Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to insert image/slides into video (.wmv) file without affecting audio?

Follow the below steps if you want to insert images into video file without affecting audio when creating video using Windows Movie Maker Software.

You may need this thing, if you want to present a long speech without making people get bored. i-e In between the long speech, viewers will be interested to see some relevant images instead of seeing the face of the speaker all time.

1. Import .wmv video into Movie maker. (If you get any error related to indexing, you need to make it seekable.)
2. Click 'Show timeline'.
3. Drag the .wmv file from collections to Video timeline.
4. Expand Video timeline and right click Audio section and Click Mute.
5. Drage the .wmv file from collections to Audio/music timeline.(make sure it is unmuted).
6. Use Clip->Split to replace your face video with your slides at required timelies while keeping the Audio/music timeline unaffected.

You can watch the below video for more details.

Are you able to follow these steps without any issue? You can share your experience through the comments.

And, you can read this post, if you want to create HD (High Definition) Videos using Windows Movie Maker software.

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AJsFight4Life.com said...

Thank you, I always wondered how to get around that solve that glitch.

Thanks again.

wmv burn to dvd on mac os x said...

I realize it's been a few years, but this just came in handy for me. I broke down and read the command line documentation last time I had to do this, but your steps did the trick much more easily. Thanks!

Joandyy said...

A video converter can help you deal with that with edit function.
And I always use the video converter to convert MKV to AVI.

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