Thursday, May 25, 2017

Released Bible Quotes App

Few days back, I had written a post about our Motivational Quotes app which is a simple android app with lot of motivational quotes.

That app is getting positive response from users, and more than 100 people are using the app within few days of the release.
So, I decided to replicate the samething for bible quotes also.

I have released a Bible Quotes app.  You can install it from

It will be exactly same as our Motivational quotes app except the content i-e quotes.

Apart from the Bible Quotes available within the app, I am daily sending a Bible quotes through push notification.

Let me know your suggestions to improve it further, and share this app with your friends if you like it.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Released Free Android App for Motivational Quotes

We have developed a mobile app for showing best motivational quotes. We published this app in Google Play Store.

Right now you can freely download it from here

This simple Mobile app can help to read the Best Motivational Quotes Daily so that we can have positive thinking consistently to tune our Sub-Consious mind which can work for us.

Right now, it is very simple App. You can just swipe the Motivational Quotes, and Shuffle them if you want to change the default order of the Motivational Quotes.
This App will work Offline. That means you can use it without having Internet Connection. So, your bandwidth is not going to be used much other than for showing Ads when you have Internet connection.
Though it is very simple app with very less features, it is having huge number of Motivational Quotes that are carefully collected manually based on the experience gathered by running a Motivational Quotes Website TheQuotes.Net for many Years. We did lot of hard work to come up with the list of Motivational Quotes used in this App.

Anyway, new features will be added later based on the users review comments and suggestions. And, planning to update this App with new Motivational Quotes regularly once after making sure that adding lot of Quotes is not going to create any loading speed issues.

Help us to improve the Quality of this App by sharing your feedback and suggestions. And, spread the positive energy by referring this App to your Friends.

You can subscribe to our Email posts, and you can subscribe to our blog feed.
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