Tuesday, January 4, 2022

My plans and priorities for this year 2022

I explored various things (e.g creating a platform for connecting Scientists and Business people, updating my android apps with new features) for doing in this year 2022. But finally, after doing a detailed analysis, I decided to put all my efforts/time for running my YouTube Channel.

Currently, I create most of my videos just by reading the press releases. This year I plan to add some videos to share my learning/experiences/opinions. And, I am working on to promote the channel using Google Ads. In short, this year I will be fully focusing only on running my YouTube Channel.

Edit/Update on 5 May 2022

I had to change this decision as fully depending on YouTube is becoming a high risk. I came to know about many events of YouTube terminating many famous YouTubers without any notice and banned monetization for the entire country Russia. So, I decided to spend a few hours per day for other tasks (e.g Timesheet development) also. 

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