Friday, April 9, 2010

Use our Social Bookmarking feature to save your time.

Normally we use Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo for searching our desired or required articles.

It will take significant amount of time/effort.

And, we will again spend same time to search the same article after 1 or 2 months.

To avoid this unnecessary time wastage, we can bookmark this link/url of the article in our browser.

But it won't help if we use multiple computers (e.g Home computer, office computer, public computers)

To handle this issue, we can use social bookmarking sites.

We have released our bookmarking site. You can read the details here. I would like to thank our Team (Especially Anbarsan K )for their hard work to develop this site.

Basically this site will be very useful for bookmarking your favorite links. And, you can save lot of time by referring the bookmarks shared by an expert in your field.

You need to be a member of our Forum to use this bookmarking feature.

Since we are taking very hard steps to keep only genuine users in our Forum, we can expect bookmarking of many good articles soon.

Use below bookmarklet to bookmark your favorite articles very easily even without remembering our website address.

QualityPoint Bookmarklet

We know that hundreds of bookmarking sites are available. And, lot of free bookmarking codes are available, then why we developed our own bookmarking site?

The answer is simple, we want to have our own framework which can be extended easily to provide more features later.

We are having lot of plans to keep our bookmarking site unique and useful for our users.

We will implement them one by one once after getting feedback from the users.

Our Team is working hard to implement them in effective manner.

And, one more reason is I didn't find any popular social bookmarking & news sharing site which supports family-friendly discussions. So, I thought of bringing our social bookmarking site as place for doing family-friendly discussions.

You can report us ( if you find any link which is not inline with our policy. And, the users who submit such a link will be banned immediately.

Contact us to get free quotes if you want us to develop similar product for you.

If you want to promote your blog or website you can submit your links in our site. Because this submission will give some SEO advantage also.

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