Thursday, February 6, 2020

My Business plans for this year 2020

Past few days I was putting significant effort to set my business plans for this year 2020.

Initially, I thought of taking many new business initiatives this year. But after doing a lot of analysis I finally decided to stick with a few things.

Based on my analysis, it seems I am interested in below 3 things.

- Software Development
- Motivational Quotes
- Emerging Technology News

In the case of Software Development,  I have a good opportunity to earn from our Timesheet software. 

I already have good SEO done for the timesheet software landing page and have enough supporting materials (Demo, Video, Screenshots). So I can easily earn money by simply running Google Ad campaigns which I already set up and optimized.  Mostly the cost of running ads will be more than the timesheet software price as I set a very low price. But in the long run, I will be able to achieve positive revenue by doing custom changes to the sold copies and from organic sales. i-e I will be able to earn from this approach only if I spend time doing custom changes. I will not have enough time for doing this.  Previously I had a small Development Team to support me for doing this. But currently, I don't have any Team member. I found difficulty in hiring/training/retaining the Team members.  So, I will keep this plan on hold until I get any suitable Team members.

In the case of Motivational Quotes,  it is an opportunity to earn passive money by showing Quotes in various formats, like Website, Android App, and Books.
I had spent a lot of time and effort in collecting good quotes and putting them in various formats. And, I had spent a lot of money on promoting them.  But currently, I am not earning from it. But still, I continue putting constant efforts to promote them as I feel dealing with Quotes and other motivational stuff is personally keep me encouraged, and daily I am learning a lot of new things from these efforts.

In the case of Emerging Technology News, I earn significant money from my YouTube Channel which I primarily used to upload news Videos  related to Emerging technologies like Biotechnology, Robots, IoT, Virtual Reality,  Drones, 3D printing, Nano Technology, CRISPR Gene Editing, Material Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Bionic tech, autonomous vehicles, new Batteries, Wearables, Computer vision, and other Gadgets. As this Channel is growing very fast, I am planning to give high priority to run this channel effectively.  I would like to make this channel as a bridge connecting the Scientists and Business People. I am planning to do live discussions frequently. And, I would like to invite Technology experts to join me on the Live discussions. Before doing that I am planning to increase the number of subscribers so that many Technology experts will be more interested to accept my invitation by hoping to reach more audiences for their speech. So, I started running Google Ads for promoting my channel.

In short, developing my Youtube channel will be the primary focus for this year 2020. But this decision is having some risks. For example, previously YouTube disabled monetization for my Channel 2 times. So, I am exploring some options to manage this risk. For example, publishing the technology news on some other places (E.g RtoZ.Org website) also.

Apart from these things, I have a key reason for choosing this option. Comparing to other business opportunities, running a YouTube channel will require less, flexible and stress-free work time which will be helpful for improving the quality of life.

I welcome any suggestions and tips for improving the quality of my YouTube Channel.  I believe in a win-win approach. So, contact me ( if you believe that your technical experience and passion for technology can be helpful for the viewers of my YouTube channel. Especially I prefer People living in and around Tuticorin so that we can meet personally. In return, my Channel can give you the needed exposure and I can provide the guidance for making use of your passion in the right way by using my experience of doing online business and software development.

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