I don't know which video needs to be deleted. I don't want to delete any random video just for the sake of reapplying for monetization. Because inventors/scientists used to feel happy when their invention is reported in my channel. I don't want to disappoint them by deleting their news video.

In this case, please let me know what I need to do before reapplying for monetization.

If you have disabled monetization by mistake, please enable it again.

For this message, I got the reply from the YouTube Partner Support Team. But their reply message was NOT having any specific information. It was just the standard mail which repeats the same message that I received initially. By the meantime, I got mail (both email & courier) from a law firm (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati) representing Khan Academy for asking me to remove any Commercial links or ads attached with a SQL Tutorial video which was created with the help of YouTube Video Editor by combining multiple Videos of Khan Academy which they published with permission for reuse. I removed the links in the description immediately after receiving their mail, and I deleted the video itself as I couldn't access monetization options for disabling the ads. More than 1 million people learned SQL from that Video and it got more than 10K Likes and lots of positive comments and interesting/useful discussions. Now it is NOT available. And, I couldn't understand whether these two things (Khan Academy's mail and demonetization) are separate incidents or related things. Anyway, I learned two lessons from these two things. One is, it is not a good practice to put all our efforts into one particular project even if is backed by a company like Google/YouTube. The second lesson is, it is better to promote our own Content even if someone is giving better content with reusable rights. I had spent lots of time and energy to promote the SQL video, by answering SQL related Questions in lots of Forums and Social Media. I had decided to promote the Khan Academy Video than creating my own tutorial video as I thought it was better than mine and it was available with reuse rights.

In short, I can not earn money from my YouTube Channel until they enable monetization again. And therefore I have decided to earn money from my Books, Websites, and Apps.

I enabled Adsense Auto Ads in most of my Websites (e.g This blog, website including motivation subdomain and facebook covers, our Forum, online Quiz, website, After reviewing the performance and effectiveness of these ads on these websites, I will implement them in our other websites also.

Apart from adding Ads, I have done a few other changes (E.g enabling https, making websites more mobile-friendly) also. So, I need to test our websites and Apps from various perspectives. Contact me if you are seeing any issue with our websites or Apps.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

YouTubers can Earn more Money by making use of Trending Topics effectively

You may be spending a significant amount of Time and Energy to run your YouTube Channel. You might be putting a lot of Efforts for creating each and every Video in your Channel. You might have spent a lot of Money in buying Equipment and Software required for creating your Videos.  Even you might be paying Money to the Freelancers who help you create your Videos in professional ways. You may be teaching your Skills or sharing your Business Success Secrets freely through your Videos. But, that doesn’t mean that your Channel will get Views. The increasing competition makes it very difficult to get Views even to the best Videos.  So, it is very important to give attention to the Trending Topics.

Let me explain about how the Trending Topics can bring more Visitors to your Video.  First, I will tell about some SEO related Terms so that I can explain it using these Terms easily. Everyday, a lot of People are doing their search on Search Engines like Google and YouTube by typing or speaking Words that are called as Keywords. And, Search Volume is the word used to represent the amount or quantity of searches that occur for a particular keyword or term, often expressed as searches per month. Search Competition is how many Pages/Videos on the internet include that term, thus, the number of Pages/Videos you will be competing against.

In normal days, the Search Volume and Search Competition will be almost constant for any Keyword.  i-e They will be in a Balanced State. In this State, it is difficult for your Video to get lots of Views by competing with existing Videos.
But sometimes, Search Volume will be increased suddenly due to some Events that may be either expected or unexpected.
For example, a lot of people will be searching about a Person who  is getting announced as a Nobel Prize Winner. That means, the Search Volume for the keywords related to that Person will be increased suddenly while the Search Competition is not getting changed much.  You can make use of this opportunity of increased Search Volume to get traffic to your YouTube Channel by uploading Videos related to this Trending Topic.

For making use of the expected Trending, like Sports Events, Political Meetings, Official Product Launch Events, Celebrity Birthdays and Festivals, you have to work in advance by preparing your Videos related to those Topics or Keywords. You need to keep a list of upcoming  planned Events and Festivals, and check your list regularly to create Videos about the Topics or Keywords related to those Events.

For making use of the  unexpected Trending, like any unofficial  Leak of any Product to be released soon, you should follow various News Agencies to get the News immediately,  and  you have to publish the Video immediately. You need to check Google Trends page and Twitter Trending List regularly, almost every Hour.

Moreover, Google and YouTube will give high priority to the New Videos that are related to the Trending Topics. The New Videos will be shown at top of the Search Results even when there were lots of good old Videos available for that Trending Topic. i-e Your New Videos will be treated like a News Article from  the well established News Websites. This is the Key for the success of creating Videos on Trending Topics.  Let me explain the reason why Google and YouTube are behaving like this, by saying an example.  Assume that there was a Heavy Rain in a particular Town.  Someone living in another Town will hear about this news through other  Media like Radio and TV.  He will do the Search on the Google or YouTube by typing the name of the Town with the expectation of seeing more details about the Rain.  Usually, many people will be doing search about any Town before visiting it. So, Obviously Google or YouTube should show the latest Articles or Videos related to the Heavy Rain than any other Good Old Articles or Videos, otherwise people may stop using Google or YouTube in the future. So, they have to behave in this manner. YouTubers can make use of this Trending Topics advantage, for getting more Views to their Videos. And make sure that you use it genuinely. Use it only for the Trending Topics that are related to your YouTube Channel and that are useful or interesting to your Target Audience. And, never try to include the Keywords of Trending Topics into  the Title/Description/Tag of your Videos which are actually not related to the Trending Topic.

I had published  a Book with Title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube" to share my experience about earning Money by running  my YouTube Channel for many Years. If you are interested, you can buy it from Amazon. And, if you want me to spend significant time for reviewing your YouTube channel and Business Model, you can book my time and check my previous post to see the Price/Charge details.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Get our Motivational Quotes Kindle Book for Free till October 8th.

A few years back, I had published a Book with Title "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net - Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated Positively" using Amazon Kindle publishing (KDP) and I enrolled it with "KDP Select" program which allows me to set it for FREE few days.

I have decided to make it available for Free till 8th October 2018. Make use of this free offer, if you are interested to read this Kindle Book.
Get it from here and add your Rating and Reviews at Amazon.

Staying Positive gives us lots of Benefits. But it is really difficult to stay Positive all the Times, it is almost impossible to do so.   By reading Motivational Quotes we can get the motivation to stay positive.

So, get this Book before the Free offer ends. And, You can get our Quotes App for free from Play Store.

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Opportunity for YouTubers to increase their Earnings.

A few months back I had published an eBook with Title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube" to share my experience about earning Money by running YouTube Channel.

I thought my Book will be useful for the new YouTubers and for the people who want to increase their earnings from their YouTube Channels. So, I spent significant money for running paid campaigns for promoting this Book. I tried Facebook Ads, Reddit ads, GoodReads Give Away, LinkedIn Ads and Amazon AMS ads. But it didn't make much sales. So, I stopped promoting this Book and forgot about it.

Few days back I got a chance to go through the review comments for this Book in GoodReads website. Almost all the reviews are telling the same message. i-e They feel that the content in the Book is informative and useful, but the writing style and Grammar are not Good. It makes sense. Because English is not my primary language and I am not good at writing.

It made me to think about the option of directly working with the YouTubers instead of just sharing my experience through the Book. And, therefore I have decided to do consulting work for offering services like reviewing YouTube Channels, giving suggestions to improve them, implementing suitable monetization strategy and promotion approaches.

I have around 20 years of experience in the IT Industry with various Positions and Roles.  You can check my LinkedIn profile for the details.

So, apart from reviewing the YouTube Channel, I will be able to test  websites/blogs in various perspectives including loading performance, security, SEO, promotions and user experience.

I am successfully running my YouTube Channel for more than 8 years, and I  have answered many Quora Questions about running YouTube Channel.

So, I believe I will be able to help YouTubers to improve their earning potential by reviewing their Channel and Business model.

If you are interested, you can book my time by making payment to my paypal account. I plan to charge $20 USD per Hour. As an initial offer I will be charging just $10 per Hour for short period of time.

If you want to make use of this initial offer, contact me ( with your requirements details before this Offer ends.

I believe it will be an opportunity for the people who are willing to earn money by working from Home. I will be doing it for few channels only as I have very limited time to spend. So, make use of the opportunity by contacting me soon.

People who are planning to start YouTube Channel or own Website can also contact me so that I can guide them by suggesting best strategy to earn money easily by using their Talent/Skills or by selling their Products or Services. I will suggest best business model after doing deep analysis from various perspectives, and I will be able to help them to implement the suggested model till they start earning money.

Share this information to your Friends who may be interested to make use of this Offer.

You may watch this long video or this short Video to know about earning money from YouTube Videos.

 Feel free to ask your Questions through the comments.

My Suggestions for YouTubers

  • Have the Courage to start and run your YouTube Channel irrespective of any obstacles you may face while doing so.
  • Know your Passion and create Videos accordingly.
  • Set your Target Audience, and keep them in your mind while creating as well as promoting your Videos so as to give them relevant content.
  • Work on to integrate your YouTube Channel with your overall Business Model.
  • Give importance to SEO while creating and promoting your Videos, but not more than your Audiences.
  • Upload quality, unique, useful and interesting videos frequently. 
  • Upload attractive and relevant Custom Thumbnail image before publishing your Video.
  • Promote your videos in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc only on relevant Groups/People with relevant HashTags or any other value addition.
  • In case you use Paid Campaigns like Google Adwords, Reddit Ads, Facebook Ads, etc,  the campaigns should be targeting only the people who are likely to watch your Videos significant amount of time, otherwise your Video WatchTime will be affected.
  • Don't expect your Channel growth overnight. Though starting YouTube Channel is very simple, running it continuously requires patience and lot of Hard work and dedication.
  • Engage with Your Audience through Comments, Live Sessions and Community Tab.
  • Don't get confused with the Jargons like RPM, CPM, CTR, etc. You will come to understand them easily once you actively involve with your YouTube Channel.
  • Do the Cross promotion using the YouTube Tools like Cards and End Screen properly.
  • Give attention to Metadata, like Title, Description and Tags to make them SEO friendly. But don't dump them with lots of keywords.
  • Never give clickbait title. It will affect your Video Watch time. Low watch time will affect the search rank and suggestion.
  • Arrange your Videos properly in PlayLists and showcase some important playlists in the home page of your YouTube Channel.
  • Collaborate with other related YouTubers.
  • Watch your YouTube analytics report regularly to tune your video creation and promotion activities.
  • Make use of royalty-free resources (e.g Music tracks available in YouTube Audio Library) to improve the Quality of your Videos.
  • Never try to use any copy-righted content, and never hesitate to fight against false copyright claims.
  • Create Videos based on Trending Topics related to your Channel.
  • Understand the Fact that YouTube is not going to pay you based on number of Views or number of Subscribers. Watch Time plays important role in increasing your Earnings. So, Focus on creating interesting/useful content.
  • Add Subtitle/CC to your Videos
  • Use Good Quality Mic and Camera or any other tool required for creating your videos. Use the Tools like Audacity to cancel the noise in your audio. Check my Amazon Influencer Storefront to see my recommended Gadgets for the YouTubers.
  • Never compare your channel with other similar channels . Everyone is having their own way of making money from YouTube.
  • Think  from various perspectives like Brandable, Searchable and Trust factor while choosing your channel name.
  • Don’t think your YouTube Channel as a separate Entity, instead view it as part of a Business Model. Integrate YouTube with your other Business activities.
  • Never depend on Adsense ads on YouTube as your only source of Income. Work on creating alternate revenue streams (e.g Amazon Affiliates, TopBuzz, etc)
  • Never try to use any shortcut method to bring views or subscribers to your Channel.

Don't worry much about video Views or Earnings initially. Just focus on creating high quality and informative videos frequently, and promote them at the relevant websites and groups. Earnings will follow you at the appropriate time. All the Best!!!

Updates on October 4, 2018: 

I had updated my Book about YouTube based on the review comments given by GoodReads users.
You can buy the updated Book at Amazon for the affordable price. Feel free to share your comments about this Book here or at Amazon.

And, if you are willing to Rate/Review this Book at Amazon, please contact me ( to get the FREE Review Copy of this eBook.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

My First Vertical Video in My YouTube Channel

YouTube was supporting only the standard 16:9 aspect ratio videos for the long time. Since many people are recording videos using their mobile phones, many videos won't fit into this aspect ratio. So, YouTube used to show black bars on both sides of the video when showing vertical videos.

Recently YouTube has started supporting vertical videos also. In mobile phones the vertical videos can be viewed in full screen.

For testing this Vertical video format, I had uploaded a vertical video which was taken by my mobile phone.

By saying "vertical Video" I mean the video size of 720 x 1280 instead of usual 1280x 720.

The vertical video is looking better in mobile phone. And in desktop, YouTube is showing white bars on both sides of the video.

What is your opinion about Vertical Videos? Do you like Vertical Videos?

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Updates about "Quote of the Day" News Letter from TheQuotes.Net

Few years back we have started sending "Quote of the Day" email news letter for the people who are interested to receive Motivational Quotes in their email.
I used php's mail() function for sending these emails using cron job. I followed all the required things for running the News Letter. i-e The News Letter mail will be sent to only the people who confirmed/verified their email id. And, the "Quote of the Day" mails used to have the "unsubscribe" link.

I came to know that the mails were getting delivered to spam folder for the Gmail users, even though I followed all the best practices for sending News Letter email. Most importantly, confirmation/verification emails were also delivered to spam folder. So, lot of people couldn't verify/confirm their email.

I tried various things to fix this issue. I added many header values suggested by many discussion forums, and I tried with PHPmailer also. But nothing helped me to solve this issue.

So, finally I decided to use the third-party News Letter Service "MailChimp" which allows upto 2000 subscribers for FREE. But it is having some shortcomings. Previously, the "Quote of the Day" mail used to be composed automatically using the Quotes and Images stored in our website. I need not do anything to send the Quotes News Letter. But Now I have to manually create the News Letter Campaign content in MailChimp. Anyway, it is having easy-to-use interface. But I am not sure whether I will be doing it daily. And, the MailChimp will be allowing only 12,000 mails per month in the Free Plan. So, I will be reducing the Mailing Frequency. i-e I may not be sending the "Quote of the Day" mail daily in future. And, I will be removing the inactive subscribers.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

My Amazon Influencer Page - See Recommended Products and Latest Deals and Offers

Visit my Amazon Influencer Page to see my Recommended Products and the Latest Deals and Offers Provided by Amazon.

I have already added many products into this page. Daily,I am spending significant time to update this list to include the latest Deals and Offers provided by Amazon, and to remove the outdated products. I am adding the products only after doing lot of analysis by going through the Reviews and considering many other factors. Anyway, do your own research before buying the products mentioned in my Amazon Influencer page.

To make use of the Deals/Offers/Discounts provided by Amazon effectively, bookmark my Amazon influencer page and visit it daily to see the latest offers. I believe this page can help you to save significant Money.

And, inform me ( if you have any suggestions to make this list more effective. And, let me know if you know any alternate/similar product which is better than the listed product, in terms of Price, Quality, Availability, Delivery and Packing.

Apart from my Amazon Influencer Page, you can check the Gold Box Deals provided by Amazon to get the products at Discounted Price.

In the Year 2009, i-e around 9 Years back, I joined Amazon's Affiliate Program known as Amazon Associates. I added the Affiliate links, Banners, and Widgets in few of our Websites. Even I created Amazon's aStore also. And, I received the first payment as Amazon Gift Card. But, later on I stopped focusing on Amazon Affiliate program, as my Google AdSense earning was much better than the Amazon Associate/Affiliate program. And, I had to spend lot of time in our Software Development related activities.

I came to know that many people are making higher earning by adding affiliate links in addition to Google AdSense. But I hesitated to do this, because of 4 reasons. One is, I expect/assume drop in adsense revenue due to Amazon affiliate links; Second, I don't want to spend much time in adding affiliate links; Third, the difficulties involved in receiving payment from Amazon comparing to Google Adsense which will directly deposit money in my bank account in India. But Amazon used to send me the check payment for my Book Royalties. En-cashing the Amazon check used to take significant time and effort from my side. And, the affiliate program won't work for India users, we need to join affiliates program separately and we have to share the appropriate link according to the Country of the visitor. So, I avoided spending time for adding affiliate links in our websites and YouTube Channel.

Now I have decided to spend my Time and Energy to earn Money from Amazon Associates program. Let me tell the reason why I made this decision.
Few Months back, I had published a Kindle Book with title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube". But it didn't make any sales. Few weeks back, I updated this Book content and published Paperback version also. And, I decided to promote this Book, as I thought it will be useful for the new YouTubers. So, I spent significant money for running paid campaigns for promoting this Book. I tried Facebook Ads, Reddit ads, GoodReads GiveAway, LinkedIn Ads and Amazon AMS ads. But it didn't make any sales. And, I got reviews/advice from KDP Forums and GoodReads that it is difficult to sell my Book due to various reasons like, low number of pages, Spell mistakes & Grammar mistakes, poor cover image, and the availability of best similar Books. Personally I feel my Book will be useful for the new YouTubers irrespective of these shortcomings. Anyway, I don't want to waste my Time and Money in promoting this Book which is not making any sales even after spending significant amount of Money for the promotion activities.

So, I stopped/reduced all the promotion activities for the Book. This Book promotion activities made me to think about doing the Amazon Affiliate promotion again. Since I was spending significant amount of Money for Book promotion, I thought of earning Affiliate commission in addition to the Royalty payment for selling my own Book. By going through various Forums and Discussions, I came to know that this practice is allowed by Amazon and many Authors are doing it.

And, payment related issue also got solved as Amazon started supporting Payoneer. So, I decided to focus on Amazon Affiliates/Associates again, at least for my Book promotion. Though I stopped the Book promotion, I decided to continue the Amazon Affiliate promotion activities. Since our YouTube Channel is getting significant number of traffic, my efforts won't go waste this time. Anyway, I am going to do it in limited ways only. I am not going to target all the people. As of now, I plan to use only the, that means I will use it for U.S traffic only, and will do it without affecting AdSense much, i-e I will include the Amazon Affiliate links in few places only.

I started including the Affiliate links in few pages/videos. And, added Amazon's native shopping ads also in few pages. And, I came to know about Amazon's Influencer program. I just applied for it and it got approved instantly to give me this vanity URL in Amazon.

I added few products including my Books. And, I am planning to add more products and Deals/Offers daily. I am exploring various Products and going through Reviews and Price/Deals details so that I recommend best products. Suggest me if you know any better products to be included in this page.
And, if you are Amazon Seller, let me know if you run any Deal/Offer/Discount for your product on Amazon, I will include it in this page if it is suitable for my audience. I am planning to make it as a place for my Readers/Viewers to check daily to find best Offers for the best Products. So, you can bookmark my Amazon Influencer Page, and share it with your Friends who may be interested in it.

Regarding my Book, generally I believe in Never Give Up attitude. So, I will start promoting it again later after improving it further, mostly, after including new chapter about earning money from Amazon Affiliate Program based on my experiences that I am going to get in the coming days.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine's Day Deals - Amazon is giving Limited-Time Offer for Amazon Fire Tablets, Kindles, Echo Show, etc

Amazon is giving significant amount of Discount for many Amazon Devices for the Valentine's Day which will be celebrated on February 14.

Most of these offers are limited-Time Offers, and they will mostly end on February 13.

Amazon provides this Offer for Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Show, Cloud Cam, key Kit, Fire TV Stick and Eco Dot as a bundle, Fire 7 Tablet, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, Fire 7 Kids Edition, Fire HD 8 Kids Edition and Kindle E-readers.

Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers developed by The devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which responds to the name "Alexa". This "wake word" can be changed by the user to "Amazon", "Echo" or "Computer". The device is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart devices acting as a home automation hub.

Amazon Echo Dot is a hockey puck-sized version of the Echo designed to be connected to external speakers due to size of the onboard speakers, or to be used in rooms such as the bedroom as an alternative to the full-sized Echo. Beyond these distinctions, the Amazon Echo Dot possesses the same functions as the original Amazon Echo.

Echo Show features a tactile 7-inch LCD screen that can be used for playing media, making video calls (5 MP front camera), and other features.

Echo Spot is a hemispherical device that has the same functions as an Echo Show. The device has a 2.5-inch circular screen, and looks like an alarm clock.

Amazon Key is designed to allow in-home delivery when the customer is not present. Customers will be able to watch the delivery and lock or unlock their doors.

Amazon Echo Spot for $114.99, $15 off the original price.

Amazon Echo Show for $179.99, $50 off the original price.

And, get $50 off Certified Refurb Echo Show.

Fire 7, 8 GB for $39.99, $10 off the original price.
Fire HD 8, 16 GB for $59.99, $20 off the original price.
Fire HD 10, 32 GB for $119.99, $30 off the original price.

Fire 7 Kids Edition, 16 GB for $79.99, $20 off the original price.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, 32 GB for $99.99, $30 off the original price.

Classic Kindle E-reader for $59.99, $20 off the original price. And, Kindle Paperwhite for $99.99, $20 off the original price

Get an Amazon Cloud Cam for $99.99, $20 off the original price.

What do you think about these Valentine's Day Deals? Are they really worth? Did you buy any product from this Deal? Share your experience through the comments.

I would like to get your review comments for my Book about Earning Money from YouTube. If you have read my Book, please share your comments.
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My Book "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube" is available in both Kindle & Paperback. KU Subscribers can read it for FREE

I am running my YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech" (QPT) for more than 8 years. Apart from running YouTube Channel, I have tried various other things including Software Development, doing freelance work, running Websites, writing/selling Books, etc. But I feel very comfortable in running my YouTube Channel, and I am earning significant revenue from it every month. Anyway, I am not running my channel in perfect ways. I did lot of mistakes and corrected some of the mistakes and working on to address remaining mistakes. So, I thought sharing my experience with others may help them little bit to succeed in their journey of earning money online without making the same mistakes. And therefore I have published a Book "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube"

To create a Buzz about this Book, I am selling it with very low price now. I may increase the price later. So, if you are interested to buy this book you can use this opportunity now. And, it is available in "Kindle Unlimited". So KU Subscribers can read it for Free.

Read below description of this Book.

Everyone needs Money for living a comfortable Life. The Money that you receive as salary for your work is having some limitations. For example, you won't receive salary if you stop doing your work, and your salary won't be increasing drastically. Doing Business will break these limitations. But many Businesses involve lot of Investments and Risks. So, many people are looking for a way to generate passive income without doing much investment. For them, YouTube is a best option.

Running a YouTube channel can help anyone to convert their skills into Money, that too passive Money. YouTube had created many Millionaires, and lot of people are earning significant money from their YouTube Channels.

This book is NOT for telling any secret ways for earning money from YouTube, and it is NOT going to give any tutorial about YouTube. It is just for sharing my understanding and experience with YouTube by running my YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech".

This Book will be useful for understanding some overview of the ways about earning money from YouTube. People who are interested to work from Home can utilize the opportunity given by YouTube for earning money.

Find below the Topics covered in this Book.

Why I Chose YouTube for Earning Money?
How to Earn Money from YouTube?
YouTube Channel Running Tips
My Experience with YouTube
My Suggestions for Beginners
    Three things to keep in Mind always
    About Preparing Interests List
    Video Promotion Tips
    Using Subtitles, Translation and Live
    Mistakes to Avoid
    About using Paid Ads
    Some Random Tips
    Dealing & adding Comments
    Beyond YouTube
    Video Suggestion

    Are People really making Money from their YouTube Channels?
    What is YouTube Partner Program (YPP)?
    How do I monetize my YouTube channel using Google AdSense?
    How can my videos make Money?
    One of my Videos is getting many Dislikes. Will these Dislikes affect the search position or any other organic traffic?
    Apart from using YouTube Analytics, can I use the Google Analytics to know more details about the traffic to my YouTube Channel?
    How to promote my YouTube Videos using Google Adwords?
    How much does YouTube pay per subscriber?
    What is YouTube Red? What do people get for joining?
    Will my content be available with YouTube Red?
    Do I need to pay to join YouTube Red to keep my content on YouTube?
    I'm a creator based outside of the U.S., how will YouTube Red impact my content?
    Should I make longer videos to get higher watch time?
    How much money do YouTubers earn?
    Where can I view my YouTube earnings?
    What is a Content ID claim?
    What is Copyright strike ?
    How do I get paid?
    When do I get paid?
    How do I receive money from AdSense?
    Does Google AdSense provide official payment documents?
    What is Address (PIN) verification ?
    What is Multi-Channel Network (MCN) ?
    What are End Screens and Cards?
    What does the Yellow Dollar Sign mean on YouTube?
    What are the best practices for adding Thumbnails for the Videos?
    Can I replace a video in my YouTube Channel?
    Can I make changes to uploaded videos?
    What are the best practices for metadata?
    What is the importance of adding subtitles & closed captions (CC)?
    How to do Live Streaming using YouTube?
    I am NOT a tech-savvy person, but good at Music/Photography/Dance/Arts/Teaching/Gaming/Comedy/etc. All these Terms are confusing me. Whether I need know/do all these things to Earn Money from YouTube?


You can buy this Book How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube from Amazon. It is available in both Kindle version and Paperback version.

Once after reading this Book, please share your review comments. You can contact me for any questions related to running your YouTube Channel. I may not be able to help you with best answer, but I am sure that I can definitely share my experience with you to help you go in the right direction.

If you want be successful in your YouTube Career, you should focus on your core talent/skills to make people Happy either Directly (e.g Dance / Comedy) or Indirectly (e.g Tutorials, Education videos, LifeHacks).

That is the very important thing apart from preparing the Interest List as specified in the Book. Once you start uploading useful videos, you have to promote it at relevant Social Media sites. You should do it to your target audience only. Don't share your video with people who may not be interested in your video. If you do so, your watch time will be affected heavily. Watch Time is the important parameter for getting views organically(Search, Suggestion, Browse) from YouTube. Choosing trending topics will be helpful to get views quickly. But do it for the topics that are relevant to your channel. As explained in the Book, not having quality mic severely affected my Channel. So focus on setting up the things required for your channel properly. Never tempted to copy anyone's video. Do YouTube Live frequently. Check your Analytics regularly. Initially focus on giving valuable content than getting views or earning Money. Cross promote your videos using Cards and End Screens. And remember to set your meta data (Title, Description, Thumbnail image) properly without violating YouTube's policies.

All these things specified in the Book are not much helpful unless you have enough motivation to set proper Goal for your Channel growth, and putting efforts on daily basis to move towards your Goal steadily irrespective of any difficulties you may face. Since I am running our Motivational website TheQuotes.Net for many years, I could understand the power of positive thoughts for achieving our Goals. So, always stay Positive. All the Best!!!

If you are interested to know the latest news about Emerging Technologies (e.g 3D Printing, Robotics, Drones, Graphene, Nano Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, Gene Editing, Desalination Techniques,Virtual Reality, Wearables, New kinds of Batteries, Driver-less Cars, Solar Power Improvements, Quantum Computing, Brain–computer interface, etc), then remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech".

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Goodreads GiveAway and Kindle Free Promotion Offer for my Books.

 Recently I have decided to spent significant time in writing Books and promoting them apart from running my YouTube channel. I am planning to write mainly about Emerging Technologies. I am evaluating the potential for making money by writing Books. Though I had published my first book around 8 years back, I haven't taken Book publishing as a money earning approach previously.
Recently I have decided to consider "Book writing" as a Money Earning approach.

So, I am exploring and studying various things about Book promotion by trying them for my existing Books.

I have tried paid ads including LinkedIn ad, Facebook ads and Amazon AMS ads. But they are not helping to make  Book sales.

So, now I am trying Giveaway and Free promotion approaches.

Currently I am running GoodReads GiveAway for giving Kindle version of my Book How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube for FREE to 100 people. This give away will end on February 10. If you are interested you can enter here.

And, I am running Amazon KDP Select's  Kindle Book Free promotion for my other Book "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net - Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated Positively" for 2 days. You can freely get this Book from here. This Free Offer will end tomorrow (i-e 1st February PST time).

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kindle Count Down Deal for my Amazon Kindle Book about Earning Money from YouTube. This Offer will end on 29th January 2018

Few months back, I had published an Amazon Kindle Book with Title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube" for sharing my knowledge and experience that I gathered in the past 8 years by running my YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech".

I have enrolled this Kindle Book to Amazon Unlimited and KDP Select programs.

KDP Select program allows me to run a Count Down Deal for few days to offer the Kindle Book at discounted price. I am running this Count Down Deal this week. The offer will end on 29th this Month.

During this Offer period, people from US can get this Kindle Book at the discounted price of $0.99.

So, if you are eligible for this Offer, you can make use of it from here.

Everyone needs Money for living a comfortable Life. The Money that you receive as salary for your work is having some limitations. For example, you won't receive salary if you stop doing your work, and your salary won't be increasing drastically. Doing Business will break these limitations. But many Businesses involve lot of Investments and Risks. So, many people are looking for a way to generate passive income without doing much investment. For them, YouTube is a best option.
Running a YouTube channel can help anyone to convert their skills into Money, that too passive Money. YouTube had created many Millionaires, and lot of people are earning significant money from their YouTube Channels.

This Book will be useful for understanding some overview of the ways about earning money from YouTube. People who are interested to work from Home can utilize the opportunity given by YouTube for earning money.

I am running this Offer by hoping that it can bring some reviews for my Book which is currently not having any Reviews and Ratings.

Please note that this book is NOT for telling any secret ways for earning money from YouTube, and it is NOT going to give any tutorial about YouTube. It is just for sharing my understanding and experience with YouTube by running my YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech" for many years.

So, please DON'T buy this book if you expect any secret tips or complete tutorial for Earning Money from YouTube. I am running this Kindle Countdown deal not for increasing the sales of this Book, but primarily for offering Discount price for by blog readers and Channel Subscribers by hoping that they will spend their time for adding Ratings and Reviews for the Book. I will use Amazon's ad program AMS for increasing the Book Sales once after getting Ratings and Reviews from my well-wishers.

And, few days back I had published the paperback version of this book. If you are interested, you can buy from here. But this Discount Offer is NOT applicable to Paper back version. So, I would recommend you to buy the Kindle version with Discount from here.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Added "motivation" sub-domain to our Quotes Site

Few years back we have launched a Motivational Quotes Website
We have added lot of motivational Quotes in that website, in various formats including, text, image, facebook covers, Gallery, Calendar, Greetings cards, auto tweet, etc.

We had spent lot of energy and time to make that website Search Engine Friendly and Mobile Friendly.

Apart from adding Quotes, now I have decided to include lot of motivational videos and other interesting/useful videos and articles. So, I have created a subdomain "motivation" for that purpose.

You can access it at

We just started adding content there, and planning to add lot of useful content in coming days. So, remember to visit it regularly, and let me know your suggestions to make it as interesting and useful website, by sending email to

You can subscribe to our Email posts, and you can subscribe to our blog feed.
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