Friday, June 14, 2019

Future technology that will shape higher education in India

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One of the most significant factors in defining a country’s future is education. India - a country famous for its many educational institutions - is facing a change in this sector due to evolution in technology. We are rapidly shifting towards test apps, online learning platforms, and other resources available on the internet.

Preparation of IAS exam has not been untouched from this paradigm shift. Hi-tech classrooms for preparation, digital books, apps and online learning platforms are taking the IAS preparation to the next level. Candidates can also make use of study materials available on websites and other online communities.

Here are some of the trends that indicate how technology is going to be a significant factor in higher education in India:
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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Replacing MySQL Connection with MySQLi connection in many of our Web Applications

A few months back, I had published a post about updating our Timesheet script to make it work with the latest PHP version by replacing MySQL connection with MySQLi connection.

 Past few days, I was working on implementing this change in our other applications also. Because I was forced to change the PHP version in our servers for updating our websites with the latest WordPress.

I did these MySQL connection changes for our quiz app   and for various apps (e.g Gallery, Facebook Covers, Greetings) of our TheQuotes.Net website.

While doing these changes I tried to improve the page loading performance.
All these changes might have introduced any new error. Let me know if you find any error when going through our websites.

Most of the old php/mysql applications will require this change. So, contact me if you want me to make your ph/mysql application work with the latest php version.  I can do it by charging affordable Hourly charges.
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Monday, June 3, 2019

6 Awesome Ways to market your Co-Working Space

This Article is a Guest Post.

In the current world, startups appear one day and disappear the next day. Thus under such circumstance, it's profitable to have coworking spaces. These are one of the best investments that entrepreneurs can make.

If you are an entrepreneur owning a coworking space, you can understand how quickly it can earn you some money. However, marketing them is a challenge which you must take up in order to be a success.

The popularity of coworking spaces is surely on the rise, especially in times like these when startup and freelance economy is looming large. Very often entrepreneurs and startups are stuck in houses, small apartments, coffee shops or a small room to host a meeting.

A fresh break in this regard is offered by the coworking spaces and by the community made of likeminded people who help others grow and develop. Such things are great for startups, small to medium business owners, developers, and such other people. They require a dedicated workstation within the budget and that is exactly what is on the offer.

Coworking places are great if you wish to get away from the distractions at home and work in peace. This also provides you with a  professional setting where you can talk to your clients. But the best part is, such a setup will help you build your confidence since you will be talking to a lot of professionals and like-minded individuals.

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