Monday, February 21, 2022

Are you interested in writing ebook about emerging technologies?

I am exploring various ways to promote my YouTube channel. As part of this mission, I have decided to publish many eBooks related to Emerging Technologies so that I could promote my channel by mentioning it and linking related videos in those eBooks. I have good experience in web development, SEO and SEM. So, I believe I could promote those eBooks easily. But I am not good at writing, and I don't have enough time to write books now. So, I am looking to collaborate with people who can write ebook related to emerging technologies.

I am planning to implement this plan step by step. Initially I will work with many people to publish separate eBooks about individual topics (e.g AI, 3D printing, Biotechnology, Robotics, Graphene, Blockchain, nanotechnology, Drones, etc) in which they have experience/knowledge. I will be promoting these ebooks simply through my blog posts/channel. Based on the outcome of this step, I will proceed to the next step in which I will be collaborating with many authors to bring a single eBook about emerging technologies. I will be putting in a huge effort to sell this Book through many ways if the ROI is positive.

This is my plan. If you are interested, please let me know your skills and your expectations.

And, I would like to know the details below.

1. Your interested Topic.

2. Whether you want to write the eBook yourself alone, or I can join as co-author 

3. What benefits you are looking for writing an eBook?

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