Monday, April 28, 2014

Finally Google Adsense implemented Wire Transfer (EFT) in India

I am using Google Adsense for monetizing our website traffic and youtube views for long time. Comparing to other ad networks Google Adsense is paying good and they are sending payments properly without any issue.

They used to send payment checks using Blue Dart courier.

Since I am living in a village which was not covered by BlueDart courier service area, I used to get Google adsense payment check with almost 1 month delay time. Google AdSense check has to travel from Google, Blue Dart and then speed post (EMS) to reach me.

Sometimes it will be delayed more than 1 month. Many people used to complain about it in Google discussion Forums. Everyone was expecting Wire transfer/EFT as Google was already doing this in many other countries.

Now, Google has addressed this problem. They have implemented wire Transfer / EFT (Electronic Fund transfer) so that payment will be directly sent our bank account without the courier delay. And, we need not go to bank for depositing the check. Today I have received this email from Google Adsense Team.


We'd like to let you know about important upcoming changes affecting
your payment options.

As you may have heard, we're currently rolling out improvements to the
Payments page in AdSense. The upgrades are designed to provide you with
a better, faster payments experience, and your account will be upgraded

After this upgrade, we will issue payments by international wire
transfer. Wire transfer is a fast, secure, and reliable alternative to
receiving payments by check, and you will typically receive your
payment much faster with this payment method. Google pays most fees
involved with sending wire transfer payments and does not charge a fee
for this service. We recommend that you ask your bank about any fees or
commissions they may charge for receiving wire transfers. Visit our
Help Center for full details about receiving payments by wire transfer

With this change, we will no longer offer payments by check. Please
continue with receiving and depositing any outstanding checks as we
make this transition. The normal 60-day waiting period from the check
issue date will apply to check cancellations, and additional time may
be necessary to incorporate the canceled amount into the next scheduled

These changes will only affect payments in future months. If you are
scheduled to receive a payment this month, it will be issued using your
current form of payment selection.

We'll send you a future update after the upgrade is complete. We
appreciate your patience during this transition period.


The Google AdSense Team

Right now, I am NOT seeing this wire transfer option in my Google Adsense Payment settings page.
I hope they will be adding it soon.

And, the URL provided in the Google Adsense email is not loading for me. I am not sure whether it is broken link or Google Adsense Team is working on to update this page.

Few blogs reported that Google will be making small test payment to verify the Bank Account. Anyway, let us wait to get the further details to know the exact procedure/steps for adding Bank account with Google Adsense.
I will update this blog post after getting more details.

Updates on May 01, 2014:

Today I received another email from Google Adsense Team, to inform about the new payment page. The email includes below details.

Redesigned Payment summary and Payment settings pages

- Payment method is now called Form of payment.
- Unpaid finalized earnings is now called Current balance.
- Redesigned transaction history table shows you the latest activities
at the top.
- New toolbar support allows you to filter, print, export, or download
transaction information.

More flexibility with your payment settings

- New extended timeline allows you to change your payment information
until the 20th of any month.
- You can choose any payment threshold greater than the default payment
threshold based on your reporting currency.
- You can also hold your payments until a specified date.

Improved navigation of the payments interface

- Centralized locations to manage your Payment settings and Payee
- Contextual help is displayed based on the pages you navigate to.

Going forward, all new earnings and future payments will appear on the
new "Payments" page. You can find details for prior earnings and
payments we've previously sent by following the link to "previous
payments" at the bottom of the new "Payments" page.

After receiving this email, I have checked my Adsense account and found that new payment method is enabled for me.

I added my bank account details by following below steps.

-Click the gear icon and select Settings.
-In the left sidebar menu, click Payment settings.
-In the "Available forms of payment" section, click Add new form of payment.
-Choose the radio button for “Funds transfer to bank account” and click Continue.
-Enter your bank account information (account holder name, Bank name,swift-bic, IFSC, account number) and click Confirm and continue.

IFSC code for my Bank account is icic0006027. But this Google Adsense payment form didn't accept this value. I tried with ICIC0006027 , i-e converting the lower case letters into Upper case. Surprisingly, the form accepted this value.

And, I used "ICICINBBNRI" as SWIFT code my ICICI bank account.

Updates on May 23, 2014:

I have received below email from Google Adsense billing team.
Please note that we've recently issued a payment to you for your Google AdSense earnings on May 22, 2014. Your payment has been sent and should be arriving shortly. For more information, please log into your account and visit your Payment summary page. You may also be able to find a reference number there to track or pick up your payment.

Your bank may require you to take action to receive your payment. If you have not received your payment within the next week, contact your bank for more details.

And, when I checked the "Payment receipt" in Google Adsense account, I came to know that the payment is getting made from Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

And, I will update this post once after receiving the money in my bank account.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Planning to add more Public Domain inspirational articles in our TheQuotes.Net site.

In my previous post, I have explained about the new subreddit for getting and sharing motivational article.

In this post, I will explain about my plans to add more useful content into our Motivational site TheQuotes.Net

We have started our motivational website TheQuotes.Net few years back, and adding lot of motivational Quotes, Motivational images, Motivational videos frequently.

Now, I have decided to collect few inspirational articles from   public domain  and add them into TheQuotes.Net site so that our readers can read them at one place.

Initially I hesitated to add public domain articles as I thought  search rank of our site will be affected due to the duplicate content penalty of search engines. Because , most of the public domain articles are already available in lot of websites, and therefore they will create duplicate content issue.

Anyway, now I have decided to publish most useful public domain articles in TheQuotes.Net website so that the readers can get maximum benefit from it. To avoid search engine penalty, I have decided to add noindex and nofollow meta tags to these duplicate content pages.

Few days back I came to know about the which is run by Leo Babauta. He made the entire site as public domain content. I have gone through few of his articles and have gone through his life story. All of them are really inspiring. I am planning to add many articles from this site. I  already added two articles ( Fear is the Root of Your Problems and “Daily Change” to Change Your Life) from this site. If you are already familiar with this site, let me know what are the article you like much so that I will add them in TheQuotes.Net

And, I am exploring various other public domain content for adding them in our site. Send your suggestions to info@theQuotes.Net or share them through the comment section of this blog.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LifeMotivation SubReddit for getting and sharing Motivational Articles, Videos and Images.

Past few years I am spending lot of time/effort for adding lot of inspiring articles, Motivational Quotes, Motivational Video and Motivational Picture Quotes to our website TheQuotes.Net

We have added lot of feature like Motivational Calendar, Facebook cover application, Auto tweet application, etc.

And, past few months I was thinking about adding a new social book marking feature for allowing the visitors to share motivational stuff to TheQuotes.Net site.

But, right now site is visited by very less number of people only. And, building moderation tools will take some time and effort. And, I will be required to spend significant time in moderating the submission. So, I decided to drop the plan of adding bookmarking feature. Instead, I have created a subreddit /r/LifeMotivation/ for allowing users to share the Motivational Content using Reddit login.

I believe most of the users will share motivational content into this subreddit, as currently there is no effective subreddit for sharing Motivational Stuff. That means, this subrredit will be loaded with lot of inspiring articles soon. And, the Reddit voting system will help you to get best articles.

So, remember to visit /r/LifeMotivation/ frequently to read good motivational articles. And, remember to upvote good links and down vote bad links. I encourage everyone to participate in discussions by adding appropriate comments.

I welcome any suggestions to make this initiative successful.

Click the "Subscribe" button at /r/LifeMotivation/ to see the links from LifeMotivation subreddit at your Reddit home page.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boy rescued from Borewell using indigenous borewell Robot in India

 In my previous post, I had listed various amazing Robots. All those Robots were developed by properly trained people, and with lot of funds from big corporations and U.S Military.

In this post, I would like to mention about a really amazing Robot developed by an ITI Fitter in India.

Few days back, a 3 years old boy "Harshan" fell into an unprotected borewell near Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli District at Tamil nadu state in India.

The boy was rescued safely from the borewell using the "borewell robot", an indigenous device developed by 43-year-old M Manikandan and his team.

M Manikandan is an ITI educated fitter, and now he is working as a faculty in TVS Community College in Madurai.  Manikandan says it took him several years to develop the 'robot', the trigger for which was his own son's accidental fall into a borewell in 2003 and rescue.

An ITI educated fitter and now working as a faculty in a college which imparts vocational training to rural people, the 43-year old says it took him several years to develop the 'robot', the trigger for which was his own son's accidental fall into a borewell in 2003 and rescue. Explaining the device, he said the 'robot' is actually a two feet high simple iron framework weighing just five kg. It has a hook on its top to enable its suspension through a rope deep into borewells.

The device has a high resolution camera which can take pictures even in pitch dark conditions and arms which are detachable.

It can lift weight upto 50 KGs. The pictures can be seen on a computer monitor. "In Tirunelveli, we first tried the rubber arms... but the child kept pushing it away probably out of fear... then I used the clamp arms which clutched the child and thankfully we were able to rescue the child."

Asked if the child would not get hurt if the arms clutched it too closely, he said a pressure guage continuously monitors the pressure exerted by the arms and the victim's response.

According to him, this Robot will not cost more than Rs. 60,000 (i-e Around $1,000 USD).

In 2006, IIT-M Chennai awarded him for the invention, while he was handed over a certificate by the Tuticorin district collector at a function held in 2007.

The team consists of M Thirunavukkarasu, another faculty from the college, M Vallarasu, an engineering graduate doing his business and P Rajkumar, a driver.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How the Workplace Environment Influences the Productivity of Employees?

This Article is Guest Post.

Workplace environment is a key factor in improving the productivity. Apart from their monthly remuneration, the employees also give importance to the environment they work on. If they are paid high and the workplace provided is haphazard, it’s sure that productivity level will decrease drastically.

Let’s see how the workplace environment influences the productivity of employees.
The first main thing in a work environment is the way the employee is treated in an organization. It is always an important factor that the manager should build a strong bond and friendly relation with his employees. Trust each employee and assign him some priority works. Give some vital roles to him in the organization which ultimately creates a mind set in him that he is recognized in his organization. The result is that he will have a good aim to work which finally results in the productivity of the business. Never treat him like aworker. Try to build a good rapport and be loyal to your employees. Give word of appreciation for the work they do. A word of praise always motivates the employees to work more, rather than lounging around.

Try setting goals. Your freedom with the employees should not be in such a way that they take advantage of you. Set up a proper goal and guideline instruction in the organization, so that the employees strictly follow their work and also see that they work on more of productivity.It’s also important to see that the manager and the employer are travelling on the same wavelength in regard to work. The manager should try to create a team spirit, i.e. he should manage a unity within his team.This unity creates a feeling of respect in each employee which makes them put more interest to their work, resulting in a high productivity.Also it encourages an attitude of cooperation between the team members.
Communication also plays an important role in creating a wonderful jovial environment. We can’t think of a workplace which is dull and lethargic. A dull business environment creates negativity around the atmosphere.Communication between the managers and employees can only strengthen the productivity. A manager should always be approachable. He should understand the issues and problems faced by an employee and try to support him as much as he can. An employee must feel that you are a happy person to talk with, understandable and concerned. And remember never to insult an employee in front of other employees. This can mentally upset the employee, which directly hits the productivity. Have one-on-one meetings with employees, discuss the problems and try finding solutions together. Give your employees a break when they need it. Any person would need a break from their daily humdrums of life. A break will in fact rejuvenate the mind of the employee which can increase the output.

Offering rewards and bonuses is another main factor which keeps the employee stick to an organization. Employees feel more motivated and encouraged when they are rewarded, which ultimately helps in building high productivity. Offering reward indirectly means that the employee’s work is recognized in the organization. It’s his proud moment which says that the organization needs his intellectual skills, further.

These are some of the ways which increases the productivity by the influence of work environment.Apart from all the above points, the office area should always be filled with positive energy, fun and enthusiasm. Never should a workplace be low-spirited and gloomy.

A healthy, efficient and positive work environment is a vital part of the organizational success which increases the productivity and profit of a business.

Author Bio: I am Dora Houston, currently working as an essay writing specialist. By the years of experience with different essay writing services, I am able to provide the unlimited essay writing reviews. I am also providing aid to students on career possibilities and other academic success related topics. Besides, I enjoy writing about current trends and innovations in education, confidence, motivation and traveling.

Read more Guest posts  here.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Earth Day Slogans, Quotes, Facebook Covers, Speech, and Video

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22. Events are held worldwide on Earth Day to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

The idea came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, he realized that if he could infuse that energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda. Senator Nelson announced the idea for a “national teach-in on the environment” to the national media; persuaded Pete McCloskey, a conservation-minded Republican Congressman, to serve as his co-chair; and recruited Denis Hayes as national coordinator. Hayes built a national staff of 85 to promote events across the land.

As a result, on the 22nd of April, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. Groups that had been fighting against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife suddenly realized they shared common values.

Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, city slickers and farmers, tycoons and labor leaders.[Source:]

Few years back, we have created this video to give details about Earth Day. You may embed this video in your website or blog posts to create awareness about Earth Day.

 Many companies and organizations will be giving freebies on April 22nd to raise public awareness about the Earth Day.

 And, the Search Engine Google used to show Doodle on Earth Day. Watch this video to see the Doodle shown last year for Earth Day.

Earth Day Quotes

We have collected and published lot of Earth Day Quotes in our Quotes website TheQuotes.Net
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. -Proverb

The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.
-Barry Commoner

He that plants trees loves others beside himself.
- Thomas Fuller

The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.
- Ralph Nader

You can read many Earth Day Quotes from here, or you can watch these Earth Day Quotes as Video.

Earth Day Slogans

We have collected lot of interesting Earth Day Slogans and published them here.
Our Facebook application allows you to easily set these Earth Day Slogans as your Facebook timeline cover images.

Click on this image to as your Facebook Cover Image

And, you can watch these Earth Day Slogans as Video also.

And, you can watch an inspiring speech of girl about saving our environment here.

Earth Day 2014

The Theme for Earth Day 2014 is Green Cities.

Earth Day Network launched the Green Cities campaign in the fall of 2013 to help cities around the world become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Focused on three key elements – buildings, energy, and transportation – the campaign aims to help cities accelerate their transition to a cleaner, healthier, and more economically viable future through improvements in efficiency, investments in renewable technology, and regulation reform.


Most of the world currently relies on outdated electric generation structures that are extremely inefficient and dirty. To help cities become more sustainable, we need to redesign the current system, transition to renewable energy sources, and implement 21st century solutions.

Green Buildings

Buildings account for nearly one third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Through simple efficiency and design improvements to buildings we can reduce those emissions drastically. To realize that vision, cities need to update ordinances, switch to performance based building codes, and improve financing options.


Transportation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, three quarters of which comes directly from road vehicles. To reduce these emissions and the resulting smog, we need to improve standards, increase public transportation options, invest in alternative transportation, and improve city walkability and bikeability.

Search Engine Google is showing a Doodle for Earth Day 2014. You can watch this video to see the Doodle.

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Many people are looking for online voting option in India

In the year 2010, I had written this blog post to explore the feasibility for  the online voting facility in political elections of India.

From Blogger Stats and Google Analytic Stats, I came to know that many people are visiting this blog post by searching  online voting related search words. So, we can understand that many people are showing interest for the online voting (i-e Internet based voting).

And, I had embedded this polldaddy poll in my previous blog post. As of now, 95% of the people are showing interest to get online voting for political elections in India according to this poll result.

And, it seems the Election Commission (EC) had informed the Supreme Court that it was exploring the means of enabling Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to vote online in future.

 So, we can expect online voting feature soon.   You can share your thoughts about online voting in the comments.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bring more visitors to your Blog or Web Site by using these Traffic Generating Scripts.

These days, developing a website is not a big deal, we can use CMS like wordpress to create amazing websites in few minutes. But, bringing traffic to the site is the real challenge.

Website Traffic is important  for selling your product or service online, or for earning money by showing ads such as Google Adsense ads in your website or in your blog.

We can generate website traffic thro' various approaches like email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Social Media promotion, etc.

Search Traffic is the best way of getting web site visitors. Because, it will bring target traffic or relevant visitors, and therefore conversion rate will be good. For example, in case of Google Adsense, ad revenue will be high for Search traffic.

But you can not do much for bringing search traffic. Recently the search engines are considering the social signals for deciding the search rank. So, you can obtain better search position if your websites are spreading in social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

In this post, I will explain few ways for making your website or blog spread in Twitter and Facebook.

Let me start with some background information.

Few years back we had developed many twitter applications for managing multiple twitter accounts. And, we added lot of features such as scheduling the tweets.  But we stopped using these twitter applications as twitter started discouraging third-party twitter applications.

And, I have noticed that "auto quotes tweets" feature of our twitter application was not affected even after Twitter opted to discourage third-page applications.

And therefore I have started using this twitter application for promoting our Motivational Quotes site TheQuotes.Net. You can see the details at

Lot of people started using this application. You can search in Twitter to see the use of this app.

It is bringing significant traffic from twitter apart from helping for branding our website.

Contact me ( if you want to have this kind for script/app for your website.

For example, if you are a motivational speaker or author, you can store  your best tweets and allow other people to tweet them automatically. Mostly people will do it to gain more followers. So, you will be getting traffic to your website or blog while your users will be gaining followers. It is very simple and straight forward approach.  And, if you are web developer you can collect some good web development related articles and store them in this app to allow others to use it for automatically sending as tweets. It can be used for any kind of business.

We have integrated this app with phpbb forum. Anyway, we can work on to make it integrate with your existing login system, or we can create stand-alone login system.

And, we are using this Facebook Application to bring traffic from Facebook.  Contact me if you want to have similar Facebook application for your website.

Usually our pricing will be affordable. We are a very small Team. So, we will be able to  work for few clients only. So, if you are really interested to use this opportunity, you can contact me soon.

And, note that just setting up these scripts is not enough. You need to do lot of hard work to add relevant and useful tweets continuously, and you need to spend some time to remove/De-activate spam users to get good benefits from these scripts.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

World Health Day - The topic for 2014 is vector-borne diseases

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO (Word Health Organization) in 1948.

Each year a theme is selected that highlights a priority area of public health. The Day provides an opportunity for individuals in every community to get involved in activities that can lead to better health.

The topic for 2014 is vector-borne diseases.

What are vectors and vector-borne diseases?

Vectors are organisms that transmit pathogens and parasites from one infected person (or animal) to another. Vector-borne diseases are illnesses caused by these pathogens and parasites in human populations. They are most commonly found in tropical areas and places where access to safe drinking-water and sanitation systems is problematic.

The most deadly vector-borne disease, malaria, caused an estimated 660 000 deaths in 2010. Most of these were African children. However, the world's fastest growing vector-borne disease is dengue, with a 30-fold increase in disease incidence over the last 50 years. Globalization of trade and travel and environmental challenges such as climate change and urbanization are having an impact on transmission of vector-borne diseases, and causing their appearance in countries where they were previously unknown.
Read more details from WHO website.

And, we have collected and published some quotes and sayings about Health here.

We can read weight loss quotes here.

Surya Namaskar is providing some good health benefits. Read this post to know more about Surya Namaskar.

Visit this page to set health related images as your Facebook timeline cover.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 10 Benefits of getting Timesheet Software with Source Code.

Around 4 years back I had written a blog post about explaining the importance of using timesheet software.  Recently, I did some analysis about the usage of timesheet software in various companies, especially start-up companies. It seems many start-up companies are preferring to use cloud-based third-party hosted timesheet applications.  So, there is a huge demand for Timesheet Software Service Business.

In the beginning companies used papers for making note of the time spent for various projects / tasks by their employees. Later on they started using spreadsheets, like Microsoft excel sheets. Some of them created Excel Macros for entering the time details in specific formats in the spread sheets.

And, now the companies are using web based timesheets for tracking employees work hours and project hours. Mostly, they purchase subscription to cloud based or SasS (Software As Service) Timesheet. In this case they have to make payment for each user and they need to pay regularly (i-e per month  or per year).

But, the companies will not get the full flexibility of using the timesheet, as they won't get the source code of the software. They had to fully rely on the third-party timesheet software provider. I understand that subscription based timesheet software service is very easy to start and initially cost effective, and it didn't require any hardware or technical skills from the users side. That's why many people prefer to go with the third-party  timesheet service / cloud based timesheet / SasS Timesheet service.

But, getting your own copy of timesheet software with source code is having lot of advantages over cloud-based timesheet service. Let me list below the top 10 advantages.

1.You will have full control and flexibility over your Timesheet Software. You need not depend on the third-party servers and support.
2. You can make any kind of custom changes to make it fit with your own requirements. It will encourage you  to get different kind of reports specific to your own company, and thereby will help to improve the productivity of your business.
3. Your company data will be safe within your own server.
4. You can integrate the timesheet software with your other existing systems so that you can prevent the need for multiple logins.
5. Importing data from other systems can be done by writing piece of import script, and similarly export can be done to any required format by creating simple scripts.
6. By making small CSS/Design changes they can make it fit with their core website to keep uniform design.
7. You can have your own flow of approval/rejection according to your organization structure.
8. Since you will be having full control over your server, you can have your own session timeout or any other server settings which affect your timesheet functionality.
9. You will be having control over how you want to display the timesheet in mobile devices by making some design related code changes.
10. Most importantly no need to make payment for increasing number of users, and can use it for any number of years without making any additional payment.

In summary, it gives maximum benefits to you. I believe everyone will accept this fact. But the real challenge is, getting the timesheet software with source code.

We can find some open source timesheet applications. But they are outdated and the freelance developers will take significant time to understand the existing code and therefore they will charge heavily for doing any custom changes. And, if you go with commercial timesheet software applications, mostly they won't give the source code, or they will charge heavy price if you want the source code.

That's the main reason many people are continuing the use of third-party cloud service.

But we have taken initiative to provide timesheet software with source code  at unbelievable price. Right now we are giving it for $80 USD (Yes, one-time payment) And, we can do any custom changes for affordable price. Since we had done  lot of custom changes for various customers, we can do any kind of custom changes easily. So, it won't cost you much. Anyway, since we provide the software with source code, you can get any freelance developers to make custom changes if you want to do.
And, installation of our timesheet software is very easy. It uses commonly used open source technologies like php and mysql. So, there won't be any additional cost for using our timesheet software.

 And, I came to know that still some people are using excel spread sheets for tracking work hours. They can get our timesheet software at this affordable price to utilize the timesheet data in effective ways so as to improve the productivity which is the ultimate goal of using timesheets.

As discussed in my previous post, it is very important for the start-ups to keep their expenses under their control. So, I would like to suggest them to buy our timesheet by making small one-time payment instead of paying to the third-party timesheet providers every month/year for every user.

I agree that I am writing this post for promoting our timesheet. But I am not biased for recommending the timesheet with source code. Because, we too provide hosted timesheet service, and right now people can use it freely (with limitations)

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kindle Version of our Motivational Quotes Book will be available for FREE on April 3 and 4

Around  one year back, we had published a motivational Quotes Book "Motivation from TheQuotes.Net - Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated Positively " in both Kindle version as well as in Print version.

I enrolled this book into the Amazon's "KDP Select" program which allows me to make this Kindle Book available for free few days.

I chose to make it FREE on April 3rd (Thursday) and April 4th (Friday).

So, you can get this Motivational Kindle Book Free on these two days. Feel free to share this information with your friends.  I think the  "KDP select" program follows U.S time zone. So, make sure that the price is showing as "0" before buying it.

And, remember to share your feedback and review comments about this book in Amazon web site.

This eBook is having huge collection of Famous Motivational Quotes that are collected carefully so as to give positive energy to the Readers.

Apart from Famous Motivational Quotes, it covers below topics also.

- Top 8 secrets for achieving Success
- Business motivational Quotes for Start-ups and aspiring Entrepreneurs.
- 40 Secrets for Happy life.
- Inspiring Bible Quotes
- Inspiring Quotes of Great people such as Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam and Steve Jobs.
- Motivational Quotes of famous people like Kahlil Gibran, Napoleon Hill, Confucius, Aristotle and Maya Angelou.

And, it includes some Pictures Quotes from TheQuotes.Net

Click here to get this Kindle Book now, and you can buy the printed version of this book from here

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Timesheet Software Service Business...

Recently I came to know that a cloud-based timesheet service provider got Millions of Dollars as investment for expanding their business further as the demand for timesheet is getting increased in various countries.

If you are an Entrepreneur, you will be thinking about starting your own timesheet business to make use of the huge demand available for the timesheet related business.

But you will be requiring to invest significant amount of money if you plan to develop timesheet software to provide online timesheet service for various customers /companies as Software as Service (SasS)/ Cloud Service.

Anyway, you are having an option to get the timesheet software with source code by spending very little amount. You can check our timesheet sales page for more details.

Since our timesheet software supports use of multiple companies, you can easily start your own online timesheet service.

And, you will get the timesheet software with source code. i-e you can make any kind of change you want. Or, if you want we can make any custom changes based on your own requirements for additional charge.

Anyway, our timesheet software buyer should NOT resell our timesheet software. You can use it in one domain only. But you can use it for any number of companies.

As specified in my previous post, I am extending the offer price for our timesheet for few more weeks. So, if you are interested to get the timesheet with the offer price, you can visit this page now.

Contact me ( you have any questions about our timesheet.

And, our timesheet sales page has started appearing in Google first page for various timesheet related keywords. This is happening after I moved the timesheet sales page from domain to domain.

And therefore, I am expecting significant increase in sales of our timesheet software. So,exploring various options to make use of this opportunity effectively. Since we are very small team, and our Team building process is taking time, right now I prefer to encourage other Entrepreneurs to start their own Timesheet SasS service by using our timesheet software. They can earn money by charging the companies to use their service, or they can earn by showing ads. CPC for timesheet-related keywords is good.

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