Thursday, July 10, 2014

YouTube now allows removing the copyright claimed song from video

Today I have noticed an amazing feature from YouTube. I am not sure whether it is already there for long time. But I noticed it today only.

I uploaded this video which was created from the whitehouse channel which keeps their videos in public domain. But, I got below copyright claim message for the song.

Because of this copyright claim, I couldn't monetize this video as it was showing third-party ads.

And, surprisingly I found a button for removing the song alone so that I can monetize the video. After clicking that button, it removed the song alone while keeping the speech as it is. And, within few minutes monetize button got enabled, and the my ads are getting shown now. Really simple and useful.

We can read the details of this youtube feature here.

And, we can watch below the video from which the song is removed using this new feature of youtube. Are you seeing any issue in the audio/speech of this video? you can compare with the original/source video here.

I believe this amazing feature is really useful for the YouTube Video creators. But I am not sure whether it can effectively work for any kind of song/audio.
Have you ever used this feature? You can share your experience thro' the comments.

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