Friday, December 30, 2011

Watch Online - Live of New Year Celebration "Ball Drop" in Time Square (New York)

The Times Square Ball  Drop event is happening every New Year’s Eve since December 31, 1907 in Times Square,  New York City (NYC), United States.

Every December 31 at 11:59 PM EST, the ball descends 77 feet (23 m) over the course of a minute, coming to rest at the bottom of the flagpole at Midnight, where a sign lights up with the digits of the new year, as the ball's lights turn off at the same time. Fireworks are then lighted from the building to signal the arrival of the New Year.

Every year up to one million people gather in Times Square to watch the ball drop, and an estimated 1 billion watch the video of the event.

What kind of ball is the Times Square Ball?  It is made up of 32,000 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs, with each bulb can last up to 1,250 days. It weighs 12,000 pounds and measures 12 feet in diameter.

Today, The Ball Drop event will occur for welcoming the New Year 2012. The "Ball Drop"  will be launched by NewYork Mayor Michael Bloomberg and pop star Lady Gaga in Times Square at precisely 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

This year's six-ton ball with the theme "Let There Be Friendship" has 238 new Waterford crystals to the 3,000 crystal triangles from past years.

Visit to watch this Ball Drop event online.

 You can watch the live of the NYC TimeSquare Ball Drop New Year celebrations by downloading the official Times Square Ball App.

This Free App. is available for both Apple and Android devices.

You can download it from

 And, watch the Below video about this Times Square Ball App.

Follow @TimesSquareBall  to get latest updates about this "Ball Drop" event.
And, you can watch the New Year 2012 celebrations at Burj Khalifa, Dubai thro' this Live Streaming Site.
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Urgent Job opening for Freshers in our Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District) Office

Right now, we are having job opening for Freshers in our Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District) Office.

The selected candidate will be required to do either web development tasks (php/mysql/javascript/ajax/wordpress/jquery) or Software Testing related tasks based on their skill set . Anyway, initially (around 6 months) they need to do SEO related tasks also.

Send your resume only if you are really interested in this job profile.


  • Willing to work hard for learning new technologies.
  • Team work.
  • Sincere
  • First class Degree in B.E/MCA/MS(IT)
  • Good communication and documentation skills.
  • Willing to work in any Technology including SEO, Web development and Software Testing.
  • Experience 0-1 year
Job location :Ottapidaram (Tuticorin District)

If you are interested, send your resume to with below details in the email content. Keep the subject as "Tuticorin job"

- Educational Qualifications
- Expected Salary
- Current location
- Contact details.

 We are planning to conduct interview for the shortlisted candidates on coming Monday or Tuesday (i-e 2nd or 3rd January 2012)

So, if you are interested in this job opening, send your resume to our email id immediately. And, we prefer to recruit the candidates living in or around Tuticorin. So, you can share this job opening to your friends who are living in  Tuticorin District.

And, note that we have very few openings only. So the Job Consultancies NEED NOT contact us.

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Happy New Year Doodle from Google

Google has started showing the "Happy New Year" Doodle today (December 31st) itself.

It is showing only static image as Doodle, i-e there is NO animation.

Clicking on the doodle will show search results of images and articles for "Happy New Year"

Refer this page to get Latest Google Doodles.

Get lot of New Year Quotes   for sharing with your Friends thro SMS or Social Media.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Installation process insights - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

Information Technology has made notable changes in all walks of human life like, technologies used in business for transmitting, storing, manipulating and retrieving all kinds of data, communication, agriculture, banking, health, and education.

Information Technology is the combination of hardware and software that use to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses that has led to technological change. Most businesses and companies network their computers so that information can be shared among each other and to their respective clients.
IT applications are widely prevalent in the modern business and their great benefit is the way they can lower costs and can mange the business in a more optimized manner.

While web applications are best medium of information sharing and utilizing their best services, the importance of desktop applications can’t be ignored where there is unavailability of internet and network shares. In case of a payroll system, multimedia distributions, CRMs, off line education and training resources, desktop applications play a vital role for end users. Thus, from usability and quality perspective, it becomes necessary for a user to test the installation/un-installation and verifying the compatibility of the desktop applications on multiple individual machines or network stations. Here, the need arises for Installation testing of CDs/DVDs/USBs/flash drives on which the desktop applications are commonly ported.
From QA and Testing point of view, Installation is the first interaction the user has with the product. An application needs to be installed on the system before a user can use it. It is very important to make sure that user does not face any problem while installing the application. This article describes the installation process on a windows platform. The widely used method of installation is from a CD. Instead of the traditional method of installing software from a physical CD, software can also be installed from the Internet, from a network location or can even be pushed to the end user's machine. Before starting installation, following are the checks that must be performed:
  • The package that contains the application CD is not tampered and includes all the supported installation manuals/documents.
  •  CD-ROM is working properly.
  • The serial or License key is available before installation.
  • The CD/DVD is physically un-damaged and is purchased from an authorized source.
  • Sufficient memory, processor and add-on, software are available
User starts installation on the machine by inserting the CD/DVD into the supported CD/DVD player. If, auto run is enabled, then CD/DVD will start running automatically; otherwise setup has to be run from the defined path. After the CD starts, [following checks, like EULA, ], the End User License Agreement will pop up with the two options of agree or deny. User has to read through the agreement carefully before agreeing or denying it. In this scenario user can check what happens if he/she denies the agreement. Some software requires the user to enter a serial number or software key (or code) during the installation. You can usually find the number or key printed on the installer disc, disc case, in the manual, or as a certificate provided with the software. If you had downloaded the software, the key may be sent in a separate email. You should make note of the number or key before installing the software.  This is when the installation process commences. If in this process any other supportive software is needed the application should prompt the user for it; else it should guide the user through the remaining part of installation. Now user should check whether the application can be run or not. Installer now performs certain actions such as:
·         Copy files to a destination folder on a hard disk
·         Create short cuts
·         Change system files
·         Check for expiry of trial version
·         Check for application install per user option such as   default or standard etc.
·         Testing of license key validation
Other methods of installation include: installation from dumps, network, online, and installation done by an administrator. In all these types of installation a particular and well defined process has to be followed. In verifying the installation it is necessary to take into account certain things which are mentioned below:
·         Type of installation being executed(i.e. how it is executed)
·         Features of OS on which the software is being installed
·         Interaction of the software being installed with other applications and tools on the system
·         Repeated installation factors like repair, modify, update
·         Entering the serial number / code correctly
·          System requirements

While installation a user might face the following obstacles:
  • Space  not available
  • Re-installation behavior
  • Abrupt exit of installation
  • Memory usage not as per specifications

These obstacles can be overcome by going through some very basic check points while carrying out installation such as:
  • Verify  you have administrative access
  • Going through the readme file: it contains exact instructions on how to install a program
  • Messages flashed during installation process: it will typically prompt you to install the program or you may need to run a separate install before the program can be fully used.
  • Close or disable other running programs while installation as it may hamper the process
  • Reboot the machines after completing the installation process

 Before a user starts working with any software, he first has to install it on the computer or on network. A proper installation will allow his application to perform what it’s supposed to do. Installation verification’s main focus is verifying successful installation and un-installation of the application. It's during the installation that users get the first impression of your product. Understanding this process is very important and justifiably requires special attention and hopefully this article explained this process implementation.

Author Bio

Knowledge Sharing Team at  QA InfoTech conducts  technical research, prepares technical documents, white papers and various content on software testing, security testing and quality assurance services. QA InfoTech is currently an ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI level three company with ‘Centers of Excellence’ in India and USA. Knowledge Sharing Team has made acknowledgeable contribution in research and content work pertaining to testing solution services.

Read more Guest posts  here.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Solved the Error "Picture Manager has not been installed for current User"

Past few days I used to see below error message whenever I try to open any image file using windows picture manager. But it was working properly previously. I haven't done any change recently.

Picture Manager has not been installed for current User. Please run setup to install application

Similar error was displayed for Microsoft PowerPoint also while other office applications (eg. ms word)were properly.

I did some Google Search about this issue and I tried various ways specified in different websites. But nothing solved the issue.

Even I tried Microsoft Office Repair option and tried completely uninstalling the office (but it was NOT successful) and reinstall it.

But nothing helped to solved the issue.

Finally I found this workaround in one website and it solved this issue.

- Create new user account with Admin rights.
- Log in as the new account.
- Open and close all Office applications.
- Open RegEdit.
- Highlight "Office" in the HKEY_CURRENT_USR ->Software->Microsoft in the registry
- Choose "Export" option to save the Office related registry entries in the hard disk.

- Now login as usual account.
- Export the saved registry entry file from the RegEdit.

Now everything should work fine.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Jingle Bells in Google Home Page

Today (December 24th, 2011), Google shows an excellent animation of "Jingle Bells" song in Home Page of Google for celebrating the Holiday season. Note that Google had started showing Holiday Doodles yesterday itself.

Yesterday's Holiday Doodle was Static one. But Today it is showing animated Doodle with Audio of Jingle Bells music.

And, this Doodle is having option to mute the sound. At the End of the animation, Google will show the search results for the search terms "Happy Holidays".

Google used to show interesting animated Doodles such as Apple falling from Tree for the Newton's birthday and PacMan Game. Recently it showed animated Doodle for 60th anniversary of Staistaw Lem's first book publication

Marcin Wichary,  Sr. User Experience Designer of Google has explained about the technology used for showing the Stanisław Lem Google doodle. And, Google made available the entire source code of this animated Doodle here.
Have you created any interesting Doodles using these scripts? If "Yes", yon can share your URL thro' the comments.

And, Watch the below Video playlist to see various Jingle Bells Videos. And, remember to mention here thro' comments about which one you like much so that I can rearrange the playlist order based on people's interest.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas

Google has started showing "Happy Holidays" Doodle from today onwards.

 Below Doodle is getting displayed on Home page of Google Today (December 23rd 2011).

On clicking this Doodle, Google shows search results for the search Term "Happy Holidays".

While Google uses the word "Happy Holidays" for greeting its users, it seems many Americans prefer to greet using the words "Merry Christmas".

A new survey finds Americans by a wide margin prefer the traditional “Merry Christmas” greeting to the non-specific “Happy Holidays.”

According this Survey done by "Knights of Columbus-Marist Pol" nearly two-thirds of adults (64%) think people should say, “Merry Christmas,” while less than one-third (31%) believe the appropriate greeting is “Happy Holidays.”

Ok. Which one you prefer to say? Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? You can  share your thoughts thro' the comments.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Wonders of VoIP Technology for Cheap International Calls - Guest Post

This Article is written as Guest Post. Read the Author Details at end of the Article. If you are interested in writing Guest post for our Blogs you can read the Guest post guidelines.

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, describes a number of different technologies and  services. Collectively, these allow consumers to take advantage of a high speed web connection supplied by ADSL or cable internet providers in order to chat with others online or via traditional landline numbers. Because broadband is "always on" you can use VoIP to make free calls to any other user in the world, provided that they have an internet connection and the right hardware at their disposal. You can also use the wonders of VoIP technology in order to make cheap international calls to people who do not even have a PC. This can save you significant sums when staying in touch with remotely located relatives or friends.

There are a number of VoIP service providers, with some of the best known businesses in this sector including Skype and Vonage. In fact 'Skyping' someone has entered the lexicon of common speech because people have become so used to the idea of making free voice and video calls to each other using a PC and an internet connection. There is no charge for talking to other Skype users from across the world provided that you are both signed into the service. In this case, Skype utilises your data connection from  your cable internet providers, with the only potential cost impact being that of your monthly usage allowance, if you have one.

Of course if the person you want to call has only a landline connection and does not live in the same part of the world as you, then you will need to pay a little to use your VoIP account to connect a call. However, there are still a number of money-saving benefits which make VoIP a better choice when calling international numbers. The first is that there are often no additional charges for usage during peak times, which means you will not have to juggle your schedule to put through an important call. You can also choose to pay for the international calls either by adding credit to your account ahead of time or by choosing a subscription based VoIP service.

The best VoIP services benefit from being tethered to multiple devices rather than being limited to your PC or laptop. You can invest in VoIP home phones which will allow you to make and receive calls as you would with a traditional landline handset, but with the cheaper costs associated with data-based communication. You can also use applications for smartphones to call any international number over Wi- Fi or 3G connections. Again, everything is channelled through your current VoIP provider so you are not running up the substantial bills that would normally result from making an international call from a mobile phone.

It is worth noting that VoIP is by no means perfect. Drop-outs and the associated call failures are not uncommon, particularly during heavy traffic periods. In addition, call quality can vary as the available bandwidth fluctuates. However, the fact that VoIP lets you make free international calls to other web users and cheap international calls to landline numbers make it easy to recommend to anyone who wants to reduce the costs associated with staying in touch. When you throw the potential for video chat into the mix, things look even more appealing.

Author Bio:

Dean Johnson is an expert consultant and technician and has been associated with the
telecommunications industry and various cable internet providers through his career. He is an ardent
follower of technology blogs and is a writer himself.

Watch the below Video explaining VoIP.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Suggestions for improving Quality of Flippa which is a Websites Selling/Buying Market place

I am using "Flippa.Com" for selling our Websites. I found Flippa very useful for selling few of our websites (christmas site, job site, free online timesheet site, great quotes site, html5 tutorial site, etc) at appropriate prices. Anyway, the listing price and Success fee are bit high. But it seems this high listing price is required to filter out junk websites so that the potential buyers can easily choose only the best websites.

But Flippa is having some downsides also. For example, few of our websites didn't get appropriate bids even when I listed them multiple times. The thing is those listings are NOT getting enough views. i-e The potential Buyers are not seeing the listing.

Flippa is allowing us to relist the site for half of the listing price if the particular site didn't sell. But still there is some possibility for the second listing also not getting appropriate bids.

I had some analysis about why some Flippa listings are getting good views while some other listings are NOT getting enough views.

Based on my analysis, I came to know that websites which are appearing in first page of Google for the keywords are getting more views. It seems Flippa is using SEMRush data to list the Auction websites based on position of the websites in Google. And, it looks like most of the Buyers are browsing the sites thro' this list than going thro' the new listings.

So my suggestion is, we should list the site in Flippa only after the site starts appearing in first page of Google for certain keywords, otherwise it will end with less views and therefore less bids, in other words it will end as "unsold".

Flippa is allowing certain "upgrades" to increase the visibility of the Auction listing to the potential buyers. i-e The Sellers can push their Auction listing to the front page or they can choose to tweet about their Listing to the followers of the @Flippa twitter Account. But this upgrade price looks high.

I am NOT sure whether these upgrade prices are worth paying as I haven't used them much. First time I used for this Auction Listing today as my previous listing didn't meet the reserve. Let us see how it is giving results. As of now, the listing views are increasing; but it didn't get appropriate bids yet.

Right now, I am NOT an expert in using the Flippa. But I have observed some space for improvement in the Flippa Site.

For example,

1. Whenever re-listing an Auction, the previous listing is NOT getting updated with link to the latest Listing. (Anyway, it is giving link to the old listing from the relising) For example, I submitted our initial Flippa Auction listing URL in our Social Media Friends/Followers/Circles. But that URL becomes outdated as I re-listed it. I had to relist it as the previous listing didn't meet the reserve. But the visitors of that initial listing URL is not getting any link to the new listing. Even they won't get a chance to know about the existence of the re-listing.
I think Google knol is handling this situation in very nice way. i-e If you visit an outdated article (knol) from old bookmark, it will show link to the latest page.

2. We need to upload all the attachments (Earning proofs such as AdSense Screenshot) again manually while relisting the Auction even if we relist the Auction immediately once the first listing ends unsuccessful. i-e The relisting screen is not preserving the attachments.

3. The first listing is still showing a link for negotiating with the highest bidder even after starting the re-listed auction. But I am not sure whether it will allow to proceed the negotiation.

4. I used to see "Last loggedin" data under user's profile as "4 days ago" while the user sends message few seconds before.

5. While giving feedback to the Buyer from the Seller's Screen, Flippa is incorrectly showing as "Details, to be displayed on the seller's profile:*" . i-e It is showing as "Seller's profile" instead of "Buyer's profile".

I am NOT sure whether these things need to be fixed or there are any valid reason behind such behaviour. You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

Apart from selling our Sites Thro' Flippa Auctions, I have decided to sell few of our sites without using Auctions. i-e Interested persons can buy few of our sites at the specified price. You can see the price list here. Note that this opportunity will be available for few days only as I planned to sell most of our sites thro' Flippa Auctions soon.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Opportunity to Start your own product selling business

Time Sheet Software/Script is having huge demand always as almost all the companies and Teams use them to improve their work efficiency.

So, we developed a Time Sheet script using php and mysql and it is one of our the best selling products.

For selling our TimeSheet script, we created an exclusive website "TimeSheetScript.Com", and we had done lot of SEO stuff to make it appear in Search engines so that the Target Users can come to know about this timesheet script.

This site got Google Page Rank 3 in short time. And, this site got listed in various script selling sites such as,,, and

Now, I am planning to sell this site. And, I have decided to give our Timesheet script with Re-Sales rights to the Buyer of so that they can easily earn from the site by selling our script.

Till now I haven't given the resales rights to the script to anyone else. Anyway, I reserve the rights to give the resales right to someone else in future, and we will be continuing our script sales thro' our other sites.

I believe this will be a great opportunity to someone who wants to start their own product selling business.

This opportunity will give the Buyer high demand product and relevant site for selling the product so that he can start earning money easily.

If you want to use this opportunity you can participate in this Flippa Auction is For Sale on Flippa!

NOTE- I set the reduced Reserve price, since 1 USD reaches Rs.54 (INR)Today.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TIME Magazine selects "The Protestor" as the person of the year

This Year (2011), the TIME magazine is awarding "the person of the year" title to "The Protestor" i-e to everyday people who changed the Arab world’s political landscape.

It was just announced on NBC-TV's The Today Show and on Time's website.

TIME magazine says the  protesters representing Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy the Hood, the Indignados of Spain, protesters in Greece, revolutionaries in Tunisia and Egypt, activists from Syria fleeing persecution, a crusader fighting corruption in India, Tea Party activists from New York, a renowned poet-turned-protestor from Mexico, and a protestor from Wisconsin who carries a shovel, topped by a flag.

Photo Credit

TIME says Social Media didn't cause the movements, but Human did it.
The protests have marked the rise of a new generation. In Egypt 60% of the population is under the age of 25. Technology mattered, but this was not a technological revolution. Social networks did not cause these movements, but they kept them alive and connected. Technology allowed us to watch, and it spread the virus of protest, but this was not a wired revolution; it was a human one, of hearts and minds, the oldest technology of all.

Reason for choosing "The Protestor"

"For capturing and highlighting a global sense of restless promise, for upending governments and conventional wisdom, for combining the oldest of techniques with the newest of technologies to shine a light on human dignity and, finally, for steering the planet on a more democratic though sometimes more dangerous path for the 21st century, the Protester is Time's 2011 Person of the Year," Time editor Richard Stengel says in a statement .

Last year (2010), Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg got the Person of the Year award.

TIME's Person of the Year, from 1927 to 2010

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Timesheet - An ideal Time management Solution

This Article about TimeSheet is written by Pradeep who reports latest Social Media News at

Time Management and Employee management are two most vital aspects that an organization should keep a regular track. Any mismanagement of time and employees can affect the reputation, profit and quality of a company. In order to establish a proper synchronization between the work and the work force and also to avoid the problem of over utilization or under utilization of the employees a good time tracking technique is mandatory for every organization. And Time tracking and managing software like Timesheet can be of great help in this regard.

Timesheet is a method or a strategy to record, monitor and track the amount of time that each worker spent on a job. The penetration of software and computers in almost every field did not leave timesheet either. This timesheet software helps the companies to collect time, attendance and all its related information in a more accurate and a faster way. Irrespective of the nature of the company timesheet are mandatory. One of the highly risk factor where an employee can loose money is mainly when they don't keep a track of its work duration. Normally in organizations when they don't track the work done effectively they are in a risk of overpaying their employees. Hence to solve all this kind of issues the only viable option is using a timesheet and updating them periodically.

Managing Time with the help of timesheet can bring you the following benefits.

Increase in Efficiency
A proper timesheet will help the employer to assess the efficiency of the work done by the employees. And there by if the work done is not effective then the manager or employer can change the strategy or find out the employees who are not effective on their work. There by increase the over all efficiency and throughput.

Reduced manual work:
Time tracking has to be done very carefully as most of the vital processing in an organization is done based on the information entered by the employees, normally ledgers will be used to keep track of them , and if that data has to be processed a very careful manual processing has to be done and when the number of employees in an organization is huge these works can become tedious. But timesheet makes these things a very simple task.

Increased accuracy:
When payroll is calculated manually then even when utmost care is taken there is possibility of creating some manual errors and this can create chaos among the employees, But when timesheet is used then accuracy is guaranteed.

Keeping the goals updated
Timesheet will help us to keep our goals updated. If the budget of a project is going beyond a pre set milestone or if the project deadline is approaching this time sheet can be of greater use in these aspects.

Maintain a transparency between the employer and employee
This timesheet will act as a solid proof to show the workers the amount of time they have worked. Even if the employees argue that they have been paid lesser than what they have worked for then the report generated by this timesheet can be of help to the employer to cross check the time worked by a particular employee.

Initially paper based timesheets were used that wasn’t effective and hence organizations have switched to web based timesheets. Web based Timesheets have a lot of advantages over its competitors, Employees can enter the timesheet from any location of the world provided they have a laptop with an internet connection this will be of great help when he/she is on site. And the employer can view the status of the work done by his employees and reports in real time even if he is on a business trip or a vacation.

The following blogs state the importance, necessity and benefits of timesheet.

Timesheets that are developed using php and mysql does not cost any additional cost as both php and mysql are opensource softwares. It never matters if your consulting firm is small or medium sized timesheet is very essential to track the work done by the employees and at the sometime this will also avoid the problem of over utilization or under utilization of the employees.

Real time project tracking helps in faster and better time management in the organization. Right time management software like timesheet will increase the productivity as keeping track of the project and employees is highly essential. Timesheets can effectively manage time by easily helping us to allot time for a particular project to a particular number of employees thus is avoids complication and makes the things as simple as possible.

We all know the gains in productivity and accountability that businesses can make from implementing a timesheet software system in their organization. However there are many timesheet packages available that will not only make the process more efficient but also give some value to the time and money spent. Hence care should be taken in selecting a suitable timesheet

If the usual way of time tracking looks inefficient then the only thing that one should bank on for efficiency is timesheet as it provides an accurate way of monitoring employee time keeping and attendance information then using an online tracking system may well be the solution

If you feel hard to manage the projects and to synchronize the workforce and work the option is only timesheet. These days, it's not impossible to help keep everything at bay. Using the advent of the web this indicates all things have become paperless and far organized. This is evident with the dawning with the timesheet software. Lots of professionals have found this software is practically successful as time monitoring functions are executed perfectly.

Timesheet software not only help you become more efficient and optimize your pricing, it also helps you to make sure that you maintain your projects within possible project restraints. All expenses related to a project can be entered into time tracking software like timesheet as they are encountered. This way, you will always be able to see where your funds went and you will also be able to know the overall total for any project, at any time.

Timesheet is web based. So there is no set up and no maintenance cost. A computer with internet facility is sufficient to operate the time tracking system. Another good feature is that the business administration can easily identify those who are working and those who are absent. This can help organize the working system in a better manner. It will help the management to sustain the function of the workforce and assess its performance also. Online timesheet works easier and faster and therefore can promote any company by solving the problematical time tracking work.

This timesheet software is good to be used as this saves the company from human errors. Many companies are also using the traditional manual systems for recording the time. These systems could be causing errors as these are under human controls. A clerk recording the times of employees could make errors in the entry of data. This could be done due to error or intention of the clerk.Online timesheets can well be the ideal solution there is no need that the employer must be onsite to check the timesheet he can check from any where in the world .

Web based timesheets software has become very these days owing to the ease of use and its high levels of functionality in an organizational environment .The main aim of Timesheet software is to simplify all the challenging aspects and complex data processing in an organization.

Web-based timesheets systems often have other applications that can make life easier for everyone involved; employees, employers and even the system administrators.With web-based time and attendance software, both employer and employee will have an easier task of fixing their schedules and allocating resources for important projects.

This Article is written by Pradeep who reports latest Social Media News at

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Wordpress 3.3 “Sonny" is released

The popular php based content management system (CMS) wordpress is getting updated to the new version "Wordpress 3.3 ". This New version is named as "Sonny" in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt

"Wordpress 3.3 " is added with significant polish around the new user experience, navigation, uploading, and imports. It is provided with Tumblr import, improvement in simultaneous editing and iPad support. And, note that WordPress has had over 65 million downloads since version 3.0 was released.

This version can be downloaded from here and it can be updated from the Wordpress Dashboard also.

Find below the highlights of the "Wordpress 3.3"
  • Easier Uploading
    • File Type Detection - A single upload button.
    • Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader
  • Dashboard Design
    • New Toolbar in the dashboard, combining the Admin Bar and admin header
    • Responsive design for some screens, including iPad/tablet support
    • Flyout menus, providing single-click access to any screen
  • New User Experience
    • New feature pointers, helping users navigate new features
    • Post-update About screen
    • Dashboard welcome area for new installs
  • Content Tools
    • Better co-editing that releases post locks immediately
    • Tumblr Importer
    • Don't lose widgets when switching themes
  • Under the Hood improvements
    • Use the postname permalink structure without a performance penalty
    • Improved Editor API
    • is_main_query() function and WP_Query method
    • Remove a number of funky characters from post slugs
    • jQuery 1.7.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.16
    • A new Screen API for adding help documentation and adapting to screen contexts
    • Improved metadata API
  • Performance improvements and hundreds of bug fixes

Watch the below video to know more about Wordpress 3.3

I have updated our Social Media News Site with the Wordpress 3.3

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Google Doodle Celebrates 84th Birthday of Intel's Co-Founder Robert Noyce

Today Google shows below Doodle in its Homepage to celebrate 84th Birthday of Robert Noyce who founded Intel. The Doodle is showing the drawing of a Integrated Chip.

Robert Noyce has the nickname "Mayor of Silicon Valley."

A noted visionary and natural leader, Robert Noyce helped to create a new industry when he developed the technology that would eventually become the microchip.

Robert Norton Noyce was born on December 12, 1927, in Burlington, Iowa, Unites States.

Robert Noyce ran two of the companies that had the greatest impact on the silicon industry: Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel. He also invented the integrated chip (IC), one of the stepping stones along the way to the microprocessors in today's computers. Microchip (IC) is a critical element for modern electronic devices including personal computers, smartphones, video games, microwaves, and cars.

He co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957. Fairchild was the first successful silicon company. Noyce and Gordon E. Moore founded Intel in 1968. Noyce was granted 15 patents for his inventions in Semiconductor devices field.

At both companies Fairchild and Intel, Noyce introduced a very casual working atmosphere, the kind of atmosphere that has become a cultural stereotype of how California companies work.

Noyce died of heart failure in 1990, at the age of 62.

In his last interview, Noyce was asked what he would do if he were "emperor" of the United States. He said that he would, among other things, "make sure we are preparing our next generation to flourish in a high-tech age. And that means education of the lowest and the poorest, as well as at the graduate school level."
Source - WikiPedia

The Noyce Foundation was founded in 1991 by his family. The foundation is dedicated to improving public education in mathematics and science in grades K-12.

Leslie who is the Author of "Robert Noyce - The Man Behind the Microchip" says Robert Noyce is the Thomas alva Edison and Henry Ford of the Silicon Valley. And, She says Bob Noyce was a risk taking person, he used to show the words "No Guts No Glory."

In the below picture we can see Bob Noyce with Steve Jobs.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Social Networking, the one that redefined Communication and Business

This Article is written by Pradeep who reports latest Social Media News at

When some one raises a question about the innovation and services that made human life more intellectually appealing in the 21st century and if the answer did not feature Social Networking sites then the list is incomplete for sure! Social Networking sites have given a new dimension to the way how we communicate and has changed the face of the Internet which was once considered just to be a medium to search and discover.

Social networking sites just came into existence before a decade and a half with the sites sixdegrees and classmates being the torch bearers. But nothing looked as promising as the industry is now , with the inception of Facebook, orkut and Twitter in the early years of the previous decade , it initiated the first step in redefining the internet. But by then no one thought even in their wildest dreams that Social networking sites would create such an impact in the society in the future. And today Facebook alone boast of 800 million registered users. And Both Facebook and Twitter jointly has more than a staggering billion registered active users among them. This fact can be stated in other way Facebook has the 3rd largest population next only to China and India.

Why did suddenly people move on to social networking ? The answer is quite simple ..These social networking sites have created a platform where individuals can share ideas, thoughts to the open world where the whole world can hear them more loudly and also to get connected with their family who are far away from them geographically and to connect with the lost friends and loved ones in the past. Besides people they have also created impact in the marketing strategies of the companies and most of the companies have a special division for Social media marketing and they have integrated Facebook and Twitter marketing along with their company marketing strategies. Today most of the companies have a brand page in Facebook and Twitter.

These social networking sites have become an ideal place for these companies to reach out to their target audience. Here are few points why companies give importance to social media marketing.

  • They are helping the companies to get instant and real feedback from the customers.
  • They can keep the people updated about their products and up gradations.
  • To promote their new products and highlighting the positives better.
  • A better focus on the market and limitless number of customers
  • Reaching the target and potential customers.
  • Reaching out to the customers and helping them with the issues they face with their products or service.
If used wisely these social networking sites can be an asset to a company’s marketing strategy.

Apart from business if these social media are used wisely they can also get you a job; Sites like LinkedIn are thorough professional networks that can be of huge help to get you a job when used properly.

You can visit the site to know more about the business advantages that social networking sites can provide you, Apart from there are many articles about how to use social media in your job search and steps that has to be done to boost your business through social media. Here are few instances of what you can find in that site.

  •  Social Networks have become a part of people's life.If you can use this social media effectively it will do loads of goods to your business. Here are few points to stress the importance of using social media see more
  •  Many people use the social networking sites to publicize their products to the target audience . But it does not stop there people who are in need of a good job can also use this social media to get a job see more
  •  The success of your company just not depends on how well you develop but also how well you are going to market them .For this Social media has become an indispensable option. Here are 10 ways to make social media work for you. see more
  • Advertising in social media can definitely provide you an edge over your fellow competitors if it is done wisely. Here are few tips for that see more
  • Marketing through social media has become a very effective way to popularize the products . Infact that is the cheapest and very most effective method .Here are few point that will make social network marketing a efficient statergy. see more
  •  One of the common mistakes that new Twitter marketers do is they tweet a lot about their products and company in a single direction unmindful of the followers. Doing these kind of things will definitely back fire . Here are few tips what should not be done on Twitter. see more
  •  It will not be an exaggeration to say that social networking has changes the face of the internet and has given a new dimension to the way we communicate with each other over the internet. And read this to know the effect it has caused in the society see more .
  •  A decade back the essentials for survival include Food, Water and Shelter and today another factor has been included to it which is social networking , such is the penetration of the social networking in the world. see more .
  • It is more than 5 years now since the first time a social networking site made an significant impact in the world of internet and its users . It has become a very easy and simple way to be connected with our loved ones and also with our friends . see more .
  •  Intially using Twitter might look a bit complex when practised and used effectively this can really drive a huge traffic to your sites. Here are few tips how twitter has to be used see more .
  •  The world has seen only a very few inventions that made drastic changes if social networking is left out it would be a huge flaw see more .
  •  Social media can be classified into 7 categories. Check out to know the various strategies you have to apply for each see more .
  •  Social networking sites has played a huge role in talking the communication level through internet to its next step. Click to know more about the importance of social networking in the society see more .
  •  Social networking sites are not just sites to have fun with the friends when used properly it can be a very effective way for your business see more .
  • Social media has helped us to socialize in a better way. Despite the loads of benefits it provides you it has few challenges that exist and it has to be faced. see more .
  • Social networking is the sensation among young and old people .They have become a superb platform to express the views and interests. There are many social networking sites on the internet and they have attracted billions of people towards internet society . see more .
  •  A recent study has reveled some interesting statistics about how people spend their time on social media. Here is an interesting analysis about that see more .

This Article is written by Pradeep who reports latest Social Media News at

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's Google Doodle celebrates 125th Birth Day of Diego Rivera , a Famous Mexican painter

Google shows a Doodle today (December 08 th, 2011) for celebrating 125th Birth Day of Diego Rivera.

Rivera was born on December 8th, 1886 in Guanajuato which is a city located in central Mexico.

Diego Rivera was considered leader of Mexican muralists.

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A particularly distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.
Source- wikipedia.

You can see below the Diego Rivera's mural depicting Mexico's history at the National Palace in Mexico City.

Diego Rivera is credited with re-introducing frescoes – murals painted on fresh plaster – into modern art and architecture.

His full name looks very lengthy. (Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez)

Diego Rivera's Wife  Frida Kahlo is also a famous painter who is best known for her self-portraits.

 The below photo shows both Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Watch the below Video to see the famous Murals of Diego Rivera.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We started developing the "" as Social Media News Site

Few months back, I started a website RtoZ.Org by hoping that people can easily remember this name as the word "RtoZ" becomes popular because of the announcement about the RtoZ Media.

Initially I thought of using this site exclusively for publishing news about RtoZ Media. But it seems the RtoZ Media is NOT generating any news. Even then haven't launched their website itself.

So, I have decided to use this site for publishing news about any Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

I am setting up a Team to publish the high quality news articles at timely manner, and working on enhancing our internal tools further to get any latest news immediately.

I already applied for including this site in Google News.

Today we published below News articles.

Stumbleupon gets a face lift with its new makeover

India plans to regulate Social Media Sites such as Facebook.

The Top Twitter Topics and Hashtags of the Year 2011

I welcome your suggestions to improve the quality of our News site.

Since I am going to spent more time on this new site , I may not publish posts here frequently. So, you can bookmark or remember to visit RtoZ.Org.

If you already subscribed to our Rss feed, you will get the contents from this new site also.

Updates: website is updated with Technology News especially emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, 3D printing, Robots, AI and CRISPR Gene Editing.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Team Work for Business Success

Few years back, I had published post about essential steps for software development.

Just following those steps are not enough for achieving great results, we need to have one more important thing named as "Team Work".

In this post, I am going to write about the importance and role of Team work in Business.

Teamwork is action performed by a team towards a common goal.

Normally the output from the Team will be more than the sum of individual performance of each of the Team members. Just having more than one person in your organization is not enough to be called as Team, but there should be a common goal among everyone and they need to work together to deliver maximum output.

Effective communication skills are necessary to keep up the good Team Spirit. And, mutual support among the Team members is important. In other words, having Team members who are willing to help each others is more important than having individually skilled persons.

We can not expect everyone to work as Team unless they involve in the creation of Goal for the Team. And, conflict among Team members may occur, but it should be resolved constructively and immediately.

Tools such as Timesheets will be useful for measuring the performance of the Team and they will be useful for correcting any issues in Team. Even free online timesheets are also available.

Watch below the Video showing Quotes about Team work.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
– Helen Keller

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Google YouTube has released New Look and new features

The most popular Video Site YouTube has updated the Look and Feel of the site and added few new features.

The New Interface of YouTube has a dark gray sidebar on the left side of the page, where users can see their subscribed channels, "Trending" and "Popular Channels" links. Clicking on a link on the left side of the page changes the content in the center column, where videos appear in a list rather than a grid. There's also a right-hand sidebar with "Recommended" and "featured" videos.

Watch the below video showing the new YouTube homepage and learn how to create your own personal, customizable YouTube channel line-up.

YouTube's new design highlights Channels, focusing on helping users find and organize Channels they're subscribed to. Users can now browse for Channels by categories such as "Top Blogs", Animation, "From TV", Tech, Vlogstars, etc.

And, YouTube has changed FavIcon also.

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Google will stop Search Traffic to Parked Domains

Google has announced that it is updating the Google Search Algorithm so that the Search Results won't include Parked Domains.

A Parked Domain name displays temporary web page without requiring any hosting account. Normally people park the Domain names till they decide to create any website or till they get any hosting accounts or just to hold Domain names and sell them later.

The Parked Domain name pages won't contain any useful content. They will show ads only.

Since the visitor of the Parked Domain won't have any other path to proceed, normally they will click the advertisements and therefore the owner of the Parked domains will earn significant income just by parking the domain name.

Now they will not be able to earn revenue as the Google won't show the Parked domains in the search results.

Because of this change, Parking providers are changing their policy. Today I got below email from Sedo.

As of January 1st 2012, Sedo will no longer pay out parking revenue for any domains parked using URL forwarding, regardless of the advertising provider source. This is based on a decision from our primary
online advertiser, Google, who has stated that they will only monetize name-server (DNS) parked domains.

• DNS-parked domains are more secure and less susceptible to downtime.

• DNS-parked domains load more quickly for visitors, resulting in better CTR and ultimately more revenue.

• DNS forwarding settings can be adjusted in bulk by most registrars, whereas URL forwarding must be set up one domain at a time.

Over the last few months we have sent out multiple communications (personalized emails and newsletter articles) reminding you of the required switch and deadlines to secure your parking earnings. Google already tested not monetizing URL forwarded domains for 48 hours between November 14 and 16.

If you own lot of Parking domains, you need not worry about this change. You can host your multiple domains as add-on domains within single hosting account. HostGator is giving reliable hosting at affordable price. You can use Coupon code QUALITYPOINTHG to get $9.94 OFF, or you can use QUALITYPOINT25 to get 25% OFF for Host Gator Hosting.
And, you can easily setup the sites using free and open source CMS Wordpress. If you are NOT familiar with setting up Wordpress site, you can contact me ( for getting done it at affordable price.

Google has done few other changes such as Related query results refinements, More autocomplete predictions, finding Original content, Image result freshness, Layout on tablets and Top result selection code rewrite.

See the complete details about the recent Google algorithm changes in the Google blog post.

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