Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MySQL - Importing Large sql file

It is difficult to import schema and data from large size sql file using phpymyadmin. Because it will fail due to memory limitation or time out setting.

In this case we use commandline feature for mysql to process the large sql file.

We can use like below
mysql> SOURCE /path/to/file.sql;

For doing this we should have access to the mysql server. But practically it is not possible to have direct access to mysql server all times Because most of the servers will be available in remote machine only.
So I am looking for any feasible solution to achieve it thro' web UI itself (i-e similar to phpmyadmin). If anyone knows any appropriate solution you can share it here thro' comments.

You can refer this for more details.
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Unknown said...

+1 on bigDump

Markdvk said...

A+ for bigdump. Bigdump was very easy to install and use. Our webserver and mysql server are not on different hosts and we only have http access to the mysql server. As a newbie to php & mysql, bigdump will help me get things running much sooner than I could have without it. I hope to streamline how we use it so a cron script can run on our local machine periodically and update everything on the mysql server automatically once a day. Thanks

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