Saturday, December 27, 2014

Custom Greeting Cards for the New year 2015

We have updated our Greetings Card application to allow the users to send Custom Greeting Cards for the New Year 2015.

You can start using it from here.

Choose your favorite card, and click on that card to customize the card. You can impose your personal greetings message  on that card and send it to your friend's email. You can change the color, font  and font size of the message. It is better to see the preview of the customized card before sending it to your friend.

We have implemented necessary things to prevent spammers using this application. So, mostly all the genuine greetings cards will be delivered to the Inbox so that your friend can see your card.

You can refer this New Year Quotes page to read quotes about New Year.  And, check my previous post to know the way to use free custom motivational Calendar generator.

And, you can share this funny video for sharing New Year wishes with your friends.

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