Sunday, September 30, 2012

Improved the Page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net

Few days back, I had written a blog post about making our Motivational Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net" mobile friendly.

I explored various options for making mobile friendly website, and started implementing simple way as discussed in the previous post.

i-e I installed a wordpress plug-in "WPtouch" which uses different theme for mobile devices. We need not do anything for making it work. Just we have to install the wordpress plug-in WPTouch and activate it after enabling it in Cache plugin also.

It will automatically detect various mobile devices and will apply mobile friedly theme on them. The web version of the site will NOT be affected in any way. And, the default mobile theme was looking good.

But I had to immediately deactivate this plugin as many pages were not loading on mobile devices. Because we used custom php coding in those pages. Anyway this plugin-in will be good option if you are using simple wordpress site without any custom php coding.

So, I am looking for other options to make our quotes site mobile friendly. Time being, I have decided to improve the page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net so that the same web theme can load fast in mobile also. It will help to improve the SEO also as Google is giving more importance for "page loading speed" while deciding SERP rank for any website.

As a first step to improve the page loading speed, I removed the facebook like box, as it took more time to load. And, I believe it won't affect the 'Facebook likes' as my previous study shows that people are NOT liking the facebook page from the quotes website.

As suggested by many performance measuring tools, I updated the code to load the jquery js files from Google servers instead of loading them from our own server.

And, I installed WP Minify wordpress plugin for compressing and combining CSS style files and multiple javascript files. CSS was working fine after activating Minify plugin, but js files gave error. So, I used the WPMinify plugin only for compressing HTML content and for compressing/combining css files. For javascript files, I used the Minify option offline and included the compressed/combined file manually.

After doing these changes, the page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net was improved significantly, and I am still looking for various options to improve the performance.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

NASA's Curiosity rover finds ancient streambed on Mars, evidence of 'vigorous' water flow

NASA's Curiosity rover mission has found evidence a stream once ran vigorously across the area on Mars where the rover is driving. There is earlier evidence for the presence of water on Mars, but this evidence -- images of rocks containing ancient streambed gravels -- is the first of its kind.

Scientists are studying the images of stones cemented into a layer of conglomerate rock. The sizes and shapes of stones offer clues to the speed and distance of a long-ago stream's flow.

"From the size of gravels it carried, we can interpret the water was moving about 3 feet per second, with a depth somewhere between ankle and hip deep," said Curiosity science co-investigator William Dietrich of the University of California, Berkeley. "Plenty of papers have been written about channels on Mars with many different hypotheses about the flows in them. This is the first time we're actually seeing water-transported gravel on Mars. This is a transition from speculation about the size of streambed material to direct observation of it."

The finding site lies between the north rim of Gale Crater and the base of Mount Sharp, a mountain inside the crater. Earlier imaging of the region from Mars orbit allows for additional interpretation of the gravel-bearing conglomerate. The imagery shows an alluvial fan of material washed down from the rim, streaked by many apparent channels, sitting uphill of the new finds.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

The rounded shape of some stones in the conglomerate indicates long-distance transport from above the rim, where a channel named Peace Vallis feeds into the alluvial fan. The abundance of channels in the fan between the rim and conglomerate suggests flows continued or repeated over a long time, not just once or for a few years.

The discovery comes from examining two outcrops, called "Hottah" and "Link," with the telephoto capability of Curiosity's mast camera during the first 40 days after landing. Those observations followed up on earlier hints from another outcrop, which was exposed by thruster exhaust as Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory Project's rover, touched down.

"Hottah looks like someone jack-hammered up a slab of city sidewalk, but it's really a tilted block of an ancient streambed," said Mars Science Laboratory Project Scientist John Grotzinger of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

The gravels in conglomerates at both outcrops range in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball. Some are angular, but many are rounded.

"The shapes tell you they were transported and the sizes tell you they couldn't be transported by wind. They were transported by water flow," said Curiosity science co-investigator Rebecca Williams of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Ariz.

The science team may use Curiosity to learn the elemental composition of the material, which holds the conglomerate together, revealing more characteristics of the wet environment that formed these deposits. The stones in the conglomerate provide a sampling from above the crater rim, so the team may also examine several of them to learn about broader regional geology.

The slope of Mount Sharp in Gale Crater remains the rover's main destination. Clay and sulfate minerals detected there from orbit can be good preservers of carbon-based organic chemicals that are potential ingredients for life.

"A long-flowing stream can be a habitable environment," said Grotzinger. "It is not our top choice as an environment for preservation of organics, though. We're still going to Mount Sharp, but this is insurance that we have already found our first potentially habitable environment."

During the two-year prime mission of the Mars Science Laboratory,esearchers will use Curiosity's 10 instruments to investigate whether areas in Gale Crater have ever offered environmental conditions favorable for microbial life.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of Caltech, built Curiosity and manages the Mars Science Laboratory Project for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington.

Source: Nasa Press Release.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Highlights of Twitter Conference of Sam Pitroda , Adviser to the Indian Prime Minister on PIII

It seems Indian Government is also started using Social Media effectively.

Today (September 25th, 2012) we had seen a Press conference of Indian Govt Official on Twitter first time.

The Twitter press conference was conducted by Sam Pitroda who is the Adviser to the Indian Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations (PIII).

The Twitter conference started at 3:30 PM IST to discuss about "Democratisation of Information". And, this conference uses #DoI as hastag. And this hastag #DoI was trending for many hours in India.

Sam Pitroda uses the Twitter Handle @pitrodasam for this online twitter Conference.

Right now he is having 29K Twitter followers. Sam Pitroda is the key person in bringing Telecom revolution in India. Apart from being the Advisor to PM, Same Pitroda is an Inventor and Entrepreneur.

Sam Pitroda had started the conference by asking his Twitter followers to watch his YouTube video about "Democratisation of Information". And Sam explained the reason for using Twitter for the online conference.

Then Sam Pitroda has announced "#DoI" as the hastag for today's conference. And, he says, "I firmly believe that #Information is the 4th pillar of #democracy along with legislature, executive and judiciary"

And, then Sam Pitroda has given below information thro multiple tweets.

Information brings about openness,accessibility, transparency, accountability, networking, decentralisation & as a result #democratisation.

Information is power and not many wish to share. Info is critical for development and needs to be timely available to people. Now that #India is a country of a billion #connected people, the challenge is to create a new paradigm for #development
Public #Information Infrastructure (PII) will transform India’s 1.2 billion people into 1.2 billion opportunities.
UPA Govt has various plans to build robust Information Infrastructure to democratize information on a scale that has never been done before UPA Govt also has political will to make it happen.
This will have far reaching implications on delivery of #public services, #Governance, #Education, #Health, #Agriculture, etc.

However, it will require new mindset and commitment of the young to change the course.
PII includes the NKN to connect 1500 nodes for universities, colleges, R&D labs, Libraries, etc. Visit

PII also includes fibre connectivity to all 250000 #panchayats

To build PII, we need multiple open platforms for Broadband, UID, GIS, Security, Applications, Payment and Portals

I believe that the NKN is a game changer and is going to revolutionise the way we #connect, #collaborate and deliver #education.

The NKN has enormous possibilities: Virtual Classrooms, Research Collab, etc.
We have the #open government platform at will provide access to govt. data and documents.We need your support and help in making this happen. Please visit our websites and give us your ideas and inputs. All this will require innovations, new business models, process reengineering, new products and new services and lot more.

Then Sam Pitroda has started answering questions asked by the Twitter users.

Question:Is democratization of info possible without a radical change in the mindsets of our legislators and bureaucrats?
Answer:No. But we need to start now. It will take time.

Question:What does #DOI "Democratisation of Information" mean for a villager who does not have access to information?
Answer: The purpose is to give them access to information

Question:how can wireless broadband internet access be scaled up to the ubiquity achieved by the STD booth that revolutionised telephony?
Answer:all 250,000 Panchayats will have fibre connectivity to ensure ubiquity

Question:Will DOI have the same fate as RTI? National security and till when will it be used to curtail info?
Answer:Certain sensitive information will have to be controlled by the government

Question:the project to connect 250k panchayats has been talked about for years-cud u tell us what is being done to speed it up?
Answer:Pilot projects on Panchayat connectivity already underway, hopeful it will be done in next 18 months

Question:Shouldn't information be the foundation for other three? (in reply to Sams' tweet about 4 pillars)
Answer:YES. However Information platform is needed to integrate ,create standards and improve access

Question:Why is computerization of tasks, performance monitoring and evaluation not being done in Ministries, Govt. departments.
Answer:We are infact doing exactly that! Delhi High Court is a good example.

Question:Appreciate the National Knowledge Network #DoI How can such a network be replicated amongst districts in a state? Any Plans?
Answer:NKN is already in all States upto Block level and State Governments have to leverage it

Question:why a separate infrastructure and investment is needed why can't the existing network be used ?
Answer:we are using all existing infrastructure and not duplicating! A million km of OFC already exists

Question:Why u think that democratization of information means only the information provide by Government?
Answer:Agree. It is not just govt. Education ,Health,Agriculture,etc is more for the people and by the people.

Question: I would want to use the data at in useful apps for people, but will it be updated with latest copies of it?
Answer:Work underway to get more data on for citizens to develop relevant applications

Question:how can citizens contribute to this agenda?
Answer:citizens can develop relevant useful information and apps in local languag

Question:Sir please elaborate about NKN. The report has been submitted long ago but nothing substantial has happened. Situation now?
Answer:NKN is already operational, 850 institutions are connected, visit website to get status update

Question:How will you go about executing the idea and in how much time?
Answer:Various dept will decide that. First there will be some concerns. However, I am sure after a while dep will be more open.

Question:250,000 Panchayats with OFC..any time line and budget allocation for the same?
Answer:Around Rs. 30,000 Crores in 18 Months

Question:All info would be made available or do restrictions apply?
Answer:Depends on the source of the info.

Question: sir in process to implement e governence what is biggest hurdle-power or lack of initiative?
Answer:Reengineering of processes is a big hurdle!

Question:Apart from connectivity, what concrete policy changes are planned to democratise information? What synergies with RTI?
Answer: It starts with RTI. To back it up, we need PII. And then provide access to real time info to ppl on demand.

Question:Why is internet access, which is a basic right in many countries, so expensive in India?
Answer:Hopefully prices will go down as we get more broadband capacity and OFC to panchayats

Question: will UPA deliver NOFN within this term?
Answer:NOFN fibre being laid by BSNL, PowerGrid, railtel, private players also being used to lay fibre

Watch the below slideshow about PIII initiatives in India.

Read Sam Pitroda Quotes here

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Friday, September 21, 2012

TV Speech of Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh about recent Economic Reforms (FDI in Multi-brand Retail)

Indian PM (Prime Minister) Dr. Manmohan singh has delivered below speech today (September 21, 2012) on India's National Television "DD National"

This speech takes significance while Indian Government had approved FDI in Multi-brand Retail Stores recently even though many opposition parties oppose this decision. Yesterday many political parties called for "Bharath Banth" for opposing the recent Economic Reform decisions of the Indian Government.

My dear brothers and sisters,

I am speaking to you tonight to explain the reasons for some important economic policy decisions the government has recently taken. Some political parties have opposed them. You have a right to know the truth about why we have taken these decisions.

No government likes to impose burdens on the common man. Our Government has been voted to office twice to protect the interests of the aam admi.

At the same time, it is the responsibility of the government to defend the national interest, and protect the long term future of our people. This means that we must ensure that the economy grows rapidly, and that this generates enough productive jobs for the youth of our country. Rapid growth is also necessary to raise the revenues we need to finance our programmes in education, health care, housing and rural employment.

The challenge is that we have to do this at a time when the world economy is experiencing great difficulty. The United States and Europe are struggling to deal with an economic slowdown and financial crisis. Even China is slowing down.

We too have been affected, though I believe we have been able to limit the effect of the global crisis.

We are at a point where we can reverse the slowdown in our growth. We need a revival in investor confidence domestically and globally. The decisions we have taken recently are necessary for this purpose.

Let me begin with the rise in diesel prices and the cap on LPG cylinders.

We import almost 80% of our oil, and oil prices in the world market have increased sharply in the past four years. We did not pass on most of this price rise to you, so that we could protect you from hardship to the maximum extent possible.

As a result, the subsidy on petroleum products has grown enormously. It was Rs. 1 lakh 40 thousand crores last year. If we had not acted, it would have been over Rs. 200,000 crores this year.

Where would the money for this have come from? Money does not grow on trees. If we had not acted, it would have meant a higher fiscal deficit, that is, an unsustainable increase in government expenditure vis-a-vis government income. If unchecked, this would lead to a further steep rise in prices and a loss of confidence in our economy. The prices of essential commodities would rise faster. Both domestic as well as foreign investors would be reluctant to invest in our economy. Interest rates would rise. Our companies would not be able to borrow abroad. Unemployment would increase.

The last time we faced this problem was in 1991. Nobody was willing to lend us even small amounts of money then. We came out of that crisis by taking strong, resolute steps. You can see the positive results of those steps. We are not in that situation today, but we must act before people lose confidence in our economy.

I know what happened in 1991 and I would be failing in my duty as Prime Minister of this great country if I did not take strong preventive action.

The world is not kind to those who do not tackle their own problems. Many European countries are in this position today. They cannot pay their bills and are looking to others for help. They are having to cut wages or pensions to satisfy potential lenders.

I am determined to see that India will not be pushed into that situation. But I can succeed only if I can persuade you to understand why we had to act.

We raised the price of diesel by just Rs. 5 per litre instead of the Rs 17 that was needed to cut all losses on diesel. Much of diesel is used by big cars and SUVs owned by the rich and by factories and businesses. Should government run large fiscal deficits to subsidise them?

We reduced taxes on petrol by Rs. 5 per litre to prevent a rise in petrol prices. We did this so that the crores of middle class people who drive scooters and motorcycles are not hit further.

On LPG, we put a cap of 6 subsidised cylinders per year. Almost half of our people, who need our help the most, actually use only 6 cylinders or less. We have ensured they are not affected. Others will still get 6 subsidised cylinders, but they must pay a higher price for more.

We did not touch the price of kerosene which is consumed by the poor.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You should know that even after the price increase, the prices of diesel and LPG in India are lower than those in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The total subsidy on petroleum products will still be Rs. 160 thousand crores. This is more than what we spend on Health and Education together. We held back from raising prices further because I hoped that oil prices would decline.

Let me now turn to the decision to allow foreign investment in retail trade. Some think it will hurt small traders.This is not true.

Organised, modern retailing is already present in our country and is growing. All our major cities have large retail chains. Our national capital, Delhi, has many new shopping centres. But it has also seen a three-fold increase in small shops in recent years.

In a growing economy, there is enough space for big and small to grow. The fear that small retailers will be wiped out is completely baseless.

We should also remember that the opening of organised retail to foreign investment will benefit our farmers. According to the regulations we have introduced, those who bring FDI have to invest 50% of their money in building new warehouses, cold-storages, and modern transport systems. This will help to ensure that a third of our fruits and vegetables, which at present are wasted because of storage and transit losses, actually reach the consumer. Wastage will go down; prices paid to farmers will go up; and prices paid by consumers will go down.

The growth of organised retail will also create millions of good quality new jobs.

We recognise that some political parties are opposed to this step. That is why State governments have been allowed to decide whether foreign investment in retail can come into their state. But one state should not stop another state from seeking a better life for its farmers, for its youth and for its consumers.

In 1991, when we opened India to foreign investment in manufacturing, many were worried. But today, Indian companies are competing effectively both at home and abroad, and they are investing around the world. More importantly, foreign companies are creating jobs for our youth -- in Information Technology, in steel, and in the auto industry. I am sure this will happen in retail trade as well.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The UPA Government is the government of the aam aadmi.

In the past 8 years our economy has grown at a record annual rate of 8.2 per cent. We have ensured that poverty has declined much faster, agriculture has grown faster, and rural consumption per person has also grown faster.

We need to do more, and we will do more. But to achieve inclusiveness we need more growth. And we must avoid high fiscal deficits which cause a loss of confidence in our economy.

I promise you that I will do everything necessary to put our country back on the path of high and inclusive growth. But I need your support. Please do not be misled by those who want to confuse you by spreading fear and false information. The same tactics were adopted in 1991. They did not succeed then. They will not succeed now. I have full faith in the wisdom of the people of India.

We have much to do to protect the interests of our nation, and we must do it now. At times, we need to say "No" to the easy option and say "Yes" to the more difficult one. This happens to be one such occasion. The time has come for hard decisions. For this I need your trust, your understanding, and your cooperation.

As Prime Minister of this great country, I ask each one of you to strengthen my hands so that we can take our country forward and build a better and more prosperous future for ourselves and for the generations to come.

Jai Hind.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Close integration between Google Plus and YouTube

Google has started establishing close integration between its video sharing web site YouTube and Social networking product Google+.

Few days back, when I signed-in to my YouTube account, a wizard like screen was shown for allowing my YouTube channel  to use my Google+ profile name.

i-e My YouTube Channel will show the Channel name as "Rajamanickam Antonimuthu" instead of "qualitypointtech" while the URL still uses the word "qualitypointtech"

After doing this change, I am seeing my Google Plus profile link in my YouTube Channel page.

And, I came to know that we can add Google+ profile page or any Google+ Post URL as Link in the YouTube video annotations. Previously we can use only the YouTube links.

Recently I did some analysis about the growth potential for the YouTube videos, and I came to know that there is a huge growth potential  for YouTube.

So, I am planning to use YouTube effectively. Right now we are working on uploading inspiring and motivational Quotes videos. And, we plan to upload many useful videos in near future. So, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the updates about our coming videos.

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USB Tethering for Using Samsung Mobile as Modem for getting Internet on Desktop Computer

We are using BSNL (Government ISP in India) broadband connection for getting Internet connection to our computers.

And, we used to see intermittent broadband outages. So, I thought of finding some alternate ways for accessing internet while the broadband connection is down.

I decided to use the Samsung mobile as Modem to access the internet using the Vodafone mobile data connection. (In India, Vodafone provides GPRS download/upload upto 1GB  for 98 Rupees (~2$) per month)

Since the Android OS in the Samsung mobile (Galaxy Y GT-S5360) supports "USB Tethering", I had decided to connect the Samsung mobile to my computer thro' USB cable.

If you are not familiar with "Tethering",  you need to know that  "Tethering" is  nothing but  sharing the mobile data connection with laptop or Computer. Tethering can be done thro' USB, bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If the Tethering is done thro' Wi-Fi, then it will be branded as Mobile Hotspot.

I connected the Samsung mobile device to my Computer thro' USB cable. And, then I tried to enable the "USB Tethering"  by taping "Settings->Wireless and networks->Tethering and portable hotspot->USB Tethering"

But "USB Tethering" was not activated, instead it showed the message "unable to tether while USB storage in use".

So, I decided to disable the USB storage as per the suggestion in the error message. I did some Google search to know the steps for disabling the USB Storage. And, I came to know that we can easily disable the the USB storage feature by taping "Turn off USB Storage" option which appears on dragging the notification panel.

I was able to activate the "USB Tethering" after turning off the USB Storage.

A new connection ("Samsung Mobile USB Remote NDIS Network Device.") appeared under the "Network Connections" of the computer after activating the USB Tethering. I already installed the samsung Kies in my computer. So, the connection was esablished without without requiring any driver files, otherwise we may need to put some driver files as suggested by Google Android help pages.

For testing browsing speed of this connection, I disabled the usual broadband connection and did some surfing with the mobile data connection. It was working fine, and the browsing experience is not bad.

I came to know that  there are some android apps available for activating the USB Tethering. I couldn't understand the reason for using this Android App, as I was able to activate the USB Tethering easily without using this kind of apps.

Warning: Take care of your mobile data package terms and conditions for using it to get internet connection in computers. I came to know that some mobile data connection providers won't allow to use Tethering. And, you may be charged heavily if you use the mobile data excesscively. So, remember to check your usage limit frequently.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Planning to make our Quotes site "TheQuotes.Net" mobile friendly.

Few weeks back I had published a post listing the suggestions given by LinkedIn users for improving our Motivational Quotes Website "TheQuotes.Net".

One of the significant suggestions is, "making the website mobile friendly".

 I had decided to implement this suggestion (i-e making the site mobile-friendly) first, because large number of people visit this Quotes  website from their mobile devices.  According to Google Analytics Reports, more than 21% of the traffic to the TheQuotes.Net website is coming from various mobile devices, while our other sites receive only around 1% of the traffic from mobile devices.

 I am exploring various options to make our TheQuotes.Net website mobile friendly.

TheQuotes.Net site is developed using Wordpress (Few non-Wordpress pages are also available).  I came to know that installing a simple wordpress plugin will automatically make the site mobile friendly. i-e This plugin will check whether the request comes from desktop computer or from mobile device. And the web page will be rendered using Style/CSS suitable for the desktop computer if the request comes from desktop computer. Similarly mobile specific Style/CSS will be used if the request comes from the mobile device.

I prefer to use this approach, because I believe it can be done easily and it will keep same url for both Desktop devices and mobile devices. But I would like to know the impact of this plugin. i-e whether it will reduce the page loading performance as it has to detect the type of client before rendering the page.

And, there are many such plugins are available. I would like to know which plugin is best. You can share your suggestions thro' the comments.

And, I am listing below the other approaches.

I came to know about some cloud based services, which will make our site seo friendly using cloud service. They claim that the page loading performance will not be affected as their cloud services will make the web page mobile friendly on the mobile devices only after the DOM is loaded. i-e The desktop computers won't require any additional processing on both server side and client side.
These cloud based services seem to be good choice. But most of them are paid services. Some of them are free services for limited traffic. But I am NOT sure about the hidden charges or hidden issues with these free services. So, I am hesitating to use them.

The other approach is, having separate website for mobile devices. i-e creating subdomain such as for the mobile devices, and duplicating the site in this subdomain. It will give the flexibility to change content (i-e reduce the Page content Bytes)  for the mobile device so that the pages can be loaded quickly. But we have to do something (e.g specifying as canonical) for getting search rank penalty for duplicate content from the search engines.

Apart from making the site mobile friendly,  I plan to create an android application for showing motivational Quotes in various ways. You can add comments to mention your expectations about the motivational quotes android application.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Solved] Micro USB port problem in Samsung phones.

Few days back the below error message started appearing in the computer while connecting the Samsung Galaxy phone (GT-S5360) to the computer thro' USB port.

USB Device Not Recognized

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it

When I checked the Device Manager in the computer, it was showing as "Unknown Device" on expanding the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" node.

After seeing these error messages I thought the driver for the device might have corrupted. So, I uninstalled the Samsung Kies and then installed it again. Before doing this, I tried "repair" of Samsung Kies. But it didn't help to solve the error.

I tried by connecting the Device to the different USB port. Same error "USB Device Not Recognized" was shown for all ports.

Even I tried to connect the device to other computer also. But the same USB error was appearing in that computer also.

And then I noticed a very strange thing. i-e the Battery charging indication was getting shown on the Samsung phone even after I unplugged the USB cable.

So, I decided that this error is NOT related to the USB port. Either the USB cable should be faulty or there should be some issue with the android software or device.

Then I tried to charge the device using AC adopter charger. Similar to USB connection, battery charging indication was getting shown on the device even after removing the AC charger. It clearly indicates that the USB cable may not be reason for this problem.

So, I decided that there should be some problem in the device. I had done lot of search for USB error message, and searched about the battery charging indication problem also.

I was surprised to see that huge number of people are facing these issues. There were lot of discussions about them in many Android forums.

I found many suggestions asking to remove the battery and attach it after few minutes. I tried it many times. But nothing got changed.

Many Android forum people suggested to do "Factory Reset" of the Samsung mobile device.

I did "Factory Reset" too by taping Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset.

Warning:Note that "Factory Reset" will remove all the data (including contacts stored in phone) from the Phone.

The problems continue even after doing the Factory Reset.

Some people suggested to do the Factory Reset by dialing *2767*3855# (Warning: It will erase your phone Data). I tried this option also. But No improvement.

And, I couldn't understand the difference between doing Factory Reset by dialing *2767*3855# and by taping Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset. If you know the difference you can share it thro' the comments.

Finally I found some forum posts saying that this problem will be due to the problem in the Micro USB port of the device. As per their suggestion, I used a small pin to move the center component in the Micro USB port towards the Device Screen side slightly. (Warning: Make sure that you removed the Battery, SIM Card, SD memory Card before doing anything with the Micro USB port).

Surprisingly it solved the issue.. Battery charging indication is getting appeared only when doing the actual charging. And, USB connection also made without any error, and the Samsung Kies also detected the device.

I had to spend lot of time and efforts to find this simple solution. Android forum people are saying that many people are facing this kind of issue. Just replacing the device from samsung also won't help. Because many people are saying that their replacement device also starting experiencing these issues in few days. It seems there is some design level issue in the micro USB port of many samsung devices. So, You may share this post so that any one facing this issue can solve them easily.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 Review. Now We can pre-order Apple's iPhone 5.

Apple's latest Smart phone "iPhone 5" is available for pre-order now.

We can pre-order the iPhone 5 phone from Apple's website at 

The price starts from $199 ( (on contract). It is Available on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

And, a customer can buy only two pieces of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is available in two different colors (Black & Slate, White & Silver)

And, we can choose from 3 different models (16GB, 32GB and 64GB).

Preorders made today will ship on September 21 on which iphone 5 will also go on sale in Apple Stores and other retail stores.

For the first time, the world's largest retailer "Wal-Mart" is taking preorders on Apple's newest smartphone "iPhone 5". Wal-Mart is also giving a $10 discount. i-e People can get the phone for $189.97 from Wal-Mart, as opposed to the $199 price tag offered by Apple.

About Apple's iPhone 5

“iPhone 5 is the most beautiful consumer device that we’ve ever created,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

iPhone5 is Apple’s thinnest iPhone yet, measuring 7.6 mm in thickness, which is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. And iphone 5 is 20% lighter at 112 grams.

The iPhone 5 includes a faster A6 processor and improved 8-megapixel camera.

The Apple A6 chip will be Twice as fast in CPU and graphics performance. We get 1.5 to 2 times better performances launching Pages, saving images in iPhoto, and loading music.

Apple has upgraded the Dock Connector with a new system "Lightning".

The new connector is 80% smaller than the older connector and Apple has partnered with Bose, JBL, B&W, Bang and Olufsen to produce accessories for it. It’s got an all digital, 8-signal design, adaptive interface, improved durability, and it’s reversible, so you can stick it in any way you want.

Battery life of iphone 5 is better than the iPhone 4S. We can expect 8 hours of 3G talk and browsing; 8 hours LTE browsing; 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing and 10 hours of video. There will be 225 hours of standby.

The 1136x640-pixel screen is more saturated, and the sensors in it are integrated right into the screen, for better viewing.

Apple added some natural sound enhancements and better noise canceling in the audio system.

iPhone 5 supports ultrafast wireless standards including LTE and DC-HSDPA, so you can browse, download and stream content even faster.

iPhone 5
comes with iOS 6, apple's advanced mobile operating system with over 200 new user features including: an all new Maps app with Apple-designed cartography, turn-by-turn navigation and an amazing new Flyover view; Facebook integration for Contacts and Calendar, with the ability to post directly from Notification Center; Passbook, the simplest way to get all your passes in one place; new Siri features, including support for more languages, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendations and movie listings; Siri and Facebook-enabled apps like Photos, Safari® and Maps; and Shared Photo Streams via iCloud.

iPhone 5 will roll out worldwide to 22 more countries on September 28, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GoDaddy says that the crash was due to internal network issue.

The popular domain registrar and the web hosting site and millions of their customer websites were went down on September 10th.

Previously a person claiming as member of the hackers Group "Anonymous" took responsibility for bringing Godaddy sites down.

Now, Godaddy has informed that the service outage was due to a series of internal network issue.

GoDaddy CEO "Scott Wagner" has published below message.

The service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again.

At no time was any sensitive customer information, such as credit card data, passwords or names and addresses, compromised.

While GoDaddy is claiming that the problem is solved, still websites of our clients who use Godaddy hosting are down.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Immediate Job opening for Freshers in our Chennai and Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District) Offices

 Currently we are looking for Fresh Graduates to join as SEO Trainees.


   *Willing to work hard for learning  new technologies.
   *Team work.
   *First class Degree in B.E/MCA/MS(IT)/BSC-computer science/Diploma(CS/IT)
   *Good communication and documentation skills.
   *Willing to work in any Technology.
   *Knowledge/Experience in php/mysql/html/jquery/ajax/wordpress/Android Apps. (Optional)
   *Experience 0-1 year

Job location :Chennai , Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District)

Initial Salary/Stipend will be Rs. 3,000 per month.

If you are interested, you  have to apply for the job at

Once after filling the form, you will be getting an applicant id.
Call us for scheduling interview for you. And, remember to inform your applicant id while making the call.

NOTE:This is NOT a walk-in interview. Come for interview only if you are shortlisted for interview.

The selected candidates will be trained to work as SEO executive to promote our products and websites in Search Engines and Social Media. If they are having good web development skills they will be given opportunity to work in web developments projects also.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Future of Education and Technology - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

Technology for the classroom has evolved in several exciting ways over the past few decades. With the advent of new communication tools like the Internet, it’s possible for students to connect with educators around the globe. The following guide explores how technology can be useful in the classroom.

Understanding Traditional Classrooms

Traditional classrooms rely on a single teacher managing a classroom of students. This educational paradigm extends all the way to college. While traditional classroom lectures can be useful when there is an interactive element, they have several significant disadvantages.

With a traditional classroom, a teacher can only educate a finite number of students. Since training and hiring new teachers can be an expensive prospect for many schools, some will try to save money by hiring part-time teachers and teaching assistants. In many cases, these individuals won’t have the same educational credentials as full-time teachers. In addition, they may provide an inferior educational experience for students.

Understanding New Communication Technologies

With new communication technologies, it’s possible for students to learn from the best educators on the planet. By using standardized learning platforms, it’s possible to quickly and easily educate a wide variety of students from across the globe.

Some colleges, like the Michigan Institute of Technology, are already implementing this educational paradigm into their programs. For example, it’s possible to take some engineering classes online. By watching a pre-recorded or live lecture, it’s possible for students to benefit from high-quality teachers from the comfort of their own home. In addition, students can interact with professors during live lectures. This can be a great way for students to remain engaged in a learning program.

It’s also possible to test a student’s progress through a series of guided learning exercises. By providing interactive online learning tools, it’s possible to make sure that students are learning material quickly and effectively. In addition, online lecturers can look at overall test performance to determine what areas need additional attention.

With online learning programs, it’s possible to significantly reduce the cost of education. Since a single professor can teach thousands of students at the same time, there’s no limit on the number of students that a single classroom can have. In addition, this process allows schools to hire higher quality teachers.

The Advantages of Standardized Learning

Instead of hiring lots of average teachers to manage smaller classrooms, it’s possible to hire a single professor to teach students. Since this professor has the ability to do the job of many different teachers, it’s often possible to pay him or her a very high salary. Because of this, it’s possible to give students access to the most interesting and engaging lecturers in the world.

Teachers can still play a role in the classroom of the future. Instead of teaching students directly, teachers can be used to provide additional learning support to students. For example, students can be asked to watch lectures outside of class as homework. In the classroom, students can complete exercises that would traditionally be considered homework. However, students in a classroom will have access to teachers who can help tutor them on different subjects.

In the future, it may be possible for students to manage their entire educational experience through the Internet. While this will allow for improved access to education and reduced costs, it’s important to remember that human interaction is an important part of the human development process. By integrating online learning with real-life exercises, it’s possible to build a classroom of the future.
Author Bio:
Paul and his wife Julie both spend quite a bit of time coming up with ideas, blogging, and researching all things related to childcare. They take care of all the necessary information related to “”. He personally thinks his blog will help finding information on all things related to a babysitter

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Any suggestions for solving the "This app is incompatible" error while installing Android app from Google play Store?

I am seeing below error message when trying to install any android application from Google Play Store.

This app is incompatible with your Vodafone IN Samsung GT-S5360.

On expanding error message, below details are getting shown.

Vodafone IN Samsung GT-S5360

You have not opened the Google Play Store app recently on this device. Please open it and try again.

Note that I am trying to install the compatible apps only.

I have signed-in with same Google account on both the Device and from the web.

I already updated the android market on the device to the Google play store app.

So, I couldn't see any reason for this error message.

And, as suggested by many forum users, I had done "force stop" of the Google Play store App on the Device and cleared the cache of Play store app.

But still getting the same error message. Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting and fixing this error message? You can share it thro' the comments.


This error message was NOT appearing for installing further apps after installing one app from the device itself. (i-e It seems we have to install at least on application from the device before start using the google play store from Web for installing android applications.)

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