Sunday, February 10, 2019

Relaunching RtoZ.Org as Emerging Technology News Website.

Around 8 years back, I have started a website RtoZ.Org to publish Social Media News.

And then I realized that there were a lot of Social Media News sites available and they were supported with huge funding and a lot of resources. It made me think that competing with them won't be a good idea. So, I switched my focus to develop my YouTube Channel which was growing very fast.

But a few months back, ads were disabled on my YouTube Channel. When I was looking for alternative earning ways, I have decided to make use of the domain name RtoZ.Org which is easy to remember and type.

While running my YouTube Channel, I have noticed that there is a huge demand for publishing news about Emerging Technologies nanotechnology, 3D printing, Robots, AI and CRISPR Gene Editing. Because these things are growing very fast and they are going to entirely change our Life in the coming years. But comparatively, there were only a few websites available to report news about them. i-e It is having huge demand and low competition. Apart from that, it is having huge earning potential.

And therefore, I made the decision of using RtoZ.Org as a News Website giving news about Emerging Technologies.

I deleted a lot of old Posts that are not related to my new plan and started publishing relevant News items. But running this news site is not easy, that's why it is having a low competition. I have started putting a lot of efforts to run this site effectively.
I am learning a lot of things about emerging technologies by watching many videos and by reading articles. I am subscribing to many research groups, journals and universities to know about their new inventions as early as possible. And, I am exploring various ways to check the reliability of the news and to understand the level of importance of the news. And I am hanging out on various Technology Groups of various Social Media websites to actively participate in any discussion related to emerging technologies.

But, right now I am not good at writing. So, I am just creating the news items based on the press release materials. But this practice will affect the SEO of the website. And therefore I am exploring options to improve my writing skills. For example, recently I started using a Grammar checking plug-in. And, I am exploring the options of allowing Guest Posts.

I hope that this news site will be really useful for Entrepreneurs and Investors to understand the new things of emerging technologies properly and at the right time so that it can be helpful for their growth.

Apart from adding content, I am taking steps to promote this site.  I have created a small PHP script to promote this site to my Twitter Account @TamilTechNews which having more than 70K followers.

And, I am taking steps to include this site in various news Apps. Already one App named News360 accepted my request. If you are a News360 user you can include this site. Refer this link for details. And, I am working on to create my own Android app so that I can send notification of any new important news. It will be available here after the release. You can send your suggestions for developing this App.

Refer RtoZ.Org  to your friends and Business Contacts, and let me know if you find any issue when using RtoZ.Org.

And, you can get the latest posts from this website as Email from Google Feedburner by subscribing here. Remember to confirm/verify the email to complete the process, otherwise you won't receive email.

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