Monday, February 21, 2022

Are you interested in writing ebook about emerging technologies?

I am exploring various ways to promote my YouTube channel. As part of this mission, I have decided to publish many eBooks related to Emerging Technologies so that I could promote my channel by mentioning it and linking related videos in those eBooks. I have good experience in web development, SEO and SEM. So, I believe I could promote those eBooks easily. But I am not good at writing, and I don't have enough time to write books now. So, I am looking to collaborate with people who can write ebook related to emerging technologies.

I am planning to implement this plan step by step. Initially I will work with many people to publish separate eBooks about individual topics (e.g AI, 3D printing, Biotechnology, Robotics, Graphene, Blockchain, nanotechnology, Drones, etc) in which they have experience/knowledge. I will be promoting these ebooks simply through my blog posts/channel. Based on the outcome of this step, I will proceed to the next step in which I will be collaborating with many authors to bring a single eBook about emerging technologies. I will be putting in a huge effort to sell this Book through many ways if the ROI is positive.

This is my plan. If you are interested, please let me know your skills and your expectations.

And, I would like to know the details below.

1. Your interested Topic.

2. Whether you want to write the eBook yourself alone, or I can join as co-author 

3. What benefits you are looking for writing an eBook?

You can contact me through email ( )

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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Accepting Sponsored content and Ads for my Science and Technology News YouTube Channel having 64K Subscribers

I am putting a lot of efforts to run my YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech" which I started in 2009. Initially I started it as a Hobby, then treated it as a side project. Currently I am running it full-time as my main business.

Though it is having variety of videos, most of the videos are Science and Technology News videos. Already uploaded a lot of Science/Technology Videos covering various topics, like Robots, Drones, 3D printing, Nano Technology, CRISPR Gene Editing, Material Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Blockchain and Gadgets.

Please let me know if you are interested in promoting your products/services/channel/blog on this channel through sponsor ads

Currently the channel has around 64K subscribers. All the videos are in English, and it has global audiences from various countries. Though new videos get around only 100 views initially, more views will be coming later from search traffic. Anyway, I am planning to charge very low price as the initial views are low.

I will accept the "Sponsor offers" only if it is genuine and suitable to my channel. And, I will be marking it as "Sponsored" to meet the rules of YouTube/FTC. Contact me ( if you are interested in Advertisement, Collaboration, Sponsor, or for any kind of business initiatives. 

I already uploaded more than 1500 Science & Technology news videos. I used to take a lot of care to upload only genuine news/innovations by referring the reputed journals.  It includes various emerging technologies like Solar powerAIMedical innovationsRobotics3D printingWeb3.0GrapheneNano Technology, and CRISPR.

And, I may share the videos on my WhatsApp Group, Twitter accounts (personalprofessional-78K Followers) and LinkedIn Newsletter.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

This is why we need to focus on Emerging Technologies

Sometimes, I used to think about why I could earn money from my YouTube Channel easily comparing with my other initiatives like Software Development and Web Sites.    In fact I am NOT good at video creation.    I realized that it is related to the fact about why I couldn’t build strong software Development Team even when I was working very hard to achieve that mission. The Answer is simple. I couldn’t compete with the already established software development companies in terms of retaining skilled developers.

Those companies easily attract our team members by offering higher salaries. But when they started their business a few decades back, they didn’t face these problems. Because they were at the beginning of software development era. For them, it was easy to succeed in Software Development Business. I understand that I am experiencing the same thing with YouTube.    i-e Succeeding in any Emerging Industry/Market is easy comparing to competing with already saturated industry. I believe Video is    Emerging now. When Printers were invented, there was a business opportunity for putting all the knowledge and experience of humans in Books format.

Once Computers were invented, there   was a demand for converting the Books into Digital format by doing Data Entry tasks. Then there was a demand for Web Developers for putting those digital data into websites so that people can access them from anywhere. Now people are preferring to consume those content simply by watching as video instead of reading the content by themselves.

The fast growth of computing power, increased network bandwidth and accessibility of Mobile Phones made their wish possible. And, this kind of fast growth of Video production and consumption is going to change the entire business systems.

For example, previously people used to  join any Training Center for learning any new language or computer programming language. Now they can easily learn any new language by watching Tutorial videos on YouTube. So, the Training Center business will be going down, they need to slightly change their business model. They need to plan for doing their business through video platforms like YouTube.

It is true that YouTube is having a huge opportunity to earn money. But that doesn’t mean that it is without competition.

Already a lot of people had started YouTube Channels on numerous Topics. Getting views to our YouTube channel is very difficult. 

And, YouTube is also adding many new restrictions for enabling monetization for new channels. 

From my experience story, anyone can easily understand that entering earlier into any kind new business opportunities is the easy way of making money.   

So, it is important to be familiar with the updates of Emerging Technologies such as 3D Printing, Robotics, Drones, Graphene, Nano Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, Gene Editing, Desalination Techniques, Virtual Reality, Wearables, New kinds of Batteries, Driver-less Cars, Solar Power Improvements, Quantum Computing, Brain–computer interface, etc.

I have uploaded a lot of Emerging Technologies-related videos to my YouTube channel, and daily I am spending a lot of time and effort to find the latest Science and Technology News from various sources including Universities, such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard and UC. And, I used to check various Science and Technology related groups in various social media websites to find latest updates of Emerging technologies so that I can upload a news video about them. I would like to make my YouTube channel as a bridge connecting the Scientists and Business People.

I believe Emerging Technologies will change our Life and Businesses entirely very soon.

So, if you are interested to know the latest technology news, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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