Saturday, May 4, 2013

LinkedIn Ads Vs. Google AdWords

For long time we are selling our Timesheet script for $60 ONLY, though the other similar scripts are selling for multiple times of this price. So, I have decided to increase the price from end of the June month. i-e The $60 Offer price will be available till the end of June only. And, I had decided to advertise this Offer sales to the LinkedIn users using Linked Ads.

I am using LinkedIn Ads first time. I have noticed that the LinkedIn ads are varying from Google AdWords in various ways. It requires an activation fees to activate the LinkedIn ads accounts.
Once after activating the account, we can add the Campaigns and ads variations. LinkedIn allows one picture in the ads. But the size should be 50 x 50  only. But Google adWords allow various sizes.

We can choose the Target people by choosing various things such as countries. Even we can choose specific LinkedIn Groups. And, it has an option to get the contact details of the people who clicked the ad so that we can follow up them. All these things look great. But personally I didn't get any leads. (i-e the Ad viewers didn't opt-in for getting contacted).

In brief I feel Google AdWords looks better than LinkedIn Ads, though it has the great potential to be better than Google Adwords.

I am not sure that why LinkedIn Ads didn't work for me. Have you used LinkedIn Ads previously? Do you prefer to run LinkedIn Ads than Google Adwords? Share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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Good Info. Here
Thanks for sharing.
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