Friday, November 6, 2009

Feedburner is not able to access Feeds generated by Yahoo pipe

We are displaying News in this blog using Yahoo pipe and Feedburner.

Today, I have noticed that the News in our blog was not updated.

I could successfully run the yahoo pipe for getting updated News as RSS Feed. When I tried to reSync this RSS feed in FeedBurder, below error message was shown.

Error getting URL: 999 - Unknown

After searching the Internet, I came to know that many people faced this error/issue few months back also.

It seems this issue is related with migration of Feedburner accounts into Google accounts. And, it seems yahoo pipe is blocking the ip address of Google/Feedburner.

Google Group discussion suggests to use atom feed instead of rss feed. But, I think yahoo pipe is not having an option to get atom feed.

So, as of now we are displaying our Tech News using some workaround. So, it may be little slow. We will put the news using feedburner, once Google or yahoo resolves this pipe-feedburder issue.

From Yahoo message board discussion, we can understand that many people are facing same problem/issue.

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