Thursday, April 1, 2010

We have launched Free Discussion Forum

We have launched a Discussion Forum recently. You can access this forum at

This Forum was set-up using phpBB code.

We are working hard to keep our forum as a clean place for doing any healthy discussions.

So, if you find any junk/spam content, illegal content or restricted
content anywhere (e.g in posts, in profile) in our Forum, please let us
know so that we can remove it immediately. And, we will ban the user who
put the restricted/junk content.

Anyway, adding posts which advertise your products, sites and blogs are
allowed if it is useful for readers.

I am expecting your co-operation to keep our forum as an excellent place
for doing knowledge sharing.

And, we are working on to provide a bookmarking feature for the forum
members. Currently we are testing it at I will update you once it is completed. If you are interested you can participate in the testing and you can give your suggestions.

We have planned to use this Forum login as single sign-on for all our future products (e.g link submission, quiz). Joining this Forum is Free and it will take only few seconds. Join this forum if you are really interested in knowledge sharing. Anyone who is joining this Forum just for adding some junk/restricted contents will be surely banned.

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