Friday, December 11, 2009

New blog from QualityPoint for showing latest News about Christmas

Google Hot Trends and Twitter Trending topics reveal that large number of people started searching about "Christmas".

So, to make their task easy we have launched a new blog "Everything about Christmas".

In this blog we are showing latest Christmas related news using yahoo pipes and Feedburner.

This Christmas news will be automatically collected from RSS feeds of many Chrismas specific websites and by searching "Christmas" in RSS feeds of many social booking marking sites such as Digg.

So, you can see the popular and latest Christmas related news in one place.

You can contact us if you want to include any of your Christmas related RSS Feeds.

Apart from this new blog, we have collected a Christmas knol collection which has more than 55 Christmas related knols. If you know any other good Christmas related knol, you can submit it into our knol collection.

Most of the stores including online stores are providing discounts during this Christmas holiday season. You can make use of the Hot deals.

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