Thursday, January 13, 2022

Some thoughts about Classic Vs Modern

I am promoting our motivational Quotes Site TheQuotes.Net and my Emerging Technologies News channel for many years. Whenever I promote the Quotes site I used to think and say that reading very old Quotes of ancient authors are very useful. I highlight the importance of reading classic Quotes. But whenever I promote my channel, I used to say that reading emerging technologies news is very useful as it is going to help us to get new/better job/business effortlessly. It looks like bit contradictory based on the fact that Quotes and innovations are related. In olden days Scientists were known as philosophers. i-e On the one hand I am saying that we need to focus on Classic things while on the other hand I am saying that we should focus on upcoming things. 

I thought deeply about it, and came to the conclusion that old theoretical concepts  that are available today are really worthy. Because they are tested by time. Unworthy things were forgotten by the Time.  So, these time-tested things (e.g Thirukural) are really worth to read/think/analyze/discuss/implement.

But, in case of scientific and technology innovations, old things are getting updated continuously. In this case it is better to focus on upcoming things.  It is important, because all the Businesses are going to put their efforts on emerging technologies only.  At the same time, it important to validate/cross check the modern developments with the classic knowledge.

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