Wednesday, June 22, 2022

My Higher Secondary School Reunion

A few days back (on 19th June), I attended our school reunion. I completed my Higher secondary school at John The Baptist Higher Secondary School (JBHSS), Puthiamputhur, Tuticorin District Tamilnadu.

I felt happy to see our Teachers and Friends. I could remember the sincerity and dedication of the teachers there. Though our school is located in a village, most of our teachers were very skilled. I am thankful to all our Teachers, especially our Physics Teacher whose dedication is extraordinary. I still remember her teachings on Nuclear fusion, Black Holes, and Superconductors which were considered less significant at that time (around 28 years back) but getting more importance these days. Apart from that, she used to tell about the importance of education aggressively. Now I could understand it by going through the history of various countries and people. Nelson Mandela rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty". I mean real education, not the one selling on commercialized schools/colleges.

I studied engineering degree and then worked in many software companies, and then run a software company for many years. But currently, I am publishing Science and Technology news on my YouTube channel. I would like to thank my school for this also. Because my school gave me the opportunity to read news on assembly/prayer for many months while studying there. It was a good experience.

Apart from studies, this school strongly cultivated good spirituality and good habits. I believe it helped me to choose simple and peaceful life over stressful/luxury/corporate life though I got opportunities for both kinds of life.

This photo was taken in 1992 (Around 30 years back while studying 10th standard)

I am thankful for the people who started this school and the people who put their efforts to develop this school. And thanks to my friends who arranged this Reunion.

Though this Reunion made me feel happy overall, I felt some kind of sadness as some teachers who showed a lot of kindness to me were no more.

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Anonymous said...

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