Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dr. Abdul Kalam closes his Facebook Page which had more than Million "Likes".

Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was an active social media user. He used Twitter and Facebook for sharing his knowledge and experience with his followers.

He used to update his facebook page frequently. But past few weeks I didn't get any of his facebook updates in my facebook timeline.

So, I just manually typed his facebook page "" , and surprised to see only few hundreds "Likes" for this page. Actually his facebook page had more than Million likes.

He had shared this facebook message happily with his followers on reaching 1 million "Likes".

My online friends, today, as we touch a million mark…I would like to ask all of you to give one smile to someone everyday. In that way, we can generate one million smiles in the nation every day. Also appreciate someone else for his or her goodness from today onwards…. Everyday… Let’s be the architects of a better family, better society and better India. Keep asking a million times.. What can I give.. What can I give .. what can give.
Thank you to all of you and my team at what can I give for this milestone.

Initially I thought his facebook page might have compromised by Hackers, as recently social media is being targeted by hackers.

But  on visiting his website, I found this message as "Important announcement".

Important announcement on "What Can I Give" mission

We had started "What Can I Give" mission - (, whatcanigivemission) on 15 Nov 2011, with the singular purpose of spreading the message of "Giving" among the youth. Wherever Dr. Kalam started the "What Can I Give", the following three important messages were given.

1. "What Can I Give" mission is a self governed, self-actuated mission by the students from the schools and colleges and the youth, in small groups.

2. There is no money transaction involved and it is totally a free movement to spread the message of "Giving" among themselves and to the community around them.

3. The leadership for this movement comes from within the group alone and no remote controlled leaders exist.


a. After a year of functioning of "What Can I Give" mission, the concept has been spread through electronic media, website and social networking sites and also direct interaction with the students and youth.

b. Since the purpose of "What Can I Give" mission has been achieved, it has been decided to close the following entities, with immediate effect, ie 08 November 2012 :


c. These entities shouldn't be used in any form, for entering into any promotional, commercial, business and financial transactions.

It may also please be noted that the following will be the only official communication channel for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam:

Address : No: 10, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi - 110011, INDIA
Tel & Fax : 23793601

Maj Gen (Retd) R. Swaminathan
Advisor to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
As this announcement is saying as "Since the purpose of "What Can I Give" mission has been achieved, it has been decided to close the following entities, with immediate effect",  it looks like Abdul Kalam Team has voluntarily closed the facebook page of Kalam.

But if they are closing the page voluntarily, why they should allow someone to use the page as Kalam fan page which may confuse the people further. For example, I again "liked" the page by wrongly thinking that it was updated by Kalam or by his Team.

And, I couldn't understand what they mean by saying that "the purpose of "What Can I Give" mission has been achieved" 

Because his mission is targeted on encouraging "giving habit" among youngsters. Even if we assume that Kalam  has made all the young Indians to be the "Givers", still he can use his Social Media presence with huge number of followers to spread this message to the coming generations.

So, I assume that he might have lost the access to his facebook page due to some unknown reasons.  If you know any details, you can share it thro' the comments.

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