Sunday, February 4, 2024

Offering 75% commission for affiliates. Good opportunity to earn money online.

Update on May 2024: Now increased the affiliate commission to 75%.

This is Rajamanickam Antonimuthu, Founder of QualityPoint Technologies (QPT). I have published many useful ebooks and selling them through this blog, Amazon, Gumroad, and Instamojo (in India). Now I am exploring various ways to promote them. 

Now I am looking for affiliates to promote my products at the Gumroad store 

I am happy to share significant revenue with affiliates. As of now, I am offering a 75% commission.

If you are interested you can send me ( your email ID for adding as your affiliate. Make sure that you send your email ID only after creating a Gumroad account using that email ID at 

I hope you can earn significant money easily as my chatGPT/Gemini course has huge selling potential due to the high demand.

I am starting this affiliate initiative as part of my long-term plan. If you are interested to know that read further.

After a significant time gap, I am planning to build a team for QualityPoint Technologies (QPT) to achieve our vision of becoming a global technical leader. But this time, I am planning to follow a different approach. Let me explain it in detail.

Previously (From 2008 to 2019), I had a team of full-time employees doing web development and digital marketing. However, I stopped hiring as I faced difficulties in retaining Team members, and I had to spend a lot of time and energy on hiring and training without much return. So, this time, I decided to follow a different approach. i-e Using affiliates to sell my products and using Freelancers to develop my products, and then hiring only highly relevant people from them. I hope this approach can help me to save time and money. Previously we focused on web development projects which required a long training period for employees. And, in that case, I found difficulty in finding suitable candidates when an existing employee resigns.  So, now (at least initially) I decided to focus on very simple things (e.g. selling my ebooks) that won't have these kinds of risks.

I have listed my ebooks and timesheet software on Gumroad at

And, I am looking for Gumroad affiliates to promote my products. 

I am offering a 75% commission to the affiliates. 

I have created a discount code QPT40 to offer a 40% discount for 3 ebooks ( Emerging Technologies, Mastering AI, Dream Big), QPT membership, and timesheet software. If you want, you can share this with your audience.

 Apart from ebooks and software products, I am launching QPT membership ( which will be a step toward my goal of creating a platform for connecting scientists and business people to make the benefits of innovations available to the end users as soon as possible.

If you are interested you can apply at

Read about Gumroad affiliates FAQ here.

If you are not interested in applying to be my affiliate, you can still earn Gumroad's default affiliate commission of 10% for its products listed here without applying with any individual creators. 

I am NOT  very familiar with Gumroad,  do your own research about their affiliate program before applying.  I heard that Gumroad makes payments every week on Friday (with a 7-day hold period) and their cookie duration is 7 days.

To all the people who applied to become affiliates, I will be sending a 100% discount code which will allow them to freely download my ebooks so that they can plan their promotion efforts.

Share this information with your friends who may be interested.

Though I have decided to use affiliates to promote my products, I am very keen on avoiding anyone who promotes in an aggressive way by exaggerating the product's details or by spamming others.  So, I will be allowing only genuine affiliates who has the ability to promote my products to suitable people in a professional way. I will approve/reject affiliates based on this.

I am looking into three kinds of people.

One is, those who have good experience in promoting any kind of products with their ability and experience.

Second,   those who already have strong followers/fans related to topics of my products (e.g motivation, timesheet, emerging tech)

Third, those who do not know anything about affiliate marketing and are very much interested in working with me without much expectation (ie- having awareness about difficulties in selling). In this case, I can spend significant time training them and guiding them about digital marketing and my products. i-e something like a part-time and remote employee, but instead of salary, they will get the commission (from Gumroad).  In the future, I will choose a few of them as employees( or part-time or remote) once I start building my own Team again.  Let me (  know if you have any questions.

If this plan is going smoothly, I will be focusing on the software business again.  Especially I have a plan to create a platform for connecting Scientists/Researchers and Entrepreneurs so that new innovations can reach end-users without much delay. I will be sharing the details in the future. Right now, my immediate focus is selling my ebooks using suitable affiliates. I hope it will be a great opportunity. And, note that earning money online as an affiliate is NOT an easy thing initially. You need to understand digital marketing properly, you need to know about my products, and especially about the target audience. And, you need to do a lot of hard work to promote the products. Apply to become an affiliate only when you are ready to work hard and sincerely with a lot of patience. Though I can do my best to explain digital marketing and the ways of promoting my products, it is up to you to understand it and implement it properly by putting in a lot of hard work.

If you are an Amazon affiliate you can promote my Amazon books (Amazon India,  to earn commission from Amazon. In this case, I can not set the commission rate, you will be getting the commission based on the rate set by Amazon. I will be guiding you by spending some time if you decide to primarily promote my books on Amazon as an Amazon affiliate. 

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