Friday, February 24, 2023

Imagining the Future

Predicting our future world has become increasingly challenging due to the rapid evolution of new technologies. Just a few decades ago, we could not have imagined the extent to which our lives would be influenced by the internet and related technologies today. Many experts believe that the fourth industrial revolution will introduce even more transformative technologies that will greatly impact our lives in the coming years. Therefore, it has become very difficult to envision what our future world will look like.

Let's consider some possible scenarios. The rapid advancements in computing power, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, IoT, and material science are expected to drive widespread automation across various fields. This could enhance productivity and safety while also affecting job opportunities for humans. Initially, this may seem like a negative development, but in reality, people can receive financial support through Universal Basic Income schemes without having to work. Several countries have already conducted pilot studies on the implementation of Universal Basic Income, and the results have been encouraging. Contrary to popular belief, this approach has motivated people to pursue their interests rather than becoming lazy due to the availability of money without work. This ultimately leads to an improvement in overall productivity.

Developments of nanodevices will improve the medical field by improving drug delivery, imaging, monitoring, etc. Tiny cameras can be swallowed as pills to diagnose diseases. Once CRISPR Gene editing comes into the mainstream, the entire medical field will see a major change. We will be able to cure a lot of diseases easily, apart from creating designer babies. And, people started talking about artificial womb which can help to avoid pregnancy burdens. The advancements in developing Bionic devices are blurring the differences between humans and machines. Overall the medical field is trying to improve our health and increase our lifetime. But it will create an issue also. i-e It will create a society filled with many aged people. It creates the need for social robots for helping the elderly.

While we see improvements in our lifestyle and health, our Earth is facing climate change problems. Many scientists are saying that it will become a huge issue if we do not take the required actions as soon as possible. So, many research groups have already started developing carbon capture technologies. And drinking water issues are also becoming a big problem in many places. That’s why scientists are exploring various desalination techniques to get drinking water from seawater. 

Looking back at history, we can know the fact that our lives may be affected by technological changes in some way. But the core part of our lives is mostly independent of technology. We can always find happiness and peace in our lives by focusing on good things like love, courage, gratitude, and integrity while avoiding negative things like jealousy and greediness. This fundamental fact is not changing irrespective of time and technologies. Anyway, it is always good to keep an eye on emerging technologies to improve our careers in the coming days.

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Be familiar with recent advancements in emerging technologies.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. - Darwin / Megginson

Modern Science and Technologies impacted our Life heavily, in both positive ways and negative ways.

Whether we like it or not, in the coming days, our Life will be further impacted heavily by Emerging technologies such as 3D Printing, Robotics, Drones, Graphene, Nano Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, Gene Editing, Desalination Techniques, Virtual Reality, Wearables, New kinds of Batteries, Driver-less Cars, Solar Power Improvements, Quantum Computing, Brain–computer interface, etc.

For starting any new businesses or even for retaining current jobs, it will be important to follow the developments of emerging technologies as they have the power to entirely transform the businesses and Jobs in a very short period of time.

For example, if CRISPR gene-editing comes into our daily life, current hospitals and other medical industries become irrelevant.

Similarly, when Graphene becomes ready to be used in commercial applications, the construction industry, computers, batteries, and so many other industries will be changed entirely.

We have already started seeing the impact of Artificial Intelligence and IoT in some fields and they are growing further.

Blockchains are going to change banking and administration in an unprecedented manner.

Also, we see the fast growth of Quantum computers and algorithms.

Apart from technological changes, we will have to face the impacts of climate change and the implementation of Universal Basic Income schemes.

We could understand the importance of knowing the latest updates of this fourth industrial revolution.

But the key problem is, it is difficult to find reliable news sources for getting updates on emerging technologies. Most of the news available online is unreliable or outdated. We may look into the scientific journals. But we may not have enough patience and time to go through the scientific journals.

The below YouTube Videos Playlists may be useful to address this issue. Mostly, the news videos available in these playlists are reliable as they refer to the Scientific journals associated with the news.

Playlist for Technology News Videos -

Health and Medical Innovations -

Artificial Intelligence -

Nanotechnology -

Robots and Drones -

3D Printing -

Graphene -

Solar power -

CRISPR Gene Editing -

Climate Change -

Virtual Reality

These playlists will be updated regularly. Go through the videos in these playlists to know the recent developments. And, check them daily to watch the new videos.

Refer these playlists to your friends and social media groups who may be interested to be familiar with the latest happenings of emerging technologies.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Digital marketing

In the below video, I am talking about Digital Marketing including Content marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing, etc. If you have any questions, ask them through the comment section of the video.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Exploring Emerging Technologies

Recently I did a YouTube Live for a discussion about Emerging Technologies. I answered the questions asked by the Channel viewers. You can watch it below.

Share your comments to improve future discussions. I am planning to do it frequently.

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What will be the future of YouTube?

I posted the below question in a Reddit post

Recently, I started seeing a lot of complaints (especially low RPM, lowering the estimated money suddenly) about YouTube on social media sites. Even I too faced many issues with YouTube recently. I haven't faced such things in the past while I am running my channel since 2009. The strange thing is YouTube or Google is not taking any steps to clarify things. The support team is giving some random irrelevant answers. I agree that RPM reduction in January is common, but not this much reduction. It never happened since 2009 based on my knowledge. And, I agree that YouTube can reduce the estimated earnings before finalizing it. But this much reduction never happened. I understand that all these things are happening for some partners only. That's why others are not able to understand the seriousness of this issue.

All these things are pointing to a few possible things. One is, major advertisers are silently leaving YouTube. The second one is, someone from YouTube is doing suspicious activities intentionally to spoil the name of YouTube as it is happening for a few people only. The third one is, there may be some error with YouTube Software/algorithms. We can rule out the third one as Google is not taking any steps to fix it or at least give details about it. So, we can conclude that the real problem is advertisers are leaving YouTube and Google is doing damage control to hide this fact by allowing suspicious behaviors. The next question will be, why advertisers are leaving? or are they leaving only from YouTube or entirely from Google Ads? Based on my knowledge, other Google ads (blogs, apps) are going smoothly without any major changes. So, it seems advertisers are leaving YouTube only. I am curious to know the reason. Is there any YouTube alternative coming up? If this trend continues, whether YouTube will be there in the coming years?

Those who are still saying that RPM reduction is the usual thing and YouTube has the right to reduce the estimated earnings, take some steps to understand the seriousness of this issue. Go through various discussions happening about this issue on social media. Just try to understand what they are trying to say without any prejudice.

Let me share my experience. YouTube RPM is becoming very low in the past few months while there is no major change in RPM for blogs and apps. And, for two months, YouTube reduced a significant amount while finalizing the estimated earnings. I couldn't see any reason for doing it. Most of the traffic is from Google spreading over various videos. There is no possibility of invalid traffic. The YouTube support is trying to give irrelevant answers without taking steps to understand them. So, I assume that they already know the fact that the money got reduced without any valid reason. I think this is a big red flag for any kind of business. So, I believe that youtube will be failing soon if they are not taking any action to correct these kinds of trust issues in the coming days. What are your thoughts about it and what will be your plans if YouTube is going to fail?

And, I updated the reddit post with the below updates.


By going through all the replies and the high number of downvotes for this post, I realized that there is some mistake on my part in understanding this issue. By doing a more detailed analysis, I realized that my channel along with a few other channels got delisted from the preferred/premium list and therefore is not attracting high-paying ads. As suggested by someone it may be due to low-quality content. So, I will be working on improving the quality of content, especially audio quality to increase watch time, instead of uploading more videos. I will update here if I see any changes or if there is any change in my understanding in the coming days.

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Released an eBook about Emerging Technologies.

For many years I was thinking about publishing an eBook about emerging technologies based on my experiences of uploading the latest science and technology news videos on my YouTube Channel. I strongly believed that a huge need to do that. Because I observed a huge gap between the science world and the business world as I mentioned many times previously. Users are getting the benefits of new research and innovations with a huge delay because of this gap.

Most business people are just trying to copy the success of others instead of looking for the opportunities available with emerging technologies, and obviously, they fail due to the tough competition. Personally, I experienced this when trying to run a software development business. I faced difficulties because of the competition while I enjoyed a smooth ride running my Youtube channel which we can consider an emerging technology at that time of starting it in the year 2009.

The best visible example is the recent publicity of chatGPT. Everyone is exploring it and trying to make use of it for their growth.  And they face tough competition as everyone tries to do something with it.  But the fact is, openAI is already providing similar AI Tools for a long time and we see a lot of unimaginable AI innovations done by many research groups over a long period of time. Those who started exploring early are making use of them effectively without facing much competition.

So, I felt a need to bridge the gap between Scientists and Entrepreneurs by publishing a Book telling about what is happening with emerging technologies so that business people can look for new effective business opportunities instead of just wasting their time competing with already saturated markets. I was thinking about writing the book for many years, but I had to postpone my plan many times as couldn't spend enough time. And, I am not good at writing and English is not my first language. All these things were blocking my plan of releasing a book about emerging technologies.

Recently I made a decision to just publish a simple version of the book instead of waiting forever.  I thought it will be helpful to promote my YouTube Channel. So, I spent some time compiling key innovations and released it as an eBook with the title "Interesting Innovations in Emerging Technologies" using Amazon KDP. 

You can buy it from Amazon, or preferably you can buy my new emerging technologies ebook with more content at an affordable price from here.

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