Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Gadgets of 2013: Two New Devices That Will Change Everything - Guest Post

With smartphones and tablets now decidedly out of fashion as revolutionary gadgets, the tech industry has turned to new devices to wow consumers and attract their purchasing power this year.

The trend, overall, is one toward smaller gadgets that help to complete a mostly digital lifestyle, unifying gadgets and bridging the gap between computers, tablets, smartphones, and other pocket-sized devices. This year, prepare for at least two of these gadgets to make it to the mainstream in a big way.

1. The Pebble Smart Watch

It was only a matter of time before increasingly tiny silicon components and a move toward ever-thinner devices led tech companies to develop a smart watch. In a move that resembles the wrist "communicators" in a number of science fiction movies, Pebble unveiled its smart watch earlier this year to much fanfare in the tech community.

The watch display is built on e-Ink, the same technology that powers Amazon's Kindle and other e-reader devices. That makes the watch highly readable in a wide variety of environments, and it reduces the impact of essentially wearing a tiny computer screen on the wrist. The watch is powered by a series of default apps, and new ones can be downloaded and installed to expand the watch's functionality. For anything from running to golfing and listening to music, the Pebble watch and its applications can monitor, report, and interact, just like a very small smartphone.

2. The Kingston 1TB Flash Drive

It may not be as life-changing as the typical smart watch, but it's worth noting that Kingston has accomplished what many people thought was impossible, not usable, and even gratuitous: The company has made the first flash drive that can hold a staggering terabyte of data. For those keeping score, that's roughly 1,000 gigabytes of data on a device the size of the average thumb.

With more storage capacity than most laptops, the Kingston 1TB flash drive is poised to make a fully mobile-data lifestyle possible. Customers will be able to transport their settings, music, movies, and files, to every device in their lives without carrying a laptop or removable hard drive with them. That's a big deal in a world that values thin and light over large and more useful.

A Year of Shrinking, More Useful Gadgets

The theme in this year's gadget releases is to create highly useful objects that are now as small as watches. With a terabyte of space that's barely the size of a finger, and a watch that can tell the time and the distance of a daily jog, things are about to get a lot more interesting in the world of consumer electronics.

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