Thursday, April 4, 2013

Discount Code for getting the Motivational Book

Few days back, I had published Kindle version of our Motivational eBook.

Today, I had published the paperback version of this Motivational Book using Amazon's CreateSpace.

I had noticed that CreateSpace is allowing the Authors to create Discount Code for giving Discounts to the friends of the Author.

I had created one Discount Code for giving 40% Discount for this Motivational Book.

You can use this Discount code TZ6Q27KR at to buy the Book at Discounted Rate.

i-e You can buy the Book by paying $3 ONLY. (Yes, just Three Dollars for the Printed Book) (NOTE- You need to pay the shipping charges additionally)

And, feel free to share this Discount code with your friends. I am NOT much familiar with createspace discount codes. So, I am not sure when it will expire. Let me know if you find any difficulty in using this Discount code.

You can start using the below Discount code here.


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