Thursday, March 20, 2014

Released Timesheet 3.1.4 with Bug fixes and Uniform Naming

 As specified in my previous blog post, I have decided to focus on few products that  solve people's problem, instead of spending time on many products.  Since our Time Sheet Software is useful for solving the productivity issues of start-ups,  I am planning to develop it further and promote it rigorously.

Today, we are releasing new version (i-e  version  3.1.4) of this timesheet software for fixing few bugs and for using users name in all pages uniformly.  i-e Now our Timesheet software will  show First name and Last Name of the Employees, in addition to Username in various pages. And, we fixed a validation bug in daily time status entry screen in this version.

And, we made these changes in our Timesheet Demo page also. Let me know if you find any error when seeing the demo. And, send me your suggestions for improving it further. I will address them in the next release.

You might have noticed that I am still giving the offer for this timesheet software. Yes, I have decided to extend the offer price few more days or weeks. It is true that previously I wanted to give this offer for few days only.

But now I got many Entrepreneurs and Startup guides as my twitter followers. I believe they will tell about this offer to their fellow Entrepreneurs and therefore I can sell the timesheet without running Adword campaigns.  So, I will be happy to give the money saved by avoiding the Adword Campaign, as the Offer Price for our Timesheet Software.

Few months back, I created below video "Why some start-ups fail? " for promoting our Timesheet. You may match this video to know about the reasons for start-ups failures.

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